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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh13 - Team Competition?


translator: xiin
editors: alamerysl & Pyromancer

When it was time, they met in a private room at the coffee shop. nevd97

Victor brought a lawyer with him as his legal adviser.

Tyron was still in his usual disguise as ‘Lord Four’, wearing a hoodie and a hat instead of his hood, a mask covering his mouth and nose.

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The three people sat around the table.

Tyron recognized Victor at a glance and stared at him for a while. vg8YdC

Instead of wearing his student uniform, Victor had come in a western style suit to talk about business. He was wearing a pair of fine-framed glasses, looking like a young and promising industry elite.m

But it had no effect on him. Tyron suddenly remembered the ‘G-spot’ incident.

Tyron: “…”

Victor: “??”


From the other side, they could see that Lord Four was deep in thought, both of his hands supporting his chin in a nonchalant pose as he gave Victor a profound look.

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Lawyer: “…” How come it felt like Lord Four knew Victor?


Victor was very confused. He stood up and introduced himself to each other party. His introduction was, “My name is Victor Li, Chinese name Li Weike. Nice to meet you.” ETXtMV

Tyron nodded slowly and spoke steadily, “What a coincidence, Victor. I’m Tyron Odin.”

Victor: “…”

Tyron’s voice was so familiar. Was this his ‘library male god’? Ahhhhhhhh!

He also recalled their indescribable dark history in an instant, and his body stiffened immediately against his will, his entire body flushing red from the tips of his ears downward. 518ErZ

Now it was Victor’s turn to think deeply; his soul had basically left his body.

Lawyer: “???” Was there some history between them that he wasn’t aware of?


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Victor covered his face with his hands, and after imagining slamming his head against the wall in many different ways a thousand times, he raised his head and calmly continued, “The goal of this meeting is to talk to you about the contract and determine under what name, and when we should sue Lu Chaofan.” Y7 nre

Vb, atfs olcjiis uba ab atflg agef qegqbrf. Coafg j ofk wbwfcar bo vlrmerrlbc, Nlmabg ygbeuta bea j ybbx bc meggfca ijkr, aegcfv ab j mfgajlc qjuf jcv rjlv, “Pa lr jujlcra atf ijk obg qijsfgr ab qjgalmlqjaf lc jcs ujwyilcu bg mbcagjmar yftlcv atf rmfcf. Ccs mbcagjma atja nlbijafr atf gfueijalbcr lr mbcrlvfgfv lcnjilv, yea atf mbcagjma yfakffc atf akb bo sbe kfca atgbeut j ** mbwqjcs jcv abbx jvnjcajuf bo j ibbqtbif—yea atja’r j ubbv atlcu obg er.”

“Because if the court finally rules that the contract was invalid, Lu Chaofan would be seen as working with the Assistant Director to threaten players and would face serious charges of coercion. He could be sentenced to prison for several years and required to pay hundreds of thousands dollars in compensation to each victim. On the other hand, if the court rules that the contract was valid, Lu Chaofan would be considered to have entered negotiations with several players for match fixing. The charges will be much lighter, but this time, he was the one who leaked the secret before the contract was completed, and he will have to pay 20 million dollars in liquidated damages. So as long as we lock down the contract as the first piece of evidence, he’ll be stuck between a rock and a hard place.”


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At this point, he suddenly found that his book pass was inside this law book! 6 xStf

It was the book pass that he had lied to his male god about in a panic, saying that it was ‘his friend’s book pass’!

Victor hung his head silently, and even the stray hairs on his head seemed to droop as he glanced carefully at Tyron.

Tyron: “…” Don’t be so obvious, young man. I’m not going to expose you.

Tyron interlaced his fingers under his chin and gave Victor an unfathomable look. QBelfK

The lawyer, who had been oblivious the whole time, “…” Oh? I feel like I’m redundant here??

The lawyer stood up and said, “Cough, apologies. I’m going to wash my hands.”

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After the lawyer left, Victor finally caved. He bowed his head and spoke, “About… about the book pass, and the g… g-spot incident, I’m very sorry!” VMHDiu

Tyron had been smiling the entire time, and finally spoke when he heard this, “That’s all right. Boys are actually more adorable when they’re a little bit naughty.”

Victor: “…” Ah, who am I? Where am I? Why is there a male god praising me?!

Victor felt like he had been given breath by a fairy prince! Yes, he was alive now!

He quickly rubbed at his burning face and spoke earnestly, “Mr. Odin, you can rest assured. This matter will definitely be settled in the best possible way. All of us are supporting you, and no matter how cunning the other party is, or difficult the process is, justice will always prevail!” 1JBeYz

Tyron narrowed his eyes at these words and looked at this younger generation with some indulgence in his dark golden eyes. He said, “Good, I believe you.”

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Victor: “Thank, thank you!” Mother! I! Am! About! To! Explode!

The fairy prince’s power was too great! Victor felt like he was about to fly up on the spot and rush out of the galaxy at third cosmic velocity!

. Yt9v1k

When the lawyer came back, he saw the two of them talking seriously about the contract.

He didn’t know if it was his illusion, but it felt as though the air filled with round, pink soap bubbles.

As soon as Victor got excited, he began to enthusiastically explain his past seven days of work in an orderly, logical manner, giving others the feeling that listening to him for ten minutes would be enough to cover all the legal knowledge of an era.

This young man was like a small sun, radiating enthusiastic, positive energy from all over his body. t5efpC

Tyron thought to himself: In ten years, he will become one of the most outstanding men in the world.

