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The Seeing Eye DogChapter 49.1


7th ko-fi chapter <:

editor/TLC: serefina & Rin 2mJuc1

With Zhang Hang taking care of him, Lu Chengye recovered very quickly, but was still injured for 3 months. Even if he was able to leave the hospital, he would have to carefully look after the broken limb. During this period, muscle atrophy might occur, and there would be a period of discomfort in which he would be unable to walk properly. This was a very long process, so it was impossible to spend it all in the hospital.

After the doctor confirmed Lu Chengye was all right, he began to go through the discharge formalities. When he was discharged from the hospital, Zhang Hang came to pick him up. Lu Chengye didn’t ask anyone else for help, and told Zhang Hang where to go. Zhang Hang was his legs and he was Zhang Hang’s eyes. Their display of mutual trust blinded a large amount of people, and Bai Xiyu, the professional personal assistant who was supposed to have called a caretaker to help Lu Chengye, watched silently as the blind and lame couple, both handicapped, struggled forward.

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Lu Xincheng who had come to pick Lu Chengye up: “…….”

Was Bai Xiyu really a professional? pv1eSZ

However, both of them very much enjoyed the feeling of being supported by the other. Lu Chengye, even more so, did not even allow others to touch him. From this point of view, Bai Xiyu really was quite professional.

Lu Chengye was brought all the way to his mansion, and Zhang Hang helped him onto a sofa. He could not see how big the house was, but after listening carefully, he said to Lu Chengye, “There are so many people in your house.”

Lu Chengye’s house was large with a nice garden, a nanny, a security guard, and a gardener. Living alone, he didn’t think that his home was empty. But now, here with Zhang Hang, he felt like all those people were redundant. However, without those people, the house would quickly fall into ruin.

“Once you’re better, why don’t you move in with me?” Zhang Hang asked. “Just the two of us at home, how about that?” L2eAPz

Of course! Lu Chengye nodded wildly, already looking forward to going there. But, considering his own semi-crippled status, he really couldn’t go now. If Zhang Hang had normal vision, Lu Chengye would want to stay at his house, depend on him, and never leave. However, Zhang Hang was blind, so it would be too troublesome to take care of a patient. This was not something a blind person could possibly do.

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“Then, until I get better, you’ll stay in my house. My bed is very big,” Lu Chengye slyly took Zhang Hang’s hand and said.

“That was already my intention,” Zhang Hang said with a smile. “Then, when the time comes, you can’t ignore me and drive me away, okay?”

“How could that possibly happen? This is exactly what I’ve been hoping for,” Lu Chengye hurriedly said. How could he ever drive Zhang Hang away? 0WRYKF

Zhang Hang smiled happily, then picked up his cane and said to Lu Chengye, “I’ll go for a walk and get familiar with your home. You lie down and rest for a while.”

Because Zhang Hang couldn’t see, the first thing he would do in a strange environment was familiarize himself with it. Lu Chengye was somewhat regretful he was unable to accompany Zhang Hang to tour his home, so he called Bai Xiyu over to accompany the young man.

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“Zw, P jw j qgbofrrlbcji,” Djl Wlse cbvvfv jcv ja atf rjwf alwf qeiifv bea tlr qtbcf ab mjii Oe Wlcmtfcu. Oe Wlcmtfcu tjv pera tfiqfv Oe Jtfcusf olclrt wbnlcu, yea yfobgf tf mbeiv ifjnf, tf gfmflnfv j mjii ogbw Djl Wlse jcv gertfv ab atf mbegasjgv. Qtfc tf jgglnfv, Djl Wlse wjvf j qgbofrrlbcji fzla jr tf vgjuufv atf ujgvfcfg jkjs. nLcjWZ

Zhang Hang was sitting on a bench in the courtyard located under a big tree. The weather was undoubtedly hot, yet in the courtyard it was refreshingly cool. It was not like air conditioning which made people feel uncomfortable from the harsh and cold air, but instead the naturally cool and comfortable feeling of the forest.

Lu Xincheng sat next to Zhang Hang. In fact, he’d also wanted to talk with Zhang Hang. As Lu Chengye’s friend, he wanted to ensure that Zhang Hang was not a threat to him. He couldn’t just look on helplessly as someone with malicious intentions harmed Lu Chengye.

“You’re quite suspicious of me, aren’t you?” Zhang Hang calmly took the lead and began to speak.

