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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh30 - Team Competition – Survival Mode


translator: xiin
editors: bear & celtic

Victor was very dissatisfied. Although everyone was calling Lord Four ‘husband’, the one who was openly and honestly in contact with Lord Four, inviting Lord Four out, and chatting with Lord Four every day… was him! UMCKlf

Tyron shone brilliantly on the field, and everyone could appreciate his heroism, but only a select few had the opportunity to reach out and meet him in person!

When Victor thought about it like this, he suddenly felt particularly fortunate, just like the dreamy feeling he had when he blew out a fat soap bubble for the first time in his childhood.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He really liked Tyron. How could he like someone so much? Tyron had only gone off-stage for a minute, and he already missed him. How great would it be if he could see Tyron at the club or somewhere else after the game ended?

Victor thought about it a bit more then brought out his communicator to send a message to Lord Four: I’m in the competition arena watching the match. Male god, you’re so handsome…… 0aDMq6

He read over it carefully, felt that it sounded too fanboy-like, and hurriedly changed it to: Add oil, male god! You’re the best.

But this also seemed too ordinary and didn’t give any hint of his true feelings. If he wanted it to stand out, then, even if he didn’t quote from the classics, at the very least it had to strike others as brilliant at a glance, right?

Victor once again wrote out a large section of text, then used his skills to write out a beautiful outline, added in a perfect introduction and conclusion, and finally summarized all his points.

After he finished writing it, Victor read it through. RUwGBl


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Two minutes later, Victor sent out a text message: [ Add oil, male god! You’re the best. ] Rg8oUI

Because most players would block their messages while they were competing, Victor didn’t expect Tyron to reply anytime soon.

But Tyron replied! And replied so quickly!

Tyron: [ You’re in the audience? ]

Victor giggled uncontrollably and replied quickly: [ Yes, yes. You were amazing in the match just now! ]  sakt2i

His fingers unconsciously typed out ‘I’m thinking about you again’, but he deleted it immediately.

Although Lord Four had said that he could think of him anytime, anywhere, he shouldn’t behave in such a captivated way. Seeing how Lord Four always had an iceberg like expression on his face when faced with his fans, perhaps he didn’t like being chased by others at all.

So Victor looked left and right and evaded the main point, sending another text message to cover it up.

Victor: [ It’s very lively at the scene – everyone admires you a lot. The venue is laid out beautifully and the game was particularly exciting, the commentary was pretty good, too. ]  cDC8Fz

A few seconds later.

Tyron: [ Well, I’m thinking about you, too. ]

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Nlmabg: Ct! Zbw, P mjc’a mbcagbi wsrfio jcswbgf, P kjca ab gbii jgbecv bc atf oibbg lc pbs! FkcwDH

Llr cfza-vbbg gbbwwjaf: “……”

Yt vfjg, Olaaif Nlm lr jr gfv jr j abwjab jujlc.


Ktf tjioalwf ygfjx rffwfv ab yf fzmfqalbcjiis rtbga, jcv Olaaif Nlm kjr rbbc jyif ab rff Ksgbc jujlc. z8fVyH

The results of the draw were announced immediately after the players came on stage.

The randomized mode this time: Survival. It was a mode where players couldn’t resurrect.

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Randomized map: Lava Arena.

This map was very scary. There was an active volcano underneath them, and a series of platforms hung suspended above the crater. Because it was abnormally hot, players in the map would lose HP every second. Although the rate of loss wasn’t very high, it became very terrifying as it accumulated. m37JdW

The volcanic map was even more frightening when it was for Survival Mode. Not only did players lose HP every second, but they also had to snatch the supply packages that were dropped randomly throughout the map. A player with full health and supplies could survive for thirty seconds, and if they weren’t able to grab another package within that time period, they would begin to bleed like a waterfall and die in ten seconds.

What made it even more brutal was that the supply packages would start off very abundant, but become increasingly rare in the later stages, forcing the teams to fight against each other to snatch them up. In extreme cases, they might even have to choose to give up a teammate in order to keep the rest of the team alive.


Survival Mode paired with a volcanic map was known in the A-League as the ‘Bloody Slaughter Arena’. raPkGh

This was because it was both extremely dreadful and extremely exciting!

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Sometimes, victory or defeat could be decided within two minutes. The team fights took place at the speed of lightning. It was a competition between who was better at killing, who could kill off someone first, and who would be unable to hold up under the continuous HP loss and die!

Both teams were a little nervous when faced with this randomized map and mode combination.

The commentators were also very tense. After they received instructions from the director, they spoke up and said, “Dear audience, since we’ve come across an extremely fast-paced map, we’ll be splitting the screen for the upcoming match. Both of us commentators will be responsible for one camera each in case the game’s pace is too quick for the commentary to keep up.” 7Ue3g1

Unlike the players and commentators, the audience was very excited.

The public screen was full of passionate cries: “It’s the Bloody Slaughter Arena! How stimulating!” “I want to pee out of nervousness before the match even starts! Hahahahaha!”


The players entered the map and the countdown began. yIuohf

Even the Seven Kills’ commander’s voice was tight as he said, “We both only have one healer, and if we reach the mid-late stages, everyone’s HP will collapse. That’s too passive, so we have no choice but to launch a fast-paced attack!”

The main tank asked, “Is the priority to kill our opponents, or protect ourselves?”

Seven Kills’ commander gritted his teeth and said, “Priority is given to protecting the healer, followed by Lord Four! Other than that, we focus on killing our opponents!”

. 4Osbq0

On the other side, Heaven’s Inquiry’s commander was saying, “Go for the other team’s only healer, even if we lose two people in the process, it’s worth it! Priority is given to protecting our priest – priest, you have to keep yourself alive. You can abandon any of us if necessary, including me!”

