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The Wife is FirstCh45 - Drunk


Edited by Jules

The lanterns in the center tent were brightly lit, and there was a loud hubbub of voices. From time to time, there were the sounds of people yelling as they played the finger-guessing game. Jing Shao heard this and had a bad feeling. He lifted the entrance curtain. hSbd3u

He saw several military officers sitting disorderly on one side, obviously drunk and still going as they played the finger-guessing game. The cavalry military officer pulled at the infantry officer, talking incessantly. The right protectorate general hung off the left protectorate general’s body and complained tearfully, “I only gave that Er son of a bitch a beating, but fuck, that vixen actually slapped me. I was only seven years old at that time ah, wu…” The left protectorate general who was being clung to listened to him expressionlessly. He took the wine cup in his hand and drank slowly, letting the other man rub tears and snot on him.

Zhao Meng was in high spirits, and currently talking with Mu Hanzhang about Cheng Wang’s shame in the desert. “Wang Ye fell headfirst from his horse. There was a stone on the sand dune, and it just so happened to rip a big hole in Wang Ye’s pants! Wang Ye didn’t have time to worry about his pants, and raised his sword to cut off that man’s head,” General Zhao, who had “gone into battle” bare-chested, said happily. He then couldn’t help but raise his arm to hook it over Mu Hanzhang’s shoulder, and he said in what he thought was a low voice, “Ha ha ha, if it had been a hair closer, that would have been the end of Wang Ye’s family jewels! When the emperor asked Wang Ye to take a male wife, we also wondered if it was because he was truly injured from that time, hehe…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Jing Shao just so happened to see this scene, and he was immediately furious. He rushed over and punched Zhao Meng, who fell to the ground, and he pulled his Wang Fei up from his seat.

“Wang Ye, you come drink too ah!” Drunk, Zhao Meng didn’t feel any pain at all, and he lay on the ground and smiled as he stared at Jing Shao. Abnv0

“He just drank too much. Why did you hit him?” Mu Hanzhang’s cheeks were slightly red, but his eyes were clear; it was obvious that he hadn’t drank too much.

“He dares disrespect you, how can I let him off lightly?” Jing Shao was unbearably angry, and kicked the person on the ground a couple of times.

“Saying nonsense again!” Mu Hanzhang glared at him. Was it disrespectful for men to put their arms around each other’s shoulders? Looking around, he felt relieved, before he turned and walked out. “They all drank until they passed out, at least. Let’s go back.” These army men were really good at drinking. Although Mu Hanzhang had a glib tongue and encouraged them to drink, they still only passed out now, after drinking for so long.

Jing Shao heard these words and chuckled. These people wanted to get the military advisor drunk, but it was the military advisor who got them drunk instead. He wanted to pull at his Wang Fei, but realized that Mu Hanzhang had stumbled and tripped over Zhao Meng, who was lying on the ground, and almost fell down. Jing Shao quickly reached out and gathered Mu Hanzhang into his arms. “Jun Qing, did you drink too much?” zYi0jL

“I just sipped on a few drinks.” Mu Hanzhang raised his hand and rubbed his forehead. Feeling rather dizzy, he put his head on Jing Shao’s shoulder and murmured, “This wine is a little strong…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

His words carried the faint scent of wine, and that warm and soft voice with its spoiled tone immediately made Jing Shao feel like a cat was scratching his heart. The itchiness was unbearable. He looked around, and seeing that the group of drunkards weren’t paying them the least bit of attention, Jing Shao picked up his Wang Fei in a princess carry and walked out. When he passed by Zhao Meng, he couldn’t help kicking the other man again. He then turned to exit the tent, without a second thought for the people left behind.

Sitting and drinking silently in the corner, the left protectorate general paused with his hand that was holding the wine in the air, as he watched Wang Ye’s figure disappear.

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“Little Left, tell me, why did she hit me ah? That evil woman, wu…” The right protectorate general slipped onto the left protectorate general’s leg, still wailing. qkuR5K

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“Aec Hlcu.” Alcu Vtjb mjgglfv atf wjc lc tlr jgwr ab atf yfv. “Lbk jybea P mjggs sbe jcv tfiq sbe ajxf j yjat?”

