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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh24 - War God Of Aerial Combat


translator: xiin
editors: bear & Pyromancer

“Oh yeaaaah! Lord Four!” 0VGPDd

“War God!”

The audience kept screaming, creating wave after wave of endless cheers. Everyone was in an extreme frenzy.

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The commentator couldn’t help but shout loudly, “Next! Who’s next! Who else dares to come up?!”

. sUFCr7

At this time, let alone the audience, even the players on the map were shocked and practically didn’t know how to respond.

It had only been a minute since the match started, but Lord Four had already gone and sent two people back home, and three others out of the game––he dove, glided, broke into the mechanical city, and then came out again to continue the massacre without stopping at all!

There was no room for others to intervene at all; the situation on the map had already reached a point of no return!

Now, the three remaining people from the Coder Team were in a triangle formation. Faced with Tyron, they had already lost all confidence. e4cXHs

What they could see: Tyron rushed up with a sword in hand, his wings spread wide like a wild bird of prey, swooping towards them without mercy.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tyron rolled sideways, his left wing lifting slightly before he turned in the air, the snow-white light from his sword creating two perfect spirals in mid-air––

In just one round of confrontation, the other side’s defense disintegrated completely. PpLzCW

Then, he flashed past the enemy’s ranks, reopened his wings, and flipped back again, leaving behind the enemy’s failed attack spell in the place where he had just been

Tyron’s eyes did not fluctuate at all as his left hand moved slightly, holding Deep Silence in a reverse grip.

In the next moment, the whole world turned upside down.

––The cold light from the sharp edges of the blades were like a wild storm, like a fierce wave that could sweep everything away, like a dragon made of lightning in the sky; nobody could stand unaffected in the face of such power. 9xzZnA

Not even the audience was removed from the scene! They were in awe of the elusive sword lights, just like they were in awe of Tyron’s tremendous fighting ability.

“Oh my god! 28 hit combo, a full 28 hits!!” The male commentator clutched at his hair and cried out like his worldview had collapsed, “What does it mean to add wings to a tiger!? This is it!! Lord Four with wings is simply not human! Lord Four, you’re inhuman!!!”

“Not only are those three from Coder unable to block him, even if there were ten people, they wouldn’t be able to stop him! Lord Four was born to be the king of aerial combat. He deserves to be called the War God of the sky!”

. sJ9oRn

At the end of the game, the members of the Seven Kills Team were all watching in silence.

In fact, towards the end, they were fully capable of stepping in and taking away one or two of Coder’s heads––but doing so wouldn’t be helping Lord Four. Instead, they would simply be snatching away his kills!

No one doubted that Lord Four could carry out this massacre to the end.

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So, Seven Kills chose to stand to one side and wait for Lord Four to obtain the competition’s most difficult and terrible achievement–– [Taking Down Ten With One]. UbHqFQ

––Cii atf vfjatr veglcu atf wjamt, jii atf qijsfgr ktb kfgf ajxfc bea bo atf ujwf, kfgf jii jaaglyeafv ab j rlcuif qijsfg! Ktlr jmtlfnfwfca kjr rluclolmjca fcbeut ab wjxf la lcab atf tlrabgs bo atf C-Ofjuef jcv yfmbwf qjga bo j qijsfg’r uibglber tlrabgs bc atf boolmlji kfyrlaf.

This achievement was also was nicknamed by netizens as: “I am a one-man army!” “I can beat ten people!” “Confirmed as a god in a single battle!” “Three thousand miles in a single battle, a single sword to represent a million soldiers” “The fighting power of five masters” … and so on.

By the time the contestants returned to the stage, the morale of the two teams had changed dramatically. FxiqSh

The public screen was full of comments, “Celebrating the War God as the newly crowned defender!”

Because the audience’s reactions were so enthusiastic, even the commentators and the host was immersed in the excitement for a long time and couldn’t come to their senses. The director had to temporarily add an extra three minutes of half-time break.

