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Those Years in Quest of Honor MineChapter 47


All of a sudden, Imperial Consort Yu had come across such a huge secret, hit with extreme shock and fear. As such, she broke into a high fever that night. From the start, she had been a foolish person, and ever since Xuan Qiong moved out and established his own palace, there wasn’t anyone in the imperial palace she could talk to. She feared she had guessed wrong, feared that that old eunuch would turn around and inform Yu Mucheng. Once the sky was bright, she had people summon Tang Qin to her.

“I’ll ask a question, and you’ll answer it.” Imperial Consort Yu originally wanted to warn Tang Qin. However, she couldn’t hold back her curiosity, though she strived her best to suppress it. “Is… Is Little Imperial Consort Zhong’s child…” f5vDd7

Tang Qin had rushed here and looked even worse than he had last night. His body was hunched, and once he had heard her words, a light flashed in his cloudy eyes.

Imperial Consort Yu said with urgency, “Is it Yu… Yu…”

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Almost imperceivable to the eye, Tang Qin bowed.

“Sure enough.” Hatred filled Imperial Consort Yu’s gaze. “I’ve long since guessed he was the emperor’s son. But never had I imagined he would be this filthy! Still, I don’t understand. Why did Little Imperial Consort Zhong… Why did she do this? And why did His Ma—he dare to do this?” yGsTZa

Tang Qin listened like a block of wood without a word.

In disbelief, Imperial Consort Yu said, “As an imperial concubine, even if she wasn’t favored… No, the more unfavored one is, the less likely one would have contact with the imperial princes in the outer court. How did they meet? How did they meet?”

Tang Qin let his arms hang by his sides and said in an unhurried pace, “The Zhong family originally had no connection with then-Second Prince’s estate. However, before Little Imperial Consort Zhong married, she had been bosom buddies with Second Princess Consort. After Second Princess Consort married Second Prince, Little Imperial Consort Zhong naturally did not see Second Princess Consort as much anymore. However, they still had connections. And since they still had connections, one would fear that before she had even entered the imperial palace, she had already met Second Prince.”

And this Second Prince they were speaking of was Emperor Chongan. Shocked, Imperial Consort Yu said, “So it was actually before she had entered the palace that… If they had feelings for each other a long time ago, then why didn’t she just straightforwardly marry His Ma—marry Second Prince?”


Tang Qin seemed to be struck speechless from Imperial Consort Yu’s stupidity. He kept silent for a good while before saying in a raspy voice, “Your Highness, the Zhong family already intended to send Noble Consort Zhong into the palace. So how could they dare to send one sister into the palace and one into Second Prince’s estate?”

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At this moment, realization struck Imperial Consort Zhong. Rage thick in her voice, she said, “I’ve been angered to the point of confusion. So they’ve actually met since long ago…” Then, near whisper, she said, “Noble Consort Yu was truly ruined by her own younger sister. They had actually hidden Little Imperial Consort Zhong. And I was thinking, why did Princess Royal Anguo live in the Royal Mausoleum for so long? Could she have been carrying Nezha?! It wasn’t until more than ten months later that she finally came out with a child. Then… Then is Little Imperial Consort Zhong still alive now?”

Tone growing ruthless, she said, “It’d be great if she were still alive! If I can expose this scandal, let’s see how Yu She can win!”

Tang Qin froze for a moment. “…Perhaps.” dMRufj

Imperial Consort Yu’s heart trembled. Her gaze fell upon him. “If you know so many things, does that mean you’re my eldest brother’s trusted aide? You… Do you know if Little Imperial Consort Zhong is dead or alive?”

Tang Qin shook his head. “I really don’t know. However…”

“However what?!”

Once again, Tang Qin fell silent. DcspeB

She sneered. “Old thing, think carefully. If Qiong’er can succeed the throne in the future, would he listen to his own mother more or his uncle? No matter how powerful Eldest Brother is, he cannot manage the affairs of the palace. You’ll have to spend the rest of your days according to my whims. Don’t be muddleheaded. Do you have any family members?”

Appearing reluctant, Tang Qin sighed. “I have a younger brother.”

Imperial Consort Yu arched a brow. “Is he also a eunuch?”

