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Those Years in Quest of Honor MineChapter 61


Zhong Wan’s eyelashes shook.  Not yet admitting defeat, he summoned up the courage to keep pretending to be asleep. If one were to act out a play, one must act until the end. He gave off the appearance of having been disturbed, frowning as if he felt unwell, shoulders twitching a hint.

For a moment, Yu She did not speak, suppressing his anger. Then he said, “Still not waking?” H3tCAx

Of course, Zhong Wan would not respond.

Yu She was really about to go crazy from anger because of Zhong Wan!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He had worried that his former illnesses would return and his body would not be able to handle it anymore. Worried that in these many years, he had consumed too much of his energy and blood, sweat, and tears.  Worried that after he had gone through such a big change, his heart had been broken. And he worried that Zhong Wan truly had nothing left to live for, and no longer possessed the will to live.

Just a while ago, Yu She had bemoaned the state of the universe and pitied the fate of mankind as he thought, such a clean person was harmed by others into this state, and probably hates the filthy ways of the world now. He probably doesn’t want to touch a speck of dust again. At the start, he was Wen Quxing descending to earth from the immortal realm. And now, he experienced enough suffering. So shouldn’t he be leaving soon? iqrmJu

If this really was the case, then what was Yu She fighting for?

He’d throw the capital into complete disorder, drag whomever he could under the water so that everyone could not live well. Once he died, he would reincarnate with Zhong Wan. And in the next life, they could be born into any family, as long as they remained a couple.

But he feared that he did not accumulate enough good karma during these past years, and did not have the good fortune to be with Zhong Wan again. That…

Before Yu She could grieve again, the pure and noble Wen Quxing gently sucked his tongue.


Not a word left Yu She’s lips.

Afterward, Zhong Wan still pretended to be asleep, attempting to get away with it.

Yu She had expended all his sorrow and misery for naught.

He raised a hand to massage the area between his brows. Clenched his teeth. “Open your eyes…” cXfwvt

But Zhong Wan still had his eyes closed.

Nodding, Yu She couldn’t help but smile. Fine…

“Guiyuan.” Yu She rose to his feet. He pulled the net-curtain aside as he said, “Do you know how I interrogate the criminals who obviously know something but feign ignorance?”

The eyeballs of Zhong Wan, who was lying on the bed, moved a little. Then they didn’t move again. h2xk3y

But Yu She wasn’t in a rush either. Standing, he ordered for the servants standing guard outside the room to deliver two basins of burning charcoal over.

Zhong Wan’s heart thumped. What the hell is he doing? Charcoal basins?!

In less than ten minutes, the servants carried two basins of lit charcoal into the room, placing them by Zhong Wan’s bedside.

Yu She nodded. Dismissed the servants. Then he picked up a pair of metal tongs, slowly cultivating the fire, silently waiting. uzaNAO

On the bed, Zhong Wan started to feel uncomfortable.

He could feel the faint warmth drifting toward him from the side of the bed. Could hear the crackle of the charcoal and the sound of Yu She picking up and stirring the charcoal with his metal tongs. A trace of panic entered his heart.

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Yu She… wouldn’t go that far, right?

He knew Zhong Wan was feigning sleep. So shouldn’t Yu She have smiled, pleased, and then kissed Zhong Wan many more times as Yu She held in tears, slowly waking him up? ehViys

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Then what about him? Why must Yu She use the interrogation torture techniques for criminals on him? Did he want to utilize a red-hot metal rod and brand Zhong Wan with it?

Qtja xlcv bo rlwqif, mgefi, jcv ragjlutaobgkjgv wfatbv kjr atlr?

Ofa’r cba ajix jybea atf ojma atja tf kjr qgfafcvlcu ab yf jriffq. Po tf gfjiis kjr ecmbcrmlber, atlr xlcv bo tfja kbeiv ralii kjxf tlw eq, gluta?

Glv Te Vtf gfjiis tjnf ab wjxf remt j ylu vfji bea bo atlr? AGUtnL

Why was it so difficult to flirt with this madman?

The interior of the room grew hotter and hotter because of the lit charcoal. It were as if Zhong Wan was lying on a bed of nails upon a plank. Due to face, he was too embarrassed to quickly wake up. So he kept his eyes closed, and also dreaded the moment that red-hot branding iron would burn his body with a sizzle.

Zhong Wan felt helpless to the max. Was the head of the Dali Temple that serious? In order to prove his lover was asleep, he’d test out the hot pillar?

Hesitating between waking and not waking, Zhong Wan heard the sound of friction between clothes. He held his breath, sensing Yu She approach him. FJEmH3

Zhong Wan cried out in his heart, I’m about to be burned!

And after that, I’ll have a scar!

He wanted to open his eyes for a look, but he wasn’t brave enough to. He wanted to jump up, but found it too embarrassing. As Zhong Wan was breaking down, he heard Yu She ask near whisper, “Still not waking?”