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In the meantime, Tyron slowly pulled himself back from the state of being a killing machine.

Amidst the cheers, he was as mysterious as ever as he silently stepped down from the stage. n2Hgsc

That was all he did, but the female commentator’s voice was weak, “My god, Lord Four is too cool. He’s really an iceberg male god~ yingyingyingying. Who can make him smile a little? Surely even the Arctic glacier can be melted, right?”

Male commentator: “…” I don’t understand your lovestruck world.

The male commentator looked back at the audience. As a result, all he could see on the public screen was:

“It’s the iceberg War God! Lick, lick lick!” SZCwFy

“Heavens, I’ve watched Lord Four play ever since he started competing! I started licking as early as last month!”

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“Don’t stop me, I’m going to save the whole world! If I’m lucky enough to marry Lord Four in the next life, I will come back and send red envelopes! See you all later!”

Male commentator: “…” Sorry, I was wrong. I don’t understand this world.



Tyron was silent only because he was recalling the years when he was an angel of slaughter.

He went into the contestants’ lounge and washed his face, then returned his thoughts to the present.

––Just now, he had really been a little high from killing. woi2r4

Tyron slowly washed his hands and exhaled deeply.

At that moment, someone knocked from outside the door.

It was Qian Sheng, the coach of Seven Kills. “Lord Four?”

Tyron: “Mm. “ b3nx6y

The coach spoke carefully, “Um, Lord Four. The next match is starting in a minute. I came to see if you can go easy on the next match. Can you?”

Tyron: “Are you sure?”

“This…” Qian Sheng said, “Generally speaking, there are some hidden rules in the competition. If one side has too much of an advantage and a situation arises where one side can absolutely crush the other, they would deliberately go a little easier on their opponents so that they don’t lose too badly.”

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In other words, even the coach felt that there was no suspense for the next match. The question now was whether to let their opponents win with a little decency, or tear their pants off and have them lose shamefully. wH6sD

Tyron thought for a moment and said, “I can agree to that.”

“And for the bonus I promised, how about doubling the bonus from the previous match? The next game will be business as usual, but I hope you can give them a little face. Say, er…” The coach spoke guiltily, “For example, if an opponent could be dealt with in ten seconds, can you use an additional ten seconds?”

Tyron nodded.

…… Ten seconds plus ten seconds. Later on, these twenty seconds became famous. stYaZS

Of course, they didn’t know that at the time.

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It was now time for both teams to start the randomized selection for the next match’s map and mode.

By now, the Coder Team’s morale had already hit rock bottom. They were a young team, and their mental states were not as stable as older players. When they played well, they were fearless in the face of challenges, but when they performed badly, it became even more difficult for them to recover. tVPozM

The captain of the Seven Kills Team was even afraid to step forward and offer words of comfort, for fear of stimulating their fragile hearts.

It didn’t take long for the results of the draw to come out.

Randomized mode: Node Occupation.

There were a total of three ‘occupation points’ on the map. The timer would start as soon as a contestant stepped inside, and the node would be ‘occupied’ after the counter reached thirty seconds. Of course, the node could be taken away by the opposing team, and it could also be snatched back. It could also change hands back and forth unlimited times. When the game timer ended, the team who occupied more nodes would win. y0ZfOg

Randomized map: Lotus Leaf Cloister.

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This was a supersized, extremely complex series of covered walkways set over a water map. The corridors were covered in blue tile with red railings, extremely reminiscent of the ancient Chinese classical style. The cloister was divided into four main sections, forming a crossroad in the middle, and there were three other intersections that doubled as the occupation points. The map was very open, and players could see everyone else’s positions at a glance.

When the match started, the captain of Seven Kills said to Tyron, “Lord Four, we’ll definitely occupy Node A first, then leave Node C for the other side. What’s your plan…?” xOzotW

Tyron made a sound of acknowledgement, then said calmly, “I’ll go ahead and take a look.”

