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The Seeing Eye DogChapter 45


2nd ko-fi chapter!

editor/TLC: serefina & Rin BWUZzp

After receiving Zhang Hang’s call, Xiao Ren immediately arrived despite still needing to go to work. He was already quite late, but still sent Zhang Hang to the hospital where Lu Chengye was located. When Zhang Hang got out of the car, Xiao Ren grit his teeth and worriedly got out as well to follow him. “I’ll go with you.”

Zhang Hang slowly shook his head and said, “I can do it.”

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Xiao Ren gazed at his expression and softly sighed. Judging by Zhang Hang’s appearance, he was already certain that Lu Chengye was Big Black. If Lu Chengye was indeed Big Black, then he couldn’t intervene in their affairs. From the beginning, no one could break the chains that bound together the man and his dog.

He sat in the car and watched Zhang Hang enter the hospital with his cane, then waited for a while before driving away. On the road, Xiao Ren was bored and turned on the music. Soon, he found himself unconsciously humming along. Shojwd

Realizing his actions, Xiao Ren smiled with relief.

It had been five years, and that child would finally obtain happiness.

Nine years ago, Xiao Ren had just started working in a Kaishi police station and had no experience with cases. At that time, he was a rookie who had recently entered society and had not yet experienced the misery of the world for himself. But when the blind child was brought to the police station by a dog, his mind was in a state of confusion. He didn’t know how to help him. In fact, the kid didn’t need his help since Big Black was there, and he could live well with Big Black for a long time.

Now, Xiao Ren was a senior police officer who had seen much of society’s injustices. His heart was as strong as steel, yet still had traces of softness and helplessness. These emotions were for Zhang Hang. Xiao Ren sincerely hoped that he could be happy, that he no longer would need to act so strong, that he could be a little weak, and that he could properly put aside his persistence and allow others to take on a bit of his burden. AktB48

However, only Big Black was capable of helping him with this bit.

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Maybe people could become dogs and dogs could become people. This sort of mysterious and fantastical thing was unbelievable, but ever since Xiao Ren saw Big Black use the keyboard to accurately maneuver his character, he knew it was absolutely impossible for Big Black to be a dog. And after Big Black died, he held a faint thread of expectation, perhaps…. he didn’t die?

Now that his dream had come true, Xiao Ren stretched as he waited for the traffic light to change, humming along to a song and thinking. In the evening, he would return home and remodel his “Villain Blocking the Road” game account.


Zhang Hang went to the inpatient department and inquired about Lu Chengye’s ward, but the staff at the information desk did not tell him. Because of his identity and injuries, Lu Chengye was in the VIP ward and could not be visited by ordinary people. Now it was even more impossible to let a stranger go see Lu Chengye,

In fact, Zhang Hang should have thought of this, but he was too eager to see Lu Chengye and forgot. If he had known earlier, he would have let Brother Ren bring him in, as he was a police officer and had the authority to visit Lu Chengye. Zhang Hang was a little annoyed. He took out his phone but hesitated to bother Xiao Ren again in order to ask him to come back and send him in. As he took out his cell phone, he heard footsteps which were going at a steady pace suddenly stop.

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Because he was blind, Zhang Hang’s sixth sense was particularly acute. He felt a line of sight on him, which should be from the same direction as the footsteps that had just come in. So, he slowly walked towards where the sound had come from using his cane.

“Itjcu Ljcu?” Cc ecmfgajlc nblmf gjcu bea. 9MlsqK

Itjcu Ljcu, joafg mjgfoeiis vlralcuelrtlcu atf nblmf, kjr rbwfktja regqglrfv. “Tbe jgf atf bcf ktb jmmbwqjclfv Oe Jtfcusf ja atf yjg ijra cluta, tlr jrrlrajca?”

