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Those Years in Quest of Honor MineChapter 71


Since Zhong Wan wanted to stay, then he should be aware of some things. Sooner or later, he would know.

For several months, Yu She felt as though he were standing upon the edge of a cliff, as though he were treading on thin ice. He stood in a constant state of worry that Zhong Wan would learn of the inside information. However, nowadays Prince Yu wanted to make an issue of Yu She’s background. He truly could not keep Zhong Wan in the dark any longer. pT9Hw0

Zhong Wan was right. It would hold more weight if he said it himself.

After Yu She had strived his hardest to explain the past events in a calm and clear way, Zhong Wan fell into a daze. He did not speak throughout it.

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Yu She wanted to explain himself, yet did not know what to say.

As if he still did not know whom he should hate until now, Yu She did not know how to explain things to Zhong Wan. jsQYrx

His birth parents and foster parents had plotted a murder. How clean could he, their son, be?

If Prince Ning had smoothly ascended the throne back then, then as a member of the Zhong clan, Zhong Wan would without a doubt have grown up safe and sound. He would have passed the imperial examinations in his youth, grown up to be either a general or prime minister. How could he have fallen to this state?

Was Yu She himself truly that innocent?

Did Zhong Wan truly have nothing to do with the good days Yu She had these past years?


Yu She had practically run away from Zhong Wan’s courtyard.

Absentminded, he entered the study. Shut the door.

Yu She leaned against the door. Fingers trembling, he touched his chest.

He wanted to take out those things that were hidden there. After hesitating for a moment, he couldn’t bear to. QJ41aZ

Not yet. It hadn’t reached the point where that was necessary yet.

Yu She was unsure how Zhong Wan would react after hearing those words. If Zhong Wan left, then afterward, perhaps Yu She would use those things many times. He could not waste them.

Once again, Yu She touched his chest. Sat down. Not wasting any more time, he called for a family soldier. Ordered him to spare no effort and search for the former palace maids who had waited on Little Imperial Consort Zhong. After he had given this order, Yu She changed into a set of court robes, ordered people to prepare a sedan, and prepared to enter the palace.

On the way to the palace, he tried his best to compose himself. At the critical moment, he must not screw up. hsO2fU

Emperor Chongan seldom discussed with his cabinet members. He would just read the documents sent to his palace before resting. The old eunuchs who served Emperor Chongan kept watch at the main doorway. Once noon arrived, they had already blocked many groups of people who wished to see the emperor. When they saw Yu She arrive, they hesitated. Then they went inside to report to the emperor. Shortly after, they returned and invited Yu She in.

Emperor Chongan was half lying on the bed. As soon as he caught sight of Yu She, he beamed. “Why have you come so often to pay respects recently? Come…”

Looking down, Yu She paid respects. Then he rose to his feet. “This official has a secret to report to Your Majesty.”

Worry painting his face, Emperor Chongan waved. The eunuchs retreated. ZFypBW

Yu She sucked in a deep breath. And he narrated in full detail the plan he had heard from Princess Royal Anguo to Emperor Chongan.

With indifference, Yu She said, “After this official had heard such words, this official felt somewhat moved. May Your Majesty inform this minister who my biological father—”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Utter nonsense!” Emperor Chongan’s expression experienced a tremendous change, and he was angered to the point of trembling. “This is utter nonsense! You.. You are Ours, Ours…”

Emperor Chongan felt dizzy for a good while. He used the small table for support, saying with determination, “We only have one son that grew up capable. But those people still want to harm Us. With much difficulty, the Heavens left a good child for Us. They, they…” kLKaqA

Yu She knelt on the ground. He neither asked for forgiveness nor consoled him.

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C ragjcuf iluta oijrtfv atgbeut Te Vtf’r fsfr. Mjlcais, tf rjlv, “Llr Llutcfrr Mloat Uglcmf, Wejc Hlbcu.”

