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Those Years in Quest of Honor MineChapter 7


Not letting Zhong Wan, the guilty party in his opinion, speak before he could, Steward Feng jumped out first. As he jabbed a finger at Zhong Wan, his words left his mouth in an incoherent mess. “He, he… talked about my mother… and sang… that he’d pay respects to my grave. It’s been three months already!!! That… That wall is so long and high! So high!!”

The young Yu She stood there at a loss for words. mKMTcr

What was he even saying?

Steward Feng finally invited his young master to enter. He had the urge to complain about how he had run about the whole day, exhausted to the bone and exasperated. So much so that he couldn’t even speak clearly anymore. And he just had to be anxious, his words having no central theme. He said whatever came to mind, giving Yu She a headache.

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At a loss, Yu She took in the honest steward who had taken care of him since young. And he grew silent. He turned around and instructed his servants, “Summon Imperial Physician Wei.”

“I’m not crazy!!” Steward Feng supported himself with the back of the chair and once again pointed at Zhong Wan. “It’s him… him… him… him, him!” iIWMc0

Yu She nodded. “I know. You have to see the physician first.”

Steward Feng fell helpless. He could only glare at Zhong Wan. Feeling frail, he let the other servants support him away.

Now, the only two people left in the central room were Zhong Wan and Yu She. They shared a look. Not a word left their lips.

Then Zhong Wan broke the silence. “Your father did such a beautiful ‘good deed.’” He narrowed his eyes just a hint. “You purchased me. Are you not afraid that I’ll kill you as revenge for His Highness?” v5HUo0

Yu She stayed quiet, before nodding. “I’ve considered it.”

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“You’re certainly brave to still bring me here.” Zhong Wan swept his gaze up and down Yu She’s body. He muttered, “Never had I thought… at such a young age you’d already be so debauched, to the point where you’re willing to risk your life in order to experience something more stimulating…”

It took Yu She a moment before he understood what Zhong Wan had meant. His expression stiffened. “I didn’t want…that. And… and I know you won’t kill me.”

Zhong Wan took a deep breath. He was right. IWuSM1

He could not take his life.

“You’ve guessed it correctly.” Zhong Wan rose to his feet and rubbed his aching shoulders, which had been squeezed by others. “Blame only the ones responsible, not the ones involved… I… F*ck your mother—”

All of a sudden, a bout of dizziness crashed into Zhong Wan again, and he collapsed to his knees.

He hit the ground so hard that the pain could be defined with one word: excruciating. fwWIy1

While Steward Feng had endured hardship for an entire day, he was still able to take a nap in the middle of it. But Zhong Wan had actually endured for the whole day without break. He didn’t even have the chance to eat. And now, he was almost at the point where he couldn’t endure any longer.

The young Yu She wanted to support Zhong Wan, but after recalling the latter’s previous words, found touching him impossible. He could only order his servants to help Zhong Wan to his feet, bringing him to the inner chamber.

Shortly after, Imperial Physician Wei arrived. He checked the pulses of Zhong Wan and Steward Feng, prescribing the former medicinal ointment for external wounds and the latter calming medicine.

Steward Feng would take a long time to recover. At this moment, he did not have the energy to supervise Zhong Wan. As such, Yu She was stuck with looking over the other person by himself. Sz0tul

Within the inner chamber, Zhong Wan did not allow other people to attend to him. He rolled up the legs of his pants, revealing the scrapes on his legs. Applied the medicinal ointment to them.

Yu She sat at a desk not too far away reading a book, his gaze never straying.

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Zhong Wan had already tended to the wounds on his knees. Now he stood at the foot of the bed, back facing Yu She as he removed his outer robes. He shrugged off the middle garment, revealing his slender, youthful body. BjdSlR

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Cr Itbcu Qjc abbx mjgf ab tlr bkc kbecvr, tf ulcufgis yifk ja atfw, rffwlcuis weaafglcu ab tlwrfio.

