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The Seeing Eye DogChapter 31


editor/TLC: serefina

Lu Chengye’s suspicions were correct. During the weekend shortly after the move, Shen Wan, Zhang Qiming’s new wife, ran to Zhang Hang’s old residence and pounded on the door. Of course, she came behind Zhang Qiming’s back. Her husband, as she understood him, attached great importance to her feelings and was a little naive. He definitely wouldn’t allow her to seek out Zhang Hang on her own. CP8Vhz

Actually, Shen Wan knew of Zhang Hang’s existence before she got married. She had also voluntarily married Zhang Qiming, who was nearly ten years her senior and already had a son who was nearly an adult. She should have been able to accept Zhang Hang’s existence. Besides, the boy had the ability to take care of himself and didn’t get along well with his family nor live with them, so Shen Wan wasn’t hindered at all. She originally thought like this. The ex-wife’s son would soon leave the house of his own volition, so she didn’t need to worry too much. He was practically non-existent.

Who knew that after getting married, her husband would tell her his son was blind, and he wanted to keep supporting the child until he finished university abroad! Before, she had heard something completely different from her mother-in-law Wang Guiying. Her mother-in-law said that the cost for attending the School for the Blind was low, and the child didn’t spend much money. After graduating from vocational high school, they would no longer care for him. It wouldn’t be long before they’d be enjoying their life as newlyweds. Shen Wan originally heard that her husband was unwilling to take care of the blind son that had been awarded to his ex-wife by the court. It was only after her mother-in-law said that it would not be for long that he was able to reluctantly compromise. But who knew that according to what her husband meant, the blind child would burden them for ten plus years more? How could she agree?!

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Nevertheless, Shen Wan didn’t show her dissatisfaction, instead spending her time winning her husband over little by little. Although she was much younger than Zhang Qiming, she could see that most of his eagerness to get married had come from his family’s pressure. He didn’t feel much for her. At most, he had a favorable impression. However, affection stemmed from interaction, and under Shen Wan’s gentle consideration, day by day, Zhang Qiming gradually began to enjoy the happiness of marriage. Zhao Xiaolian had never shown him consideration, but Shen Wan gave him everything.

This way, Shen Wan started to subtly weaken Zhang Qiming’s feelings for Zhang Hang. Every time he went to visit Zhang Hang, she was deliberately unhappy for a while. She’d appear aggrieved or pretend to be unwell soZhang Qiming would change his mind and stay with her. If two people did not often meet, then no matter how deep their feelings were, they would gradually fade over time. Zhang Qiming no longer mentioned Zhang Hang as often. At this time, Shen Wan thought freely about how to raise their children when she later became pregnant, and casually mentioned about how much it would cost to send a college student abroad. Whenever she spoke about it, Zhang Qiming would have a complicated expression. E5g0qL

Later, her mother-in-law let slip that Zhang Hang was not Zhang Qiming’s biological son. This time, Shen Wan exploded. If it was his own child, she would be able to endure until they graduated from vocational high school and found a job. Now, because the child had no biological ties to the family, they were extremely charitable to even support him until he was 18!

That night, she cried to Zhang Qiming, not because she didn’t want to raise someone else’s child, but because she was distressed that Zhang Qiming had been deceived by Zhao Xiaolian for so many years. This matter was a thorn in Zhang Qiming’s heart, but now that Shen Wan loved and comforted him, his heart felt quite comfortable. The couple spent a sweet night together. At this time, Shen Wan engaged in pillow talk with him again and directly stated that she didn’t want to continue supporting Zhang Hang for such a long time because she was afraid that Zhang Qiming would be upset. Zhang Qiming also accepted it in his heart.

People would change little by little, and feelings could gradually fade.

Thanks to Shen Wan’s efforts, Zhang Qiming began to regret his original promise, due to the cost and energy used to send Hang Hang abroad for study. In the future, he would have his own children. What would he do if the blind child dragged him down?


However, he still had feelings for Zhang Hang. Thinking of what he said before, he didn’t want to go back on his word. So, when Zhang Hang chose his major, Zhang Qiming didn’t reach out or visit. He told himself in his heart that Hang Hang was an adult, and that he was in charge of his own future. In truth, there was an unexpectedly dark idea forming in his heart. He understood Zhang Hang. That child was reluctant to bother others, and if left to his own devices, would want to work as soon as possible.

