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The Seeing Eye DogChapter 42


editor/TLC: serefina & Rin

Although Zhang Hang’s expression was cold, his words were not vicious. However, for the Zhang Hang who smiled even when faced with customers who deliberately caused trouble, this expression was equivalent to revulsion. In the half a month since he woke up, Lu Chengye had imagined countless encounters with Zhang Hang. Encounters in which his expression were happy, sad, loving, and even complaining. He had imagined all sorts of circumstances and expressions that he’d have for their encounter; all except for the one that he was currently faced with— loathing. uU VFq

How much he wanted to step forward and embrace Zhang Hang, to warm his body which had become so cold, but because he did not know the reason for the sudden change, he did not know how to comfort the young man…

Lu Chengye’s eyes darkened and he calmly asked, “Five years ago? Why do you remember something from such a long time ago so clearly?”

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Zhang Hang obviously didn’t want to talk to Lu Chengye. He only said indifferently, “Chairman Lu, you have many employees and probably just forgot what happened five years ago. Check it and you’ll see.”

After that, he put the liquors on the bar back in place. A blind bartender arranged their own bar, and others were not allowed to move things. Once put in the wrong place, it was very difficult for them to find the original bottle of alcohol. It would become a huge project that required bottle by bottle confirmation. Zhang Hang was simply tidying things up. He didn’t want to become entangled with Lu Chengye. More heartbroken than angry, he didn’t even want to touch the man. zdWtLF

Of course, Lu Chengye couldn’t just let Zhang Hang go. He quickly said, “I have a general idea of what happened. Five years ago, you and I… you and your dog saved my life, but I didn’t thank you personally. I was an indifferent person, is this why?”

“I don’t need that kind of insincere thanks,” said Zhang Hang, stopping his movements. “Besides, at that time it was Big Black who saved you, not me. You are merely a lucky man who was saved by Big Black. If you want to thank someone, thank Big Black instead.”

When it came to Big Black, he obviously spoke more and was not as rejecting as before. However, he still disliked Lu Chengye. However, Lu Chengye understood Zhang Hang, and even after not seeing him for five years, he knew the meaning behind the other’s actions. The moment he mentioned Big Black, he unconsciously lifted his hand and moved it once through the air. Lu Chengye knew this action was Zhang Hang instinctively wanting to touch Big Black who had previously always followed him. When Lu Chengye was Big Black, Zhang Hang could touch Big Black’s head whenever he lifted a hand. Their movements were in time with each other, and Big Black’s head had never failed to meet Zhang Hang’s hand even once.

Even over the last five years, this habit was still engraved in Zhang Hang’s bones and had never been forgotten. Whenever he thought of Big Black, he would raise his hand and touch the air where he would have been. No matter how many times he failed to touch the head, he would still lift his hand next time. It was as if as long as he did this, Big Black would always accompany him and share in his happiness, anger, and sorrow.


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Seeing that the young man had lifted his hand, Lu Chengye instinctively wanted to stretch his head out to meet it. His neck was extended, but he found his body was very different and his positioning was not optimal. His head was 18,000 miles away from Zhang Hang’s hand. Fortunately, he reacted very quickly. When he found that his neck was not long enough and his head could not stretch over, he immediately stuffed his hand into Zhang Hang’s.

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Zhang Hang’s calm expression spasmed imperceptibly, and he swung his arm to try and shake off Lu Chengye’s hand. There was a trace of anger on his face as he said, “ Chairman Lu, may you please show some respect!”

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“I’ve always respected you very much,” Lu Chengye said. “In my eyes, no one in the world is as strong and gentle as you. All the setbacks in the world can’t stop you. You are stronger than anyone else. If it was me, I definitely couldn’t do it to the degree you can. I respect you, admire you, and like you more than anyone else.”

He, he confessed! Lu Chengye’s heart was pounding like a drum, and his whole body felt feverish. His brain was almost not normal anymore! For a long time, ever since he liked Hang Hang, he could only keep him company and woof to express his love. No matter how much he liked the youth, he could not touch him or speak. What he had thought of for so long at last became human language, letting him use his own words to express his feelings to his sweetheart. It was good to be a man, and good to be able to talk!

“However, I dislike you. No matter how you feel towards me, I don’t like you. When I first saw you five years ago, I disliked you very much.” In the face of Lu Chengye’s confession, Zhang Hang’s response was merciless.

“…” Lu Chengye felt as though his heart was dripping blood. Even though he could previously only bark, at least Hang Hang would touch him, hug him, and occasionally kiss him on the forehead. Now that he had only gotten such a cold response, he thought it was better to be a dog! 8imwFq

“Chairman Lu probably doesn’t understand why I dislike you. After all, you were a victim back then.” When he mentioned Big Black, Zhang Hang no longer wanted to endure. He had previously intended to ignore Lu Chengye, but now he felt like if he didn’t say something, Big Black would have died for nothing. Regardless of whether the other party understood, he would speak out for Big Black.

