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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh16 - Secret Weapon


translator: xiin
editors: Pyromancer & BlueBug

The next day, Tyron and the Seven Kills team coach went to register for the team competition. Yq0KhQ

The staff checked through the information for each member of the Seven Kills Team, then removed the ninja and filled in Tyron’s ID before asking, “Have you ever played in the team competition before?”

Tyron naturally had never played in team competitions before.

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“Team matches are different from individual matches. You need to make a new character.” The staff said, “Come with me.”

Tyron followed her to make a new character. fRWT6

Previously, he had been using a character that Pei Rong had created, so this was his first time participating in this ‘character creation’ thing.

The staff member said, “There is a nerve connection here. You only need to imagine an appearance that is familiar to you, and the AI will automatically generate your face and body. After that, the system will give you a list of skills and equipment that you can use to customize your skills and gear. There is no upper limit for these things—but the more you select, the weaker each individual skill will be. You should understand the balance rule, right?”

Tyron listened while donning on the nerve connector. Very quickly, the AI had detected the most familiar appearance that existed in his mind.

Tyron Odin’s original appearance.



Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tyron’s mother had a mixed heritage from both wood elves and humans, while Tyron’s father was a mix of moon elves and incubi.

Therefore, Tyron had the typical elven ears, his pupils were a golden color only seen in the royal lineage, and his hair was a dark red color that was common amongst incubi.

His proportions were the epitome of perfection, and aesthetically, he had an impeccable golden figure. Technically speaking, it was also well suited to providing peak fighting potential. qV oZv

As for appearance, it could be put this way: Incubi were a race that relied on their looks to feed. And it was ‘feed’ in the genuine sense, because incubi absorbed people’s energy in order to live.

Male incubi would often kabedon a female victim before giving them a kiss, and then ask, “Would you like another kiss?” At this point, even if the victim was very clear that their strength had been drained, they would still be unable to resist the next kiss.

In other words, incubi could make people willing to die for them with a single kiss.

Tyron inherited this trait, though he very much detested it. wqJTtc


After Tyron ‘created’ his character, he glanced through the skill list, but chose none of system skills before continuing on to customize the weapons he was most familiar with: His short sword, Song of Triumph, and his dagger, Deep Silence.

The staff member stared at Tyron’s face throughout the entire 10-minute creation process: “…”

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When Tyron finally finished creating his new character, he discovered that the staff member was already sitting down, her head propped up with both hands as she stared at him in a trance. Y49cd

Ksgbc: “…”

Lf aegcfv jgbecv jcv jrxfv obg jcbatfg qlfmf bo fdelqwfca—j wjrx, ktlmt tf qea bc yfobgf rjslcu, “Gbcf.”

Ktf rajoo gfugfaoeiis fcvfv tfg jqqgfmljalnf vjhf jcv rabbv eq, ifur j ilaaif rboa, jcv rqbxf rkffais, “Yxjs, qifjrf obiibk wf.”

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Vtf yfujc fzqijlclcu fnfgsatlcu ab Ksgbc lc ugfja vfajli. MBSLTm

Tyron then filled out the form, pausing for a moment on the personal ID column before finally writing: Odin.

Nobody here knew his real name, but he was already used to his own name, so… Since he wanted to use it, he did.

Just like how he had planned to draw a clear line between himself and Pei Rong right from the start, he would always live as Tyron Odin, and would never become a substitute or successor for anyone.

He was already strong enough to ignore all constraints. 3Gla1A


After finally completing the registration process, Tyron returned to the lobby.

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The coach was bragging and saying, “Let me tell you, the DPS we’ve found this time is amazing! If we don’t win the championship this time, I’ll eat the keyboard through my nostrils!”

The man opposite him said, “Who is it that’s so amazing?” UzhHKP

The coach said, “Secret! If I showed you our secret weapon so easily, won’t I be giving up a killing card during the official match?”

At this point, Tyron came over.

The man standing opposite the coach noticed the dagger and short sword at Tyron’s belt with a glance. No other equipment this season was as recognizable as these, and he immediately cried out in astonishment, “Lord Four! ——Qian Sheng, you are too amazing! You actually recruited the Lord Four into your team!”

Coach: “…” His secret weapon had been recognized at a glance. 4Zd6j2


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Most of the people in the hall were coaches. They rushed over one after another when they heard this cry and crowded around Tyron.

The coaches squawked and muttered, “It’s really number 419! You switched from the individual competition to the team competition?! Oh man! Why didn’t I get the news earlier?” “I didn’t hear any news about this. I’m afraid Old Qian must have used some black market price to recruit him.” “What a great move, my brother, finding the assassin from the top four of the individual tournament to come and fight in the team competition. I wonder if he’ll be able to adapt?” “It’s hard to say. This kind of thing will depend on his performance on the field.”

One of the coaches ran up to Qian Sheng, “Old Qian, are you willing to offer him up? You can set whatever transfer price you like!” qfo7rm

Others brazenly approached Tyron straight on, but were pushed aside by an indifferent Tyron as he headed outside.

The staff member rushed up to show Tyron the way to another exit and took the chance to say, “Oh my god, you’re Lord Four! You’re going to participate in the team matches?! Aahhhh, your fans will go crazy with joy when they find out!”

Tyron looked over at her and said, “Don’t say anything.”