“I can wash myself.” Mu Hanzhang seemed quite sober. He was very calm when talking and doing things, but Jing Shao knew that he was indeed drunk.

Reaching out to untie the belt of Mu Hanzhang’s outer garment and help him take off that layer of snow white gauze, Jing Shao looked at the other man’s expression and saw that he was calm and unflustered. He found it a bit funny and kissed his pink cheeks. All the liquor in the army was strong. All in all, the alcohol was very strong, and Mu Hanzhang’s tolerance was only average. Even if he only had a few cups, the alcohol was kicking in, and he evidently wasn’t completely sober. Gjk5po

“Don’t be troublesome.” Mu Hanzhang pushed Jing Shao. His mind was still clear, but he couldn’t quite control his body’s movements. When he pushed at the man’s chest, his hand became stuck there, and then slowly slid down.

Jing Shao was so excited by this intimate and seductive action that his lower abdomen tightened. He took off the clothes of the man in his arms, and holding him, sat in the big bathtub in the middle of the tent.

Jun Qing was self-conscious and always refused to take a bath with him. Jing Shao had never seen him so obedient, except for after they had been doing it for a while and Jun Qing had no energy left. Jing Shao picked up some fragrant soap to wash Mu Hanzhang’s hair. Jing Shao had the man in his arms lean on his chest, and he gently rubbed the soft, smooth, and fine black hair in his hands, feeling that it was truly a novel and interesting experience.

Big hands covered in thin calluses stroked through his hair, alleviating the throbbing pain at the crown of his head. It was very comfortable. Mu Hanzhang narrowed his eyes, feeling somewhat drowsy. kx8BLO

After washing Mu Hanzhang’s hair, Jing Shao grabbed a cloth towel to help him clean his body. The cloth wiped across his luscious chest and slowly traced the lines of his muscles. It was only after listening to the imperial physician’s words that day that Jing Shao understood that Jun Qing must have been painstakingly exercising his body, otherwise he would have become a sickly person already with his damaged muscles and veins. Thus, Jun Qing’s muscles weren’t too defined, but were very beautiful, and Jun Qing himself often said that he was in good health.

The body in Jing Shao’s arms was slender and beautiful. The skin that hadn’t suffered from harsh winds and the sun beating down glistened like jade. Two cherry red spots emerged in the water from time to time with his movements. Jing Shao didn’t know when the cloth towel in his hand had fallen into the water. When he came back to his senses, one hand was already caressing that beautiful clavicle.

“What are you doing? Wu…” Mu Hanzhang looked up at him, but in the next moment, Jing Shao reeled him in by his nape and blocked his lips.

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The sweetness of the strong liquor flowed between their lips and teeth. It wasn’t some fine wine, but at that moment, Jing Shao felt that this liquor was more delicious than the palace’s fine Jade Dew liquor. He couldn’t help but want more. A pair of hands followed the smooth lines of Mu Hanzhang’s back down to his smooth and round buttocks and kneaded them repeatedly. eaquoH

“En…” Even if he was somewhat drunk, Mu Hanzhang could still sense the danger, and evaded the hands that wouldn’t stop harassing him.

Jing Shao hummed as the person in his arms flailed around, rubbing against his vital part and giving him plenty of energy. He opened his mouth to bite an ear that was suffused with pink from the heat of the water. “This is something you brought on yourself.” He lifted his hand and dipped his fingertips in some fragrant nectar, then reached down below again.

“No, I don’t have the energy.” Mu Hanzhang was clear-minded. After Jing Shao tricked him that night, he had resolved to give him the cold shoulder for a few days. If he let Jing Shao have his way now, he would fall short of his goal! Why did this guy, whose thoughts were full of □, never listen to him at all? What else could Mu Hanzhang say? A finger suddenly pushed into his body, and unable to bear it, he sobbed. “Asshole… wu…”

His fair neck was bent back, creating a graceful arc. Because he was gasping for breath, his delicate Adam’s apple slid up and down, and Jing Shao bent his head to bite it, his hands not stopping in their movements at all. WXkIDr

When Jing Shao thought Mu Hanzhang was ready, he held the man in his arms so that the latter was facing him. Then, he clasped those two smooth and round globes with both hands and had Mu Hanzhang slowly sit down on his hard cock.

