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The Seeing Eye DogChapter 43


editor/TLC: serefina & Rin

Indeed, Lu Chengye was now shamelessly throwing caution to the wind. His expression was foolish, and he almost immediately stuck out his tongue to prove “I am a dog”. The spectators who were ready to rush out and protect Black’s boss were dumbfounded. For this kind of thing… there probably was no need for them to help. MScjPn

After Big Black’s death, Zhang Hang had gone through a period of sadness that was beyond anyone’s understanding. He firmly locked up his feelings and shoved them deep inside his heart. Because of this, his mood did not vary and he was rarely angry. Irrelevant people had nothing to do with him, so why should he worry? People said he had a high EQ, a good temper, and a gentle and warm personality, but it was better to say he wore a gentle mask and treated everyone equally. It was hard for people to enter his inner world. The gentleness he showed to everyone was actually a kind of indifference.

Though Zhang Hang disliked him, ripples formed in his ancient, empty well of a heart that had never experienced such waves. Then, despite his dislike, an emotion different from how he felt about anybody else arose. And, because the person he disliked had shamelessly brought up Big Black over and over, Zhang Hang’s dusty feelings began to loosen. Although it was only due to anger, this sort of emotion could also cause fluctuating emotions.

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He didn’t know why, but that “woof” he heard seemed to have touched his heart. The soft cry threw his heart into disorder.

Lu Chengye’s bark quieted the whole bar, and everyone was shocked by the “woof”. Many people had come to Black in order to pine for Zhang Hang from afar, and there were many brave confessors, but this was the first time such a shameless person had come to see him. They had learned a lot. What an experience! orHdAU

The quiet gradually soothed Zhang Hang’s mood, and he took a deep breath to calm himself. When his heartbeat had steadied, Zhang Hang inwardly laughed at himself for arguing with that man. Big Black was good. Besides him, who else would understand? Arguing about it was completely unnecessary.

He walked out from behind the bar with the intention of never communicating with Lu Chengye again. However, when he walked around Lu Chengye, the man stubbornly caught his hand once again.

“Woof!” Lu Chengye barked again, at this point acting with complete shamelessness. What was reputation? Could you eat it? Was it as important as Hang Hang? During his five years as a dog, he was more comfortable than he ever was as a human being. He no longer needed to care about others’ gazes, nor did he want to. As long as he had Hang Hang, that was enough! He clearly saw that Hang Hang’s expression changed just now because of his bark. If a “woof” could get him Hang Hang’s heart, he would never speak again!

The five years spent as a dog had also imperceptibly changed Lu Chengye. He had learned to live for his own heart even as a person, and no longer needed to work so hard. Although he hadn’t lost his sight, he now only saw what he wanted to see. Everything else was air. WerIA0

All the people in the bar who became “air”: “……”

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His first bark hadn’t been enough, so he actually barked a second time. It was really… so shameless!

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Then, he picked up his cane and heartlessly left. All the surrounding people who had been watching the fun made way, and Zhang Hang scanned the path ahead with his cane before slowly leaving. PhDtMf

A cane! Zhang Hang actually used a cane to navigate his way around. Hadn’t he bought another guide dog? Had he been doing this all these years? Lu Chengye didn’t know whether he should feel heartbroken or happy. His guide-dog instinct made him rush out to try to lead the way for Hang Hang, but because of his inability to properly walk, he fell to the ground. Fortunately, personal assistant Bai Xiyu, who had been watching the scene, didn’t forget his duty even when astonished and didn’t let him fall.

Lu Chengye grabbed his two crutches and chased after the figure of Zhang Hang’s back. After two steps, he was blocked by people. One of Black’s waiters and some customers were protecting Zhang Hang from the obvious pervert. How dare he bully the boss!

The waiter held out a hand and said, “Sir, you haven’t paid yet.”

“Xiyu, pay!” Lu Chengye said angrily. CQiLsd

Bai Xiyu hurriedly paid the bill, but by the time Lu Chengye rushed out, Zhang Hang had already taken a taxi and left.

Hurriedly shouting at Bai Xiyu to come out and drive, Lu Chengye sat in the back seat of the car parked on the road. “Go to Zhang Hang’s home!”

Bai Xiyu: “……”

He started the car, and took Lu Chengye to the hospital. FM68GN

Lu Chengye: “……”

Chairman Lu stared at Bai Xiyu, his eyes saying “Do you not want your salary anymore?”

Bai Xiyu said indifferently, “I do my job with due diligence. With your character, there’s no way you won’t pay me. At most, I’ll be penalized by the lack of a bonus. However, if you die of a worsening infection or become lame because your legs are not well nourished, then I will probably lose my job. Comparing the two, it would be better for me to bring you back to the hospital.”

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Lu Chengye grit his teeth and punched his seat. Supported by Bai Xiyu, he returned to his ward. When the doctor on duty saw him returning, he could finally relax. He immediately contacted Lu Xincheng. 6fPNEw

Lu Xincheng was furious about Lu Chengye’s escape from the hospital. Because he was injured, it was not good to run about all day. However, after coming back from eating dinner that evening, he actually went to a bar? He hadn’t returned to the hospital until after one in the morning! Was he trying to kill himself?!

