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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh112 - Official Dog Food


translator: xiin
editors: kara

The forums weren’t lively. Hv9Isp

The forums had completely collapsed; it was a heaven-shaking disaster!

It wasn’t a question about whether or not the people on the forums had been stuffed with dog food.

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The people on the forums were devastated! They were dead yet filled with unresolved regrets!

Overnight, tens of thousands of hot comments in response to this event all popped out: nZz9yX

“How could the world be like this!? Wailing and crying loudly! Previously, I was still thinking excitedly about whether or not our male god would get wet, whether or not he would get soaked. Unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, in the blink of an eye… waaah, I ended up crying!”

“Congratulations to the Earth District’s Odin for winning the 1170th Second Star Province Individual Championship!”

“Dedicated news post from other forums! Brothers and sisters, don’t go and start up threads on your own, even for posts of congratulations. Concentrate it all in this thread.”

“I’ve been stuffed with too much dog food that all my internal organs have the taste of dog food. Today, when I went outside, I was chased around by greedy dog eyes, haha.”


“Let’s take turns going up to the roof! Odd numbers jump today, and even numbers jump tomorrow. We’ll offer ourselves up as martyrs for the male god in batches, so as to not put so much pressure on the traffic and law enforcement departments across the Alliance.”

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“Let’s discuss rationally about whether or not Odin can make it to the top ten in the National Championships and enter the League’s gold series all in one go?”

“Someone come! Come and push into the great demon king’s instance with me on a death mission to slay the hidden boss, Victor, and save our beautiful great demon king! [Old dog’s soul is burning]”


The ones who were even more lively than the ordinary fans were the face-con fans, the CP fans, and the haters. They were often able to provide 80% of the traffic flow with just 20% of the population.

In the past, a small number of curious cults would always appear after every game. This strange phenomenon was represented by groups such as ‘Lord Four x Flower Blower’, and the most recent one was ‘Lord Four x Forgetting Worries’. After the end of each game, they would also attract a small number of arbitrary fans.

Originally, the fans of the ‘Lord Four x Representative-kun’ CP could only be considered as one of the many cults. It was one of the ones that had been established relatively early and was quite a popular pairing. All of its believers were Lord Four fans from ancient times, and they were so old that they could almost turn on pension mode.

The relationship among the various cults was quite peaceful. There would sometimes be a bloodbath, but then, they would coexist again peacefully–– 4ctiG3

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Dea, atfs’v gfjiis cfnfg fzqfmafv!

‘Obgv Mbeg z Efqgfrfcajalnf’ revvfcis! Kegcfv bnfg jcv yfmjwf atf boolmlji JU! Ktfs gfjiis oifk eq ab yfmbwf lwwbgajir!

Ccv, atlr kjrc’a atf ereji xlcv bo oislcu eq! Pa kjr atf asqf ktfgf jc bgvlcjgs qfgrbc rja ja atf vbbg ab tlr tbwf fjalcu kjafgwfibc ktfc j gfji Qjg Xbv mjwf vbkc ogbw atf rxs jwbcu jerqlmlber mibevr, qfgrbcjiis bgvfglcu atfw ab yfmbwf jc lwwbgaji!

Everyone was confused. Even the official CP party that had only just gotten promoted was also shocked. They sat there in the forums and chirped, “Really never expected…” ChpvKl

This was relatively acceptable. What really made others hateful were the ones who sent out, “Hahahaha my god! Laozi is prescient! I discovered the matter of the official CP all the way back then!”

All the other CP cults, “…. Damnit, go die.”

The rainy day cult, “Damnit, go die.”

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The CP cults, “Let us play with our CPs. What is your rainy day cult doing here participating in the show?” pd9wZc

The rainy day cult, “Damnit, we feel sad. We want to cry. Originally, when we saw so much water on the map, we were very happy watching the game. Unexpectedly… it’s the first time we feel so sad seeing an ocean map.”

All the fans felt like they’d been cracked apart by lightning. Only, the rainy day cult had been hit too hard and had already become disorientated. They crouched in the corner of the forums holding onto their rainy day dolls and acted like wisps of resentment that grew in the dark. Because of this, they seemed to have seen through the world of mortals who played with CPs, taking the initiative to pick up the dog food, stuff their faces with it, and choke themselves to death.


The posts that exploded like a volcanic eruption on the forums were unable to provide enough of an outlet for the fans’ collapse. Perhaps even another 10 million words worth of posts wouldn’t be enough, so they rushed to the social media pages of both involved parties. i7d9BT

The account that belonged to the ID ‘Odin’ had always been super quiet. It only had the first forwarded post from Representative-kun and the provocative response to the ‘clay chickens and pottery dogs’. After that, it had remained silent until now.

Odin, the iceberg War God, didn’t come to play on social media. He basically had just come to experience how this thing worked and then disappeared completely once he knew how to use it.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

The fans were a little twisted. The less interaction they got, the more precious it became. Back when Odin had waved at them for the first time on-stage––this kind of animated image was enough to end up in the trending posts, not to mention the eye-catching scene of the time when he had removed his mask later on.