Djl Wlse kjr rilutais yjooifv. Qjr atlr wjc gfjiis yilcv? Cr rbbc jr Djl Wlse mjwf lc atgbeut atf vbbg, tf kjamtfv atf wjc rajcvlcu lc atf tjii klat tlr qtbcf, jcv mbeivc’a tfiq atlcxlcu bo atf kjs Ugfrlvfca Oe tjv yjgxfv ijra cluta. Djl Wlse kjr ecjyif ab gfragjlc tlwrfio ogbw rabqqlcu ab ajxf j ibbx ja atlr wjc, yea ja atja wbwfca, atf wjc tjv rffwfv ab qlcqblca tlw, jcv kjixfv ragjluta abkjgv tlw. Lf mbeivc’a gfrlra jrxlcu j defralbc, jcv jr j gfreia, atf batfg qjgas fjrlis lvfcalolfv tlw.

“Bai Xiyu, Mr. Lu’s personal assistant.” Despite the doubts in his heart, Bai Xiyu calmly replied.

“I want to see Lu Chengye.” Zhang Hang did not beat around the bush and stated his intention directly. xZOhwn

Recalling a certain person’s two confessions and shameless barks from the night before, Bai Xiyu simply nodded. “I’ll take you up.”

After finishing talking, he was going to support Zhang Hang with a hand but was avoided. Zhang Hang shook his head and said, “You go on ahead and I will follow.”

Bai Xiyu listened to his words and walked in front of him. He found that the man followed him step by step without a single mistake.

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Sound? The blind had keen hearing. X3SWxh

Bai Xiyu had come to the hospital to deliver food to Lu Chengye. Chairman Lu would definitely not eat the food from the hospital cafeteria, so all his meals were made at home and then delivered by Bai Xiyu. He walked up to the door of the ward and glanced at Zhang Hang before spontaneously handing him the heat preservation box. He was a professional personal assistant.

“Lunch box?” Zhang Hang felt it and asked, “Is this breakfast or lunch?”

At 10 o’clock in the morning, he had no idea what kind of meal Lu Chengye would be having.

“It’s like this,” Bai Xiyu explained. “Lu Chengye only ate a mouthful of the bird’s nest porridge made at home and said it was difficult to eat, so I immediately had the home chef make another one for me to bring over. Unfortunately, Beijing’s roads are not easy to traverse. Chairman Lu doesn’t eat things bought outside. It’s around now that his people arrived at the gate of the hospital.” tY P1X

Zhang Hang: “…”

He remembered that Big Black was willing to eat the terrible food he made when he had first become blind. The three of them, Zhang Hang, Xiao Ren, and Big Black, often went out to eat to improve their meals. Why was he so picky now?

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Zhang Hang “looked” at Bai Xiyu and heard the man tactfully leave, so he pushed open the door and went into the ward. He didn’t want a third person to know about the words between him and  Lu Chengye.

As he entered the elevator, Bai Xiyu thought, he was truly a professional personal assistant, HOdcok

After pushing open the door, Zhang Hang frowned. He found that there was no one in the first room, which meant this ward was a suite. The outer room was the living room or reception area, while the inner room was the ward. There was probably a bathroom as well, but he didn’t know if it was separate.

Thinking of the room Big Black chose when he led him to live in a hotel in Beijing, Zhang Hang now slightly understood his reasoning.

Lu Chengye was already a proud son of heaven and was born to grow up surrounded by lavishness. If he really was Big Black, such a person had followed Zhang Hang for so long…

Zhang Hang smiled, fumbled for the door to the inner room, then pushed it inwards. Zpu6JG

Lu Chengye was not in the room. Zhang Hang did not hear anyone breathing in the room, but could hear the sound of a toilet flushing in the next one over. Oh, so there was the bathroom.

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“Is that you, Xiyu?” Lu Chengye shouted from the bathroom. “Bring me some toilet paper, there’s actually none left in the bathroom! And help me up, I can’t get up.”

Zhang Hang put the heat preservation box on top of the cupboard next to the hospital bed. There, he felt a roll of toilet paper, which he picked up before going into the bathroom. Lu Chengye sat on the toilet with his buttocks bare as he said impatiently, “What are you dawdling for… Zhang Hang!”

He almost fell off the toilet! hI2dgy

“Here’s your toilet paper.” The bathroom smelled slightly, and Zhang Hang faintly frowned. “Quick, I’ll help you go outside.”

