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The Seeing Eye DogChapter 44


thank you to a fan for the ko-fi! they bought 10 chapters worth of ko-fis, so I will try to get those out ASAP! i do not have 10 chapters fully edited, and remember that I am a college students and my editors have lives, so please be patient with us. <:

editor/TLC: serefina & Rin mFjbs1

Zhang Hang felt stifled all the way home and was unable to sleep that night. When Big Black had died, he hated Lu Hongbo, Lu Chengye, and the entire Lu family. However, there was no way he could have them punished for what they did. To others, it was just a dog who had died. Even if a guide dog was a bit more expensive, it was fine as long as they paid more compensation. No one understood how important Big Black was to him and how close they were.

When Big Black died, what he wanted was revenge. He didn’t believe that Lu Hongbo and Lu Chengye were above doing illegal things. He wanted to wait until they slipped up, then have them punished by the law, even if it wasn’t due to the matter with Big Black. So he chose to go to high school and then go abroad to study law, but gradually, his ideas changed.

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He thought of Big Black. Big Black, who had taken care of him so gently, who never reminded him of his past experiences nor tried to make him hate his parents. Although Big Black couldn’t speak, Zhang Hang understood that Big Black had always hoped for him to be sparkling clean, not disturbed by any darkness, and not defeated by any difficulties.

After calming down, he was able to think more clearly about things. ZGdUK8

He thought of his small house in Kaishi, the investment he made in Beijing, and how they had planned to open a small bar before Big Black died. Zhang Hang suddenly realized that Big Black… knew early on that he would have to go, didn’t he? He had done everything he could to ensure that Zhang Hang would lead a life without money troubles. Even if Big Black had gone, he left him with enough money that he didn’t have to do anything. Zhang Hang could spend his entire life living comfortably, without even including the company that he invested in that was becoming larger and about to go public. He wasn’t just provided with the basic necessities, his socio-economic status would actually land him in the upper class.

Big Black knew that he couldn’t accompany him for that long, so Big Black continually tried to improve his life as much as possible.

Zhang Hang’s hostility gradually faded away. He thought that he should still learn the law to protect the law, but shouldn’t behave irrationally due to hatred. He could not live in hatred, because Big Black had wanted him to spend each day happy. Besides law, he also wanted to learn about what he was interested in. He chose finance, because when he heard the name of the major he would think of Big Black sitting in front of the TV, watching the financial channel. He couldn’t see Big Black, but could imagine it.

Gradually, his hatred was replaced by warm memories. While Zhang Hang studied, he also tried to travel around the world according to his promise with Big Black. He wanted to live a happier life. ZaQPoD

It was also considered progress for Zhang Hang to go to Beijing after graduation and choose to settle down there. He wanted to challenge himself to not let what happened make him hate the whole city. Even though the moment he arrived in Beijing, he remembered how he was when he returned to Kaishi with Big Black’s urn five years ago, and became distraught and heartbroken, he still insisted on living in Beijing.

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He wanted to be the strongest and gentlest person so that when he died one day and descended into another world of nothingness, he could see Big Black again and tell him with a smile, because of you, I have been very happy all these years.

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Upon arriving home to when it was time to go to sleep, Zhang Hang tossed and turned, but was unable to sleep at all. Whenever he couldn’t sleep in the past, he would lift his hand and Big Black would stretch his head over. As Zhang Hang touched that furry head, his heart would become quiet. During his most painful days, Big Black had accompanied him every night.

However, this time his hands were empty and he could not touch anything. Zhang Hang sat up and put his face in his hands. After five years, after more than 1800 days and nights, his habits were still etched deep into his bones. Even if another five years passed, they wouldn’t change, because he didn’t want them to.

In the five years since Big Black was not there, each time he raised his hand, it was empty…

Wrong! 0c63Bw

Zhang Hang moved his hand away from his face and slowly stroked the hand that Lu Chengye held that day. It was only that time, only that time when he had wanted to touch Big Black, that his hand was not empty.

Recalling what happened in the bar that evening, Zhang Hang quietly simulated what had happened in his mind.

Lu Chengye had only met him once in the elevator, where he had given him a slight glance. Even after the accident, he knew that Zhang Hang and Big Black were his saviors but he simply sent his assistant. Zhang Hang had a general idea of Lu Chengye’s personality from what he heard from rumors: he held profit above all else, and was cold-blooded. In his eyes, he only had the company and no family. After taking over the company, his entire family had been pressured into being docile and obedient. Everything he did was not based on emotion, and his relationship with his siblings was also abnormal.

For that sort of person, such behavior after the crash was reasonable. But why had Lu Chengye found him after his accident five years later? Zhang Hang tried to consider from another perspective. If Lu Chengye really suspected Zhang Hang was the one who tried to kill him, would he have come to see him on his own? 3nRHm

Not likely. He would find someone to investigate Zhang Hang, then submit it to the judicial department after getting definitive evidence. From start to finish, he would not come and see him. There would only be court summons waiting for Zhang hang.

Today, Lu Chengye had been using crutches, so his legs should not be healed yet. What was it that was worthy of this wounded man to run to a bar in the middle of the night to get involved with someone who had nothing to do with him?

