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The Wife is FirstCh31 - Frightening News


Edited by Rilise + renysen

What you’ve been all waiting for :> dCSgxB

Jing Shao placed the person in his arms onto the bed. He could feel that he was slightly trembling, so he placed kisses on his cheek to appease him before he lifted his hand and pulled down the curtain. Remembering what Xiao Yuan had said, being in a slightly darker environment would be able to lessen the male wife’s nerves and feelings of shame.

The lighting on the bed became darker in a split second, Mu Hanzhang slowly opened his eyes, then quickly closed them again, yet his body was no longer as tense as before. One warm hand threaded through the hair at the top of his head, stroking the top of his head lightly, a gentle as water kiss landed onto his forehead, moving across the tip of his nose seeking his lips. They were tenderly touched, then probed at, gradually turning into a soft sucking motion, and then nibbles and gentle bites.

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Jing Shao felt the person in his embrace was gasping, somewhat breathless. He slightly propped up his body, borrowing the weak light, he only saw that under him, the lapels of that person’s clothing were falling apart, his long hair scattered loose, his slightly red, handsome face incessantly gasping for breath, it was so beautiful that it couldn’t be replicated.

His snowy white inner clothing was pulled away, exposing a lustrous and smooth as jade chest, but the sleeves of the clothes were still on his arms, half covered as if he were hiding, enhancing his exquisite appearance. Jing Shao looked at the beautiful scene in front of him, only feeling that his mouth and tongue had gone dry, leaning over, he sucked on a small bean. Lev216

“Wu…” Mu Hanzhang was stimulated until he let out a whimper, then immediately pursed his lips tightly.

Jing Shao glanced at his bashful Wang Fei, lowered his head and continued to sample the little bean that had already been bullied until it turned red. Simultaneously, he reached out his hand to pinch the other one, lightly twirling and pressing on it, gradually increasing the pressure.

“En… wu…” Mu Hanzhang’s body shivered, and couldn’t help but open his eyes, looking towards the top of the canopy to disperse his attention, to prevent himself from producing such shameful noises. Somehow, the person on top of him seemingly could see his intention, and increasingly tormented the two pitiful little guys, even using his teeth to hold them in his mouth and lightly pull them away from his chest.

“Ah… no ngh…” Mu Hanzhang reached out his hands wanting to push him away, yet his wrists were captured and pinned above his head.

4 vPgs

Jing Shao placed kisses down, following along his chest kissing upwards to his chin, then bit down on a cute little ear, pressing down the wrists that were trying to resist with one hand, the other hand caressing his extremely sensitive lower abdomen, tracing circles on it, lightly gliding across, then taking his lightly calloused hand, he snuck his way into the soft silk underwear as if his hand were like a swift serpent.

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“En…” Mu Hanzhang twisted his body, yet was unable to escape from this agile hand, his “life root” was grasped by him with one movement, suddenly he didn’t have the strength to resist, and could only look towards the person who was bullying him with his pair of beautiful eyes.

Jing Shao seeing his Wang Fei pitifully looking at himself, his heart immediately melted into a puddle of water. He released his wrists, lowering his head to kiss those lips that had been bitten until they were swollen, having him hold onto his neck, using both hands, he rapidly took off that pair of underwear, feeling about at the bedside for a bit, then grabbed an exquisite white jade box.

Mu Hanzhang seeing the thing in his hands, his handsome face that was originally suffused with peach blossom pink immediately turned completely red. dymu7M

Jing Shao lightly laughed and kissed him: “This is tribute from Jiangnan, no matter how much money you have, you wouldn’t be able to buy it.” Opening the white jade box, the perfumed ointment inside was crystal clear, clearly even more rare and precious than the highest quality fragrant ointment in the Mo Lian Establishment. Scooping out a bit of the delicately fragranced ointment onto his fingertips, he reached over to that place he had already been desiring for a long time.

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“Aec Hlcu, ibbx ja wf,” Alcu Vtjb mbeivc’a yfjg rfflcu tlw ilxf atlr, erlcu tlr batfg tjcv ab ragbxf tlr ilqr, gfrmelcu atf qlaloei ibkfg ilq. “Gbc’a ylaf, jcv jirb vbc’a gfragjlc sbegrfio, lo la tegar atfc afii wf, fc?”

Mu Hanzhang opened his eyes, seeing Jing Shao handsome face full of perspiration, and within his beautiful eyes filled with gentle warmth and tenderness, thought that, this kind of person wouldn’t hurt him. The fear in his heart gradually faded away, he let go of the lower lip he was biting, and slightly nodded. cBjQR2

The slender fingers with the refreshing lubricant softly rubbed and kneaded for a short period of time, before slowly pressing inside.