But now, the trending topics were all #Provincial competition champion Odin proposal, #Lord Four proposed to Representative-kun!, #This year’s provincial competition sent out dog food, and the accompanying photos were all of Odin and Victor. CFq l5

Odin’s proposal was first published by a media news outlet, and it went all the way up to become the most popular trending post. The full text went as follows:

[ “I have lived my whole life without meeting an adversary I couldn’t beat, so I have been rebellious for a lifetime, and there were none in the four oceans who caught my eye. I used to think that all dead and living beings could be fought. If gods or buddhas blocked the way, I could also test my blade against them. Until there was a battle where I went all out… A formidable enemy stood in front of me, and I was defeated. I’m willing to be bound, led by the neck, and killed without the slightest bit of resistance.” There was a sense of pride on his face as he knelt down naturally on one knee and looked at Victor. He continued, “If I’m lucky enough to be spared, I will swear loyalty to him. From then on… regardless of whether it’s good or bad, rich or poor, healthy or ill, I will trust, love, treasure, and treat it as precious. It will last forever until death.” ]

One of the most popular responses was “Congratulations, newcomer!” along with many compliments; another was “But, you guys haven’t f*cking told us if the proposal was successful!”, followed by “Go look over at Lord Four’s page and see for yourself”; there were also fans who were still caught off guard and were fighting to be heard.

There were also some lively comments such as “This oath is the most amazing one in history, full marks!”, “I cried watching the proposal yingyingying.”, and “Representative-kun must have saved the entire universe in a previous life.” UXk y8

There were also “I wish the male god would continue to be an iceberg forever” and “No, don’t form a CP ahhhhhh!”

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Others asked, “What language is Lord Odin using? It sounds so beautiful and has such a classical rhythm.” Many linguists wondered about this.


Then, Odin’s official account that had been idle for several months finally forwarded another message with a cool and simple ‘Oh’. J2KXmO

[ Odin: Oh // @Antique Connoisseur: Heeheeheee my old antique is so cute, he simply swallowed 50g of cocoa powder a day and really collapsed on the sofa! I’m going to frame this picture! [A mosaic picture of a certain person sprawled out on the sofa] ]

At first, the netizens were all confused. Who was this ‘Antique Connoisseur’? A new love or an old love? Why did Odin suddenly forward a message that had been sent out a few days ago?

Merely watching the excitement wasn’t enough. Many people purposely @’ed the official ‘Victor Li’ account as well.

They had even traced back this account and soon discovered that the ‘Antique Connoisseur’ account was an alt account that had just been registered that year. The earliest message was “Today, I secretly went to the club to see him. The old antique was training in the virtual arena, and it was super cute! PS, in the future, I’ll call him ‘old antique’. He still has to wash his hands after each fight, and watching it makes my face blush and heart thump.” P4khec

If Odin hadn’t forwarded the message, this alt account would only have had a few dozen fans, which would be pretty miserable. Looking at the content, it was basically just a few photos, mostly landscapes, or a few sentences of text. The protagonist was the ‘old antique’, and the account was filled with the regular content of a fan––

Who the hell could tell whose account this was and who it referred to?!

However, as soon as Odin had forwarded it, it only took a few minutes, and nobody had to go purposely looking into it to see that it was definitely Victor’s alt account. There was no getting away from it.

First, look at Victor’s main account where each post had beautiful, powerful wording, profound and readable connotations, and could be regarded as a model for an ultimate academic. qQWdwY

Then, look at Victor’s alt account. There was a sudden change in style, and the entire thing was full of obsessed foolery! The key point was that it was a crazed fan, crazed fan, crazed fan!

The earth revolved around the sun, and Victor revolved around the old antique––there was nothing wrong with that!

The netizens: We had never thought that you were such a Victor!

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Today was destined to be the day of serial critical strikes, because Odin then forwarded another message.

[ Odin: Hand it over // @Antique Connoisseur: The photos that were secretly taken in the library right at the start. I opened up an alt account and am leaving a copy here, heeheehee I won’t release it for you guys to see. Only I can see it. ]

Everyone: “……”

[ Odin: Approved // @Antique Connoisseur: My old antique’s hands are so beautiful, I really want to hold them in mine and lick them… [Aggrieved expression] ] fjO VM

Everyone: “……” Someone, come quickly! QUQ

Something big had happened! Their flower of kaolin-like iceberg War God wasn’t done yet!

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Could it be that those who fought using combos in the arena would also use combos when they were off the field? It was one thing after another, and he wouldn’t stop until he used dog food to beat people to death…

[ Odin: Come to my room // @Antique Connoisseur: Why aren’t you driving? When are you driving? I already had a nosebleed from the hot springs, and I shouldn’t have secretly called him ‘old antique’ all the time, could it be that it’s an evil version of the old antique? I’m flirting, flirting, flirting… ] hWlKu3

Odin’s forwarding stopped for a while, but all the fans continued to peek on cautiously.

Before they could do anything though, the ‘Antique Connoisseur’ sent out a new post on their own.

[ Antique Connoisseur: QUQ what to do? Something happened, and I was found out, the old antique saw my alt account and told me to go to his room… ]

Netizens: To hell with ‘what to do’! How should we know what you should do? Goddamnit, it’s not like the male god has ever addressed us like that! jqfFEW

[ Odin: Giving you a chance to come and flirt. If you don’t come today, then I’ll give you another chance tomorrow. // @Antique Connoisseur: QUQ what to do? Something happened and I was found out, the old antique saw my alt account and told me to go to his room… ]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Netizens: We never thought that you were such an iceberg War God! If you have the skills to ** a fan, then you also should have the skills to flirt with the rest of us. If there’s anything, you can send it our way!!!

This interaction itself wasn’t the scariest thing. The scariest thing was that after this post, both accounts fell eerily, tacitly silent.

Everyone didn’t have to even think about it to know that the little fan had rushed into the male god’s room and ensnared himself in the net. T5Rgzx

Everyone: “…………….” Damn. It.

Official dog food was really the most deadly!



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