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The Seeing Eye DogCh62 - Extra 2


editor/TLC: serefina & Rin

Titles such as famous lawyer, figure of public welfare, shareholder in a well-known domestic company, and so on were applied to Zhang Hang. As a blind person, he’d accomplished things that even normal people couldn’t, so he must be said to be successful. Not to mention that after all the ups and downs he had been through, he had a very rich, capable, handsome, and young partner. The most significant thing was that this partner was an excellent golden bachelor, was completely obedient to Zhang Hang, and was deeply in love with him. He had the sort of love that ordinary people could only hope to obtain, but would never get. Even if his lover’s gender was not accepted by the public, with Zhang Hang and Lu Chengye’s statuses, so-called public acceptance was nothing to them. x4h6d

In the eyes of strangers, Zhang Hang’s life could be said to be perfect. And yes, life was currently perfect to him. However, humans seem to always be unsatisfied. Clearly, he was now blissfully happy. Lu Chengye brought him happiness every day until he was overflowing with it, so happy that Zhang Hang couldn’t believe he could really let himself have this sort of happiness.

But, perhaps people would never be satisfied. Even if his life was this happy, for in Zhang Hang’s heart, there was still a trace of regret.

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Every time he woke up from a dream in the middle of the night, he would reach out and touch the warm skin of a person, not the soft fur of a dog.

Sigh, it would be nice if I could wake up and pet Big Black, Zhang Hang kept thinking. He felt he may be suffering from a case of overdependence. From the moment he picked up the Labrador puppy ten years ago, he’d relied on that furry feeling. Every time he touched Big Black’s fur, he would become calm and feel as if no trial or hardship that lay ahead could defeat him. C2DIX7

Of course, Lu Chengye was Big Black. Even if their bodies were different, their soul was the same. Whenever Lu Chengye was with him, Zhang Hang would feel at ease, as if the whole world were on his side. But, it was just that, even so, perhaps…. Zhang Hang thought with some regret, it would be nice to have a dog.

Lu Chengye would not turn back into Big Black, so during this period of time, Zhang Hang was very fond of small animals. He was the sort of person with a strong aura of friendliness. Animals are very sensitive to human emotion, and whenever he gave off a sense of kindness to the dogs he met, those dogs would come and rub against Zhang Hang’s legs and lick his fingers.

Then, Lu Chengye would simmer! with! jealousy!

He took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped Zhang Hang’s slobbered-on fingers with force, saying angrily, “This stupid dog dares to touch you, lick you, and rub against your thigh with its head. It’s unacceptable! Hang Hang, you can’t take it lightly just because they are dogs. You need to know that all animals are beasts. When I was Big Black… Ouch!”


As Lu Chengye continued to spout nonsense, Zhang Hang couldn’t resist smacking him on the head. What went through this sort of perverted dog’s mind every day? He recalled all the things he used to do with Big Black, including bathing with him as a teenager. At this time, he remembered that Big Black sometimes acted very intimate with him and his face darkened. However, rethinking things, Big Black’s soul was that of a normal adult man, after all, so his thoughts could be slightly understood. In addition, Lu Chengye had already fallen in love with him so early on…

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Zhang Hang’s face once again reddened.

His appearance was handsome and beautiful, and his face was stained by a hint of blush. Indeed, nothing more beautiful could be imagined. Lu Chengye was anxious to hide Zhang Hang in his arms and not allow anyone to set eyes on him, while Zhang Hang was eager for Lu Chengye to become the little Labrador he had held in the past.

If only I could have a dog, Zhang Hang thought, a little lonely. vAQUkK

Of course he could only think about it, as with Lu Chengye’s character, if Zhang Hang really did get a dog, Lu Chengye would definitely bite it!

Nevermind, it would be better to just forget about it. In the quiet night, Zhang Hang fell asleep with some regret.

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Then, he woke up in the middle of the night. When he felt beside him for the body of a man, his hand touched soft fur!

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A little Labrador puppy? Was Lu Chengye planning to secretly surprise him?

