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The Seeing Eye DogChapter 48.2


6th ko-fi chapter!

editor/TLC: serefina & Rin Uapmc4

A few minutes before Lu Xincheng entered the room, Lu Chengye swallowed his saliva, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he faced Zhang Hang and said, “Hang Hang, I always want to lick you. Your face, mouth, ears, and feet, I want to lick everything. Do you think I should go see a psychiatrist?”

“What is there to go see one for? There’s nothing wrong with you. Anyone who has been a dog for five years would have such a habit. I’m sure you are mentally healthy.” Zhang Hang sat by the bed and leaned against Lu Chengye’s side to appease him. The two were very close to each other, and Lu Chengye couldn’t be blamed for letting his imagination run away from him.

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“I would only do this with you,” Lu Chengye said, leaning his head against Zhang Hang’s neck. “I’m really afraid that one day I’ll be unable to control myself and you’ll get angry.”

“No matter what you do, I won’t be angry. I will always understand you. You are my Big Black.” Zhang Hang hugged Lu Chengye’s neck and whispered to him, his face against his, then closed his eyes contentedly. UM6jy2

The happiness of recovering what had been lost made Zhang Hang have not even a slight temper towards Lu Chengye, and he was practically at his every beck and call. It could be estimated that if Lu Chengye now said to Zhang Hang, “Hang Hang, you’ll help me bathe, right? Hang Hang, you wearing clothes is inconvenient, it would be better to take them off, we can bathe together. Hang Hang, let me touch you, okay?”… and so on, Zhang Hang would undoubtedly agree.

Lu Chengye, on the other hand, harbored ulterior intentions. When he was a dog, he could rub it out until a certain place was bleeding, but he was now a man just like Zhang Hang. He had feet to walk upright, hands to hug Zhang Hang, a mouth to talk to Zhang Hang, and eyes to be Zhang Hang’s eyes. He had so many qualifications, and would no longer offend the beauty. How could he continue to endure?

“Then… Hang Hang, I want to lick you now. Don’t get angry, okay?” Lu Chengye made a show of carefully saying.

Zhang Hang nodded with a smile and kissed Lu Chengye’s forehead encouragingly, just like he used to, only this time there was no fur. 9YsOvw

So, Lu Chengye unceremoniously bowed his head and licked Zhang Hang’s cheek and ear. When Lu Xincheng came in before, Lu Chengye had just licked Zhang Hang’s lips, but because it looked like a kiss, he immediately scared Lu Xincheng away.

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“I don’t like him.” After Lu Xincheng left, Zhang Hang spoke very bluntly. When Lu Xincheng was there, he also did not hide his emotions.

“I’ll call him now and fire him,” Lu Chengye said very arrogantly, and reached for his mobile phone. If he was a king, he would surely be the incapable ruler who abused the beacons, his mind becoming muddled from lust.

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“Gbc’a wjxf agbeyif.” Itjcu Ljcu rwjmxfv tlr tjcv. “Lf’r obiibkfv sbe obg rb wjcs sfjgr jcv lr mbcrajcais mbcmfgcfv jybea sbe. Rjaegjiis, tf lr nfgs lwqbgajca ab sbe jcv atf mbwqjcs. Qts jgf sbe wjxlcu j oerr?” BUCaLn

“Tbe vbc’a ilxf tlw, rb tf kbc’a vb.” Oe Jtfcusf rflhfv atf bqqbgaeclas ab ugjy Itjcu Ljcu’r tjcv jcv geyyfv tlr olcufgalqr jujlcra atf sbecu wjc’r qjiw rfnfgji alwfr lc j reyais afwqalcu kjs.

“You… really are pretty selfish,” Zhang Hang said. Lu Chengye’s breathing became distinctly disordered, his dejected appearance similar to Big Black’s. Even if Zhang Hang could not see it, he could imagine Big Black’s ears drooping.

Zhang Hang, immersed in his memories, revealed a sweet smile, then gripped Lu Chengye’s hand tightly and said, “I may have said so, but don’t think that I hate it. In fact, I think it’s good that you’re so selfish. I like you this way.”