Although Lu Xincheng was Lu Chengye’s subordinate, he was also his confidant. Years of working together had made them friends. Lu Chengye’s parents were gone. He was the chairman of the board of directors and the president of the company, and was always the best at whatever he did. Even if he made a mistake, no one dared to scold him. Lu Xincheng did the same at first, but in recent years, the company was on the right track and Lu Chengye’s tight mask slipped slightly. This made Lu Xincheng realize that Lu Chengye was not actually a cold and indifferent person, but actually had good character. Their relationship then changed and they became friends. Now, whenever Lu Chengye made such willful moves, only Lu Xincheng could scold him.

“…You dragged your broken leg to a bar to pursue the owner, and in order to gain his favor, you barked like a dog in public?” When Lu Xincheng came to visit Lu Chengye the next morning, he had a face of despair.

Lu Chengye pulled a long face and did not speak. qOzIGX

“Looks like it’s true.” Lu Xincheng exasperatedly said, “The person who targeted you has not yet been found, but you can just go out and chase people without fear of death… You… Are you out of your mind? Or in fact, are you not Lu Chengye? Were you possessed by a different soul after the accident? Don’t argue with me using the plot of this type of novel. Besides, you are Lu Chengye, and I’ve known you for many years. Up until you barked like a dog, your behavior was quite normal.”

Lu Chengye still did not speak.

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“I like him, very, very much,” Lu Chengye said.

“He’s a man… forget it, it doesn’t matter. The problem is, wasn’t that probably only the second time you saw him? How come suddenly…” 8mT9Jx

Lu Chengye didn’t answer. He just told Lu Xincheng with his eyes, “I love Zhang Hang very much. Leave me alone.”

Lu Xincheng shut up and didn’t want to talk to Lu Chengye about it any more. He just said, “Well, I’ll let you fall in love with him at first sight until you die. However, even if you like him, you need a life to like him. It’s very important that we find out who hurt you, and you need to take care of yourself. You can only like him if you keep yourself safe, right? You can’t like a damn thing if you’re dead!”

“You’re right.” Lu Chengye nodded and thought of the dead Big Black. If he really did become critically injured or died in the future, it would be better for him never to reunite with Zhang Hang.

Lu Chengye finally got out of his own head and reflected on the car accident. After thinking for a while, he said, “Regarding who did it, I have several candidates in mind. I only have that many relatives, and they have been suppressed. Now there are other people in charge of the company. The only people who would want me dead are those who would get my shares after my death.” sN8c4y

“A relative with the right of inheritance,” Lu Xincheng nodded. “Currently, you have no spouse, no parents, and no children. Those left over are your siblings and collateral relatives. In the absence of a will, your immediate family can inherit your property, according to the law. Collateral relatives have the right to compete for the property, but it is somewhat difficult. So, if the other party who tried to murder you is an immediate relative, they will not try to alter the will, but if they are a collateral relative, they will try to find a way to fake it.”

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Lu Chengye nodded. “Go investigate Lu Yuantao. When my father made his will, he was the notary. If I wanted to forge a will in case of an accident, I would bribe a lawyer as well as a notary. If no accident happened, I would still choose Lu Yuantao as the notary. You should investigate my lawyer as well as Lu Yuantao, focusing on Lu Yuantao’s wife and children.”

Lu Yuantao was Lu Chengye’s uncle. He was very honest and had a good relationship with Lu Chengye’s father. In fact, Lu Chengye shouldn’t have doubted him. However, people changed, and a person had many weaknesses. Some of those weaknesses were fatal and could make people go against their own principles.

“What if there are no problems with Lu Yuantao and your lawyer?” Lu Xincheng frowned. 6ZmcxA

“…” Lu Chengye hesitated and said, “I don’t want to doubt them. After all, they have never involved themselves in the company’s affairs all these years, but… Get someone to monitor the lawyer, and wait for the result.”

Lu Chengye had an older brother and a younger sister. His brother was born disliking the family business, and was against their father since he was young. He dropped out of high school and ran to join the draft. Their father was so angry that he refused to recognize him. Despite this, Lu Chengye admired his older brother very much. After he took over the company, he contacted Lu Chengyan, who truly loved that bright and beautiful circle, and had no interest in the family business. His younger sister was 6 years his junior, and was only in middle school when their father died. While Lu Chengye was busy organizing the company, she was being cared for by a nanny. Later, she went abroad to study at university and had only come back in the last two years. Lu Chengye didn’t have a deep impression of her.

Actually, he didn’t want to suspect his brother and sister. These years he hadn’t cared that his relatives were tormenting him. However, if the blade had been wielded by a family member… Actually, it didn’t matter. There was no way he wasn’t as strong as the 16-year-old Hang Hang.

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Translator's Note

descended from a common ancestor but through different lines

Translator's Note

a person authorized to perform acts in legal affairs, in particular witnessing signatures on documents

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