In an absentminded manner, Emperor Chongan said, “Qiong’er? He… We clearly warned him last time. Why did he…” fMxedC

“Last time, after he secretly detained the people from the Royal Mausoleum, Fifth Highness placed spies at this official’s side time after time again. This official could not put up with it any longer, and had endured in silence throughout. Never had this official imagined he would investigate this deeply…” said Yu She in a low voice. “This time, my investigation uncovered that he wants to make me change my name. This official—”

“Don’t think strange things. We are the most clear on your background! Don’t speak anymore…”

Emperor Chongan was saddened and angered. “Unfilial son! He’s a good-for-nothing and only knows how to rely on his maternal family to curry favor for his crooked means! Now, he dares to dirty Our reputation. Unfilial son…”

He hurled the teacup to the ground. Yu She tilted his head a hint, dodging a flying shard of porcelain. e16Q9R

This was actually Zhong Wan’s plan.

Yu She had all the material evidence and human testimonies regarding the chief of the Beidi tribes contacting Xuan Qiong in secret. At the start, Zhong Wan had wanted to inform Xuan Jing about the situation, waiting for the time of the incident to tell Emperor Chongan that everything was Prince Yu’s plan.

From start to finish, Prince Yu was heartless. In this way, they could catch him unaware.

When the time came, Xuan Jing definitely would hit them when they’re down. Then both sides would accuse each other. Emperor Chongan was a very suspicious person, and he would for certain believe that that nephew-and-uncle pair were conspiring. TAHmpW

Since he was able to place Xuan Qiong’s guilt onto Prince Yu, then how could it be impossible to place Prince Yu’s actions onto Xuan Qiong?

Prince Yu’s thoughts were profound. At this time, he must have constructed a way to absolve himself from any involvement. A direct accusation would probably give rise to a false countercharge.

Since that’s the case, why not have Xuan Qiong take the fall for everything?

It took a long time for Emperor Chongan to calm down. In a low voice, he said, “You… return to your estate. You don’t have to bother yourself with this matter anymore. We will take care of it.” Qqzw09

Yu She stood. Turned around. Just as he was about to leave, Emperor Chongan suddenly said, “Ziyou.”

Yu She stopped in his tracks.

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A long sigh left Emperor Chongan’s lips. “Good child… Whatever your reason is, now that you wholeheartedly became good, We are seriously satisfied.

“For Our whole life, We did not have the fortune of having sons and grandsons. After growing sad a few times, We now have just two sons remaining. The incapable is incapable. The disobedient is disobedient.” Emperor Chongan’s gaze proved cloudy. He looked at Yu She with pity. “Fortunately, We still have you. We know that you have suffered many grievances these past years. But who hasn’t suffered grievances in this world? We have also been wronged. During Our time as a prince, We also had been wronged…” hQOv63

Emperor Chongan sighed. “Return to your estate… Don’t come out anymore. Tonight… We will send out an imperial decree.”

Yu She felt tranquil. Back facing the emperor, he touched his chest.

He turned around. Knelt.

Satisfied, Emperor Chongan smiled. “Good child… If it weren’t for you, We truly would not know who to place Our hopes on. You should already know We are barely holding on, right? We don’t believe you are afraid of dying. That you are competing for the throne because you are afraid Xuan Jing and Xuan Qiong would get rid of you in the future. You are doing this because of Us, right? You just can’t bear to see Us like this, right? When it’s all said and done… blood is thicker than water. You have forgiven Us, haven’t you?” s4VvhQ

Yu She clenched his teeth, enduring the nausea as he bowed and kowtowed.

After this, Emperor Chongan would no longer hesitate.

This was enough.

Emperor Chongan wiped his tears. Waved. “Good child, you can go.” e38iCK

Yu She rose to his feet and left the inner hall. The smile on Emperor Chongan’s face dissipated. He said in a low voice, “Summon… Xuan Qiong.”

Yu She stood at the gates of the palace for a good while. Only after the attendant, who had followed him, asked him a few times did Yu She respond. Absentmindedly, Yu She said, “Return to the estate?”