The car accident five years ago and five years after that involved Lu Chengye… Big Black liked finance, and the hotel he took Zhang Hang to in Beijing was Lu family property…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Both of Zhang Hang’s hands were tightly clenched as an inconceivable conclusion formed in his mind. cw7rCi

Was it possible? Was it really possible? But how else could he explain Big Black knowing the winning lottery numbers that day, and how else could he explain Big Black understanding that stock’s increase, and how else could he explain Big Black knowing that Dong Mingyi would make a lot of money even though his products were still undeveloped?

In the end, was Big Black first Lu Chengye, or was Lu Chengye first Big Black? Or was this all just wishful thinking due to him missing Big Black too much?

The two “woof”s Lu Chengye barked tonight echoed in his mind. The arrogant and indifferent Chairman Lu had barked in public because he wanted to compensate Zhang Hang for his dog? How could that be?

Unless… 7ldLOq

The more Zhang Hang thought, the more confused he became. He pressed a button on his phone, which said it was now past 3 o’clock in the morning.

3 o’clock in the morning was too late to contact anyone or visit Lu Chengye in the hospital. The computer in his home came with the house he bought, which was not suitable for the blind to use. Last night, Lu Chengye had made him so angry that he forgot his speech-input computer in the bar, so he couldn’t check the internet for information on the man’s life. Lu Chengye was very famous, and Lu Enterprises was among the top ten in the country. As the chairman, anyone could search for his experiences on Baike. Of course, the official information may not be true, but with a few glances, they could get an inkling.

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However, it was too late at night for him to do anything.

Zhang Hang could not lie down at all and stayed sitting in bed, waiting anxiously with his eyes open. This was the longest night of his life, and he regretted that he couldn’t see. If he could see… If he could see, he could directly turn on the computer and research Lu Chengye. vA769N

He waited and waited, as if ten thousand years passed, until his mobile phone finally prompted him it was 7 AM. Zhang Hang grabbed his cell phone and called Xiao Ren.

Xiao Ren was 4 years older than Zhang Hang, at 29 this year, and still unmarried. Of course, he was not that old. Xiao Ren had been working all these years, and had not played video games much since Big Black died. He had made breakthroughs in several consecutive major cases. In the year Zhang Hang returned to China, Xiao Ren was transferred to Beijing and became the vice captain of the Criminal Police Brigade. Although he was young, he was strong. Since he didn’t play games now, he worked and slept normally. He also learned to cook, and occasionally came to Zhang Hang’s home to make him a meal. At 5:30 each morning he would get up to run for an hour before going to take a bath and have breakfast. At 7:00, while he was preparing breakfast and sitting at the table, Xiao Ren received a call from Zhang Hang.

“Hello, Hang Hang? Why is your voice hoarse, are you sick? If not, then what’s wrong with you? Okay, I’ll be right there! Don’t worry!” Xiao Ren put down the phone and rushed downstairs, not even eating. He drove straight to Zhang Hang’s house.

Xiao Ren didn’t know how he managed to drive through Beijing traffic to Zhang Hang’s house in just half an hour. Zhang Hang opened the door and looked exhausted and haggard, and Xiao Ren was worried. “What’s the matter, what’s the… Your face, were you crying?” jmYFuW

Crying was very humiliating for a man, but fate was too cruel to Zhang Hang. Xiao Ren wished Zhang Hang would allow himself to cry without abandon, to curse the heavens until he was a mess. But in the five years since Big Black had passed away, Zhang Hang had never shed a tear. The family member who could lick his tears away was gone.

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“Brother Ren…” Zhang Hang’s voice was slightly hoarse. He grabbed Xiao Ren’s arm and said excitedly, “Help me look someone up. Any information is good. First check online for information, then help me research him. I want to know all he’s done over the years.”

“Alright, alright, alright, don’t get too excited.” Xiao Ren went into the house and helped Zhang Hang sit down. He asked, “Look up who? What does he do?”

“Lu Chengye. Don’t ask me why, just help me check.” Zhang Hang fumbled to turn on the computer, but Xiao Ren pulled his hand away and turned it on. Zhang Hang had never used this computer, so he shouldn’t touch it randomly. bU2G45

After he turned on the computer, he first looked up Lu Chengye’s life directly on Baike. Xiao Ren pointed to Lu Chengye’s name and said, “I’ll read it to you, then find someone to check out his affairs. Lu Chengye, chairman and president of XX group, born on the X of X month of 1998…”

“You don’t need to continue reading,” Zhang Hang abruptly grabbed Xiao Ren’s hand and burst into tears. “You don’t need to read, I know already.”

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Zhang Hang’s tears, Xiao Ren was thrown into confusion and was at a loss of what to do.

“His birthday…” Tears ran down Zhang Hang’s face. “That’s the lottery number Big Black wrote for me, Big Black…” 0Rdi2M


sere: omg bruh literally the smartest MC(?) of a BL novel I have ever seen. No dog blood, no (overly long or stupid) misunderstandings. He knows his dog/man(?) lol

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