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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh31 - Nuclear Bomb Explosion 


translator: xiin
editors: bear & celtic

This team fight went at the speed of light and the two commentators never had a chance to stop their commentary throughout. vfUF4y

Everyone from Seven Kills was affected by the blood mage’s self-destruct. Heaven’s Inquiry’s dragon druid took advantage of the fact that he was still in his transformed state and swept out his dragon tail to kill off Seven Kills’ launcher.

“It’s a 4v4 now! So far, the deaths have all been squishy DPS players!”

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“Wasn’t Lord Four killed by the blood mage’s self-destruct?!”


Tyron hadn’t been killed, nor had he fallen into the lava.

He had sent out a steel wire when he dropped, and now hung suspended beneath the platform. Instead of returning straight back to the front lines of the fight, he chose to climb under the platform using the steel wire.

The lava surged beneath him and made crackling sounds; from time to time, a tongue of flame would shoot up towards him.

By this time, over thirty seconds had passed and both the heat and survival countdown were reducing his health. Tyron was left with only 40% of his HP. ciUzn3

Commentator: “During such a tense team battle, Lord Four is still able to calmly carry out his ambush. Who is his target? Is it the priest?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

There was no doubt––it must be the priest!

It all happened in the next moment. Tyron flipped up from under the platform and flew out like an eagle, pouncing directly at the priest––

In the next moment, the unsuspecting priest became a white light! 9IlAhe

“She’s transformed! The priest has transformed into a soul!”

After the priest died, her passive ability immediately triggered and she turned into an invincible soul that hovered overhead, providing infinite healing as she healed all the remaining members of Heaven’s Inquiry’s back to full health.

Commentator: “Ah, damn! This passive ability is really imba!”


The team members of Heaven’s Inquiry who received healing from their healer brainlessly pressed forward and used this opportunity to obtain most of the supply packages.

Seven Kills’ goblin summoner was now stretched to the limit, and their scourge knight had no choice but to push on and try to grab some supplies in order to temporarily alleviate their urgent need for survival.

Tyron, who had been out harvesting lives for a long time, also had to return back to the team temporarily for supplies and heals from their summoner.

Commentator: “It’s over. The healer can’t keep up. The scourge knight is about to fall, and the assassin’s HP is also at dangerous levels! The summoner is still choosing to heal Lord Four!” 0yLnAM

“The dragon druid’s transformation is about to end!”

Two seconds later, the team fight continued. Heaven’s Inquiry’s team members were all at full health, while everyone from Seven Kills all had red HP bars. The scourge knight was finally killed off by the dragon druid’s last skill!

Immediately afterward, as the dragon druid’s transformation ended, Tyron broke through his line of defense and attacked straight on, pushing forward like a sharply honed knife as he aimed straight for the nightmare knight’s heart!

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The nightmare knight’s control skills had already been used up early on, and even though the priest’s soul was constantly healing to help him preserve his life, his HP was still flowing out like water in the face of Lord Four’s terrifying damage output. cmYtds

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

And he had nowhere to run to. Lord Four was able to stick close to him for a full four seconds––

Llr rfglfr bo jaajmxr vfjia bea jiwbra atgff alwfr atf vjwjuf bo atf clutawjgf xcluta’r abaji LU, jcv atf clutawjgf xcluta eialwjafis ofii ecvfg tlr rkbgv!

Dea ja atf rjwf alwf, jr atf cewyfg bo qfbqif bc atf olfiv qiewwfafv, atf jrt ibgv’r ecvfjv jgws kjr jyif ab qert obgkjgv eclwqfvfv jcv olcjiis abbx jkjs Vfnfc Bliir’ ubyilc rewwbcfg’r ilof!

The commentator was shouting continuously, fine veins popping up on his forehead, “2v2! There are only four people left on the field!” 6nmzUR

“This battle is too dreadful! Too dreadful, my dear spectators! Nobody has backed down, and everyone remained at the front lines until they died!”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

One minute and thirty seconds into the match.

Seven Kills’ remaining members: Great shield warrior, main tank, critical health. Assassin, DPS, half health. 9OPr S

Heaven’s Inquiry’s remaining members: Dragon druid, main tank, half health. Ash lord, DPS, half health.

The priest’s soul remained for one more second, finally disappearing after healing the two remaining players to almost full health.

And so the two people from Heaven’s Inquiry were completely unafraid of death as they charged straight towards Seven Kills’ main tank.

At this point, all the support players had died, and there was only one fragile ranged DPS left. The high-HP tanks were both bracing for death. bkoFwc

––Both sides took out everything they had. The only thing left to do now was to fight to the death!

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Tyron unhesitatingly chose to go after the ash lord, and the latter, knowing that he would definitely die, commanded all of his undead to surround Seven Kills’ main tank.

The main tank tried, and failed, to gain some time. They no longer had a healer, and after being surrounded and suffering from the constant health drain due to the environment, he had used all of his skills, but regretfully still fell under the dragon druid’s claws!

Commentator: “It’s over! 1v2! Lord Four is at critical health!” edMGaY

“Now we’ll have to see if Lord Four can deal with his two opponents alone!”


Seven Kills’ main tank had used all of his skills before he died, dragging all of the ash lord’s summons to him and keeping them there even after his death.

The ash lord was also very courageous; he pulled out the bone sword that he almost never used, clearly wanting to take down a bit of Lord Four’s HP in exchange for his own life! w46xTG

At this point, the dragon druid had no choice but to go and obtain one of the supply packages that had just refreshed on the map as his survival countdown had ended and he was suffering from crazy blood loss.

Commentator: “There’s a chance! A chance! The dragon druid moved very quickly and managed to obtain a supply package, healing himself a little. It’s entirely possible for him to drag Lord Four to death!”