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Sure enough, when he went to find Zhang Hang before school started in September, he found that the child had chosen a vocational high school. He was relieved in his heart, yet also felt slightly guilty.

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Like this, the fatherly love that had belonged to Zhang Hang slowly disappeared. JejuNm

When Shen Wan was pregnant, Zhang Qiming happened to be very busy at work and often had to leave for business. He had no time to pay for Zhang Hang’s living expenses. At this time, Shen Wan volunteered to take over, and Zhang Qiming followed her wishes. When Zhang Hang turned 18, Shen Wan stopped taking care of his living expenses. She waited for Zhang Hang to come and ask for money so that she would have a way to make Zhang Qiming think Zhang Hang was harassing a pregnant woman. This way, Zhang Qiming would be furious and would break off all relations with Zhang Hang. Then, when the moment came, the child would not receive ownership of the condo.

He was not part of the Zhang family, so why should he live in such a good condo? It was now worth more than one million! After all, that money rightfully belonged to her future children.

Shen Wan had prepared a good plan, but after two months there was no sign of activity from Zhang Hang. He hadn’t asked for money at all.

He must have anticipated this! Shen Wan thought, well, but it was only stopped for two months. However, speaking of Zhang Hang turning 18, as long as Zhang Qiming was still muddled by emotions, he would transfer ownership of the condo to Zhang Hang. Once he did, there would be no room for recovery! The more she thought about it, the more reluctant she became. In the end, she decided to visit the condo directly. She did not believe that the adult Zhang Hang had enough face to depend on a father that was not his own. n8Grdd

Unfortunately, no one opened the door even after she had pounded on it for half a day. She stuck her ear to the door, but heard no sound from inside. Shen Wan knew that Zhang Hang owned a dog, and had come with the intention of getting scared by the dog and having stomach pains. If someone was at home,then even if they didn’t open the door, there would still be barking, right? Shen Wan thought like this, knowing that she had come in vain, and planned to visit again at another time.

She continued coming for an entire month, and up until summer vacation, there was never anyone inside. It was not until one day when she came across the property manager that she became aware of the fact that the people living in the condo had already moved away, and no one had lived there for quite a while.

This… Zhang Hang wouldn’t have sold the house and left, would he? The real estate certificate had Zhang Hang’s name on it and it was still in his possession! Shen Wan quickly went home and told Zhang Qiming that Zhang Hang had long since stopped living in the small high-rise. Zhang Qiming was stunned.

Sure, he hadn’t visited the child for a long time, but… Ty8m6F

It wasn’t likely that something unforeseen had happened, right?

Zhang Qiming promptly called Zhang Hang and heard, “Hello, Dad?” When hearing this voice, he suddenly felt an indescribable guilt. He felt as if he didn’t deserve to be addressed as father.

“Cough cough… Hang Hang, how are you doing recently? And… how did you know it was me? I hadn’t spoken yet,” Zhang Qiming asked. He knew that Zhang Hang couldn’t see the caller ID, so how had he known it was him?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“When my phone rings, it says the number of who is calling. I know my father’s number,” Zhang Hang said, touching Big Black’s head. “I’ve been very good recently, Dad doesn’t need to worry.” jQWMmp

“But… the building’s property manager said you moved away a long time ago!”

“Mhm,” Zhang Hang said, nodding. “I’m eighteen years old and it’s no longer good to have Dad take care of me all the time. Dad said he’d give me the condo, but I moved out because I couldn’t accept it. I haven’t changed the door lock. Dad still has the key right? The certificate is in the condo, so when you have a minute, you can remove my name from it.”

“This…” Zhang Qiming was about to say “How could it work?” when he heard Shen Wan nearby saying, “He is still pretty sensible.”

After Shen Wan became pregnant, Wang Guiying had moved into Zhang Qiming’s house to care for her daughter-in-law. She also said, “If he knew that he shouldn’t have allowed you to care for him these past two years, then the son that our Qiming helped someone else raise for 18 years has really been let off easily! Qiming, hurry and get the condo back, then remove him from the household register to avoid being taken advantage of in the future.” rufbU3

Zhang Qiming frowned, holding the phone tightly in his hand. Shen Wan quickly grabbed his other hand and placed it on her slightly protruding stomach.