Yu She held his breath without knowing it. At first, he thought Zhong Wan was cursing him. But never had he expected that Zhong Wan was gasping and whispering, “It doesn’t hurt it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t hurt—”

At that moment, the heart of the young Yu She softened. kgmrd

Just as he had caught that sight, Zhong Wan flipped around, finished taking care of his injuries. Their gazes met. In an instant, Yu She whipped his head to look out the window.

It prompted a bout of speechlessness from Zhong Wan.

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Then he fell nervous. Putting out a bluff, he said, “You, what are you trying to do?!”

Yu She’s heart grew chaotic. He once again lowered his head to read, not a word escaping his lips. f4czTX

Meanwhile, Zhong Wan watched him with vigilant eyes. He put his clothes back on. Lay down on the bed.

He was exhausted but did not dare to fall asleep.

Just now, Yu She’s gaze had seemed strange, and he was afraid of what the other person would do to him should he surrender to slumber.

Two hours later, Yu She finished a book. He completed the annotations, and as he went to fetch another one, caught sight of Zhong Wan from the corner of his eye. Caught sight of him staring with bloodshot eyes, trying his best to hold on. QrXC0h

Yu She grabbed another book. “Sleep,” he softly said.

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Straightening his neck, Zhong Wan said, “I’m not sleepy!”

Yu She flipped the book open. “I won’t do anything,” he said, keeping his voice low.

“Yeah.”Zhong Wan nodded. “You’ll just ‘look’ and not do anything.” mTBzMr

Yu She sat there, dumbstruck.

Only a moment ago, Yu She had in fact glanced at him unconsciously. He wanted to explain this, but did not know what to say. As he hesitated, his ears flushed red. He rose to his feet and retrieved two sticks of calming incense, inserting them into the small incense burner on the table.

The strong fragrance spread through the room. Since the start, Zhong Wan had been striving his best not to fall asleep. But the moment he smelled the calming incense, his eyes widened like saucers.

What’s inevitable was bound to occur in the end. aPkjd

A wave of helplessness washed over him. There was no way he’d get out of this one.

Yu She was usually reticent. So his thoughts actually lay this deep. He was this knowledgeable of those things, and knew to get him unconscious first.

Whatever came to Zhong Wan’s head at that moment left his lips. “You’ve got a filthy mind.”

Once again, Yu She was rendered speechless. 5Kfm9j

As Yu She’s gaze strayed to the incense burner on the table, realization struck him. He rushed to say, “I lit the incense because, I…”

The hand that held the book trembled ever so slightly. Yu She desired to explain himself, but found that he would lose face if he said the words he had wanted to say. And his ears bloomed all the more red.

Still lying down, Zhong Wan lost all interest in the conversation, waiting for fate’s judgement. “It is I that have underestimated you.”

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The anger once again roared, and Yu She suppressed it until his breathing grew rough and jagged, trying his best to control himself. “I. Don’t. Want. To. Touch. You.” r59vsZ

But Zhong Wan didn’t believe a word of it.

He glanced at Yu She, eyes drooping and about to give in to sleep. A trace of hope fluttered in his heart. “Yu She… May I ask you something private?”

Yu She’s heart pounded. “W-what something private?” he muttered.

Zhong Wan asked in a serious tone, “Do you prefer being on the top or bottom in bed? gdVOWL

Once those words had left Zhong Wan’s lips, Yu She stilled. “What do you mean… top or bottom?”

Zhong Wan pursed his lips. “Like… if you prefer being on the bottom, you actually didn’t need to use this incense. I’ll grant all your wishes. You spent such an exorbitant price to have me, so I won’t let you waste your money.” He coughed. “Although I’m exhausted today, and still injured, it’s not a big deal. I’m in the prime of my life. I can still handle you…”

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“I don’t want it!” shouted Yu She, finally understanding the implications of Zhong Wan’s words. He couldn’t help but hurl the book in his hands at the desk. “I don’t like any of that!!!”