The attendant said, “Yes. Are we not returning?”

Yu She felt a bit afraid. Y9SV2n

Afraid that if he returned, Zhong Wan would not be there.

In the end, Yu She boarded the sedan.

On the way back, Yu She called out for the sedan to stop a few times. When they passed by a store selling light refreshments, Yu She disembarked from the sedan to buy some candy for Zhong Wan. When they passed by a store selling pastries, Yu She disembarked from the sedan to buy Zhong Wan some pastries. When they passed by a stand selling clay figurines by the side of the bridge, Yu She also climbed off his sedan to purchase a few for Zhong Wan.

Seven years ago, Zhong Wan had stirred up trouble and was unable to leave Prince Yu’s estate. So he always had Yu She buy these kinds of things for him. 5ujgxI

Some bridge-side booth’s clay figurines, some lane’s sugar-coated hawthorn, some small street’s blown-sugar people, some alley’s paintings. Zhong Wan had described them very clearly, instructing Yu She to purchase them.

The young Yu She told him in a good-natured way that the princess would not allow him to purchase things from the streets. Non-food items from the streets also couldn’t be bought. They were not safe. Even if he did purchase them, he wouldn’t be able to bring them inside the estate. Who knew what would happen if one ate or touched those things from the outside?

Chrysanthemum Garden.

The young Yu She had still revered his mother to an immense degree. He would listen to all of Princess Royale Anguo’s words.

Zhong Wan had spoken to him a few times about it. But Yu She never listened. After being asked so many times, Yu She had the cooks in the estate make those things for Zhong Wan. But the chefs couldn’t get them right. Zhong Wan disliked them. And then this case was left unsettled. klhetL

“I’ll have to trouble you to be more detailed during shaping,” said Yu She in a low voice. “He said… he wanted Sun Wukong.

The old man who made the clay figurines had never seen a member of the nobility before. Scared witless, he made the clay figurine then knelt as he presented it. He didn’t dare to take payment for it.

Yu She placed a golden ingot onto the vendor’s booth. Carefully carried the clay figurine as he returned to his sedan.

“Back then, I…” said Yu She to himself as he looked at the clay figurine in his hands. “I actually didn’t buy one for you because of what she said… OEtlwp

“You just wanted a clay figurine, but I actually couldn’t give one to you…”

Yu She closed his eyes, entire body trembling in regret.

Just how can I make up for harming you to this extent?

He did not know if he was stalling for time or if he truly wanted to compensate Zhong Wan. He circled the city center for a long time, buying a pile of random things. Yu She didn’t let anyone touch them, carrying those items by himself as he returned to the estate. z176nx

“Young Master Zhong…” Yu She protected the tail feathers above “Sun Wukong’s” head. He strived his best to ask in a natural manner, “Is he asleep?”

Steward Feng carefully sized Yu She up with a glance. In a soft voice, he said, “Heir… a short moment after your honored self left… Young Master Zhong left for Prince Qian An’s estate.”

Steward Feng was scared witless that Yu She would go crazy. Unexpectedly, Yu She just nodded his head lightly. “I see.”

There were slight tremors in his hands, and he crushed “Sun Wukong’s” arm by accident. He rushed to catch the pieces with his sleeve. With his prior words not connecting with his later ones, he said, “Then I’ll keep it for him… Hurry and bring me some glue. I’ll fix it for him.” NI7AZV

Steward Feng’s eyes reddened in an instant. He sounded his agreement and left.

Yu She shut himself up in his study, carefully repairing the clay figurine. But his hands shook too much. After repairing a part, he’d break something else. But he didn’t dare to get angry, in fear he’d break more pieces of it. He could only control his temper, repairing the clay figurine a bit at a time.

Yu She repaired the clay figurine for no less than four hours. During that period, people from the palace came to pass on an imperial decree. Emperor Chongan finally recognized him as his son. From behind the divider screen, Yu She busied himself with fixing the clay figurine, not even kneeling. He merely had someone place the decree down.