Zhong Wan stubbornly kept his eyes closed. Heard Yu She say to Yu She himself, “Looks like he really hasn’t woken up yet.” mB0swt

Before Zhong Wan could let loose a breath of relief, he said in a careless manner, “Then whatever I do… you’ll be none the wiser.”

In a daze, Zhong Wan thought, what does Yu She want to do?  I-Is he really going to burn me?

Meanwhile, Yu She narrowed his eyes. He sat next to Zhong Wan. Lifted open the quilt and undid the first button of Zhong Wan’s inner garment.

The Zhong Wan who was lying on the bed said not a word. GPSkAd

Yu She watched as Zhong Wan’s ears flushed a hint, the corners of his mouth lifting slightly. He paid him no mind and undid the next button.

One, two, three, four…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Since the charcoal already made the room so warm, Yu She was not afraid of making Zhong Wan cold. And he undid all the buttons. Paused. Then he placed the two pieces of clothing to the side.

In a flash, Zhong Wan’s ears reddened even more. HzIhxJ

Yu She rose to his feet and carried a basin of hot water over. He wringed dry a handkerchief, took hold of and pulled Zhong Wan’s hand, and carefully wiped clean one finger at a time.

After wiping his hand, he wiped his arm. After wiping his arm, Yu She washed the handkerchief and drew a bit closer to Zhong Wan. Wiped Zhong Wan’s neck for him, then went lower…

Yu She did not do any naughty things yet, and did not focus on any particular place on his body. But Zhong Wan couldnt help but blush.

After Yu She had wiped his upper body, he threw the handkerchief into the basin. 2sD0ad

He closed his eyes and placed his hand on Zhong Wan’s belt.

During Zhong Wan’s sickness, he only wore a loose and thin silk belt with dark patterns around his thin waist. Let’s not talk about untying it; even if one so much as touched it, it would unravel.

Ears red and with his hand on Zhong Wan’s belt, Yu She said in near whisper, “Should I undo it?”

Zhong Wan’s whole body went rigid. He could no longer endure it and turned to the side in the blink of an eye. Clenching his teeth, he held on to his belt. q2VcT

Opening his eyes, Yu She lightly mocked, “Still not waking?”

Face flushed from anger, Zhong Wan said, “Head of the Dali Temple, is this how you examine convicts on a regular basis?”

“Convicts.” Yu She pushed the quilt toward Zhong Wan. “It’s more suitable to interrogate you like this. How long have you been awake?”

Embarrassed, Zhong Wan said, “The… the day before yesterday.” HyA37I

“…The day before yesterday…” Yu She was so angry he could say no more to that. Then he said, “Then why didn’t you wake up earlier? Was it fun to scare me? Just now, if it wasn’t for the fact that I noticed something off, then how long would you continue pretending?

“Fortunately, you…” Yu She could not finish his sentence. Following that, he said in a low voice, “Just now,  you were frivolous…”

“I’m frivolous?” Zhong Wan’s face was red from anger. As he tied his belt back, he scolded, “Heir, how did you feed me medicine these past few days? Shouldn’t you be clear on this? Two nights ago, after you fed me medicine, you gave me a piece of candy to eat. Young Prince Yu, excuse my ignorance, but why did you feed me the candy mouth-to-mouth?”

Not a word escaped Yu She’s lips. Ic6Nu9

“Then, early yesterday morning, after you fed me medicine, gave me candy, and helped pull the covers over me, you left. A moment later, you returned to kiss me. Why’d you kiss me that time?

“And what happened last night doesn’t need to be said even more, Heir. Do you need to use your tongue to feed someone medicine?

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“This morning, you used the quilt to hide your actions from Steward Feng. Under the quilt, you tapped the palm of my hand… Oh, right, in order for you to kiss me for a moment, you deliberately got the robe wet. Afterward, you prompted Steward Feng to give you a clean set.  And after you dismissed everyone from the room, you planted a kiss between my brows!

“And then, just now, you—” nbp8CR

“Okay, okay, I won’t chase after these matters with you anymore!” Yu She turned his head, unable to listen any longer.

Although Yu She was a gentleman down to his bones, he wasn’t a saint. To see his lover lying in front of him every day like this, unable to fight back, how could he resist not doing anything?

After feeding Zhong Wan medicine like this every day, Yu She at first could endure it a few times. Apart from the time he had fed him medicine, he did not touch him much. But after a few more instances…

A glint to Yu She’s gaze. He indeed had done a few things… he should not have done. SXchkL

Zhong Wan had roused the day before yesterday and did not wake up until now. First, it was because he had been thinking about Xuan Rui’s matters, full of sorrow and not wanting to face anything. Second, it was because Zhong Wan had been shocked when Yu She would secretly take liberties with him while he was asleep. And he wanted to wait and see what Yu She would do next.

