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The Seeing Eye DogChapter 36


editor/TLC: serefina & Rin

About coming across his own past self, Big Black soon threw it behind him and didn’t want Zhang Hang to bring it up. Hang Hang said he was really insidious… Even though he was no longer Lu Chengye, he still didn’t want to hear such things from the person he liked. Of course he had hoped that Zhang Hang would try to understand Lu Chengye, but this was an impossible wish. Zhang Hang would not approach Lu Chengye, and the Lu Chengye of five years ago would not pay much attention to a blind man. At this time, Lu Chengye just wanted to cleanse the company of the worms infesting it, so as to avoid the possibility of them once again ruining this company that he had finally gotten to run smoothly. Iab79e

Whether it was his current self or Hang Hang, after all was said and done, they were parallel lines with the Lu Chengye of this time, and there was no need for them to mix together.

In any case… let’s immediately sign a contract to make Hang Hang rich!

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Big Black wagged his tail and took Zhang Hang to see Dong Mingyi to sign the contract. Dong Mingyi was the developer of the e-commerce software. Besides being a software technician, he also had excellent business sense and management ability. In the future, his company would become more and more popular. With these angel investments alone, Hang Hang would be able to lead a safe and stable life.

With this money, Big Black thought that Hang Hang could do whatever he wanted. Lu Chengye could see that Hang Hang planned to open a bar, but this bar was not for just him anymore. Zhang Hang wanted to open a bar full of blind bartenders, so his classmates could work in a clean and safe environment. Bars could be unprofitable, but as long as he broke even, that was fine. He didn’t need those profits to live, as the dividends would be enough. Rz07 A

After the bar was on the right track, he could take Hang Hang abroad for university if the boy wanted to study. Lu Chengye calculated that he should have another six or seven years to live, just long enough for Hang Hang to graduate with knowledge, strength, and a fixed income. Then, even if the bar went bankrupt, even if the dividends were no longer available, Hang Hang would be able to look after himself.

As for finding his other half… Lu Chengye privately decided not to think about it. If Hang Hang met an excellent person who could replace Big Black to accompany him for the rest of his life, then even if Lu Chengye was sad and heartbroken, he would endure. He was just a Labrador, would he be able to live for more than a decade?

Still, he would not take the initiative to match-make!

“Wu…” Thinking of this, Big Black threatened the imaginary enemy with a low growl, which drew Zhang Hang to inexplicably touch his head. EVWgdc

“What’s wrong, Big Black? What do you see?” Zhang Hang asked in confusion.

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“Woof!” Lu Chengye gave a simple bark and wagged his tail, acting as if he’d never thought of such things. Although Zhang Hang couldn’t see the dog, he could hear a trace of flattery in Big Black’s bark.

“Haha, what are you thinking about? I really want to know.” Zhang Hang laughed, very happy and relaxed. Lu Chengye found that Zhang Hang had been laughing more recently and looking very happy.

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So, was it him who was bringing happiness to his little master? At the thought of this, Lu Chengye felt very proud! hCYNbo

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If Lu Chengye didn’t have a car accident, then Hang Hang would be left crying alone in the hospital when he found out that he wasn’t Zhang Qiming’s biological son. Then, Zhao Xiaolian would sell her house and abandon him, and Zhang Qiming’s new wife would drive Hang Hang out of the small high-rise condo. He would be lonely and helpless. Even if Hang Hang was strong enough to live and study in a school for the blind, what about his heart? Who would care about a blind child’s feelings?

Even though he knew he would get into an accident in the future, and even though he knew that being a dog was inconvenient and he could only live for about ten years, Big Black still chose to go on living in this way. He would not try to stop the accident.

For the sake of his Hang Hang, nothing else mattered. YjWAal

He had been very happy over the last five years, happier than he was when he was a human being. In the future, he would continue happily accompanying Hang Hang.

“Woof!” Big Black happily woofed from beside Hang Hang and rubbed his head against the young man’s thigh, which was very strong and muscular.

In addition to signing the contract, Big Black wanted to make sure Hang Hang relaxed and had fun over the seven days they were staying in the presidential suite. For many years, Zhang Hang had been studying without any time to breathe. Others were unemployed after graduation, but Big Black thought that Zhang Hang could relax and rest. Anyway, it wasn’t like they were short on money, so they could enjoy themselves.

However, because Zhang Hang couldn’t see, they couldn’t play at a lot of scenic spots… Of course, it didn’t matter, having visited and eating there was good enough! CZ0jUW

There were many delicious snacks in Beijing. Lu Chengye himself was a foodie, and knew where the tasty snack stands were. He wanted to take Hang Hang on a tour. Of course, because of the nature of Zhang Hang’s profession, he couldn’t eat anything with too strong a taste, it was okay if he only did it occasionally. There were still many places of interest in Beijing. Even if he couldn’t see them, Hang Hang should still go and have fun.

He then took Hang Hang to a few quiet high-end bars to sample some famous bartenders’ cocktails. This way, Hang Hang would learn more. Well… Lu Chengye refused to admit that he liked the way Hang Hang looked when he was drunk. He would blush, hold Big Black in his arms, and touch the dog’s belly and ears… Lu Chengye especially liked to be touched by Hang Hang!

