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The Seeing Eye DogChapter 40


editor/TLC: serefina & Rin

“Xincheng, help me to investigate the man from five years ago. I want to know everything that’s happened to him these past five years, the more details the better,” Lu Chengye said while drinking soup. In fact, at this time he was not in the mood to drink soup at all, but he had to recover as soon as possible. With the current state of his body, if he wanted to leave the hospital, he would only manage if he crawled his way out. Even so, he couldn’t stay idle. During this period of recuperation, he needed to know everything about Hang Hang’s life during these past five years. ylrdxz

“Do you suspect that person did it? Impossible. Lu Hongbo was the perpetrator back then. Even if he wanted revenge, he would retaliate against Lu Hongbo, not you. What’s more, at the time it was a mere dog that died. Even if he was despondent, he wouldn’t have done it just for a dog… You… why are you looking at me like that?” At this time, Lu Chengye’s eyes showed a hint of danger. He stared unblinkingly at Lu Xincheng, whose neck suddenly started to hurt, as if he had been bitten by some ferocious beast.

“Something insignificant in the eyes of some may mean a lot to others.” Lu Chengye didn’t want to say more than that. He waved his hand and said, “I’m tired and want to have a rest. You go investigate these affairs as soon as possible. I don’t suspect him, I just want to know how he’s been these past few years.”

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Lu Xincheng was full of doubts and suspected that the car accident caused Lu Chengye to be possessed by something strange. However, based on his speech and behavior, this was the same familiar Chairman Lu he knew so well, which was no different from his memory.

After Lu Xincheng left, Lu Chengye sat against the pillows and closed his eyes in pain. His Hang Hang… Five years ago, why didn’t he go to see Hang Hang, hug the helpless young man, and tell him that Big Black was still alive and by his side? atHSje

Now, Lu Chengye and Big Black’s memories had integrated completely. He clearly remembered the single meeting between himself and Hang Hang in the elevator five years ago. At that time, he had just coldly glanced over the person in the elevator, and was slightly confused as to how a person with ordinary clothes could afford to live in the presidential suite of his hotel. However, other people’s business had nothing to do with him. He soon let the figure fade from his mind completely. Even after the accident five years ago, he hadn’t remembered this.

Just like Big Black had, at the time Lu Chengye didn’t pay attention to the matter, and thought that they were two parallel lines which would never meet again. Five years ago, Lu Chengye didn’t even want to see the man whose dog had saved him. To him it was just a dog, and was of no importance.

Back then, why had he been so cold? Why had he not embraced the young man, not held his hand and taken him traveling all over the world?

Lu Chengye really wanted to slap himself hard. He hated his past self.


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Silently closing his eyes, Lu Chengye told himself that he would take a good rest and get well as soon as possible so he could look for Hang Hang.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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Lu Xincheng came to see Lu Chengye with documents in hand. When he saw Lu Chengye practicing using crutches in the ward with a thin layer of sweat on his forehead and looking very energetic, Lu Xincheng’s worries were finally put to rest. birZyJ

Lu Chengye was a bit worn out, and knew that too much was just as bad as too little. Even if he wished that he could immediately grow wings and fly to Hang Hang right away, he still took care of his body and sat down to rest when he was tired. He saw Lu Xincheng coming over with a pile of documents and asked, “Are these the results of the investigation on Zhang Hang?”

“They are.” Lu Xincheng handed the documents to Lu Chengye. Lu Xincheng had already read it all, and couldn’t help admiring the blind man from the bottom of his heart.

In the summer of 2010, Zhang Hang returned to Kaishi with Big Black’s urn. He soon took an entrance exam and returned to the School for the Blind, then entered into his third year. One year later, he went directly to the law department of a prestigious foreign university and studied abroad alone. In just three years, the 21-year-old received his diploma from the prestigious university, as well as two degrees in law and finance. It was truly admirable for a blind man to be able to reach this level of academic achievement.

In 2010, he had invested in Dong Mingfan’s e-commerce software and became a shareholder. Each year, he would get millions in dividends, and no longer had to worry about food or clothing. After returning to China, he took the Judicial Examination, obtained a lawyer’s certificate, and became the legal advisor of Dong Mingfan’s company. xJI6Tz

Also in 2010, he opened a bar called “Black” in the city, and all the bartenders he hired were blind. When he was in his third year, he occasionally went to the bar to mix cocktails for the guests. According to those guests, the drinks the young man made had a bitter taste. While drinking the liquor, even if the guest was not drunk, they would not be able to keep from bursting into tears. After crying, they would go home and sleep. When they woke up the next day, the memory of the previous evening’s drinks would acquire a light sweetness; a bit of warmth and reprieve within the bitterness.

Because of this strange feeling, all the guests wanted to try drinks Zhang Hang made, but since most of his time was spent studying, he seldom appeared in the bar. By 2011, he had not returned home for three years. At that point, the bar was already very famous. He had opened more bars in other big cities besides Kaishi such as Beijing, all of which employed blind bartenders. Even Black’s turnover had been investigated by the dedicated private investigator. According to their analysis, despite the bar’s traffic and the salary the blind bartenders received, Black’s profits were only mediocre. After all, in order to run a bar, you needed to attract customers as well as provide good cocktails. However, drunk people often made trouble, so most of Black’s patrons were middle-class with warm personalities and good taste in liquor. Because Black only employed blind bartenders the turnover was low, but nevertheless, Zhang Hang opened bar after bar. It seemed instead of making profits, his purpose was to give these blind bartenders a peaceful environment.

