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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh25 - Taking Down Ten With One


translator: xiin
editor: bear

Coder’s strategy was actually quite effective because the map offered very high visibility. They simply ran around to avoid Lord Four, and the probability of them losing one of their team members was greatly reduced. While Lord Four was taking a stroll, they were essentially on the same level of fighting power as Seven Kills. xsYfLU

They managed to engage in a total of three brilliant group fights during the second match.

And then they only lost by a very decent 20 points.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Despite the 2-0 score, the audience gave them a very warm round of applause.


Compared to the first match, the second match finally seemed a bit more like a team competition.

Tyron enjoyed his vacation for the entire game, and only spent a total of twenty seconds playing ‘seriously’.

The audience was very understanding about this.

And they left messages about it one after another: “Every time a new War God is crowned, they are usually treated like a nuclear bomb during the next match… We call this kind of match the ‘War God Pension Match’.”


“Exactly, exactly. Two years ago, when Vantico was crowned as a god, he was left out cold on the bench for a full two months. Nobody dared to come out and fight him when he came out for team competitions.”

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“What the hell is a pension hahahaha! My Lord Four is at the peak of his life, handsome enough to break the sky. How could he be getting a pension!”

A few moments later, the host came up to ask the captains from both teams for their post-competition remarks. AHVaqJ

Coder’s captain picked up the microphone but didn’t know what to say. After all, he was still quite young and thin-skinned. After having lost, he didn’t know how to justify it to the audience.

The captain of Seven Kills kills took the initiative to walk over, then reached out and said, “It was a wonderful game. Thank you. I still remember when I first stood on this competition stage seven years ago, we lost in the final sixteen and I was a crying mess––Hahahaha, it’s already been seven years, and now it’s time for a new generation of young players. I wish you all a bright future!”

Coder’s captain looked at him and blushed, touched, then said, “Thank you, senior. We will continue to work hard!”

The two of them both showed relieved and proud smiles at the same time, and raised their hands. cTvYQ9

The roar of thunderous applause from under the stage was the audience’s thank you for the brilliant match.


Right then, the director’s instructions came to the host’s earpiece, “Quick, quickly seize the opportunity! Ask Lord Four for his details. Our ratings are currently at the last peak!”

The host hurriedly turned to Tyron, smiling as she asked, “Congratulations to Lord Four for being confirmed as a god with one battle. Is there anything Lord Four would like to say to the audience?” SAcHWO

The microphone was then aimed towards Tyron.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Ktf ktbif rmfcf kjr rlifca obg j wbwfca, jcv atf jevlfcmf rajgfv ja Obgv Mbeg klat klvf fsfr jcv yjafv ygfjat.

Ycf rfmbcv ijafg, Obgv Mbeg vlvc’a fnfc yilcx jr tf rjlv, “Rb.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lbra: “…” c2zDxM

Snfgsbcf: “…”

Ktf qeyilm rmgffc rajucjafv obg akb rfmbcvr yfobgf yegralcu bea revvfcis klat j mjrmjvf bo mbwwfcar:

“Hahahaha! Puppy, you’re guys are still too young! I’ve known for a long time that Lord Four is that cool!”

“My male god is an iceberg, and he’s just that unreasonable!” BqbXQm

“So far, Lord Four has only ever said ‘No’ to us hahahahaha [can’t help but cry loudly after talking]~”

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The male commentator also picked up the topic, “Lord Four really hasn’t shown any bit of the expected excitement from winning. Does he really have to be so unmoved by honor or disgrace! You’re a man who has just been confirmed as a god! If it was me, believe it or not, I would immediately put on a grass skirt and dance the hula for the audience!!!”

Female commentator: “In fact, if he occasionally showed some excitement, the audience would find it cute, and it won’t affect his manly aura at all! Of course, I’m only talking about handsome men on the same level as Lord Four.” dMR3PI

But Lord Four simply wasn’t excited. He just kept that calm iceberg expression on his face as he stepped down from the stage and left.

Ah, those in the audience felt like concubines from that era who were looking forward to the arrival of their emperor and experienced the poignant feeling of ‘thirty-six years of invisibility’. While they were eagerly looking forward to the next time Lord Four would respond to his fans, they also watched with tears in their eyes as Seven Kills’ coach, Qian Sheng, began to answer the reporters’ questions.

Audience: Lord Four was gone, and now a Mediterranean fatty had come up, but it seemed that they could at least listen to some gossip about Lord Four. They might as well stay here and listen.


They heard a reporter ask: “Coach Qian! Can you please clear up a legacy question? Exactly what is ‘Lord Four’s tactics’?”

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They came straight to the main point as soon as they started! The audience instantly became interested.

And then, the coach answered, “Oh, Lord Four’s tactics…”

He fell into a state of contemplation in the middle of the sentence. KNmgw2

The audience waited nervously.

“That’s how it is.” The coach finished speaking, picked up his glass of water and immersed himself in drinking.

…… The audience wanted to rush up and beat him to death!

Fortunately, before they could put thoughts into action, the coach finally put down his glass and said, “As you know, our team holds a lot of practice matches every day. They are normally held on a practice server that is specifically set up between the clubs. Everyone would randomly match up against each other to spar and learn from each other.” q46ODQ

The reporters and audience nodded.

The coach continued, “Lord Four’s tactics is basically to allow the other team to see Lord Four right from the start.”

Reporter: “And then?”

Coach: “And then the opposing team will pull out on their own. Hahahahahahahaha.” dD4ylm

Everyone: “…” What–the–f*ck–?!

So Lord Four was already well known on the practice server, and had already reached the nuclear bomb level there?!