He shook his head again. “He’s a low-rank official from the past era who committed a crime, and returned to our hometown to farm.” fVNpW8

“If you fulfill your tasks properly for me, your younger brother and his family will be fine,” she said, frigid as ice. “But if you dare to inform Prince Yu about these matters, your younger brother will die!”

Tang Qin’s legs trembled beneath him. He collapsed to the ground.

With that, Imperial Consort Yu grew a bit relieved. “In the future, complete every task I give you. Don’t let His Highness, Prince Yu, know… So what you meant earlier was, Little Imperial Consort Zhong might still be alive?”

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Trembling, Tang Qin replied, “I don’t know. But there are some clues that point to it.” WM8HDf

The corners of Imperial Consort Yu’s lips raised into a smile. Clenching her teeth, she ruthlessly said, “If we’re able to find her, then that’ll be interesting…”

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Vtf mbeutfv aklmf. Vjlv lc j ibk nblmf, “Ofjnf olgra. Efwfwyfg ktja P rjlv ab sbe. Po sbe ub olcv Uglcmf Te joafg ifjnlcu atlr qijmf… Ktfc atja wfjcr sbe vbc’a mjgf obg sbeg sbecufg ygbatfg’r ilof.”

“P vbc’a vjgf,” rjlv Kjcu Hlc, rtjxlcu tlr tfjv.

“Pc atf oeaegf, mbwqifaf fnfgs ajrx P ulnf sbe. Ktfc ijafg bc, sbe jcv sbeg sbecufg ygbatfg klii tjnf wjcs yfcfolar,” rjlv Pwqfglji Jbcrbga Te, yfilfnlcu rtf tjv yffc ybat wfgmloei jcv lcalwlvjalcu. Vtf kjnfv. “Xb.” Sjqaol

The side courtyard of Prince Yu’s estate.

After he had sent off Zhong Wan, Steward Feng went to find Yu She. “Heir, what did you discuss with Young Master Zhong? As Young Master Zhong had left, his expression seemed strange.”

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Yu She said, “He feels guilty because he’s hiding something. His expression indeed seemed abnormal.”

“What’s abnormal about it?” asked Steward Feng in a hoarse voice. iU5DlS

“He…” Yu She found it hard to say. “It’s nothing.”

Steward Feng didn’t dare to ask too much. Noticing Yu She grab a brush and some ink, he approached to serve him. He said softly, “Just now, some news came from the palace. Her Highness Imperial Consort Yu has fallen ill.”

Yu She’s eyes trembled a hint.

“She fell ill all of a sudden last night,” said Steward Feng. “After they had summoned an imperial physician, the imperial physician didn’t say much. It shouldn’t be a big deal. However, Her Highness Imperial Consort Yu said Prince Yu and Fifth Prince need not enter the palace to pay respects to her. How strange. Usually, whenever she had a headache or a mild sickness, she would definitely throw a huge fuss, making her condition known to everyone. So that Fifth Prince and Prince Yu would come pay respects to her. However, this time she didn’t do this. She even informed their estates that it was only a small illness and they needn’t come.” dBYhev

“When abnormal things occur, there’s something fishy going on,” said Yu She. “Were you able to find anything out?”

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Steward Feng nodded. “I’ve had people investigate but haven’t received any news yet.”

Yu She narrowed his eyes. He held his brush with his thumb, index finger, and middle finger, and did not write anything for a good while.

Then he said in a soft voice, “Since my youth, Imperial Consort Yu and myself have not been close. We seldom met and did not speak much with one another. I was stupid in my youth and did not understand why Aunt did not like me. I did not understand why Aunt and Mother did not get along. Later on, I finally understood…” QNiq9b

Fearing Yu She had grown upset after thinking of something, Steward Feng coughed. “What do the women of the imperial harem know? Heir should not care about her.”

“No.” Yu She moved his wrist lightly. Wrote the character “.” He said, “She’s afraid of me. Since young, I haven’t met her much, so I don’t know her well. I only have the impression that she isn’t very smart… What do you think?”

Steward Feng said straightforwardly, “She’s not very smart. Otherwise, for so many years, she wouldn’t have fought with Princess Royal until their relationship was so strained. Heir doesn’t know, but in the beginning, Her Highness Imperial Consort Yu and Princess were very amiable toward one another. Later on, after Heir was born… Her Highness Imperial Consort Yu thought that Princess Royal was using your honored self to scheme. She could not hide her true feelings, aiming sarcastic remarks at Princess and refusing to give her any face. How could a proud and arrogant person like Princess Royal indulge her rudeness? She lost her patience and their relationship gradually soured.”