Lu Chengye’s whole person was immersed in sticky sweet honey water and unexpectedly did not want to come out at all. He listened as Zhang Hang continued speaking, “You know what happened when I was a child. At that time, it was as if I was a redundant person, and no one wanted me. My mother begged me to go look for my biological father, saying that I shouldn’t be so selfish and should help her. My grandmother knelt in front of me, pleading for me to let go of my father, saying that I shouldn’t be so selfish and allow my father’s life to be destroyed. My father said nothing, but I knew I couldn’t be selfish. I couldn’t make his new family unhappy, and must be sensible. oLvM5e

“Everyone told me not to be selfish, but they were all selfish. I hoped there was a person who could be selfish on my behalf, regardless of principles, morality, or law. As long as I said it, he would do it. Concerning me, he would always be selfish, not for some unspeakable reason but just because he was willing to throw everything away on my behalf. That was the kind of person I wanted.”

He clung to Lu Chengye’s neck, putting his own face against his and saying softly, “In your eyes, I am pure, kindhearted, principled, and law-abiding. Do you feel disillusioned, hearing me say that after five years of nothingness, I have become mature yet hypocritical?”

Lu Chengye had witnessed Zhang Hang’s past with his own eyes. Indeed, those years had been deeply painful. On the surface Zhang Hang was indifferent, as if the wound had scarred over and completely healed. However, only Lu Chengye knew that the wound beneath the scar in his heart had long since rotted and festered, and would not be able to heal without reopening the scar. His heart squeezed as he hugged Zhang Hang close. “Hang Hang, you said I was selfish.”

Zhang Hang nodded lightly in his arms. In this man’s embrace, he was completely at ease. wWkBM4

“Then I will, okay?” Lu Chengye said. “I will be selfish for you as long as I live. I will be selfish to such a degree that I lose all rationality. Selfish until one day, I would help you commit murder and arson… No, how could I let you kill and set things on fire? Whoever you wanted to kill, I would hire someone to do it.”

Zhang Hang was amused by Lu Chengye and his past sadness gradually dissipated from the man’s words. He made a fist and struck Lu Chengye’s chest, saying, “Who wants to commit murder and arson, huh? I studied law!”

“Oh, it hurts, you’ve given me an internal injury.” Lu Chengye covered his chest and pretended to be injured,  which made Zhang Hang laugh so hard he couldn’t stop.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Say, how did you get your master’s degree and lawyer’s certificate?” Lu Chengye suddenly thought of this matter and asked, “Can blind people in China take the lawyer’s exam now?” 0SoaOB

“When I was abroad, I wanted to go home to take the exam, but my classmates and teachers advised me not to. There are special Braille exams abroad, but not at home. However, what I wanted to learn was the law of our country, so how would a foreign lawyer’s certificate be useful? So, I didn’t listen to everyone’s advice and instead returned to Kaishi to take the exam. After I signed up, the headmaster of the School for the Blind heard the news somehow, so she came to help me write an application report, asking the general manager if I could take the entire lawyer’s exam in Braille. At first, they didn’t agree. Later, I don’t know what she said to the upper management, but the media got involved. For a while, the matter was a big deal. The upper management didn’t want to bear the bad reputation of discriminating against the disabled, so they specially prepared a Braille exam paper. Of course, the answer sheet couldn’t be filled out in Braille, or else it would interfere with grading. Then I passed both tests and the Kaishi news covered it, but you didn’t see it, right?”

“Okay fine, I didn’t see it.” Lu Chengye was unable to defend himself at all. He said helplessly, “You know, I became Big Black in 2015 after a car accident. The me of that time was not your Big Black. I had no impression of the fine young man named Zhang Hang.”

Hearing Lu Chengye avoid the subject to praise him, Zhang Hang felt that every since he’d met Big Black, smiles seemed to fill every corner of his life, and from time to time he would laugh. Sometimes, even when he went home at night, he would laugh in the middle of the night in his dreams, Lu Chengye always amusing him.

Happiness… this was happiness. rpWyqN

When he was with Big Black, at school he knew that someone was outside waiting for him; when he was sleeping, he knew that someone was at his side; when he was eating, he knew that someone was looking out for him. Now, he could even hear this person’s words.