Tyron said, “Good, I will entrust you with this matter completely. I’m certain you won’t let me down.”

Victor said, “Yes! Whether it’s in public or privately, I will try my best to give Lu Chaofan the punishment he deserves. You and the others will definitely be compensated accordingly. I hope we will be able to adjust and add to our laws through this affair, and have the privilege of setting a landmark for all possible injustices in the current and future e-sports competition industry as a whole! Although justice will only arrive many days later, it will still come. People in the future will follow the old precedents. They will see the injustice we have suffered, see our protesting and shouting, and they will be protected from these injustices in the future because of us—that is the best future. It is the only thing we can do, and also the future we must strive for!”

Lawyer: “…” He had been right about one thing—he was superfluous. Vic, why didn’t you study law? As a lawyer, I already have tears in my eyes! Wucby4


The day after Victor made these remarks, he formally began to represent the movement to bring Lu Chaofan to justice.

It was also on this day that various public welfare organizations and competition associations began to unite to protest, netizens gathering together to create new waves on the internet.

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By the third day, the trending topics about match fixing once again became popular, relying on the netizens’ perseverance and unwillingness to give up in order to surpass other trending topics which were frequently pushed up with money. XdtlS5

The investigative team appointed by the A League’s Organizing Committee was shocked by these efforts and promised to conduct the hearing openly and fairly. During the first hearing, Assistant Director Xu confessed immediately.

On the fourth day, Lu Chaofan was pressured into holding a press conference. Among the reporters that he had specifically arranged, one of them suddenly stood up in public, took off their badge and resigned on the spot before asking, “How will you explain the words that you personally said to your opponent back then? What do you have to say about Assistant Director Xu’s testimony? If you have no way to explain, then what qualifications do you have to stand up during this press conference? Where are you finding the self-confidence to emphasize your innocence?”

Lu Chaofan could say nothing in return and this incident immediately made it into the news.

Then, he hid at home for two days, until the angered people began to gather at his door and **, writing to the Chaoyang Alliance and requesting they amend the relevant laws. E01i3D

In the following month, a parliament member of the Chaoyang Alliance’s Council proposed a new draft on this issue: <The Electronic Sports Law>.

Due to the voices and pressure from both top and bottom, the Earth District of the Alliance’s Courts began to treat this unusual case with more urgency.

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During this time, the two remaining contestants from the top four, as well as the winner from the resurrection competition, Flower Blower, all announced that they would refuse to participate until the investigations were complete. wFTCzU

—This was their most effective way of expressing their protest against the unfairness of the competition and the staffs’ dereliction of their duties.

This led to the stage being empty during the second game of the finals.

The host came up and announced, “The two players who are both absent sent messages to me individually. I will read them out for you now. The first one: ‘If you are unwilling to sacrifice for justice, you’re already dead.’; the second one: ‘My sword is the humblest servant of justice, and in this life, it will only ever be unsheathed in a fair arena.’”

After two seconds of silence, the host continued, “I used to work with a despicable person, and even tacitly consented to his despicable behaviour with my silence. This is something I will be ashamed of for the rest of my life. Here, I apologize to those players who have suffered injustice because of my inaction: I’m sorry! …As for any remaining statements, I am willing to save them for the court and share them out in the open.” Xf5wdT


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Soon afterwards, the A League’s official voice spoke out, conveying how they would continue to handle this investigation:

First, the tournament schedule for the Earth District’s League would be suspended until the investigation was complete. The starting times for individual competitions were undetermined and would be confirmed later.

Secondly, Lu Chaofan was permanently banned from the A League, his club was fined, and given a yellow card in warning. 89dDWL

Thirdly, all current staff were suspended and put under investigation.

—Everyone was punished severely, and no one was compensated.

The company responsible for the Earth District’s Competitive League’s management company’s management company, the organizers of the A league, were so stingy.

. El1hyK

Victor sent a video call to Tyron that night.

Unexpectedly, things had gone too far and the individual competition was suspended. He bowed his head and spent two thousand words apologizing, then said, “The verdict will not come down for a while, but Lu Chaofan has chosen to settle in order to avoid punishment, so he will need to pay the penalty for breach of contract. The final estimated amount is probably about 26 million. Because our lawyer is a volunteer, and no one else has asked for any salary, the money can be sent to your account in full.”

Tyron: “… Then you don’t have to apologize.”

Victor said, “But the honor of being the champion is more important than money! It’s such a pity that the finals were pushed back.” lbddX9

Tyron: Money is more important than honor. Child, tell the truth, is your family very rich?

Lord Four was actually very happy. It was so fast and economical to squeeze 26 million from Lu Chaofan.

The operation cost was 60 million dollars.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Sixty million! Azgs0c


Victor continued, “By the way, do you have any plans during the suspension period? There is a team that says they’re looking for a core DPS. Something happened with their previous core and they’re willing to give 30% of the final prize money to the replacement. They came to me because they didn’t have your contact information.”

Tyron thought about it and asked the key question, “What is the prize amount for the team competition?”

Victor said, “The championship team will get 28 million.” coe8jk

Tyron: “What’s the name of the team?”


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Translator's Note

not sure if it’s a typo, or a joke/fun way of referring to their big super-boss management company…

Translator's Note

tldr; Victor apologized profusely. But it’s a joke reference to the fact that he’s an academic.

Translator's Note

(if you don’t remember, this is for his new body)

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