He sighed, as if accepting fate, and said over the phone, “Well, you are now an adult. Let’s find a time and change your registered residence as well.”

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“Okay, Dad.” Zhang Hang’s voice was calm and indifferent, without the slightest bit of grievance. It was still as gentle as before.

After Zhang Qiming put down the phone, he was silent and didn’t sleep all night. He ran to Zhang Hang’s old room and pulled out a lot of photos that had been hidden under the bed. From his birth to age 15, every photo was kept. Zhang Qiming looked at the pictures and heaved a sigh. Shen Wan, in a nightgown, embraced him from behind. “Qiming, go back to sleep. These pictures… if they’re useless, just throw them away. In the future, we will redecorate this room for the baby.” mPMbxD

“These pictures… I’ll give them to Hang Hang.” Zhang Qiming hesitated, but finally decided not to throw away the photos. However, he didn’t plan to keep them for himself.

So be it. After all, the child wasn’t his biological son. He’d done his best. In the future, it would have to be like this, as his own child would be born soon.

On the other side, after Zhang Hang put down the phone, there was also some silence. He slowly hugged Big Black and said softly, “Big Black, I’ll truly be alone in the future.”

His voice contained some sadness, but not too much. He was strong, and no longer the helpless child that was abandoned two years ago. Go 2dN

“Woof, woof, woof!” Big Black barked angrily.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Ah, yes. I’m not alone, I have Big Black with me.” Zhang Hang stroked Big Black’s fur apologetically, smoothing it.

A week later, Zhang Hang took his household register and a box of old photos, then said goodbye to Zhang Qiming and returned home. As for his living expenses in the future, Zhang Qiming hadn’t asked and Zhang Hang didn’t mention it, and the topic was dropped.

At home, Zhang Hang, with the help of Big Black, sorted out the photos and put them in boxes according to date. There was also a new album, which Zhang Qiming and Zhao Xiaolian had bought before their divorce, that did not yet contain any photos. W1Kzs9

Zhang Hang touched the cover of the album and said to Big Black, “Big Black, shall we also take photos? Every holiday, let’s take a picture together.”


In the coming days, they would walk the same road.

sere: goddamn i hate this white lotus. Like usually there’s this “oh she’s a white lotus ew” for all the cannon fodder characters but this time it’s in your face, it’s very logical, and it’s not exaggerated, and it makes me hate her just that much more because it’s believable.
bear: yeah, like, i understand her perspective!! which makes it so much worse!! ycvFAG

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  1. Oh, I think she is too paranoid. I understand that she thinks that what she did is right but ZH wants robbing her kr her future child!

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    Thanks for the great translation ♥️♥️

  3. I really hate this Zhang Qiming more than his wife. Some pillow talk and his affection for his son (even if it’s not biological) that he raised for 15 years gone in just a few months.

  4. I’m now convinced, this novel has not one decent female character :’D And ZQM’s justification of ‘not having the time’ for the monthly payment of living expenses… ouch, srsly? Because it takes so much time for that lololol It can just be a good thing that Hang Hang is with Big Black now in their own home. Hope he will soon turn into human again and shower Hang Hang with all the love he deserves :3

    Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)


  6. What’s the point of handing the photos over you POS father?! So blind Hang Hang can look at them and fondly remember you? Keep your fake affection to yourself.

    I see this a lot in CN web novels. Father’s abandoning their children for the new ones from the new wife. Are family relationships so easily broken over there? Are blended families not a thing?I have a friend who dated and married an already pregnant girl knowing the baby wasn’t his, raised that baby like his own, divorced the girl, lost custody, and still treats that little girl every bit like his.

    Are blood ties that important? If so, no kid anywhere would ever get adopted.

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  9. Sometimes Zhang Qiming will be highlighted as a great dad and then he will be described as a weak person. No matter reality or not, blood do always count. Still I will give ZQ some points for trying to take care of Zhang Hang though he quit halfway in loving him. He’s still better than the real father who didn’t care for him at all.

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