A short while later, the members of the imperial clan arrived. A few elders even came. Yet they still were unable to see Yu She. OcIKXr

Deep into the night, the clay figurine in Yu She’s hands had been shattered beyond recognition. But he didn’t dare to get angry. He stood up a few times and sat down a few times.

“I’m sorry…”

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With care, Yu She took a bit of glue and slowly applied it to the clay figurine. Voice hoarse, he said, “I’ve already tried my best, but still hurt you into this state…

“I really don’t know…” Yu She finally broke down. He set down the clay figurine on the table. Clenched his fists tight. “I really don’t know what’s the best path to take…” xKo3g

When Zhong Wan finally rushed back to the side courtyard of Prince Yu’s estate, it was already midnight.

Once Steward Feng had caught sight of Zhong Wan, he almost jumped from fear. He pointed to his blood-soaked forehead and cried out, “What happened to your honored self?! You’re all bloody…”

“It’s nothing.” Zhong Wan broke into a calm smile. He wiped the blood off in passing. “I got it from kowtowing. I… heard some news in the afternoon. It’s being announced through the whole city. The whole city’s bustling with excitement. Where’s Heir?”

Steward Feng swallowed. “In the study…” aTf1Y2

Zhong Wan nodded, wanting to return to his own courtyard. But Steward Feng blurted, “Your honored self should see Heir first!”

And so, Zhong Wan pushed open the door to the study.

Inside was a mess. The imperial edict was torn into a few pieces and thrown aside. On the desk were a few indiscernible small items. Under the window was Yu She, sitting with his clothes in disarray. In his hands was something wrapped in paper.

Zhong Wan’s heart pounded. Cold-food powder… roKXxs

He hated himself bitterly. Zhong Wan just had to unreasonably go to the whatever mausoleum! He forced Yu She to eat those things again!

Zhong Wan took a few steps forward. Before he could remove the things in Yu She’s hand, he fell into a daze all of a sudden.


In disbelief, Zhong Wan stared at what lay in Yu She’s hand. In a flash, his eyes reddened. “Why did you keep this…?” RvtxpO

Under the moonlight, his madness broke out. Yu She simply did not notice Zhong Wan, and dazedly opened the paper wrapping in his hands. Inside was a pinch of green tea leaves. Yu She picked up a crumb. Placed it into his mouth as if it were a big treasure.

These were tea leaves from Qian An. Zhong Wan had drunk most of it until this pinch of tea leaves remained.

But Steward Feng had said this before: while it wasn’t a large amount, it was made from the sprouts of the tea plants.

Young Master Zhong had picked them out by himself one by one. 8MVm2C

There was only this much, so Yu She didn’t bear to drink it.

Ugh my heart… This really hurt to translate:blobcry:

Chrysanthemum Garden.

At the beginning, like ZW I thought the thing YS kept touching in his chest was cold-food powder. Never had I imagined it was the tea ZW had sent him as a gift (remember that basket of eggs with the red silk on top? ZW also sent a pinch of tea leaves left over from what he was drinking, which was from Qian An.) And YS had wanted to conserve it, to use to calm his heart in the future, since he thought ZW would leave him. God… YS, you really love him, don’t you? I honestly feel like crying.

“There was only this much, so Yu She didn’t bear to drink it.” :blobcry: RdfIOz

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Translator's Note

meaning he was acting very cautiously

Translator's Note

臣. A term of self-address for officials and ministers when talking to the emperor.

Translator's Note

Sugar people is a traditional Chinese form of folk art using hot, liquid sugar to create three-dimensional figures. These fragile, plump figures have a distinct brownish-yellow colour, usually with yellow or green pigment added. The people making these figures can blow on them as they make the shapes.

Translator's Note

孙悟空. The Monkey King, a legendary figure best known as one of the main characters in the 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West.

Translator's Note

Those two long feathers on his head.

Translator's Note

Meaning it was more precious.

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