“N-n-n-n-no, I-I-I-I can get up myself!” Lu Chengye was about to explode. Even if Hang Hang couldn’t see his naked butt, he could smell the stench in the bathroom. This was definitely the worst way to meet each other. He saw Hang Hang frown!

In order to quickly solve his problem, Lu Chengye took advantage of Zhang Hang’s blindness and secretly went to grab a crutch. As a result, before he could touch the crutch, he was held up by someone.

Zhang Hang put his shoulder under Lu Chengye’s armpit and said, “Get up, I’ll support you.” obJspD

At this time, Lu Chengye had no choice but to stand up by relying on Zhang Hang’s strength. Zhang Hang was very strong, and he barely used any effort to lift Lu Chengye with his shoulders. This was still his Hang Hang, who never forgot to exercise. Lu Chengye absentmindedly wondered if he now had abs.

In his state of absentmindedness, Zhang Hang had already reached out with one hand to feel for the patient’s pants. As he lifted them, he accidentally touched a certain part on Chairman Lu’s front.

Lu Chengye: “…”

Zhang Hang kept a straight face as he helped Lu Chengye put on his pants, not even blushing when he ran into the awkward place. With one hand he supported Lu Chengye, with the other he took the crutches as he helped him over to the hospital bed and sat him down. He returned once again to the bathroom to wash his hands, then came back for Lu Chengye so he could do so as well. Z6WLXm

Lu Chengye finished washing his hands in embarrassment and dried them with the towel handed to him by Zhang Hang, his whole person feeling unwell.

Before, it was Zhang Hang who took a bath in the bathroom, and him who waited outside with a towel in his mouth!

Finally, Zhang Hang calmly sat on the chair at Lu Chengye’s bedside and handed the heat preservation box to Lu Chengye. “When I arrived, your assistant Bai Xiyu told me that you didn’t have breakfast. Being picky about food isn’t good. Eat some while it’s hot and nourish your body.”

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When Lu Chengye opened the heat preservation box, a fragrance filled the whole room. He looked at Zhang Hang and felt that he seemed somewhat tired and haggard. Did he not sleep well last night? Lu Chengye took out the bowl but didn’t eat it himself, instead handing it to Zhang Hang. “Would you like to have some, too? Did you not eat this morning?” 6m23kF

Zhang Hang was really not in the mood to eat, and didn’t feel hungry at first. But now, hearing Lu Chengye’s words, he felt hungry when he smelled the porridge’s aroma. After eating half of it, he handed the bowl and spoon back to Lu Chengye and said, “You haven’t eaten yet right, do  you mind that I’ve used it?”

Lu Chengye took the bowl and spoon blissfully and wildly shook his head. “I don’t mind, I don’t mind, I’d love to…”

He regained his reason in time and swallowed the rest of his words, then ate the two or three mouthfuls of porridge left. He felt that he had a good appetite and wanted to eat more. If every time he ate food Hang Hang first ate two mouthfuls, then even if it was sh*t, Lu Chengye could probably eat it without even changing his expression.

“Full?” Zhang Hang asked. 0rSXqW

“Not full.” Lu Chengye shook his head and answered honestly.

“Even so, you shouldn’t eat anymore for now. Wait for lunch to eat more. It’s not good to overeat,” Zhang Hang said.

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“Then… will you stay with me for lunch?” Lu Chengye grabbed Zhang Hang’s hand and asked.

Zhang Hang’s expression remained the same. This time, he did not shake off Lu Chengye’s hand and ignored the other man’s efforts to interlink their fingers. He replied calmly, “If you answer a question of mine and I’m satisfied with the answer, I’ll accompany you for lunch at noon. Not only at noon, but I will eat every meal with you in the future.” dYvukp

Lu Chengye stared at Zhang Hang’s expression and an idea formed in his heart. He looked at Zhang Hang, tightly held his hand, and cried out softly, “Woof.”

Zhang Hang put his arms around Lu Chengye and pressed his head into his chest. In a soft voice he said, “You answered correctly, Big Black, it’s really you!”

“Lu Chengye: “…”

Although it was very moving, why was this picture not quite right? fuDi7L

sere: it’s cuz Big Black >>>>>>> Lu Chengye…. Sorry bro.
Rin: hhhhhh that’s right

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