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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh29 - Lord Four Is Mine!


translator: xiin
editors: bear & celtic

The situation on the field suddenly reached a turning point. FCIvZ1

Tyron and the goblin summoner from Seven Kills were both left with red HP bars.

Heaven’s Inquiry’s dragon druid suffered because he had already used his ultimate move. Even though he chased after the summoner for a good while, his DPS as a tank just wasn’t high enough.

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Seeing as Tyron still had a thin sliver of HP left after killing the bounty hunter, he brazenly went after the dragon druid in order to get the summoner out of trouble.

The dragon druid wasn’t certain that he would be able to kill the summoner before he died and simply turned around. He resolutely rushed at Lord Four! 4pA1Eq

Female commentator: “My god, the druid is trying to retaliate against Lord Four. Will he succeed?!”

It was already too late for Tyron to pull back. He was immediately caught up in a fight with the dragon druid, the two of them exchanging a round of skills.

Tyron raised up and crossed the blades he held in a reverse grip, at that moment, just when he planned to make a move that would end in both their deaths––

The summoner behind him made an abrupt decision and changed the wind goblin on his shoulder to a light goblin! S2ceH5

In the instant that the light goblin appeared, it provided Tyron with a tiny heal; a truly negligible amount that was barely worth mentioning.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Two seconds later.

The male commentator had his mouth wide open as he gaped. “Wow! Two health points, Lord Four has two health points remaining! The dragon druid didn’t succeed! This is simply forcing him to die with regret!”

The female commentator looked up to the heavens and sighed, then said sagely, “Ah, one of the three big misconceptions in life––‘I can retaliate’.” LX AlU

The dragon druid turned into a white light and flew away, leaving behind the summoner who had a red, double-digit HP bar, and Tyron, who only had 2 HP.

Tyron turned his head back to glance at the summoner, then nodded to him and said, “Well done.”

Summoner: “……” My life was really worthwhile! War God, are you short on leg accessories?

. TW1NcU

After that, because Heaven’s Inquiry was in a state of chaos after being killed by Lord Four and the summoner’s two-man team, Seven Kills scored an overwhelming victory during the next group battle and were able to push the fight right up to Heaven’s Inquiry’s base. They were now one step away from launching an attack on the base itself.

Because of how close they were to Heaven’s Inquiry’s resurrection point, Heaven’s Inquiry’s entire team immediately gathered after resurrecting and fought desperately to hold the main entrance to the gate. Regrettably, Seven Kills was forced to retreat and wait for the next opportunity.

It had been twelve minutes since the match started.

The third wave of group battles was about to begin; Seven Kills was fierce as they pushed their way forward and engaged Heaven’s Inquiry at their base’s entrance gate. GZCDzh

The two sides exchanged two rounds of skills across the gate. This time, Seven Kills’ scourge knight was very precise as he grabbed Heaven’s Inquiry’s nightmare knight and pulled him out of the base. The nightmare knight died very tragically, shot through by countless arrows.

Seven Kills seized the opportunity and pushed forward, forcing a group fight!

Seven Kills great shield warrior used Saintly Ruler’s Shield and rushed into the base.

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Zjif mbwwfcajabg: “Yt, ws wbatfg! C Obgv Mbeg pera mjwf bea ogbw yftlcv atja ojaas!”


Even the commentators were caught off guard. Heaven’s Inquiry’s back line had barely responded by the time Lord Four finished killing off their priest healer.

The priest’s soul drifted into the sky once again and continued healing for the next three seconds. 05Zn9g

Tyron ignored the soul and turned back to pounce on Heaven’s Inquiry’s bounty hunter––who tenaciously tried to fight back, only to die another tragic death under Tyron’s sword.

Female commentator: “Who’s in charge of this War God? He’s slaughtering like crazy in the back lines!”

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Nobody could control him. Heaven’s Inquiry’s tactic to defend against Tyron was: The nightmare knight would control him first, and if he failed, the ash lord would build his bone wall and use his skeleton army for protection. If the protection failed, then just let the priest die, since she could continue healing after death.