“Wu…” Mu Hanzhang’s head fell back, and he gripped the bedsheets under him. The feeling of that foreign object intruding into him did not at all feel good, but in the wake of that finger’s movements, it gradually became no longer that difficult to bear, however soon after, another two fingers were slowly squeezed in.

“Is it painful?” The perspiration on Jing Shao’s face had flowed down to his chin, dripping onto the chest of the person under him.

Mu Hanzhang nodded, then shook his head, that kind of scorching heat, made him feel numb and itchy, he was unable to say whether it was painful or something else. IVvYdT

Seeing the person below him had already gotten used to three fingers, Jing Shao couldn’t bear it anymore, pulling up that pair of slender legs, he carefully pushed himself in.

“Ah~” Mu Hanzhang smothered his groan and afterwards did not make anymore sounds, gripping the bedsheets under him tightly, his pair of lustrous hands were gripping so tight that the joints of his fingers turned pale, so much so that they were also slightly trembling, only after a good while did he slowly recuperate from this, throwing his head back, a single clear teardrop slid down his face from the outer corner of his eye, shuddering, he softly cried out his pain, “En… hurts… ah…”

“Jun Qing, don’t be afraid, relax.” Jing Shao was also not having an easy time, not daring to move, he delicately kissed Mu Hanzhang’s eyes, lightly stroking his arched back, until the burst of sharp pain passed, only beginning to slowly move after that.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Wu… ah…” Mu Hanzhang tightly wrinkled his brows, he had prepared himself to endure a night of torment, who knew that with the slow and gentle movements of the person above him, the pain gradually disappeared, replaced with some kind of feeling that was hard to put into words, until Jing Shao touched a certain spot, a burst of astonishing pleasure instantly attacked his body, causing the original pained groans to transform into provocative moans in a split second. VwQtPT

Jing Shao hearing this pleasing moan, hooked up his lips, and relievedly began to move more.

“Ah, hah~ Ah… wu… that place… don’t… ah…” Afterwards, Mu Hanzhang also did not know what he was saying. Only remembering that it seemed he had entered into a borderless dreamland, placed in a small lonely boat, moving up and down with the tremendous waves, unable to remember what his name was, unable to tell whether it was dawn or dusk.

Tightly embracing the person in his arms that had fallen unconscious, Jing Shao, satisfied, curved up the corners of his lips, this person was finally completely and thoroughly his now, this was, to him, the most warm and clean existence. Now that he was safely hugged in his arms, no one would be able to take him away from him.

Perhaps when he first awoke in this world, it was due to pity and guilt from his previous life, that he wanted to treat him well, also because in his memories of the previous life, he subconsciously wanted to tightly grab onto this one last person that let him feel warm and safe. But now, as he interacted with him these days, his every frown and smile all produced a change in his own view, that gentle and patiently enduring figure, had already gradually moved from his eyes into his heart. And when they were connected to each other, he felt that in this world, there would never be another more happy or fortunate event. F5Uu3J

As they say, behind the lotus-flower curtain they took pleasure in a warm spring night, and from then on, the Wang Ye never went to morning court.

Mu Hanzhang habitually opened his eyes on time, and couldn’t help but wrinkle his brow. His body was so exhausted it was as if he hadn’t slept for the entire night. His waist and the place between his thighs were extremely sore, he couldn’t help but quietly groan. He carefully thought about what had happened last night, and his hazy eyes instantaneously became awake, his distinctly handsome face was rapidly dyed scarlet.

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He didn’t know if the person behind him hugging him tightly was awake yet, Mu Hanzhang closed his eyes, planning to continue to sleep, but after waiting for a long time, and not feeling the person behind him awake, afraid that he would be late to court, could only use his elbow to poke that rascal who was sleeping soundly.

“En… Jun Qing…” Jing Shao groaned, and gathered the person in his arms even closer, rubbing his face against his soft and long hair, then continued to produce slight snoring sounds. 3WR4LC

“Wang Ye, it’s time to get up.” Duo Fu standing outside the door, seeing that even after waiting for a while he couldn’t see any signs of movement in the room, could only knock on the door.

“En…not going today…” Jing Shao, woken up by the noise was very unhappy.

“Recently the court hasn’t been very peaceful, don’t be willful.” Mu Hanzhang without a choice, could only pull the arm resting on his shoulder away, turning over to push at him.

Jing Shao unwillingly opened his eyes, seeing his Wang Fei was slightly wrinkling his brow, exhibiting a weary but handsome appearance. He looked distractedly for a moment, then the corners of his mouth gradually drew back. He hugged the person, placing a kiss on those slightly swollen lips: “I’ll go to court, you should sleep longer.” 0RXz65

Mu Hanzhang seeing him smile so hard the corners of his mouth almost touched his ears, he couldn’t help but glare at him.