A chuckle spilled from his lips. Zhong Wan thought, only a fool would believe you. Since his negotiations had proven fruitless, he continued to wait as he lay there. lzfiVe

Meanwhile, Yu She picked up a book. Continued to read.

The two entered a stalemate for one hour.

Eyes bloodshot, Zhong Wan did not surrender to slumber.

At this point, Yu She was so aggravated that he felt suffocated in his chest. It wouldn’t do well for Zhong Wan to continue fighting for consciousness. Pressing down on his chest that was about to explode, he stood. And he inserted a few more sticks of calming incense into the burner. rfWmtB

The young Yu She was a very honest and frank person. In his opinion, once Zhong Wan woke up from a nap, and realized that nothing had occurred, Yu She would be proven innocent.

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Try as he might, the Zhong Wan on the bed could not even cry. He was about to die from exhaustion, yet Yu She still had to burn more incense!

“What kind of habits do you have…?” He was so drained he didn’t even know what he was saying. “Once I’m asleep, I’m like a dead dog. What’s the point of that…?”

Yu She staggered. Then the fury burning through his body grew all the more rampant, and he inserted another stack of incense. 1c 7mA

At this juncture, the remainder of Zhong Wan’s anger melted away.

Yu She was even more stubborn than him.

Cracks were starting to form in his willpower. He was afraid that in a little while, he would lose all consciousness.

Zhong Wan saw through the red dust. It seemed he could not pass this trial. Y7so4I

Bleakly, he said, “Yu She, once I wake up, I would have graduated into a true man, right?”

At the sound of those words, Yu She’s hands shook, the urge to beat the other person up flooding his body like a tidal wave.

But still not resigned to his fate, Zhong Wan lifted an arm, biting down hard.

“You!” Yu She’s voice was thick with aggravation. “What are you doing?!” W7Q5LD

Zhong Wan’s voice grew even softer in his fatigue. “I’m waiting for you… to act on your ill intentions…”

“I’m just trying to help you sleep!”

Yet Zhong Wan only shook his head. “And after I fall sleep, you’d screw me…”

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“Then what are you waiting for?!” shouted Yu She, so furious he wasn’t even paying attention to what was leaving his lips. “With how alert you are, if I really wanted to do something, could you shield against it whether you’re awake or not?! Could it be that you really want me to do those things, that you won’t sleep unless I act on them?!” 6CdVEp

Here they were. Zhong Wan finally heard the words he had been waiting for. He bounced into a sitting position and shouted, “See?! You do want to f*ck me!”

As Zhong Wan left his memories, he choked from laughter, handing the bowl of medicine to Steward Yan. He coughed. “I’m done drinking.”

Yan Pingshan wanted to say something but stopped himself. He held the bowl, and after a while, he said, “Two nights ago, you returned in Prince Yu’s carriage?”

Zhong Wan stilled. Nodded. “Yes.” wInumh

“Did you see Young Prince Yu?”

The servants of the Yu family would never openly abduct people in the middle of the night.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I met him.” Zhong Wan leaned against the bed’s head post. As the memory of a gloomy Yu She saying “for every time you laugh, I’ll make you cry” flashed through his mind, his back grew cold out of the blue. Breathless, Zhong Wan said, “Compared to the person he was in his youth… he has really changed.”

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Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

I can just imagine Zhong Wan with bloodshot eyes screaming “SEE YOU DO WANT TO FK ME!!!” and a wide-eyed Yu She panicking LOL. But seriously, Yu She was such a cutie back then… What happened XD

Next chapter… made me squeal:blobnosebleed:

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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

中衣. White garments that are worn under the outer layer of clothes. Worn at night too as pajamas. This is NOT underwear/the inner garment.

Translator's Note

看破了红尘. No longer having any attachment to one’s life and name. The “red dust” refers to the world.

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