These three ultimate moves were specifically targeted at Lord Four, and their coach had been so stressed that his hair had turned white before he could come up with this line-up. 6QRFLJ

The basic idea was: Try to deal with Lord Four, and if they tried and failed, then topple over and let him kill. We’ll use the shameless ‘we can still fight after we die’ method!


Sure enough, the ash lord who had survived raised his hand and used his ultimate move, sending it to the nightmare knight who had died right at the start.

The nightmare knight rose as an undead and rejoined the group fight. JdI1E0

Then, after the ash lord finished casting his big move and had no time to protect himself, Tyron jumped down from the bone wall and took his life.

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Commentators: “Hahahaha, you must never give Lord Four the chance to catch you using an ultimate move, you’ll be cut to death in seconds!”

The nightmare knight used his ultimate move to control two people from Seven Kills and was almost killed by Seven Kills’ launcher in retaliation.

The dragon druid rushed back to give the nightmare knight a heal, and then… Tyron seized the opportunity to deal with the dragon druid who was already at half health. 83lgNf

Commentators: “… Lord Four is a human-shaped, self-propelled killing machine!”

Only two or three players with red HP remained from both teams.

Heaven’s Inquiry’s priest’s soul finally dissipated. Their blood mage fearlessly rushed towards Seven Kills’ main group and self-destructed again!

There was the roar of an explosion, and the great shield warrior, who moved the slowest, dropped dead. 1blj O

Heaven’s Inquiry’s nightmare knight used this time to fight back and killed another player before his own throat was slashed by Lord Four’s sword as he came and went like a shadow, perfectly harvesting his life.

Female commentator: “……”

There was nothing the two commentators could say. The male commentator swept a hand over his face and said weakly, “Heaven’s Inquiry has been wiped out, while Seven Kills’ Lord Four and support are still alive.”

. u7URXI

Tyron tried to attack Heaven’s Inquiry’s base and discovered that it had quite a significant amount of health.

Everyone believed that since Seven Kills only had an assassin and support left, their DPS definitely wouldn’t be high enough to take down the base before Heaven’s Inquiry resurrected. They estimated that Seven Kills would have to win another round of group battle before they could smoothly push into the base.

The director of the broadcast was also very much at ease as he shifted the focus of the main lens towards Heaven’s Inquiry to show how they would regroup after their resurrection.

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The two commentators were still discussing, “This match is truly brilliant. Heaven’s Inquiry’s ultimate moves have been coming out one after another, and there have been many unexpected decisions during each encounter.” pMJYdd

“Heaven’s Inquiry still has a chance to make a comeback. It’ll depend on whether or not they can break through Seven Kills’ strongest point––Lord Four.”

“Seven Kills’ line-up appears very excessive now. They were in a five-one formation the whole time, and at most, they would only give Lord Four a support. But Lord Four is abnormally strong; he’s very difficult to beat no matter how much the other side targets him. If they’re too biased against him, they’ll have no way to fight in the group fights, however, it also doesn’t seem quite effective enough if they only target him at appropriate moments. This is simply…”

Suddenly! Halfway through their conversation!

Heaven’s Inquiry received an alert from their base, informing them that only one-third of its health remained. V0p9aR

Commentators: “Wtf???”

Audience: “What happened?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The director hurriedly cut the camera back and saw––

Oh no, Seven Kills’ assassin brought the summoner with him and went straight for the base! G9 MhF


In the past, when Lord Four dealt with his opponents, the audience was often only able to feel that his opponents were unbelievably fragile as they died and turned into streaks of white light under Lord Four’s hands after one or two seconds. Because of this, they were unable to experience exactly how exaggerated Lord Four’s attack speed was––no matter how impressive it was, it was only a difference of a few seconds.

But this time, Lord Four was standing there attacking the base, and the base’s HP volume was dozens of times higher than players’ HP.

