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The Seeing Eye DogChapter 57


editor/TLC: serefina & Rin

In Zhang Hang’s memory from before he was 16, Zhao Xiaolian’s presence was quite small. From childhood, Zhang Qiming was the one who took care of him and educated him. Zhang Hang had a better relationship with his father. When he was a child, he thought it was somewhat strange. After all,  children are dependent on their mothers. Many times, he wanted to hug and kiss her, but Zhao Xiaolian’s response was very cold. When he was a child, Zhang Hang would feel frustrated, sometimes going to his father to cry and complain when he felt wronged by his mother. Zhang Qiming was a father who could educate his children. Zhao Xiaolian didn’t care about the matter, so he educated Zhang Hang according to his own ideas. He didn’t say anything bad about Zhao Xiaolian, just telling Zhang Hang that everyone expressed their feelings in different ways. It wasn’t that his mother didn’t love Zhang Hang, she was just colder than most. Nd4EJQ

Over time, Zhang Hang also accepted his mother’s indifference. He didn’t hate his mother nor grow to be crooked, but continued to develop just as well as before. In any case, after a long time, this mother’s sense of existence in his heart had to weaken.

What truly let Zhang Hang understand Zhao Xiaolian somewhat was her hysterical way of living during the half year after her divorce. He saw with his own eyes how Zhao Xiaolian kicked up a fuss in the small apartment, how she made a scene in Zhang Jianguo’s house in an attempt to destroy another person’s marriage. At that time, the adolescent Zhang Hang loathed Zhao Xiaolian. Because of this hatred, the Zhao Xiaolian in his heart was a sinister person who would hurt and abandon him.

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When receiving Zhao Xiaolian’s call, what he was afraid of was recalling those painful six months. The feeling of being abandoned felt like a shadow following his body, one he could simply not break away from. Fortunately, Lu Chengye successfully led him out from the shadow. At this time, he could face Zhao Xiaolian calmly, from the perspective of a spectator, and observe the mother he never really knew.

Maybe there was indeed a connection between a blood-related mother and son, but Zhao Xiaolian behaved according to Zhang Hang’s expectations. Zhao Xiaolian’s character at this time was no different from what Zhang Hang expected. 5vuZg7

“Hang Hang… Your eyes, wuwu…” Zhao Xiaolian’s eyes were full of tears. She sobbed, her words containing indescribable heartache.

However, Zhang Hang’s expression was completely devoid of emotion and his words were scathing, unlike his usual self. “I have been blind for nine years, your tears are a little late.”

Zhao Xiaolian stared blankly for a moment, but immediately continued on with a remorseful expression, saying, “At that time… Hang Hang, you know at that time it was really hard for your mama. Zhang Qiming and I divorced, and I had no income. And Zhang Jianguo, that bastard, didn’t even acknowledge his own son. And that woman of his fought against me so hard that I could no longer continue to live in Kaishi. Mama… Mama didn’t mean to. Mama was afraid of involving you, so she had no choice but to leave.”

Had no choice? At this time, Zhang Hang, in spite of everything, did not get angry. Instead, he angled his lips into a slight smile. It was too funny; she would throw away her blind teenage son as well as sell off the only house that could keep out the wind and rain. How could she say such a thing now? How shameless was she?!


Zhang Hang discovered that, at present, he really had no feelings of sadness. When you cared you would feel heartbroken, but when you didn’t and took the position of a spectator, you could only be shocked by this woman’s viewpoint and shamelessness.

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Even though it was quite nauseating, in order for him and Lu Chengye to be able to put the past behind them and move forward bravely, this act still needed to be performed.

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Zhang Hang endured the feeling of wanting to vomit and said expressionlessly after a moment of silence, “ Back then, you… It really wasn’t easy.”

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If he couldn’t bear it any longer, then he wouldn’t. Ever since Zhang Hang became his man, Lu Chengye was unable to restrain himself as far as Hang Hang was concerned, and could be utterly unscrupulous. So, he left his position and strode directly to Zhang Hang’s side, placing his hand on the younger man’s shoulder from behind. With a possessive appearance, he looked down on Zhao Xiaolian with contempt.

After all, Lu Chengye held a high status. As soon as he displayed his imposing manner, the quiet and small restaurant felt incapable of holding this great god. He stood behind Zhang Hang as if standing on a lofty mountain. The tears hanging from the corner of Zhao Xiaolian’s eyes were immediately taken back. Her entire sense of existence diminished, as if she couldn’t wait to find a corner to squat in.

Looking at Zhao Xiaolian’s expression with satisfaction, Lu Chengye bent his body down slightly and approached Zhang Hang intimately. He used a raspy voice to speak in Zhang Hang’s ear, asking, “Who is this old lady?” 2 TL96

Zhang Hang: “…….”

To Zhang Hang, Lu Chengye’s imposing manner here seemed just like Big Black waiting by his side, seeking pets and asking for attention. Lu Chengye’s possessive behavior was exactly the same as how Big Black behaved back then toward his master. And the old lady… Recalling Zhao Xiaolian’s well cared for, delicate face, Zhang Hang suddenly wanted to laugh.

The mood changed, and Zhang Hang couldn’t maintain his taut facial expression any longer, the lines of his face involuntarily softening. Regarding Zhao Xiaolian, his mood became a bit better. He whacked Lu Chengye’s arm and said using an indulgent tone of voice, “What are you talking about? This is my mother… But I am this old, so she must not be young. Hasn’t she hit menopause? Calling her an old lady is nothing.”