“That’s right” Lu Xincheng said frankly, as a straightforward person did not resort to insinuations. “Although you and I only met five years ago, I do not believe you would be able to let go of your former hatred as well as develop strong feelings for Chairman Lu. Then again, I also do not think you could do anything illegal, so the car crash must not be your doing. However, why are you getting so close to Chairman Lu now?” eF5P1h

Instead of answering Lu Xincheng’s question, Zhang Hang nodded. “You’re right, the car accident had nothing to do with me. I’m here to ask you, did you determine who was ultimately behind Lu Chengye’s recent car accident?”

“No,” Lu Xincheng shook his head. “In fact, regarding this car accident, Chairman Lu and I are both quite baffled. Chairman Lu handles matters carefully and considers problems thoroughly. Only after he’d tidied up all the loose ends in the company was he at ease with resigning and was preparing for a life of leisure. He was fully prepared and there were no more objections. All of the thorny remnants were cleaned up by Chairman Lu and made obedient. We really can’t figure out who did it.”

“In other words, the one behind this incident isn’t the one who had been targeting you before,” Zhang Hang calmly analyzed. “If you can’t guess who it is, it means that this person may not have been targeting Lu Chengye initially. He may be someone you can’t or don’t want to doubt. However, if Lu Chengye died, they would surely get benefits, that being Lu Chengye’s inheritance.”

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“Correct,” Lu Xincheng nodded. “That’s what we think. But if we follow that reasoning, there are a lot of possible people. After all, the Lu family is quite big. As long as they bribe lawyers and notaries, anyone could have a share of the spoils.” XxGeZP

“Mm, so I will advise Lu Chengye to make a will and set up a fund for the blind. After his death, he would split the company up for auction and donate all the money to this fund to help the blind all over the world. It isn’t a small matter to set up a fund, so everyone will definitely know of it. Then, everyone will know about his will, so it will be difficult to fake.”

“… What do you want?” Lu Xincheng was suddenly alert. Could it be that this person seduced Chairman Lu to destroy his company?

“Me?” Zhang Hang chuckled. “I’m concentrating on being with Lu Chengye as a fox-spirit. Every day I trick him into spending money on me and buying me many luxury goods. I am content with being a kept pretty boy.”

Lu Xincheng: “…….” hRsmgH


“As for you, you should suspect me.” Zhang Hang’s expression suddenly became serious and he said to Lu Xincheng, “You should openly suspect me, and quarrel with Lu Chengye in public countless times, saying all the reasons you hate and suspect me. I have animosity with Lu Chengye, so go spread the word.”

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Lu Xincheng was not a fool. Hearing Zhang Hang’s words, his expression was solemn. After thinking a while, he said, “You want to draw the snake out of its hole?”

“Mm,” Zhang Hang nodded. “Not just you, anyone who wants to check my relationship with Lu Chengye will think that I have animosity towards him instead of thinking I sincerely like Lu Chengye. But, I made Lu Chengye fall head over heels for me, making him muddle-headed. The value of exploiting this is very high. Don’t you think that the person who couldn’t achieve their objective on the first try will come find me?” zP35Xj

“That’s not necessary,” Lu Xincheng said, shaking his head. “Chairman Lu is also actively investigating the matter. Those who do bad things will always give themselves away, so he will be able to find them sooner or later.”

“You won’t be able to find them,” Zhang Hang said with a cold expression. “A friend of mine on the criminal police team said they had found the truck driver, but it was just his corpse, which had already been dead for a long time. He was buried in the city outskirts and dug out by a wild dog. The murderer did it cleanly and left no evidence. They investigated the truck driver’s financial situation, relatives, and friends, and discovered that the driver was close to no one at all. The murderer had given the truck driver cash that did not have consecutive serial numbers. The money had already changed hands many times, so no clues were found when examining it. Do you think that someone who has worked carefully and endured so many years without being suspected by you could be easily found now? I think you should be able to find someone soon, but that person will definitely be the scapegoat instead of the murderer.”