“I like stupid people.” Yu She then wrote the character “.” “What do you think… How about acting on her first?” IbOeTu

Steward Feng took Yu She in from head to toe. He looked as he had on their first meeting, eyes sparkling with surprise and joy. “Heir, what do you mean?”

Yu She set down his brush neither too slowly nor quickly. “What?”

“Nothing, nothing.” Steward Feng was almost in tears. “This is the first time Heir is fighting for something, so this old slave is a little… Ah, it’s nothing, it’s nothing.”

Recently, Yu She’s reputation was growing. For a moment, Steward Feng wanted to burn some incense in prayer. However, he wasn’t sure who to burn the incense for. He casually thought that in the future, he would make a longevity memorial tablet for Zhong Wan. A2kZn5

Yu She gazed at the words on the paper. Lifted his head to smile at Steward Feng. “You’re happy that I’m finally competing for the throne, right?”

Steward Feng blurted, “Heir, how could you say that aloud?! Don’t speak nonsense. Heir j-just wants to forge a way out for yourself.”

There were still some things Yu She didn’t finish saying, but he no longer wanted to continue on this topic. “I don’t want to settle things with her, but then I thought of something. I never offended her.”

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“What?” C9idUI

“That year, when Xuan Qiong had the imperial snake charmer injure me with a viper… it was all her plan.”

Such words overwhelmed Steward Feng with shock. Yu She said, “It was Prince Yu who found out. He made a special trip to the palace to warn her.

“She’s stupid. Moreover, she wanted to kill me since early on. That’s why, it’s so easy to find the traces.” Yu She already came to a decision. “We’ll continue our discussion once your investigation bears fruit.”

After a moment of thought, Steward Feng replied, “Heir, should we also tell Young Master Zhong? The more people we have…” FPjgY2

In a flash, Yu She’s expression changed. He glanced at Steward Feng, cold enough to freeze. “Don’t tell him.”

Steward Feng rushed to say, “Yes, yes.”

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He feared if he continued talking about this, Yu She would go crazy again. So instead, Steward Feng said, “What did Young Master Zhong do wrong yesterday? As he left, he said Heir seemed to have punished him to copy something on paper. I didn’t quite catch it.”

“I punished him to copy the Heart Sutra.” After he had mentioned Zhong Wan in this way, Yu She’s expresion lightened a little. “Originally, I wanted to give him a harsher punishment, but…” MsoCg

Steward Feng blinked. “But what?”

Yu She stared at the words on the paper in silence. Then he said, “Yesterday, when he was being intimate with me, he said… he said that if I wanted to scold him, to not scold him too harshly.”

Steward Feng didn’t understand. Yu She said to himself, “I’ve treated him terribly.”

Steward Feng thought, you’re only figuring this out now? ipF9Jd

Yu She closed his eyes, but couldn’t suppress his anger. “But I never thought he had such a bad habit! I must punish him.”

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Dying from curiosity, Steward Feng asked, “What bad habit?”

For a short while, Yu She kept quiet. He wanted to talk to someone. Unable to endure it, he waved. “First, shut the windows and door.”

Steward Feng went on guard for all possible dangers. Just a while ago, Yu She had even spoken about competing for the throne with the windows and door open, but now, he wanted them all shut. Were his next words very important, like regarding matters of life and death?! UOTDIc

After Steward Feng had shut all the windows and doors and returned, he listened with his breath held.

Yu She’s lip twitched. “He had a kink while we were in bed together.”

Steward Feng’s old face flushed. He said even softer than Yu She, “What kink?”

“He likes…” Yu She tried his best to word it elegantly. “He likes rough s*x.” mBOtCx

Steward Feng’s eyes filled with alarm.

However, there were some things he couldn’t understand. Steward Feng thickened his face and asked, “Heir, you haven’t done anything with Young Master Zhong yet. So how could you know this?”

Yu She rubbed the center of his brows, annoyed to the extreme. “Of course I didn’t touch him. He’s the one who said it!”