“Ah ~” Mu Hanzhang knit his eyebrows painfully and fiercely shook his head.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“You’re not allowed to drink with that group of people from now on, okay?” Jing Shao said very fiercely, but the movements of his hands were incomparably gentle. He helped Mu Hanzhang sink down little by little.

“Asshole…” Mu Hanzhang lay on Jing Shao’s shoulder and bit it. fUCag5

“You see, you’ve even learned to swear.” There was no strength at all in that bite. Instead, it was more like a kiss. Jing Shao’s heart felt more and more itchy. He let go and lett Mu Hanzhang take him to the hilt.

“This is not… Ah ~ hurts…” Mu Hanzhang still wanted to explain, but was so stimulated by the sudden change that he forgot what he was going to say.

Jing Shao kissed the corner of one eye where a thin trickle of tears was seeping out and gently stroked the back of the man in his arms. “Don’t be afraid, I won’t move; it won’t hurt in a bit.”

Mu Hanzhang breathed slowly, gradually adapting to the large object that had suddenly pierced his body. After the pain passed, that familiar numbness and itching gradually increased. d7PDS0

“Is it still painful?” Hearing Mu Hanzhang no longer taking such deep breaths, Jing Shao had him hold onto his neck, then slowly began to move.

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His quiet murmurs gradually became unrestrained sounds. For a moment, the whole of the prince’s tent was immersed in a dense and ambiguous atmosphere. The sound of water was accompanied by light moans in a gentle voice. The shy crescent moon hid within the clouds. The stars twinkled, the summer wind passed through the forest, and gasps spilled out from the tranquil military tent occasionally, startling the birds resting on top of it.

The night was still very long.

The next day, Mu Hanzhang rubbed his forehead, which was throbbing from the hangover, and sat up slowly. The silk brocade blanket slipped down, revealing red marks on his body. He then remembered what happened last night, and couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed. Looking around, he saw that the space next to him was already empty, and commands were being called out for the drills  outside. Jing Shao, you little rascal! 1RcosA

Then, in the next few days, because the Wang Ye had irritated the military advisor by taking advantage of the other man’s difficulties, he returned to those days when he could touch and kiss every night, but was unable to eat anything. This was the so-called “having gotten a taste of the marrow,” when a person who had eaten the most exotic delicacies and seafood went back to eating vegetables – how bitter was that? Thus, the Wang Ye, who couldn’t satisfy himself every day, could only drill his soldiers ruthlessly, causing the whole army to be full of laments during those days.

For several days, there was no news from court. Seven days later, the emperor sent Xiao Yuan, the Assistant Minister of Revenue, to check the army’s account books in advance. Suddenly, court erupted as many of the chancellors accused the Minister of Revenue and some of his subordinates of embezzlement. The emperor was furious and ordered a thorough investigation. The more that was investigated, the more apprehensive he became. It wasn’t just the Wang Ye’s private army, but other troops in the area had also been embezzled from.

“Brother Xiao, it’s thanks to your prestige that those people were exposed.” With a cup of wine in his hand, Jing Shao patted Xiao Yuan’s back.

The pat sent Xiao Yuan stumbling. He pretended to be cocky and said, “This is also because under Wang Ye’s jurisdiction, things were done right and everything was discovered in time!” CV9RjA

The two drained their cups and then continued to laugh loudly.

Mu Hanzhang sat on the side and watched the two flatter each other. His head couldn’t help but ache a little. “Brother Xiao, those people in the ministry’s department of accounts wouldn’t have wanted to let you come. How did they decide on you?” He didn’t understand it at all; since those people actually dared to do such a thing, they could definitely control who would check the accounts every time. How could they have allowed Xiao Yuan, a variable in their plan, to participate?

“Hehe, actually, I just wanted to take this opportunity to see you both off, so I snatched up this job…” Xiao Yuan laughed hollowly a couple of times.

The author has something to say: Although it (the papapa) is not particularly sumptuous, I still couldn’t help but be wordy with it. Be low-key!!! Be sure to not tell anyone (because the novel publishing site is strict on nsfw content)!!! Hehe~ FGk8nd

Notes: hehe what y’all were thirsting after~

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referring to the punishment earlier

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