“If we are to talk about hate, I would probably hate the Lu Hongbo who was driving drunk at that time, as well as my own powerlessness. Chairman Lu was also a victim. I don’t hate you, but that doesn’t stop me from disliking you. You know why that crash happened, but for some reason you chose to keep silent and hide Lu Hongbo’s motives, just treating it as a drunk driving accident. However, what is the truth? You know better than me that it was impossible for Lu Hongbo to try to crash into your car if he was sober, and if it wasn’t for the things you did, he wouldn’t have done anything to you even if he was drunk. He clearly intended to hurt you. Even if he was drunk, he could not conceal that fact. However, you hid these things for your own reasons.

“Most of all, you used me and Big Black. You wanted to cover up the truth, and felt that only half a month of detention would not teach Lu Hongbo a proper lesson, so you used my feelings for Big Black. You tried to convince me to hold Lu Hongbo legally responsible so he would be detained for half a year in order to make it so he would never dare to do such things again.

“You are an insidious person. I have felt this way since I first met you, and I have not changed my mind.” Ff7thJ

Zhang Hang had said a lot in one breath. His eyes were clear and unseeing, but he looked right at Lu Chengye. That kind of expression, pointed directly at his heart, stabbed into Lu Chengye, making him feel pain in his chest.

He wanted to go back in time to five years ago and slap himself to death!

“If you dislike me, do you want revenge?” Lu Chengye asked. Of course, he knew that Zhang Hang was not that kind of person. Lu Chengye’s heart was stabbed until it was like a sieve and his throat was blocked, but he still wanted to talk to Zhang Hang. He didn’t want him to coldly leave him, so he asked him this sentence.

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Zhang Hang sneered. “I’m not surprised that Chairman Lu would think of me this way. You had a car accident a month ago, didn’t you? It was reported in newspapers and magazines. You suspect me, so you came to investigate? I’m innocent and have morals, I don’t fear slanderous attacks!” dtm28a

If no one was around, Lu Chengye would definitely take a basin and vomit blood into it. He was heartbroken, but still cherished every word Zhang Hang said. Hang Hang, he could finally talk with Hang Hang and touch his hand. Even if Hang Hang now disliked him and looked at him with this sort of expression, Lu Chengye was still happy!

“Of course I don’t suspect you, I just wanted to come and see you.” Lu Chengye looked at Zhang Hang deeply and said in a sincere tone, “I like you, and I hope you can change your mind about me. How can you stop disliking me? Can you tell me?”

In fact, there were many people in the bar at midnight, and the night was only half over. Black’s boss had always been popular, but this was also the first time he had been involved with such a shameless person. Suddenly Zhang Hang was surrounded by many people who watched Lu Chengye get rejected but continue to express his love without fear of death.

The most amazing thing was that Black’s boss was clearly a person with high EQ, but at present the thread of emotion seemed to be missing a string. He completely ignored the honest confession from the injured man and avoided the main point to respond. 43BFo

Zhang Hang continued to tidy the bar and said indifferently, “Why shouldn’t I dislike you? Why should I change my mind? I dislike you from the bottom of my heart. How could I possibly not dislike you?”

“…” No matter how strong Lu Chengye’s heart was, he could not endure such cold-blooded and heartless words. However, he was unable to refute, because without Big Black, Lu Chengye’s entire existence was really quite annoying. If he was currently Big Black, he would stand firmly beside Zhang Hang and bark in order to show his support for Hang Hang, and would even hate himself along with the youth. This way of attacking himself would be good too!

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Lu Chengye opened his mouth to speak with difficulty. “In fact, it’s because of Big Black, isn’t it? You love him, so you hate me for killing him indirectly, don’t you?”

He needed to be healed. He needed to hear Zhang Hang say that he loved Big Black, because he was Big Black! 2e3Ql

“Yes!” Zhang Hang said frankly. “Maybe to you he is just a dead dog, but Big Black was my family. We stayed together and helped each other through difficult times for many years, and he became an integral part of my life. I love Big Black. I looked forward to living every day with him. With him, I was happy every single day.”

Looking at Zhang Hang’s tear-filled eyes from talking about Big Black, Lu Chengye almost blurted out “I am Big Black” when he heard Zhang Hang say that he liked Big Black. However, surrounded by a crowd of onlookers, he changed the words in his mouth. “I am… I’ll compensate you for Big Black.”

“Ha.ha.” Zhang Hang seldom got angry. However, right now, he was very annoyed by Lu Chengye’s shamelessness and he let out a stiff laugh. “How could you compensate for him?”

“Woof!” In full view of the public, Chairman Lu calmly barked. d8V0YN

Zhang Hang: “…”

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sere: OMG LMAO press F to pay respects to this dumb dog… Same, ZH, same. But either way, just in time for Valentine’s! Congrats to Lu Chengye, i guess?
Rin: pfftt, gotta pay respects when it’s due though hhhhh

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