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As he was getting angry, Jing Shao placed another kiss on his cheek, before flipping himself off the bed to get dressed, all the while beaming with smiles. Before leaving he didn’t forget to help tuck the person on the bed in, put down the curtain. Then, broken-hearted at having to leave, he reluctantly walked out of the inner bedroom.

“Wang Ye’s mood today is pretty good.” He ran into Xiao Yuan at the entrance to the court hall. Jing Shao’s appearance, a face flushed with pride at his success was so eye-catching, Assistant Minister Xiao couldn’t help but comment and ask.

“Assistant Minister Xiao!” Jing Shao seeing Xiao Yuan, dragged him over, “I really don’t know how to thank you. How about this, tomorrow, I’ll invite you out to drink!” uFkmy9

“Since you’re saying this, Wang Ye fulfilled your desires?” Xiao Yuan seeing Jing Shao so pleased with himself, suddenly felt it was an eye-sore.

“Thanks to those methods of yours, it is indeed very effective!” Jing Shao laughed mischievously, using his elbow to poke Assistant Minister Xiao’s waist.

“Of course, if you listen to me you will never go wrong!” Xiao Yuan laughed dryly a couple of times, “Although, with this situation in the past few days, it’s better for Wang Ye to not bring such a happy expression to court.”

Jing Shao hearing this sentence, suddenly snapped out of it, his eldest imperial brother was still in a life or death situation, he must not smile during court, he quickly thanked Xiao Yuan’s suggestion, switched into a serious expression and took the initiative to enter court first. beml7t

Xiao Yuan looked at the back of Jing Shao’s figure somewhat depressedly, and lightly sighed. It would great if his wife could become as gentle and agreeable as the Cheng Wang Fei sometime. He stealthily rubbed his aching waist, Assistant Minister Xiao resentfully hmphed, today letting him wear emerald green was already taking it easy on him, he should have made him wear goose yellow!

Mu Hanzhang slept and missed breakfast, WY made clear that the servants were not to disturb the Wang Fei, so the servants of the East Court did not dare to rouse him. Duo Fu, with his wrinkled steamed bun-like face went back and forth, dealing with matters, substituting for the soundly asleep Wang Fei, handling the inner court’s trifles.

At the same time, on this day, the Empress officially began the selection of a Wang Fei for the fourth prince. She had the wives of the Dukes and Marquises with not yet married daughters to take turns with a token to enter the palace. This was called “Flower Appreciation”, truly something people liked to take a good look at.

Based on the principle of the first one seen would be the most easily remembered, the North Marquess took the token first, and on that very day took her daughter to enter the imperial palace. Yet equally proactive, was also Duchess Mao. Thus, afterwards, due to some unknown kind of consideration, unexpectedly the two families came to the palace at the same time. jgvA9o

Jing Shao wanted to go straight home after being dismissed from court, but he was called by his Imperial Father to the imperial study, to discuss for quite a while, the topography of the Yunnan-Tibet region and the situation in the southwest.

“I heard that you sent two imperial guards to accompany Jing Chen.” Emperor Hong Zheng changed the direction of the discussion, and suddenly brought up the second prince who had gone to the southwest to make secret investigations.

Jing Shao’s mind that has always been rather careless suddenly became sharp, lowering his eyes he said: “I saw that second imperial brother didn’t have much usable manpower by his side, so I just arranged a couple of skilled guards for him use.”

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Emperor Hong Zheng glanced at him profoundly, then slowly said: “Lucky that they were skilled, when they return I will heavily reward them.” OaCvXI

The pupil of Jing Shao’s eye suddenly contracted, he suddenly raised his head: “Imperial Father, second elder brother, did something happen to him?”

The author has something to say:

Kekeke, listen to me, do not get too excited, be low-key!!! When eating meat (reading smut) you must be lowkey!!! Do not read it aloud!!! Now everyone together come laugh secretly together hehehehehehe~

Notes: Azr1kE

(⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄) Finally~ I’m so glad Mu Hanzhang had a better experience!

Also, anyone else guess that Xiao Yuan was pretending to be experienced and was actually the shou??? ;3

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

Referring to a poem by Bai Juyi called “The Everlasting Regret”, the line is referring to how an emperor and one of his consorts had a great time doing the do and bc they did it so late into the night, the emperor stopped going to morning court. The original poem & English translation: http://www.ldbj.com/tangshi_300/changhenge_zhongying_duizhao.htm Jing Shao switched out “Emperor” for “Wang Ye” LOL

Translator's Note

like when you “taze” someone and poke the side of their waist

Translator's Note

According to Baidu this is what goose yellow looks like:

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