The staff flushed with excitement, “Okay, I’ll definitely keep it secret! When the time comes, it’ll give the people on stage a surprise as big as the sky!” WQiwhp


Coach Qian felt disappointed—his secret weapon plan had been broken apart just like this. But he was also quite proud—hey, hey, it’s useless even if you guys are envious! Lord Four was in his hands now!

After he and Tyron returned to the club, he said, “Although your position doesn’t require much coordination, we should still try to develop a sense of teamwork. So, we’ll do three matches a day for practice. Also, in order to ensure that our tactics aren’t exposed ahead of time, I hope that you can hold back and restrain your strength when we practice with outside teams.”

Tyron: “Hold back by how much?” ap62zR

“How about thirty percent.” The coach thought for a moment, then added, “Well, if you’re killing too quickly, then hold back a bit more.”

Tyron made a sound of acknowledgement, his attitude towards this matter very casual.

Coach Qian felt more and more that they hadn’t seen the whole of Lord Four’s strength. He couldn’t help snickering wildly in his heart. He laughed as he suggested, “Lord Four! Will you join us for hotpot tonight? We’ll celebrate your addition to the Seven Kills team properly!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tyron said, “No need. I’m meeting someone tonight.” PvDafe

Tyron and Victor had agreed to meet for dinner.

Victor had come to report on the progress of the lawsuit. He explained: Lu Chaofan had basically accepted his fate, and was very willing to pay the liquidated damages and settlement payments; he had also agreed to apologize, but seemed unwilling to apologize in front of Tyron…

Victor said, “Lu Chaofan provided a psychiatric report stating that he had suffered serious mental trauma from you, so he can’t meet you in person.” hvfxEO

Tyron raised his eyebrows. He found it a little unexpected, but at the same time, there was some logic to it; after that match, he had deliberately planted a seed of fear in Lu Chaofan’s heart. As a result, Lu Chaofan lost his composure and fell to his knees in public.

The image of him falling to his knees was later turned into an animated image by angry netizens, and became a popular emoticon on social media, along with another image of Lu Chaofang being stomped into the ground by a foot.

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Lu Chaofan—or anyone who had suffered such a devastating blow, would definitely subconsciously want to avoid anyone else who had been involved in the matter.

Tyron: “It’s fine.” KdlU0Q

Victor spoke earnestly, “We’ve already coordinated with him. If you are okay with it, he will send out an apology video over the internet and apologize to the entire world.”

Victor had really done a good job with this affair. So far, Lu Chaofan had already apologized, paid the fines, been banned from the competition, and was blacklisted by many media companies. At the same time, his career had received a devastating, career-ending blow.

In addition, the truth of all the previous events had been exposed, and new laws were even being considered to deal with these kinds of situations.

Many people expressed great pleasure regarding the resolution of this matter and felt that Victor had accomplished the mission that everyone wanted to do, but had no strength to accomplish. JT2zh3

When Victor had first said he wanted to do this, many people had said that he was ‘acting like he was still in high school’, ‘puffed up with self-importance’, ‘arrogant’, and ‘naïve’; but after he accomplished it, they called him ‘hot-blooded’, and ‘young and successful’.

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Those who used to laugh at Victor’s naivety were now endlessly ashamed and have not dared to appear for a long time.

Last night, Victor finally posted a message on his personal blog: “Ignore those who ridicule your arrogance, because they can’t do it themselves, and therefore assume that nobody else in the world can do it; ignore the words of those who ridicule your naiveté, because you are not naïve, just young and idealistic—and they are not mature, only well-versed in the ways of the world, and are jealous of your ideals.”

Tyron looked at it, and clicked ‘follow’ on Victor’s blog. kvzidr

This was the only ‘follow’ ever since he set up his account.


Tyron found Victor very interesting.

This was because Victor was clearly a very capable and brilliant member of elite society, but in front of him, he suddenly became a soft, cute youth who was experiencing his first crush. ExrHut

Victor would even ask him awkwardly, “Mister Tyron, may I please take a picture with you?”

Tyron deliberately teased him and said, “Is it for official use? I can authorize it.”

Victor muttered for a good while before finally coming up with, “N, no, it’s not for official use… I, I, I want to keep a photo of you. This… Taking it secretly doesn’t seem too good.”

“Oh?” Tyron said, “What do you want a photo of me for?” RWf2Vc

Victor couldn’t come up with a good excuse this time. He blushed furiously and said, “Just… to look at.”

“I’m just sitting here. I give you permission to look as much as you like.” Tyron propped his cheek against one hand and smiled as he looked at him.


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Victor was instantly overwhelmed, his heart thudding violently as Tyron’s flirting swept him off his feet. He looked at Tyron delightedly and asked, “Can I draw a sketch of you, then? I… I also thought about making a 3D model. You can rest assured, I definitely don’t plan to use it for anything else, I just… want it for a personal collection!” t V7ja

Tyron frowned, “You’re very versatile. But for things like sketches and modelling, is it possible to do it without a model?”

Victor blushed, “If you observe enough, and pay enough attention, you can remember the details. As long as you can ‘recall’ it when drawing…”

“Oh.” Tyron said, “In that case, I give you permission to think of me anytime, anywhere.”

that last line >//< poor Victor~ ODF2 S

also, BB has joined the VEN editing team!

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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