“What if Lord Four comes?” Their priest asked, “I’m really not confident I can survive. What then?”

Their commander replied, “If Lord Four comes up, the nightmare knight will immediately use his ultimate move and control him, and it’s fine if everyone else uses their control skills too. If that really doesn’t work, the blood mage will self-destruct to protect the priest! If we can explode Lord Four to death, we’ll have come out ahead!”

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. yJQmM6

The countdown reached zero, and the match began.

Seven Kill VS Heaven’s Inquiry: 6v6!

As soon as the match started, the terrifying heat from the volcano swept over all the players and they began to uniformly lose HP. Their thirty second survival countdown also began to tick––It was essentially the same as having two death gods holding sickles over everyone’s heads simultaneously.

The two teams moved forward together and met in the middle of the map. K8diz4

Commentators: “As you can see, both sides plan to attack quickly! They both only have one healer, and there’s a terrifying amount of pressure on the healer. This is no longer a question of how to heal, but rather how to allow more people to live for a little longer.”

Both teams were cautious at first, exchanging several conventional skills from a distance of a few meters apart. Because neither party dared to go up, it was highly likely that the entire match would tip over and everyone’s blood would collapse as soon as either side encountered an unforeseen reduction in members!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Seven Kills’ scourge knight tried to catch hold of one of their opponents, but the other team’s ash lord reacted extremely quickly and had reserved all of his bone walls specifically for the sake of preventing him from doing that exact move.

. Z8OdAo

A little over ten seconds later, everyone’s survival countdown had dropped to half. Twelve supply packages suddenly spawned around the map.

At this instant, Seven Kills’ and Heaven’s Inquiry’s main tank both used their ultimate move and unhesitatingly charged forward.

The two commentators shouted out simultaneously, “Team fight!”

“They’ve started the team fight! Not for the sake of the supply packages, but because they’re seizing the most suitable time to attack!” uV1F7g

Nobody went for the supply packages. The two tanks pushed forward at the same time, and all the DPS players opened fire, directing all of their attacks at the healers!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Spells, arrows, artillery fire, and even a dragon swept across the sky; the sound of the attacks was like the roaring of a volcano eruption, and the smell of sulfur filled the air like gunpowder.

Tyron’s figure was a shadow against the brilliant lights, incomparably fast as he rushed into Heaven’s Inquiry’s formation!

Right at that moment, the nightmare knight flipped his hand and used his big crowd control move which landed accurately on three of Seven Kills’ players. sbkVcr

But the skill didn’t land on Tyron as he continued to approach like a cloud of death.

The nightmare knight followed up with a polymorph that couldn’t be avoided!

The two commentators both spoke as quickly as they could, “Heaven’s Inquiry only has one tank and can’t take care of everyone. Seven Kills’ launcher’s frontal assault is too fierce! The bounty hunter is in danger! The ash lord is about to fall!”

“Seven Kills’ team has been controlled, and their puppet master’ HP has almost reached the bottom! Lord Four has been polymorphed! Who will they save? Who will the summoner choose to save?!!!” tyBF8

The next moment.

Heaven’s Inquiry’s priest resolutely chose the ash lord and gave up the bounty hunter. The latter had long expected this and looked upwards, using his ultimate move to fill the sky with arrows before he died.

Seven Kills’ healer unhesitatingly chose Lord Four! After polymorph was dispelled, the puppet master was shot through the heart by countless arrows and died immediately, leaving only his puppet in place.

“It’s a 5v5 now!” Oaw3TB

“Twenty seconds into the match and two out of twelve have already fallen!”

“Other than the tanks, everyone else is low on HP! There are only ten seconds left to resupply, will the fight continue or will they hold off? Who will stop first?!”


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The answer was––nobody stopped! GELcg3

Tyron didn’t pause at all. After the polymorph effect was dispelled, he went straight for Heaven’s Inquiry’s priest.

The priest remained in her spot and didn’t move at all, not even blinking as she kept her eyes on her team members and provided them with heals. Their HP was falling too fast, and if she stopped for even a second, someone would definitely die!

Heaven’s Inquiry’s ash lord unhesitatingly blocked the way to the priest, but Tyron completely ignored him this time and darted up to step on the shoulders of his summons, ignoring all resistance like a hot knife cutting through butter as he chased after the priest!

Commentator: “Windmill combo! It’s another windmill combo where he doesn’t touch the ground! Three hit combo, five… The priest is about to die!” K39dCd

In the following moment, Heaven’s Inquiry’s blood mage used a big move and sacrificed almost all of his HP in order to replenish the priest!

The priest immediately cast a heal that allowed the blood mage to remain alive.

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Commentator: “This round of moves was too amazing. The priest managed to escape with a sliver of health…”

Even before the words were finished, Seven Kills’ launcher had shot a bullet across the ten-plus meter gap. It landed accurately on the blood mage who only had a bit of HP left. 81Xar4

Tyron followed up by sending a series of darts straight at the blood mage’s throat, and took his life away in an instant!


Everything took place faster than words could describe. At the moment when the blood mage turned into a white light, the ash lord used his ultimate move!

The blood mage resurrected as a skeleton and immediately self-destructed on the spot. 9cKeNA

These two big moves were launched in rapid succession, and the commentator shouted out in surprise, “Damn!”

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

The blood mage’s self-destruct exploded and Tyron, who was the closest to him, had no way to dodge. He tried to block the blast with both arms crossed in front of him, but the shock wave sent him straight off the platform and he fell towards the lava below!

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Translator's Note

Add oil – roughly means ‘cheering for you!’, ‘go for it!’, ‘you can do it!’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Add_oil

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