Shock crashed into Steward Feng like a tidal wave. “Really?” Gwjmox

Yu She softly said, “Yesterday in the middle of the night, he found some rope from who knows where and placed it on the bed. After that, he held the rope and groaned as he stuck to me saying… he wanted me to tie him up. T-to do those things to him.”

Steward Feng Was struck speechless. Following that, he carefully advised, “Heir, let’s not talk about those other things first. Didn’t you tell me to find that rope?”

Yu She’s perplexed gaze fell upon him, the picture of bafflement. “When did I tell you to do this?!”

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Steward Feng sucked in a cold breath. 9hS8Ub

He felt unfair for Zhong Wan. Zhong Wan’s life truly wasn’t good. Every time he had something important to do, he would chance upon Yu She going crazy. He had been wronged this time, blamed for something he didn’t do.

“He…” Yu She endured his headache, going through much difficulty to mutter, “He spoke with much detail on how to tie up his hands, how to tie up his feet… And even grinded against me, begging me to feed him an aphrodisiac. He said many things that cannot be heard in public.”

The moment Yu She shut his eyes, he could see that scene. And he could no longer hold back from saying curses. “That motherf*cker forced me to go crazy!”

Steward Feng looked at him with a gaze full of pity. He could not bear to tell Yu She that he actually had gone mad for a whole day. Until now, he still hadn’t returned to normal. 3btLAY

Absentmindedly, Yu She said, “Was he always like this? Had he been like this in his youth, but I was too stupid back then to realize it?”

Steward Feng summoned a lot of courage to say, “Perhaps he had always been like this.”

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“Last night, after he fell asleep, I finally had some peace and quiet,” muttered Yu She. “But he only slept two hours before he woke up. Then he stuck to me again, wanting… I suppressed my anger and told him his body was unwell. That we can’t be like that. Then, after much difficulty, I made him fall asleep.”

A chill filled his gaze. Expression cold. “I. Didn’t. Sleep. The. Whole. Night.” aAL3 k

Cautious to the extreme, Steward Feng tried his best to persuade, “Heir, do you want to take a nap?”

Whether Yu She had heard him or not was anyone’s guess. He ground his teeth. “Do you know how I passed last night? He truly… has no concept of death and danger.”

Steward Feng nodded as quickly as one would chop garlic. “Yes, yes, Young Master Zhong has no concept of death or danger.”

“At first, I thought…” Yu She took a deep breath. His tone was tranquil. “After I die, it wouldn’t matter if Zhong Wan finds someone else. After all, the road ahead is long. He still has many years to live a good life.” CxKwby

Anxious, Steward Feng asked, “Why are you mentioning this again?!”

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“However!” Unwillingness flared in his chest. “I didn’t know he liked these kinds of things! In the future, when I’m six feet under and if my departed soul is able to sense things, if I learn that his new lover ties him up every night and plays around with him, I’m afraid my corpse would be so angry it would open the coffin’s lid!”

Steward Feng stared at Yu She, stunned. He could no longer follow Yu She’s train of thought.

Why did he also have to mention… supernatural things? ib0EtC

Steward Feng gripped his own hands and shouted, “That’s why Heir must not die!”

“Yes.” Yu She massaged his forehead. “I’ll go take a nap…”

Steward Feng personally escorted Yu She to his bedroom. Once he finished attending to Yu She, he rushed to his own quarters. And he wrote a letter to Zhong Wan.

Character Page and Glossary PgWnMN

Aaaand we’re back! Did you guys miss us? (hehe)

This chapter… had me busting my sides in laughter. YS really did not remember he was the one who ordered Steward Feng to bring the rope LOL

But yeah, Imperial Consort Yu is really dumb.

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Translator's Note

Recall that the previous emperor had two imperial concubines of the “consort” rank from the Zhong family. This is the younger one.

Translator's Note

哪吒. A deity. In Chinese mythology, Nezah’s mother was pregnant with him for three years until he was born. Basically, Imperial Consort Yu is being sarcastic here.

Translator's Note

I kept the raw character because I believe there is a double meaning here. This 赦 is his given name, the “She” in “Yu She.” However, it also means “pardon.”

Translator's Note

This is the character “you,” which is part of Yu She’s courtesy name, the “you” in “Ziyou.” It also means “to forgive.”

Translator's Note

So that he could pray and burn incense for Zhong Wan, for causing such good things to happen to Yu She LOL

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