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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh113 - Make Trouble, Make Trouble, Make Trouble


translator: xiin
editor: kara

Just like in the district competition, a huge storm regarding this year’s A-League was triggered across the internet after the provincial competition ended. 0dq65o

What was different was that the two were on different levels of magnitude. For example, according to some incomplete statistics, there had been an eight-digit audience that witnessed the champion, Odin’s confession and proposal within twenty-four hours. It had basically been through media like the live broadcast or recordings of it; over the next 48 hours, this event continued to ferment among other forms of media, picking up momentum and breaking through to nine digits. It could be predicted that as the data eventually spread out from the provincial competition star and slowly reached every other planet of the Chaoyang Alliance, this number would continue to grow.

Similarly, after the top six players in the provincial competition were released, the A-League would soon revise their rankings.

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Odin’s official website gained a new ‘Provincial Championship’ medal, and he also received an official golden-edged email from the official organizers:

Odin was eligible for the silver series of the National Championships, meaning that he would jump directly to the 32 to 16 round of the competition. kUFLaT

The National Championships couldn’t be organized once a year like the provincial and district competitions, primarily because the scope of the A-League was too large. There were two considerations for each event: Firstly, contestants had to be given enough time to arrive at the national competition venue from all corners of the league; secondly, the resources needed to hold the national competition had to be organized well in advance, particularly when it came to the ultra-light speed communication channel for players with special situations. This was a sensitive resource that was half-civilian and half-military, and the A-League could only gain access to it after applying with the government.

Therefore, the National Championships was a grand event held once every three years.

The previous national competition had just been held last spring, and the preparations for the next one were already in full swing. According to the official projections, the details should be announced next winter or by the following summer at the latest.



The closing ceremony for the provincial competition was very lively. According to convention, this was another good opportunity for the organizer, players, and corporations to take advantage of the heat.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In addition to the many interactive events, raffles, and programs scheduled, this year’s closing ceremony was also inevitably accompanied by an entertainment game.

Yes, it was another entertainment game.

Tyron fell deep into thought: “……” bmkwxd

Victor laid there on Tyron’s favorite sofa in a special pose that he had saved just for Tyron. He was deeply ensconced within, but this wasn’t actually his intention and was mainly because he couldn’t sit on his butt. He could only lay on his back in a half-sitting, half-lying posture.

Victor wagged his tail, “Join, join, join!”

Tyron looked at him, “What’s the reason for participating this time?”

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“Rbatlcu…” Nlmabg rjlv, “Dea, P kjca ab rff ws teryjcv’r tfgblm jqqfjgjcmf.” P1zSJn

Nlmabg mbeiv rff atf alqr bo Ksgbc’r fjgr rtjxf rilutais ja atf kbgv, ‘teryjcv’.

Lbkfnfg, atfgf kjr cb mtjcuf bc Ksgbc’r ojmf. Lf tjv j ragjluta ojmf bc jr tf rjlv, “Tbe mjc rff la lo sbe kjca ab. Qtja’r lc la obg wf?”

Victor put on a pitiful act, “What other benefits can I give you? Your Vic is already half paralyzed…”

Tyron reached over and rubbed his waist for him, “You can just tell me what you want to see. Why go through all the bustle?” Luani1

“Whatever you say.” Victor hummed comfortably and pushed up the thin glasses on his face. He looked like an old Buddhist monk––this movement was exactly the same as Tyron’s.

However, Tyron’s reading posture had a kind of classical charm while Victor’s position held the unique capital sentiment of the interstellar people and also a kind of romantic charm that was unique to social elites.

Tyron felt that the gesture looked a little familiar, but he didn’t think too much about it. He also settled in next to him and went still––

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The pair of husbands weren’t aware at all that they were both in the same position as they read on the sofa, and even their hair seemed to be in sync. xFjwaC


Although Tyron didn’t like to join in on the excitement, everyone on the internet thought that he would still join.

After all, Odin had participated in the entertainment match after the district competition! Other than Victor, nobody else knew the reason for his participation at the time. The netizens all believed that the iceberg War God would be considerate to his fans and allow the people to enjoy his presence.

But, as soon as the provincial competition’s entertainment match game for this year came out, the internet almost blew up! 1pHEJW

One person had three votes, and a total of 12 people would be chosen to enter this entertainment match.

No matter who they were fans of or who they hated, no matter how they used their other two votes, their first vote would generally be given to Odin.

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In short, in this kind of voting system, the most remarkable payer could only be the champion of the individual competition. Even the champion team of the team competition was one level below in terms of interest. Moreover, the core idea behind the entertainment match was to ‘make trouble, make trouble, make trouble’, and every netizen came running over to see the most interesting player. As for Odin’s appearance value… how should it be said? As long as the average person saw him, it would be difficult for them to tear their eyes away for a few minutes.

Even before the voting had ended, Odin had already been voted directly into the final list due to how far ahead he was in votes. His vote count alone was the same as the total of the six people from the group championship team added together. yvQ428

The organizers of the provincial competition were keen, having analyzed a large number of face-cons from the traffic sources and joyfully estimating the audience ratings from this entertainment match.

And then, they were dumbfounded, because they then discovered that Odin hadn’t yet replied to the invitation! He hadn’t confirmed his participation!

