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The Wife is FirstCh21 - Opportunity


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Edited by renysen & Rilise 3T6QXc

Proofread by Rush

It was rare for Jing Shao to see his family’s Wang Fei lost in thought. Thinking it was amusing, he moved closer and took advantage of the unprepared person, lightly pecking his slightly pursed lips.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


“Ah!” Mu Hanzhang was startled, and discovered that it was Jing Shao. He couldn’t help but stare at him, “What is Wang Ye doing?” 4jts9u


“It’s rare to see you in a daze.” Jing Shao smiled and sat down next to him. Zhi Xi ladled out soup and set out the meal for the two of them, then withdrew.


Mu Hanzhang picked up the soup bowl and took a sip in silence. He felt that the soup tonight had a particularly fragrant taste.



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“Jun Qing, do you want to learn how to fight with a hidden weapon?” Jing Shao ate a few mouthfuls of food. When he saw that Mu Hanzhang was only drinking the bowl of soup, he picked up a piece of fish and gave it to him.


“Hidden weapon?” Mu Hanzhang looked at him with some doubts. “How come you suddenly thought about this?” LkJG4f


“There is a virtuous hero in the Jianghu, people call him the Ghost of Nine Blades.” Jing Shao smiled and thought about that person’s appearance. He really did look like a ghost. “This person went to my other residence to apply for a job today.” 


Mu Hanzhang had never heard of this Ghost of Nine Blades. However, if he was a famous hero in the Jianghu, why would he devote himself as a Wang Ye’s subordinate? Didn’t those kinds of people always stay very far away from the imperial court? IpqFOs


Jing Shao smiled, and, seeing that he liked drinking the soup, he ladled him another bowl: “Nowadays, mixing about in the Jianghu does not earn you much money. If these heroes are not willing to do some tasks involving murdering for money, then their life will be very hard pressed for money.”


Legend has it that a few hundred years ago, the martial arts community had been really prosperous. At that time, leaders of martial arts sects could even withstand the imperial household. However, nowadays, those ancient, unique martial arts have already died out. The so-called martial arts experts could only be imperial guards of the highest rank, and that was pretty much it. Moreover, most of the highly skilled experts would test as military candidates in the imperial provincial examinations, so there were not many true martial arts left.  MEav0F


However, some talented people who lived separated from civilians still existed, such as that Ghost of Nine Blades who specialized in concealed weaponry.


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“Hidden weapons are things that one needs to have trained with from a young age, moreover I can’t train internal force. Even if I learn it well, the power will be greatly reduced.” Mu Hanzhang thought about it, and then shook his head and refused. mDQWyO


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“Jun Qing?” Jing Shao quickly put down the cup in his hand and held Mu Hanzhang’s hand that kept on trembling. “What happened?”

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“I… en,” Mu Hanzhang’s complexion changed greatly. He cautiously stood up, but his feet had gone soft. He almost fell, but was hugged into Jing Shao’s arms. 3mUdEs


The breathing of the person in his arms began to get short and hurried, and his forehead also began to glisten with sweat. Jing Shao was extremely anxious and shouted loud enough to be heard outside the door: “Duofu, hurry and go find an imperial physician!”


“No…no need…” Mu Hanzhang leaned on him, ferociously biting his tongue to keep himself calm. “It’s…an aphrodisiac!” 5t690c


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“What?” Jing Shao’s head buzzed. He was all right just before, how did he suddenly consume this kind of medicine?


Duofu, who was just called in, happened to hear this sentence. In a flurry, he kneeled onto the floor: “Wang Ye! This ser-servant…” 6eJiaX


“Go investigate! Within two hours, get to the bottom of this!” Jing Shao bellowed, and picked up the person in his embrace with one movement, walking into their bedroom.


Duofu wiped the sweat from his forehead and turned around to go gather the imperial guards. oyxFOP


After Jing Shao determined that he had no other symptoms of poisoning other than his body getting very heated, he helped him take off his outer clothes and put the person onto the bed.


“I’m fine… en…” Mu Hanzhang bit his lower lip uncomfortably, one hand holding his pillow tightly, pleadingly looking at Jing Shao, “Xiao Shao, can you… go out first… wu… ” fBUDmJ


Jing Shao looked at the figure lying on the bed, taking in the spreading flush on his face and his gasps for breath, and only felt his lower abdomen tightening. He almost couldn’t bear it, really wanting to pounce on him: “Jun Qing, don’t be afraid. I’ll help you expel the drug from your body, and then it won’t be so uncomfortable.”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I…wu …” Mu Hanzhang started at him. The aphrodisiac in his system wasn’t one that made the muscles soften and become useless. His body still had energy, and the vigor he felt was considerably strong, why would he need someone else to help him with this?  WUcE7X


Jing Shao smiled. After worrying so much, he pretty much guessed what had happened tonight. Besides being angry, he was also a little happy. Perhaps this was a good opportunity…


He reached out his hand and held the one tightly gripping the pillow, using his own hands to tangle with the soft and slender fingers. Jing Shao leaned over and nipped at one red ear as his other hand undid the sash of his shirt. Sticking his slightly cool hand on the chest suffused with pink, he pressed down on a small bean and using some force to roll it. EKd6pn


“Ah… don’t…” Mu Hanzhang’s body was now very sensitive. How could he endure being treated like this?