Therefore, the audience could see that the base’s HP bar was constantly flowing like water as it lost a large chunk of health with every second! jf5lpB

The male commentator collapsed, “Is he really a damned assassin? This god-like damage rate is practically the same as bringing an assault catapult to smash the base!”

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Female commentator: “Ahhhhh, Lord Four’s hands are so fast we can only see the afterimages…”

The two commentators only had enough time to finish their respective comments and exchange a shocked glance before Heaven’s Inquiry’s base ran out of HP.

Heaven’s Inquiry’s players had just come out of their resurrection point, and it was already too late for them to save their base even if they could fly. 2JRYiW

The scene froze.

Tyron slowly put away his daggers, his expression as calm as it always was whenever a match ended.

The summoner behind him had a face full of confusion, and his expression seemed to say: Damn! Did I just steal in and take down a base?!

The tower defense match ended in a way that caught everyone off guard. ZflSLh

Seven Kills VS Heaven’s Inquiry, 1:0.

The public screen: “I’m all muddled after watching Lord Four take down a base like this…”

“Come on, let’s all be collectively muddled.”

Fourier expansion muddled!” plf0nY

“Fibonacci sequence muddled!”


By the time the contestants returned to the stage, the audience had already prepared a big move!

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When Tyron stood still, most of the audience in one of the audience stands stood up and chanted in unison, “Hubby, hubby, I love you~” After they finished chanting, they all began to giggle and laugh. EOZ0jT

The host also laughed along when he heard, holding the microphone and forgetting his prepared speech.

The commentators were laughing so hard they could barely breathe, “Are you all trying to make big news!”

The audience, who had spent most of the match discussing how to get on the news was still rowdy as they shouted out one after another: “Lord Four is my husband!” “No way, male god belongs to all of us!” “You guys can have the male god because Lord Four belongs to me!”

And then! They started to argue amongst themselves! Hn7wUV

“The Lord Four who fought in the last match is my husband!” “Hmph, I noticed Lord Four during the free-for-all battle!” “Mother’s eggs! If you don’t agree, then come up and fight! Whoever wins can have monkeys with Lord Four!” “You can have monkeys with Lord Four, I’m going to make leopards!”

Tyron: “……” Geez, I don’t understand you modern people.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

The host was laughing so hard he almost rolled sideways off the stage. His voice was quivering as he said, “Everyone calm down hahahahaha!”

He clutched at the stage and finally remembered to follow procedure, sending the players off-stage for the halftime break. fs6Mmn


Victor was located next to that particular audience stand.

After hearing his own male god being called ‘husband’ by so many people, Victor’s mood was very complicated. He also wanted to follow suit and shout out ‘husband’, okay?!

But he was surrounded left and right by tall and sturdy men who were all shocked and puzzled as they stared with wide eyes at the wild fans in the audience stand next to theirs. ziFYTx

Victor endured for a long time, his face turning red with the effort, but then he suddenly heard his roommate call out, “Hahahaha! Lord Four is my husband!”

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Instantly, Victor and all the men around them turned their heads at the same time! Their eyes were wide as they all stared! At his roommate! In shock!

Victor held back for half a beat, then said, “He’s mine! My husband!”

Roommate: “Hahahaha, Little Vic, are you planning to be unfaithful to your husband? I’m already pregnant with your child!” SLI3nC

Victor: “… You unfaithful man, you married your way in three months ago, but the fetus is six months old and you’re still thinking about my Lord Four!”

Roommate: “……” Little Vic, you win.


ID 2t6

Translator's Note

Leg accessory – a term that originated from the Chinese gaming community. Players want to be leg accessories so they can hang onto the strong players’ thighs and get carried.

Translator's Note

wtf – literally ‘wtf’ in the raws.

Translator's Note

The author/audience is using exaggerated mathematical terms to illustrate how ‘muddled’ they are. This honestly has no real bearing on the story so I won’t be explaining these theories… – xiin

Translator's Note

This is a joke. Victor is just taking his roommate’s comments and refuting it in an even more exaggerated way.

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