What the hell was this?

The organizers hurriedly sent over another invitation letter, but they still hadn’t received a reply by evening. They grew anxious and directly allocated two teams to work overtime, busily trying to persuade Odin to participate in the entertainment match. vTJS0i

They offered a very high price, a seven-digit number that really wasn’t small.

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When Tyron saw this email, it was because he’d gotten up in the early morning, finished his morning exercises, then really hadn’t had much to do, and decided to distract himself by cleaning up his inbox.

When he saw this offered figure, he thought about it and went to check his own bank account. i ot1Z

––To be honest, master assassins didn’t pay much attention to their economic situation. If it hadn’t been that he was thinking about marriage recently, he wouldn’t have looked at all. No matter what kind of society he used to live in, it was just him on his own. He was a man who controlled the life and death of almost everyone, from civilians to princes, and didn’t care how wealth flowed in society and among different people. He didn’t have to care.

However, before getting married, they would need to have their property notarized.

Tyron called out to Athena, the AI housekeeper, and asked her how the process was going.

Athena replied that it was going very smoothly and had already been settled. O83Pg9

Tyron saw that there was a shiny golden 70 million lying there in his account, and there was also a provincial competition championship bonus that was in the process of tax deduction and hadn’t yet been credited.

He wasn’t very clear on how so much money had gotten inside. The old antique didn’t understand money in the interstellar era at all. How could a string of numbers turn into real gold coins? And, how could someone just arrange for money to arrive where he was with just a twitch of their fingers…?

However, this amount of money should be considered a lot. And because Tyron had never managed it, it had always remained in cash, and his books were very clean.

After thinking about it, Tyron didn’t refuse the invitation to the entertainment match for the time being. He called out to the AI housekeeper, Athena, and asked her how the inventory of Victor’s property was going. jQ35Fm

Athena responded that it might take a little more time. It had been calculating, constantly calculating, still…

Tyron: “……”


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Victor was the son of the deputy governor of the Third Star Province. j8RMc7

It may be that some people didn’t understand what the deputy governor position was. Intuitively speaking, the population of the Third Star Province was 100 billion, which was dozens of times that of the entire human population in the 21st century. The officials who were in charge of so many people were arranged according to this administrative order: The first was the Governor, and the second-in-charge was the deputy governor, Ms. June.

Before Victor had been born, his parents had set up a private fund for him as was common practice amongst aristocratic children. When he went to school, a student fund was added, and after graduation, there was yet another fund. He could only take and use the interest from these funds, but if they were converted into cash, they would be valued at quite a lot.

After that came other investments and financial products. These kinds of products had various names, but none of these had been things that Victor had taken the initiative to set up himself as he wasn’t very interested in finance… but with his position in life, there was always someone else who had the desire to make money for him. A large number of elites who’d graduated from top universities across the Alliance worked on them. The financial interest rate of venture capitalism was the highest, and depending on the amount of principal invested, at least 20% of value-added returns could be achieved in a year. If they were able to invest in an interstellar-type Facebook, then it would be at least tens of thousands of times the initial investment. What Athena was trying to calculate was this large number of accounts. Even with her current calculation ability, this would take a little bit of time.

After that came the real estate. First of all, there were two mineral planets and one residential planet in Victor’s name that were considered the ‘guaranteed living’ for these princes of the interstellar era. They basically never touched them after they were purchased, and if something happened to their family, they could find some people to start mining the planets and use them as a way to continue living the way they were accustomed to. It was difficult to say what a planet’s valuation would be before mining began, but they were at least valued at a billion. lqxtDJ

In addition to these were scattered properties and industries, including the shares of Victor’s own company, which had to all be added up according to market value. According to Athena, many of these companies only worked for Victor and would never be listed. If they were to be listed, their market value would at least double.

Last but not least came the many luxuries Victor owned such as Victor’s houses, private transportation, famous paintings, antiques, and other luxury goods. Because Victor’s father was an art lover, Victor had begun to collect antiques after he started studying Earth’s history. So, although he wasn’t aware of it himself, the value of all this was quite amazing. Athena’s final estimate for this was close to 600 million.

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In the interstellar era, the value of one’s reputation was usually also included in the inventory of property. Victor’s fame wasn’t small, but other than his recent honorary vice-president of the Creator’s Association position, the other positions were all quite sensitive, so the final estimate was only at 100 million in order to avoid suspicion. The other living expenses, spare change, education, and so on… were really insignificant when compared to the rest.

All in all, Victor’s net worth was at least ten figures. He was quite low-key compared to the other ‘princes’ in the Alliance across the various star provinces. RGBDlu

Tyron: “……”

Tyron went out for his morning run and ran for nearly two hours before finally scrolling down to the bottom of Victor’s unfinished valuation.

The master assassin deeply felt that he had, just a tiny bit, sought a wealthier husband for benefits…


The next day, the organizers of the A-League were pleasantly surprised to find that Odin had agreed to their invitation to the entertainment match!

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The timing was just right for the last segment of publicity, and it wasn’t long before the rules for the entertainment match were voted for by the netizens.

Adhering to the principle of ‘make trouble, make trouble, make trouble’, this time, what they’d come up with was: Demon king mode + Neutral NPCs + Super large collage map.


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