Zhang Hang pulled the puppy close and held it in his arms. It was so small he could fit it in one hand. With the other hand, Zhang Hang groped for Lu Chengye, but came up empty.

“Lu Chengye?” Zhang Hang called out softly.

“Arf?” With no response from Lu Chengye, the little puppy in Zhang Hang’s arms opened its hazy eyes and cried out to him once. ztrjl3

“Are you not here? Chengye?” Zhang Hang continued to call, listening carefully for any sounds in the room.

“Ao… Wuff wuff wuff!” In Zhang Hang’s arms, the little puppy had gotten over it’s dumbfounded state and struggled violently, twisting its body every which way.

“Don’t be afraid.” Zhang Hang did not call for Lu Chengye again, instead gently appeasing the puppy. “I’m not a bad guy. I’ll treat you very well.”

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His voice was so gentle and strong that anyone who heard this type of promise would go weak at the knees. 8Tqf9h

However, the puppy’s ears did not soften. It struggled harder and jumped onto the bed, making little cries to Zhang Hang. Its cries were babyish and particularly adorable.

Zhang Hang smiled and rubbed the little puppy’s fur. He found that although the dog was struggling, it liked his touch very much, so he picked up the puppy and stroked its fur contentedly.

Anyway, what about Lu Chengye? It couldn’t be that he’d bought a dog for Zhang Hang, but then became upset about it and ran out in a tantrum, would he?

Although he disliked thinking about his partner in this way, Lu Chengye really was quite childish. Back when Lu Chengye was Big Black, he was alright as he was very clever and calm. According to Xiao Ren, he’d even bore a trace of haughtiness and was especially cool. However, after changing back into a man, he was more childish. Of course, he was a very capable social elite while facing strangers, but facing Zhang Hang, he had the temperament of a child and was somewhat difficult to coax. RaBTs4

Zhang Hang actually enjoyed the process of coaxing Lu Chengye. He understood that because he could not see people’s expressions, he was sometimes unable to perceive people’s emotions, especially when they were silent. This would make him feel helpless. Lu Chengye, however, would not sulk silently even if he was angry with Zhang Hang, and would instead express his emotions. Because of this, Zhang Hang would feel at ease, even if they were quarrelling.

Holding the little puppy, Zhang Hang felt his way around the house but could not find Lu Chengye. Something wasn’t right. Even if Lu Chengye was upset and hid, he would deliberately make noise, not letting him feel alone. But now, Lu Chengye had disappeared in the middle of the night, leaving a puppy where he had originally been sleeping…

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Zhang Hang was a person with strong logical skills. Even back then, he had been able to come up with such a bold hypothesis, then carefully search for evidence to confirm that Lu Chengye was Big Black. The answer to the current problem was so obvious, however, that he didn’t even need to make a guess.

Pinching the ears of the little puppy, Zhang Hang asked in a soft voice, “Lu Chengye?” ZGgACw

“Arf.” The puppy let out a dejected cry.

“It’s really you!” Zhang Hang held the puppy up to his face with both hands. The tip of his nose was close to the cool and damp puppy’s nose. Being treated like this, the puppy couldn’t help but extend his little pink tongue and lick Zhang Hang’s nose.

Zhang Hang revealed a very handsome smile, then laid back on the bed with his puppy in his arms. Turning on the light, he said to Lu Chengye, “Are you still a black Labrador?”

“Awoo.” Lu Chengye buried his face in his paws, crying gloomily. hfHdiV

“Really?” Zhang Hang was very aware of Lu Chengye’s emotions and understood the meaning of the cry at once. Touching the puppy’s soft body with his fingers, it was so small and light that it seemed as if it would easily break.

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As he rubbed the puppy’s belly with his fingertips, the puppy let out a reluctant hum under his touch.

Zhang Hang kissed the puppy’s forehead, and spoke a little excitedly, “Before, I wanted to talk to you about raising a dog, but I was afraid you would be angry. Now… there’s no need to get a dog to raise at all.”