The Yu She who would not observe any impropriety already took advantage of one’s difficulties, deliberately sending away the other people in the room so that he could kiss and touch Zhong Wan. Then after two more days, wouldn’t he go even further?

Come evening, would he follow Zhong Wan into the same bed?

And once they were in the same bed… would he be unable to refrain from touching Zhong Wan’s palm? 5HfeB7

After touching his palm, would he continue on and slip his hand under his lapel?

Unfortunately, before Yu She could take liberties with him, Zhong Wan had let the cat out of the bag.

Yu She didn’t want Zhong Wan to know about his dirty tricks. For a short while, he felt uneasy. His ears reddened a shade, so he moved a bit farther away from Zhong Wan.

Zhong Wan had caused Yu She to worry immensely for a few days. He felt as though he were in the wrong. Feared Yu She would criticize him harshly. The guilty party filed the suit, and they’d bluff. “Heir… Are you angry? These past two days, you already took a lot of liberties with me. So… let’s just call it even. Also, also, just now, you said it yourself. If I really became a fool, you’d still want me…” 3EOMhz

All of a sudden, curiosity struck Zhong Wan. “Heir, if I really became a fool, what would you say to me when I wake up? Would you tell me I’m your big brother? Your little brother? Your schoolmate?”

Yu She glanced at Zhong Wan. Sucked in a breath. He was certain now: Zhong Wan had truly woken up.

Yu She leaned against the back of his chair, gazing out the window. After a moment of hesitation, he said, “I’d tell you that you’re my…”

Extremely curious, Zhong Wan asked, “What?” 5JWyeX

Again, Yu She glanced at him, not saying a word.

Zhong Wan found it very difficult to bear. Just as he was about to get to the heart of the matter, Steward Feng walked in. Noticing Zhong Wan awake, he grew overjoyed. He approached Zhong Wan to ask him about his wellbeing. A good while later, he finally remembered what he had come here to do. Steward Feng said to Yu She, “Someone from the Dali Temple came to request an audience with Heir. Does Heir want to meet with him?”

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Yu She said, “Tell him to enter.”

A short while later, someone wearing the uniform of a bailiff stepped foot within the room. He saluted to Yu She. “That side sent this humble one to relay a message for Heir.” v0hYD8

The bit of uneasiness in Yu She’s expression disappeared in a flash. He narrowed his eyes. “Speak.”

Yu She turned his head and shot Zhong Wan a glance. He explained to him, “This is someone who is keeping a watch on Tang Ming.”

Zhong Wan furrowed his brows slightly.

The bailiff said, “As soon as we sent the fingertip to him, the old thing grew terrified. However, like Heir had expected, he did not believe it completely. He thought it was someone else’s finger, that we were trying to scare him. That we were using his elder brother’s life to threaten him. 3dcDS2

“But for a few consecutive days, we did not ask him a thing. And that old thing grew somewhat uneasy.

“Two days ago, he spoke to us. Asked us what we wanted to know.”

Zhong Wan’s heart skipped a beat. He turned to Yu She. “You… What did you ask him?”

Yu She said with indifference, “I didn’t ask him anything. 8e6Bg4

“I hate that look of his. As if he knows everyone’s secrets. For this reason…” Yu She sneered. “I deliberately won’t do as he wants.”

“Yes,” said the bailiff. “That old bastard originally thought our Heir had a use for him, and wanted to turn around and negotiate with us. To his surprise,  Heir did not see him for a string of consecutive days. And every day, we’d send him a bloody finger without asking him a single question. Now, this old bastard has truly panicked. Today, we gave him a finger with its nail ripped off on purpose. After the old bastard had caught sight of it, he was unable to sit or stand still, and requested to see Heir. This humble subordinate’s side sent me to ask for Heir’s intention.”

Yu She shook his head. “I won’t see him.

“Keep giving him fingers. Once there are no more fingers, there are still toes. Once there are no more toes, there are still broken ears… So that he doesn’t know which part of the ear those are… zMdIA4

“Take your time… Tell him if he doesn’t want to see these things, then die. He can knock his head against the wall, shatter a porcelain bowl to cut his wrists, or hang himself with his belt. It’s up to him.

“Don’t let him think I care at all about his life. When he can finally talk to me without conditions, knows he must do his best to curry favor with me, and knows that I’m not the one begging him, then I might see him.”

On the side, Zhong Wan sighed in guilt.

Compared to the current method, the way the head of the Dali Temple had interrogated him just before was… really too lenient. 89Lh6H

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Translator's Note

文曲星. Legendary deity of imperial examinations and literary affairs. Also used to describe renowned scholars.

Translator's Note

炮烙. Ancient Chinese torture instrument. It’s like a branding iron.

Translator's Note

盘扣. Is like a button almost?

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