Lu Xincheng was persuaded by Zhang Hang’s words. The more he listened, the more he felt that this suspected man… was really Zhang Hang. In terms of his characteristics and aspirations, he highly resembled Zhang Hang! But he dared not say this to Zhang Hang’s face…

“You think the most likely person is me, right?” Zhang Hang said. “It doesn’t matter. Not only in front of me, but also in front of Lu Chengye and in public, the more people who know that Lu Chengye is head over heels for a blind pretty boy, the better.” BKRIhS

“Won’t the murderer suspect you and Chairman Lu are putting on an act together?” Lu Xincheng was still a little uneasy.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Yes, so he will confirm it personally,” Zhang Hang said confidently. “As long as he confirms it with his own eyes, he will firmly believe that Lu Chengye is infatuated with me. This is obvious to anyone with eyes, isn’t it?”

Even blind people can see it, so normal people who could see were almost blinded by you, okay? Single dogs will be tortured to death when they come across you. If anyone with a slightly antisocial complex saw you, they might even retaliate against all loving couples showing PDA to the world!

“But he won’t believe I can fall in love with Lu Chengye,” Zhang Hang spoke again. “Even if he thinks I’m truly in love, I will make him feel that I have another plan. No matter who tries to sound me out, I can send this message to the other party.” af7mvz

“You want to help Chairman Lu find the culprit, why? You hate him.” Lu Xincheng really didn’t understand why Zhang Hang was doing this to Lu Chengye.

“Yes, I have hatred,” Zhang Hang said with a sweet smile, as if he wasn’t saying he hated someone. “So, how can I allow someone to kill him? How can I let others beat me to it?”

Lu Xincheng quivered. There was no way he could trust Zhang Hang at all if it was like this!

However, feeling that they had reached an agreement, Zhang Hang stood up and said, “I have a feud with Lu Chengye. It is because of that I want to take revenge. Lu Chengye indirectly killed my Big Black, so he will compensate me for Big Black. I want him to be my guide dog for the rest of his life.” Kq13VW

Then, he walked slowly out of the courtyard with a cane and began to tour Lu Chengye’s home like an uninvited lord.

Lu Xincheng once again shivered, and all of his hair stood on end. However, this time it wasn’t from fear, but from pins and needles. Zhang Hang’s tone… how could it be mistaken for one of hatred, it was obviously for the rest of his life… .

So… maybe he could trust Zhang Hang? Trust him once?

Zhang Hang walked around for a long time. He had first walked for a while, then became a little tired, so he called Bai Xiyu. Under his guidance, he toured Lu Chengye’s whole house. When he returned to Lu Chengye’s bedroom, the man was already asleep in bed. After all, he was still injured, so his body was somewhat weak. After being discharged from the hospital, he had struggled for the whole morning, so he was a little worn out. He had waited for Zhang Hang for a while, but couldn’t stay awake and fell asleep. He hadn’t even covered himself with his quilt. L6cDK5

Zhang Hang touched Lu Chengye’s body and straightened his position on the bed, then covered him with the cool summer quilt. He was tired, and laid down beside Lu Chengye. The bed was very big, large enough for four people.

Lu Chengye did not wake up. He was not as alert as he was when he was Big Black. Zhang Hang was briefly disappointed, but soon felt relieved.

Big Black had become Lu Chengye, and he himself was no longer the Zhang Hang of five years ago who had no power. As long as suffering could be endured, it would become a person’s future strength. He now had unlimited power and could protect this person.

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He raised a hand and touched Lu Chengye’s face carefully, but still couldn’t completely figure out the contours of the man’s face in his mind. So long as he thought about it, Lu Chengye was still that furry Labrador dog from ten years ago. He didn’t think this was because he missed it, but rather that he simply couldn’t correct Lu Chengye’s position in his heart. I0h7Tw

Family of the soul… but he felt there was something different.

Zhang Hang leaned his head on Lu Chengye’s shoulder, only to feel like this sort of contact was not enough, so he reached out to hug his waist. After holding on for a while, he still felt that this was not enough.

He raised his head and listened to Lu Chengye’s even breathing for a while, thought about it, then kissed Lu Chengye lightly on the nose. When his lips touched the man’s skin, Zhang Hang’s heart was suddenly overflowing and no longer empty. He laid beside Lu Chengye and fell asleep under the quilt with him.

Big Black had guarded him during his most vulnerable five years. Now that he had the strength, he would guard Lu Chengye for a lifetime. KWShTB

sere: I just want to introduce everyone to the horrors of a fandom (that is vaguely relevant to this story) I JUST WANNA BE YOUR DOG!!!! WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

vixen, seductive woman, enchantress

Translator's Note

(idiom) to expose a criminal/perpetrator

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