What he meant by ‘take a look’ was to walk along the corridors at a leisurely pace.

He didn’t hide, his movements relaxed and comfortable as though he was enjoying a vacation.

At this time, both teams had occupied their respective nodes and were at Node A and Node C. They looked nervously towards the middle and watched as Lord Four walked towards Node B on his own. The thirty second countdown began. YgdfJC

The lips of the people from Coder twitched. They discussed it for a while, and then when Node C was theirs, they immediately set off––to occupy Node A.

Male commentator: “Ohhh, oh my god! This match is really unexpected and marvelous! This is the first time I’ve seen a team split into a five-one formation.”

Female commentator: “It might be a five-one formation for others, but for Seven Kills, this is called the one-five formation. Lord Four has to be mentioned first.”

The male commentator couldn’t help laughing as he continued, “This is also the first time that I’ve seen a team avoid a single opponent and specifically choose to attack a five-person group.” 0pDjqW

Female commentator: “They’re afraid of being blown up by a nuclear bomb!”

Coder avoided Node B like they were avoiding a nuclear bomb and went straight to Node A. They didn’t even leave anyone behind to guard their Node C, and it seemed that they wanted to first occupy two nodes as quickly as possible.

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There was an extraordinary group battle between the two teams as they met in the middle. 3XMQvT

While the male commentator narrated the group war, the female commentator’s focus was still on Lord Four. She said, “Hahahaha, Lord Four is really relaxed! He’s heading to Node C! It’s over, Coder won’t be able to keep their home node!”

Tyron went to Node C, stood there for thirty seconds, and occupied the node.

At this point in time, the two teams were still engaged in the group battle in the middle. Tyron appeared extremely bored once again, staring at the lotus flowers beneath the walkways as he spaced out for a while.

While Tyron was in a daze, the public screen was filled with: “Lord Four is so handsome! Lick, lick, lick!” “Lord Four must be setting up an ambush! He definitely has some set-up that we can’t understand!” RdZtld

A little while later, Tyron received a notification from the system that ‘if no action was taken within ten seconds, he would be considered as throwing the game’, and lazily headed towards the Coder Team.

Two corridors away, as soon as Coder saw Tyron moving towards them, they acted as if they had seen a nuclear warhead flying their way and immediately turned around to head down another path.

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Tyron: “…”

Female commentator: “Hahahaha, Lord Four’s deterrence factor is absolute! Shouldn’t Coder at least give it a shot before running away?” nyzie5

The male commentator said rather helplessly, “This is Node Occupation. If a single person guards the pass, ten thousand people still wouldn’t be able to get through! That node basically belongs to Seven Kills now. Coder wants to focus on snatching the other two nodes.”

Female commentator: “But this will still be a difficult fight for them. If Coder splits up, they might not necessarily be able to take down the node that Seven Kills is defending. But if they don’t split up, they’ll simply tire themselves out running back and forth between the other two nodes.”

Ultimately, Coder did not split their team, and the end result was just as the female commentator had predicted. They were unable to keep a firm hold of the remaining two nodes. IdrpBK

…… They refused to encroach on Lord Four’s territory no matter what!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As a result, when Tyron truly became too bored, he suddenly put on a burst of speed without any warning and charged towards the Coder Team straight-on.

Coder’s first reaction was to scramble around, then detour one after another and run away. This startled the male commentator, “Ohhh my god, what the hell is this situation!”

When Tyron caught hold of Coder’s slowest member, their support, the other party seemed to have already given up, staring at Tyron with a pair of dead fish eyes. eraKBi

Tyron: “…” Can’t you resist a little? Hello!

Tyron used all the methods he could think of to take it easy on him for precisely twenty seconds before finally letting him off gracefully and taking his life.

Audience: “Hahahahaha what the heck, I don’t need to run faster than Lord Four, I just need to run faster than my teammates!” “Lord Four! Actually! Yawned! Heavens, it feels like it’s time to sleep…”


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