Thinking about this, Big Black’s tail wagged even more energetically.

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It wasn’t hard for Zhang Hang to sign the contract with Dong Mingyi. With Lu Chengye’s experience, Zhang Hang didn’t do anything. He didn’t inspect the product or check the company, and just needed to bring the money. He then took the contract to the notary office and signed it directly after confirmation. It was very refreshing. All formalities had been completed in only three days, which made Dong Mingyi dumbfounded. LqUhC5

This was thirty million yuan, not three thousand. He would hesitate to buy something for three thousand yuan, but thirty million was invested just like that? Did the young man not want to investigate at all?

Dong Ming couldn’t help but ask Zhang Hang this question.

“…Do you have confidence in the products you develop?” The blind youth “looked” at him with a pair of bottomless black eyes. Seeing them would calm people’s hearts.

“Of course I have confidence!” Dong Mingyi said. “According to the market research and the business plan I made, in the future, e-commerce will move toward mobile phones. More and more consumers like to buy things with mobile phones, this is the general trend! Our products will make a lot of money!” CTX7HJ

“Since you are so certain, then why are you wondering?” Zhang Hang said naturally. “You will make a lot of money in the future. If I don’t sign quickly, do I have to wait for someone else to come and grab it?”

“…This makes sense. You are so wise!” Dong Mingyi nodded his hard hard in agreement. He had complete faith in Zhang Hang’s words.

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Looking at his puffed out chest and head held high, Lu Chengye wagged his tail. In the future, Hang Hang’s income depends on your efforts.

“Big Black, should we go back to Kaishi? The hotel is booked for seven days, and there are three days left… I’m sorry, but can we apply for a refund…” Zhang Hang asked Lu Chengye weakly. lA7SZ6

“Awoo!” Big Black bit Hang Hang’s fingers with dissatisfaction. Don’t be so careful, we’re rich and we’re here to have fun. Three days isn’t enough, I want to take you to eat all over Beijing!

“But, it really is a lot of money…” Zhang Hang’s mouth was still drawn back painfully. This was not because of his commoner mentality, rather… it was really just so wasteful.

Yes, Lu Chengye also thought it was wasteful. The hotel was obviously his own, so it was painful to spend money in order to live in his own home. He was reluctant to spend the money, but had no other choice. Who told him that he was now Big Black? He wanted to take Hang Hang to play!

In his first year of high school, when Zhao Xiaolian abandoned him that summer vacation, Hang Hang was alone and blind. He could only live in Xiao Ren’s house. His former classmates and friends had asked him whether he’d like to spend summer vacation with them vacationing. They would work odd jobs while traveling, then return back to school in two months. At the time, Zhang Hang rejected his classmates’ invitation as he had too many things to worry about it. However, Lu Chengye had clearly seen the loneliness and envy on Zhang Hang’s face. He also wanted to live such a carefree life. Mnt0X7

Hang Hang, you need not be envious of them. I am here, whatever you want, I will do my best to give you.

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So, they could travel around, and not just to Beijing. Anyway, they didn’t lack money, so in the next six months or year, they could go tour around.

Like this, he cheerfully decided. Big Black led Zhang Hang to a famous snack spot in Beijing. They would start with eating, first.

In fact, Lu Chengye also wanted to travel. When Zhang Hang’s classmates proposed the idea, he was quite surprised that such young students would have such an idea. They would have bright futures ahead of them. Lu Chengye, as the chairman of a company, hadn’t had enough time to go out and play. Now, he planned to take Zhang Hang and himself to create beautiful memories he could treasure during his limited life. dHOtw5

He wanted Zhang Hang, after his death, to remember the happy memories they shared. In this way, even if he couldn’t accompany Zhang Hang until he was old and grey, Zhang Hang would always recall those good times.

He wanted to bring the happiness of the entire world to Zhang Hang!

Back in the hotel that evening, Lu Chengye lay in front of the computer and painstakingly typed on the keyboard with his paws, choosing several scenic spots. After taking a bath, Zhang Hang was wrapped in a bath towel, his hair half-dry. His immeasurably sexy young body was already stuck to Lu Chengye. He hugged Big Black’s body and asked, “Big Black… what do you want to do with the computer?”

Lu Chengye tapped in the keyboard and the webpage’s introduction of a scenic spot was played. Zhang Hang listened for a while before asking, “You want… to travel? What about opening the bar?” Ft6SMj

“Woof!” We can talk about it later. Big Black rubbed his head against Zhang Hang’s chest, and was unable to resist licking it.

“It’s itchy, don’t lick it.” Zhang Hang carelessly covered Big Black’s mouth, and the dog licked his palm.

“Big Black wants to take me out to have fun?” Zhang Hang asked, his voice containing a bit of joy.

“Woof!” Yes, how about leaving for half a year? etlsFP

“But the bar… forget it, I can just say I’m traveling to study. How about every place we stop, I can sample a local bartender’s cocktails?” Zhang Hang was looking forward to it.

“Woof!” Like this, they happily decided!


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