Happiness was Big Black. As long as he was there, no matter what it was like in the outside world, Zhang Hang was happy. Even when he was abandoned back then, since Big Black was there to take him to the police station, he felt incomparably happy.

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Zhang Hang raised a hand and stroked Lu Chengye’s face. He couldn’t imagine what the man looked like, but there was no fur to touch, so he was a little disappointed.

Lu Chengye knew him so well that he was able to see through Zhang Hang’s thoughts with a glance. He put the young man’s fingers on his beard and said, “Look, there is fur.” oR5gAz

Zhang Hang: “…….”

“Don’t you dislike the lack of fur? I’ll grow a beard later, like the big-bearded director on TV. That way, you can touch the half of my face that has fur. By then you’ll be used to it,” Lu Chengye said in a flattering manner. When he was with Zhang Hang, he no longer took principles and whatnot into consideration and acted selfishly.

Zhang Hang: “…….”

The memories from when he could still see had become very fuzzy, but he still tried to recall the big-bearded director’s figure. The man looked so terrible that one couldn’t bear the sight of him. “That’s too… I have respect for artists, but it’s really… um.” Gm3qP0

Seeing Zhang Hang’s twisted face, Lu Chengye couldn’t help but laugh. He took Zhang Hang’s hand and said, “Good, then you have to touch my face several times a day, and you will slowly get used to it. You should just think of it as… Big Black grew a human face.”

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Zhang Hang was amused once again.”But without dog ears and a tail, I can’t be at ease. How about I go and buy a made to order Labrador ears and a tail, then you put them on and play with me?”

Lu Chengye: “…….”

He swallowed with difficulty. Wearing fluffy ears and a tail was fun in the bedroom, but it seemed like only bottoms wore them… if he were to wear it… he felt that it would be a great challenge. This act and turning into a dog had two completely different meanings. One was a question of species, the other was a question of a person’s weird kinks. hj48Nc

However, for the purpose of the male beauty with a face capable of causing the downfall of a country, reputation did not matter. Lu Chengye grit his teeth and said, “With a made to order product, the finished goods will for the most part only be average, and wouldn’t be lifelike enough. Let’s find a professional master craftsman to make them. We need to get fully realistic ones, then make many sets…”

Zhang Hang laughed until he had tears in his eyes. This kind of unconditional support was the support he had always wanted…

“Lu Chengye, let me touch your face,” Zhang Hang said suddenly.

Lu Chengye was a little confused. Zhang Hang had touched his face many times. Why was his attitude different this time? wGx62v

Zhang Hang’s hand touched Lu Chengye’s face, his forehead first. Lu Chengye’s forehead was high, and his eyebrows were quite thick with very sharp outer tails, and felt like the edge of a blade. This person was surely very steadfast and sufficiently cruel. Then, he felt his high nose bridge and distinctly angular face. From the outline, he got the sense this person was very handsome. Because Lu Chengye was injured, his chin was somewhat thin, so when Zhang Hang moved downwards and reached his chin, it gave off quite a sharp feeling. This person was definitely very bossy.

At last Zhang Hang touched Lu Chengye’s lips, and his fingers stayed on them for a long time. Lu Chengye felt as if his heart would jump out of his mouth.

His lips were thin and somewhat harsh. Most people with thin lips were cold and indifferent, and Lu Chengye gave off the same impression. But now, the Lu Chengye in front of him had intensely strong feelings for him. Lu Chengye was indeed quite cold-hearted, but he gave what little heart he possessed solely to Zhang Hang.

Zhang Hang suddenly couldn’t help but want to cry, but from happiness. wv4A5

He’d traded ten years of suffering for this man’s selfishness.

In his eyes, it was worth it.

rin: criessss the ends with ZH’s pov are always so heartwarming, so beautifullll (also this and 49 are GiNoRmoUS!Clapping for beary for finishing)
sere: oof right in the feels

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Translator's Note

King You of Zhou was an ancient chinese king who had a concubine named Baosi who did not laugh easily. to make her laugh, he lit the beacons and tricked the lords into thinking the nomads were attacking. she laughed, so he continued to abuse the beacons. when he was actually attacked and lit the beacons, nobody came to his aid.

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