Zhao Xiaolian: “…….” dxi0lt

She gave birth to Zhang Hang at the age of 20. Now she was only 45, 45, 45! And her appearance was well-maintained. Nowadays, when a man who was almost 30 like Lu Chengye saw her, they would call her ‘big sister’ at most, yet now Lu Chengye had called her an old lady?

Unfortunately, under Lu Chengye’s gaze, which seemed as if he was looking at an ant, she was unable to express her anger, and could only lessen her sense of existence.

“Oh.” Lu Chengye didn’t show consideration to Zhang Hang’s mother at all. He hugged Zhang Hang and said, “You came out behind my back, just to meet with this sort of insignificant person?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhang Hang’s heart burst with joy, yet he had to speak in a helpless (read: doting) manner and say, “How can she be insignificant? She is my mother.” dmZdOz

“Mm.” Lu Chengye nodded to show he knew, but didn’t respect Zhao Xiaolian at all. Still hugging Zhang Hang, he said, “I know, she is an old lady with a wall of powder on her face. When she walks around, white dust falls.”

Zhang Hang: “…….”

His face was full of the doting words, “I really don’t know what to do with you”. In order to put on an act, he had to give Zhao Xianlian a bit of face. Zhang Hang lovably tugged and pulled at the corner of Lu Chengye’s clothing. “Um… I can’t see it.

“But can’t you smell the pungent scent of cheap perfume? Isn’t it hard for your nose to bear, staying with her so long?” Seeing Zhang Hang’s expression, Lu Chengye felt that he was not happy and couldn’t resist pinching his chin. “I’m reluctant to even use scented toiletries in fear of irritating your nose, and basically only have naturally-sourced handmade soaps. Today, did she spray herself with poor quality perfume to smother you to death? An old lady should behave like an old lady.” ojdzy

Lu Chengye was full of opinions on Zhao Xiaolian. When he was a dog, he suffered from being unable to speak. Now, he finally had an opportunity to tear her to pieces. He would not respect his elders or respect this woman at all.

Zhang Hang had no other choice but to stand up and hold Lu Chengye’s hand. He said to Zhao Xiaolian, “Let’s stop here for today. You can see that I have a good life. As for you… If you can put on a complete face of makeup like this, I suppose your life is also pretty good. Since we are both doing well, we shouldn’t disturb each other’s lives.”

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After he finished speaking, Zhang Hang did not wait for Zhao Xiaolian to answer and immediately led Lu Chengye to leave. Lu Chengye was in a good mood when Zhang Hang took the initiative to hold his hand instead of a dog leash. He followed Zhang Hang with a face full of happiness and did not let go until the younger man got into the car.

The driver was Bai Xiyu. After having two car accidents in a row, Lu Chengye did not plan to drive for a while. BRtisH

Because of the outsider in the car, Zhang Hang couldn’t say anything until they came back home and entered the house. He could not help hitting Lu Chengye. “You completely messed up the plan.”

Lu Chengye pinched Zhang Hang’s chin gently and complained, “Do you know what your expression was like when you were with Zhao Xiaolian just a moment ago? If you have to be wronged so badly, I’d rather not follow the plan.”

Zhang Hang’s heart softened. He put his arms around Lu Chengye’s waist from behind and said softly, “But when you came, I was very happy. My Big Black will never allow me to be wronged.”

“It’s good that you know,” Chairman Lu nodded with satisfaction. “As a result, your plan needs to be entirely changed. What kind of plan is making yourself suffer?” rbuMto

“No need,” Zhang Hang said, shaking his head. “It’s already almost complete.”

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Lu Chengye looked at Zhang Hang, waiting for his explanation. Zhang Hang did not fail to live up to his expectations and quietly told Lu Chengye his conjectures. After all, he was a lawyer, and had come into contact with many cases. This was different from Lu Chengye’s scope of study. In the business world, Chairman Lu’s ability was unmatched, but his sensitivity to detail couldn’t compare with Zhang Hang’s efforts to understand both law and human psychology over the past years.

“You’re sure it’s him?” After listening to Zhang Hang’s analysis, Lu Chengye revealed a thoughtful expression.

“Almost entirely sure.” Zhang Hang nodded, holding Lu Chengye’s hand firmly as he said, “Don’t be sad.” 5 AzfS

“What is there for me to be sad about?” Lu Chengye shook his head. “I didn’t have deep feelings for him in the first place. Anyway, the other party wanted my life first. It’s just a bit unexpected, I thought he couldn’t care less about the family’s property.”

Zhang Hang listened intently to Lu Chengye’s voice and found he really only heard a hint of loss but not much sorrow. Eventually, he set aside his worries and leaned his head against Lu Chengye’s shoulder.

When he was with the tiresome Zhao Xiaolian and heard Lu Chengye’s voice, there was a sudden feeling of flowers blooming, and his whole heart shone.

When the world has you, there is light; when the world has you, there are bright colors. zSjHQr

Rin: Big black can finally take revenge hhhhh , after fifty chapters that is.

sere: (LCY)(╯°□°)╯︵( .o.) (ZXL)

bear: this entire chapter was LCY roasting ZXL and i loved it


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