“War God Lord Four must be regretting that he can’t heal! This kind of constant damage map is too painful for assassins!”

“If it was any other map, Lord Four would definitely be able to retaliate. Definitely!” vUr1Mg

And in that second.

A powerful, snow-white torrent flashed in front of the ash lord’s eyes.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tyron crossed his two blades once again and instantly penetrated through the opponent in front of him like a dragon made of lightning! yEKpGh

The commentators had only just begun to cry out, “The ash lord is done for! But there’s still a chance for the dragon druid! Lord Four’s health is nearly gone, and he’s about to die! Ahhhhhhhhh––”

In the following second, they still hadn’t seen the white light that represented the assassin’s death––

When suddenly, the scene froze!

System: bZ3NHd

[ Game over. Seven Kills wins. ]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Everyone was confounded for the next ten seconds after the system publicized the results!

There was an endless cascade of comments on the public screen: “What happened! Did anyone see exactly what happened?” QHPf7A

“Holy shit! Did the system bug out? Nothing happened! How did the game end?!”

“I’m going to die! Who the hell knows what’s going on!”

The commentators were also in a muddle. They felt like they had just been about to reach the climax, but were suddenly bowled over by a staggering blow. They were stunned for a good while and couldn’t figure out what had just happened.

Fortunately, the director reacted very quickly and immediately ordered, “Quick, pull up the last two seconds of the video recording and play it back at half speed! Commentators, do your job!” ivHdKz

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The last two seconds of the fixed-lens recordings quickly appeared on the screen.

At that time, Tyron had his two blades crossed and his body was lowered slightly, showing the dangerous beauty of a beast-like predator. His dark golden eyes were fixed on the ash lord in front of him, and even reflected the outline of the bone sword in his opponent’s hand.

The scene played back slowly at half speed. X 9Eke

Even so, everything took place almost at the speed of light!

Fast, astonishingly fast! The commentators were barely able to explain the events that had taken place.

Tyron’s figure moved like floating clouds and flowing water as he shot past the ash lord––

Next came the ash lord’s astonished expression as his bone sword was broken into two pieces, the sharp blade flying upwards. wAo4Sn

After that, he had already turned into the white flash of light that symbolized death!

The game ended abruptly at that point.

Public screen: “What the heck! What about the dragon druid! Wasn’t my big tank still looking for supply packages? He definitely had enough HP to last until then!”

“System, what kind of bug ate up Heaven’s Inquiry’s dragon druid?!” xi1WDg

The slow-motion replay began to play on the screen once again.

This time, it was slowed down fourfold.

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This made it seem as though they were moving through water, and every action was full of tension. They could almost see the fluctuations in the air as Tyron moved. 3XMiV2

The commentator sucked in a breath of cold air, “Did he break through the motherf*cking sound barrier just now?”

“Lord Four’s ‘flash’ technique is really terrible. It only takes 0.5 seconds of acceleration to reach the speed of sound. Only Lord Four can do something like this! Since only Lord Four has such a terrifying speed burst technique, it can be said that this kind of explosive speed is a mandatory prerequisite for this technique!”

As the playback continued, Tyron broke through the ash lord’s defenses. In the slow-motion replay, his crossed daggers could be seen as they cut the bone sword into two, and then the short sword in his right hand––

He threw his short sword! Rqhkzo

While facing the ash lord, while he was using such a terrifying technique, Lord Four actually still had time to deal with his other opponent from a distance!

The throw was so precise that he even predicted the direction the dragon druid would take. His short sword shot straight into the critical health dragon druid’s throat!

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But it still wasn’t over yet.

After Tyron shot through the ash lord and ended up behind him, the latter’s HP still hadn’t bottomed out. One strike from his dagger hadn’t been enough, and it hadn’t taken away the ash lord’s life. TRP1VA

At this time, something truly horrifying happened.

Tyron’s right hand that had just thrown the short sword moved lightning-quick and grabbed the ash lord’s broken bone sword. He stabbed backward and once again pierced the ash lord through the heart!

Only then did the ash lord turn into a white light.

The time required for the short sword to travel through the air led to a slight delay in the dragon druid’s death. His death and the ash lord’s were only 0.13 seconds apart. OG5km7

It was no wonder that everyone, including the commentators, had been unable to see exactly what had occurred.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


After watching the slow-motion replay, the entire scene was silent.

The commentator was so shocked that he fell back into his chair and almost slipped to the ground. He sucked in a few breaths of cool air, then said, “Oh, my mother, my god…” COEJkq

The other commentator finally recovered after a long time, but her heart was still filled with trepidation as she explained what had taken place to the audience.

“… In other words, just now, within 2 seconds, Lord Four used the extremely difficult to execute speed burst followed by a technique––tentatively called ‘flash’. And while using flash, he chose to first attack the ash lord and throw his short sword to kill the dragon druid. Finally, he caught the ash lord’s bone sword and harvested the ash lord as well.”

Most of the audience expressed that they had also been able to see the entire process now, and simultaneously added:

“My mother’s asking me why I’m kneeling on the ground while watching the game!” ndYc6t

“Damn… This is definitely the most impressive team competition match I’ve seen in my life. I will be worshipping the War God from today on!”

“There was a nuclear bomb explosion ahhhhhh! Lao Tzu exploded seven or eight times in a single match!”

regarding not falling into the lava:
celtic: of course, that would be too ordinary for our MC.
bear: our boi is incapable of death unless he intends to die


Translator's Note

imba – short for imbalanced, in gaming language it describes something that is too overpowered and breaks the balance of the game

Translator's Note

flowery way of saying ‘natural and smooth’

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