After reading this information, all Lu Xincheng had to say was that this man was too noble. Obviously he was a mere blind man, but despite the fact that his life was hard, he could still do so much and help so many other blind people. Although Black’s turnover was not very high, there were many loyal customers who, instead of getting drunk, would just enjoy the peace. Because of this, Black remained famous in the wine circle. If Zhang Hang wanted to expand his business, he could do it, but it would inevitably lead to some unnecessary troubles. So, Zhang Hang had remained low-key and quiet, and continued to help those blind bartenders live a good life.

Lu Chengye was both proud and distressed after reading these documents. He was proud that his Hang Hang was so strong after suffering such a big blow. Despite what happened previously, he could still live well and not only take care of himself, but take care of others as well. He was distressed because his Hang Hang had lived through these five difficult years with no one by his side. Now matter how much the private investigator looked into the matter, he wouldn’t be so thorough as to get all the details of how Zhang Hang had achieved so much over these five years. How hard had it been for Zhang Hang? EqAcpM

When returning from Beijing to Kaishi, Big Black wasn’t there, so who had led the way for him? When he opened a bar in Kaishi, Big Black wasn’t there, so who helped him find a building? When he was admitted to university, Big Black wasn’t there, so who had helped him with his passport? Who had helped him contact the foreign university? How had he lived alone in a foreign country for three years without Big Black?

His Hang Hang… What kind of suffering did he have to go through in order to achieve such success today?

Lu Chengye dared not imagine it. He couldn’t imagine it. Ever since he met Zhang Hang, he had never imagined Zhang Hang living without him. Everything Zhang Hang had done was according to his plan, so in a certain fashion, he was accompanying the youth every step of the way.

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His finger fell onto the body of the youth in the picture. This photo of Zhang Hang had been secretly taken in Black in Kaishi by the private investigator. The young man was dressed in a vest and located in his own bar, where he was neatly mixing cocktails. When he poured the alcohol into a glass, a hair fell from his ear and brushed against his face, making him seem particularly gentle. However, under the young man’s clothes, it could be seen that although he was thin, he was not skinny. Under the suit, a robust and perfect body was hidden. t3bZmj

This was his Hang Hang. He’d kept Hang Hang company everyday as he grew up. There was no difference between the Hang Hang in Big Black’s memory and the current one besides his temperament, which accumulated over the years.

After collecting the photos, Lu Chengye said to Lu Xincheng, “Go and make preparations. I’m going out.”

“Where are you going?” Lu Xincheng said with surprise, “You were in a car accident and have been in a coma for half a month. Now you’re going to leave the hospital after only taking a few day’s rest? No, you must wait for your body to heal. The people in charge of the company will not make any mistakes. Even if you want to find out who tried to harm you, you don’t have to do it right this minute. ”

Lu Chengye glanced at Lu Xincheng, then directly took out his phone to call his personal assistant. Over the years, Lu Xincheng had changed from assistant president to vice president. Although the nature of his work had not changed very much, he now only dealt with company matters. Lu Chengye hired another person to manage his personal affairs called Bai Xiyu. yHXf1x

“Xiyu, come pick me up at the hospital and bring me a suit,” Lu Chengye called and immediately said.

Lu Xincheng: “You…”

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“I know my own body and won’t act recklessly,” Lu Chengye said calmly. Hang Hang couldn’t see, so Lu Chengye had to recover and help Hang Hang to do all the things he couldn’t.

An hour later, Bai Xiyu drove over to pick up Lu Chengye. Lu Xincheng couldn’t change his mind and could only helplessly watch as Lu Chengye finished struggling into a change of clothes. He was then pushed out of the room in a wheelchair by Bai Xiyu. qYArTx

After Lu Chengye got into the car, he first asked Bai Xiyu to drive to Dong Mingfan’s company. He was eager to see Zhang Hang. Even if he had to look from a distance, he would be able to know if Hang Hang was living well.

Unfortunately, as a registered legal advisor, Zhang Hang didn’t need to go to work at the company every day, so Lu Chengye had exerted himself in vain. He then visited Zhang Hang’s home in Beijing with Bai Xiyu, but no one was there. At this point, night had fallen, and Lu Chengye casually ate at a roadside restaurant. With one last glimmer of hope, he went to Black.

There were a lot of people in Black, but it wasn’t crowded, so Lu Chengye successfully managed to walk into the bar using crutches. With a glance, he saw a young man mixing cocktails for guests in the middle of a circular bar.

Even after five years, he looked as if he hadn’t aged at all. He was still handsome and gentle. Maybe because he went to university, his temperament had changed a bit. He was calmer and more at peace than before. His dark and soulful eyes, now deeper than they had been in the past, attracted one’s gaze and drew them in. PHb72T

If not for his broken leg, Lu Chengye was afraid he might lick Zhang Hang’s face at first sight!

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sere: LICK LICK LICK but also can i just say – a mere blind person?? What kind of ableist is this?? Helen Keller anyone?

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