“Arf, ruff!” Lu Chengye poofed out all his fur and pawed at Zhang Hang’s palm incessantly. Fortunately, Zhang Hang was very good at understanding Lu Chengye’s touch, and recognized what he meant immediately. wBtMSi

“What should I do now that you’ve become a dog? It’s okay, I’ve managed to take care of myself for so many years already. Labradors only need six months to grow up, so in just half a year, you’ll still be my guide dog again.” Zhang Hang had already made peace with the situation.

However, Lu Chengye was uneasy. This wasn’t a dead man’s soul wearing a dog’s body, it was a living man disappearing and reappearing as a dog. How did that work?! He snorted discontentedly in Zhang Hang’s arms.

Zhang Hang knew Lu Chengye was unhappy, and gently smoothed the puppy’s fur with his palm. He said softly, “I know what you’re worrying about. A man transforming into a dog is extremely shocking, and you’re afraid I will not be able to face the following consequences by myself. Don’t worry, I’ll tell everyone that you have gone abroad until you change back, and will take care of the company for you. And if…..I’m saying just in case, if you can’t change back into a human, I’ll keep you by my side. If you are a man, I am your partner; if you are a dog, I am your partner as well. I will raise you and won’t let anyone hurt you.”

Listening to Zhang Hang, Lu Chengye’s heart gradually settled. However, the dog quickly thought of another problem, and scratched Zhang Hang’s palm a few times with a paw. gQJHvk

“You’re saying your lower half… cough cough… what’s to be done about its happiness?” Zhang Hang’s face was somewhat red.

The little dog’s paws scratched at Zhang Hang’s palm once more.

His red face burning, Zhang Hang lifted up one of the puppy’s ears and whispered some words.

The puppy felt as if his whole body was burning, and nudged Zhang Hang’s palm a few times with his nose before completely calming down. DBJRT1

The man and dog pair were tired after talking for most of the night. Puppies couldn’t be deprived of sleep, and so he fell asleep in Zhang Hang’s warm palm. Zhang Hang kissed the puppy, then hugged him and went to sleep as well.

He dreamed he kept a puppy for a lifetime, and the puppy became an adult Labrador. The dog didn’t only live to be a teenager, but accompanied him until they were both so old that their teeth couldn’t bite into anything. They were still together, all the way to the end.

Still… he was a little lonely.

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There was no one pretending to be a child, following him around and purposefully being difficult. There was no one who liked to publicly express their love in front of other people. There was no one who embraced him within powerful arms. dpcUQ2

Sure enough, Zhang Hang thought, he had really been too greedy. People wanted dogs, yet when they got dogs, then they wanted people.

If he had to make a choice, he would rather Lu Chengye be human.

Engulfed in thoughts such as these, Zhang Hang opened his eyes. On this new day, the sunshine was warm against his smooth skin and spilled into his heart. In the unseen morning light, a hoarse voice sounded beside Zhang Hang’s ear. “You said last night that, person or dog, you would let me do whatever I want. Don’t take it as a dream.”

Half asleep and half awake, he was held in a man’s arms, and was pulled into an endless abyss. L1SbhW

Sure enough… dogs were better!

Zhang Hang thought this dazedly as he wrapped his arms around Lu Chengye, responding to his enthusiasm.

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What was the difference between a man and a dog? As long as they were Lu Chengye, he held the world.

Rin: hhhhhh that was sooo cute ( but I kinda wanted to see Hang Hang be the one to turn into an animal…maybe a dog, doesn’t have to be, and then have their roles flipped a bit so they each understand each other a bit more….oh well, this way is really nice too) Thanks for accompanying us as we watch Big Black and Hang Hang’s story! Hope to see you next time in another project! U3ET1W

bear: thank you everyone for your patience and accompanying me for my first ever translation project! this has been a wild ride with ups, downs, and strained wrists. here’s looking forward to the next one!

sere: omg the end??? Im shaking its also my first time completing a story ever! Wowow these two are so cute and deserve each other. I’m currently editing for some other projects so you can find me in the end notes of some chapters 🙂

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