That was simply awe-inspiring. Even the reporter was stunned and could only continue to ask two seconds later, “What if the other team doesn’t retreat?”

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“Then we just let Lord Four take the lead.” The coach said, “As for what happens after, that’ll be disclosed next time, hahahaha!” 79qQcy

After the coach finished speaking, he slipped away before anyone could hit him, moving as though the soles of his feet had been coated with grease.

Audience: “…”

Among them, Victor’s curious tumor roommate was saying tearfully, “Ah! Vic! I’m really going to die ahhhhhh! What exactly are Lord Four’s tactics? You have to remember to burn incense and tell me when you come to sweep my tomb next year!”


After this round of competition, Lord Four’s personal page on the official website was updated with a new ‘technique’.

In addition to the previous ‘explosive speed (attack/movement)’, an extremely rare and broad ‘aerial combat’ technique had been added.

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Also, under the name Lord Four, there was now a glittering golden frame that showcased officially certified achievements. It was titled ‘Glorious Achievements’:

Achievements: [Taking Down Ten With One] 1170th A-League Competition, Top Four Semifinals, 1st Round Aerial Combat. Wiped out the entire opposing team alone. 4YFxuA

The image that accompanied the achievement was not a screenshot. It was still photo taken from the front:

Lord Four in a standing posture as he came out on the map with his wings spread open.

Because of the high altitude, his hood had been blown open by the wind, and the dark golden eyes above his mask were as clear as gemstones as he looked down indifferently at the people beneath his feet.

––He was as arrogant as an emperor and as cold and cruel as a god. 7ANq i

None of them knew how many times princes and kings had been beneath the master assassin’s blade, nor did they know that he had once confronted all kinds of gods.

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All they knew was that other than him, there was nobody else who had such an aura.

There were two threads of comments in the comment section below the official page. cCKPbl

One was ‘Saluting to congratulate Lord Four on becoming a god with one battle!’, which was dedicated to celebrating this glorious achievement. After obtaining this amazing achievement, not only had the audience who had been present, but also many fans of the competition circle flocked over as soon as they could, extending the thread and leaving thousands of comments within the first hour.

His performance this time would almost certainly be broadcasted on mainstream media, which would catch the attention of non-e-sport competition circle enthusiasts. It could be imagined that this thread would become longer and longer, and it was estimated that it would reach at least 10,000 posts.

Another thread in the comments section was ‘Wuwuwu, exactly what are Lord Four’s tactics’, which was specifically set up for patients affected with curiosity cancer to complain, cry, collapse and die during the early, middle, and late stages of their illness.

In addition to the above two comment threads that were strictly monitored to ensure they stayed on topic, the rest of the comments section was filled with a variety of different topics. QRdtYJ

For example: “Why do you hurt my young heart like this! It’s bad enough that the War God is a noble, cold iceberg and even if we can’t hear him speak, I’m already happy that I can lick the screen! Who could’ve known that the coach would be such. a. cheap. bastard!”

And there were also these: “I really want to play a match with Lord Four, hehe, I’ll hug five golden thighs, and we don’t need to fight group battles. We’ll just purposely go and bully Lord Four. We can lose the group fight, but Lord Four must die. Hehehehe~”

There was even a reply to that particular comment: “Ahhhhh If you’re able to ambush Lord Four, you’ll be able to die with no regrets!” “Question! While Lord Four is surrounded, can I secretly take off his mask?” “Can I secretly take off his clothes?” “Can I secretly feel up his abs?”

In a certain thread, there was someone who said, “I really want to see Lord Four’s true appearance! Really, Lord Four is always wearing either a hood or a mask and has never shown his face.” P1BsN5

Well, they were done for now. This thread had already become a suicide tower for the curiosity cancer patients to hang from.

“Ah, I’m going to die. What exactly are Lord Four’s tactics… What exactly is Lord Four’s true appearance…”

“Next time, if Qian Sheng still doesn’t answer the question, I will go by myself late at night, quietly, sneakily, hang myself at the entrance to the Seven Kills club!”

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

. bNucJA

However, even the coach himself now wanted to hang himself at Lord Four’s door.

“What should I do! Lord Four’s tactics or something is basically all nonsense. I never even gave you any specific tactics, Lord Four! Now, I’m riding a tiger and having a hard time getting off, wuwuwu Lord Four, save me!” The coach had come to plead for help from Lord Four.

“…” Tyron said, “Figure it out yourself.”

 Coach: “Lord Four, you have to save me! Lord Four, during that match with the fog in the forest, how did you know where the other team was? Also, also, even before that, I watched the match between you and Lu Chaofan. How did you manage to hit him so accurately on the head while he was hidden?” 5tlOdy

Tyron: “Experience will help develop intuition.”

Coach: “…” Lord Four, you must be kidding me. You were able to find your opponent in a situation where you couldn’t see anything, and you’re telling me that it was intuition? How many matches would it take, no, how many years would it take to develop that level of combat intuition?

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The coach took a more circuitous approach and asked, “Then, Lord Four, where did you practice so many matches before, and how long have you been playing for? Do you have some sort of hidden identity?” How could such a powerful assassin come out of nowhere all of a sudden without any trace of fame?

If it had been Victor who asked so many questions in a row, Tyron might have been in the mood to explain things to him, but… rDECIy

Two seconds later, Tyron looked at the coach and said, “It requires talent.” You can just forget about it.

Coach: “…” How come he seemed to have heard ‘you foolish mortals’ behind those words?

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Translator's Note

Refers to a balding fatty who is balding from the middle outwards, creating a ‘Mediterranean Sea’ on their heads.

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