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“Jun Qing, don’t be afraid, I won’t do it to the end, believe me.” Jing Shao used his slightly hoarse voice next to his ear, to placate him. He raised his hand and gently caressed the top of the person’s head beneath him, gazing at him tenderly and earnestly.  2Ipa L


Mu Hanzhang fixedly looked into Jing Shao’s eyes, and remembered the words his wet nurse had said to him today. Such a proud prince, but for him he endured it repeatedly. He didn’t want such a person to look at others with such gentle eyes, so then what should he do…? Towards this person, he… it wasn’t like he didn’t have any feelings… he finally understood this clearly in his heart, and suddenly felt that everything had become clear. Mu Hanzhang slowly released the lower lip he was biting and nodded lightly.


Jing Shao, as if he were granted amnesty for something, kissed the lips that had been bitten until traces of his teeth had been left. One hand comforted the poor little bean, and the other hand explored downwards, grasping Little Jun Qing through the silky snow white satin, which had become lively and full of enthusiasm because of the drug. d8jkZe


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“Wu…” Mu Hanzhang, tossed his head back because of the sudden increase in stimulation. Jing Shao took advantage and bit down at the place where his Adam’s apple was sliding up and down, and at the same time increased the strength and speed of his hand.


With two hands tightly grabbing onto Jing Shao’s shoulders, Mu Hanzhang slowly closed his eyes. A clear teardrop that had formed from this an intense feeling slipped down from the corner of his eyes. 2KTqtQ


Fortunately, the drug only caused men to get excited and there were no other effects. When Little Jun Qing spurted out its essence, the medicinal properties were basically resolved. Jing Shao kissed the man in his arms whose forehead was suffused with sweat, put him back on the pillow, and firmly kissed him again before taking a deep breath and sitting up.


“Xiao Shao, you…” Mu Hanzhang opened his eyes and pulled back the Jing Shao who had wanted to get up. Just then, he had noticed that this person was also very aroused. IikTpd


“I’ll go on a trip to the bathroom.” Jing Shao intended to get into the bathtub and solve his own little problem.


“I… I’ll help you…” Mu Hanzhang smoothed his lips. The red flush that had just retreated climbed up his handsome face again. Bqp9bE


“Jun Qing…” Jing Shao looked at him in a pleasant surprise. Then, taking advantage of this opportunity before the other man backed out, he quickly took off his clothes and pulled a slender and smooth hand to touch his Little Xiao Shao. Holding the person under his body who was shy and had the expression of ‘don’t look over at my face’, he found the two soft little nubs again and began to play with them once more.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After some time, it had gotten warm behind the red silk curtain, and it wasn’t known whether it was still this evening or already dawn. QaeHi7


After doing it over and over for close to two hours, Jing Shao held the person gasping for breath in his arms, and contentedly lay on the bed. From time to time, he gently stroked the other’s smooth and silky long hair. 


Mu Hanzhang buried his face into Jing Shao’s broad chest, then feebly glared at him. Just then, this person had taken advantage of him not paying attention to launch a sneak attack again, causing the him who had just cum to once again cum with him. Now it felt like his whole body’s energy had been sucked out, and he sluggishly lay there, not wanting to move. AywXzB


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“If you are tired, then just go to sleep first, I will go out and deal with this matter.” After Jing Shao satisfactorily hugged his wife as they took a bath together, he randomly put on some clothes and walked towards the outer room. paZdsB


“I will go with you.” Mu Hanzhang draped on his outer clothing. This matter should concern the inner court of this household, and so he should be the one to deal with it.


The outer room was full of people. A woman with disheveled hair kneeled in the middle of the room while crying and making noise. Duofu, seeing Jing Shao had come over, secretly gave a sigh of relief. RiETWS


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“Wang Ye! Wang Ye! It was not this slave who did it. It’s really not this slave!” The woman with disheveled hair rushed over, throwing herself at Jing Shao’s feet and pulling at his clothes. Unexpectedly, it was Concubine Li!


“This servant has checked. The medicine that was placed in the soup was some aphrodisiac that would make someone feel as if they were in heat. According to the flower book, tonight was Concubine Li’s turn to serve Wang Ye’s bed.” Duofu reported the results of the thorough investigation. lRYbtW


The soup had no problems from the time it had finished cooking in the kitchen to being placed on the dinner table. Thus the medicine could have only been put in after it was placed on the table, and the only people who could come in contact with it there were these few personal maids that served in the East Court bedrooms. 


>///< I’m glad JS didn’t force MHZ into anything when he was under the influence of an aphrodisiac dpgnvH

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