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The Seeing Eye DogChapter 30


editor/TLC: serefina

Since moving out of Xiao Ren’s house, Lu Chengye hadn’t bathed with Zhang Hang for a long time. Zhang Hang was familiar with the placement of each piece of furniture in the condo and the part-time workers wouldn’t move anything, so he could walk around freely without Big Black’s assistance. Before each bath, Lu Chengye would go into the bathroom and check that nothing had been moved. Of course, he still relied on Zhang Hang to keep him clean, but being bathed and bathing together were totally different things! kaWBeJ

So, with an attitude of feigning refusal, he was pushed into the bathroom by Zhang Hang. He looked up and down at the young man’s figure. Although Zhang Hang was blind, he never neglected his exercise, and his body was much better than it was a year ago. Lu Chengye couldn’t help scratching his nose with a claw.

Dogs… couldn’t get nosebleeds, could they? They shouldn’t… no way.

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When Zhang Hang was drunk he didn’t act too foolishly, he was just a little clingy. He wanted them to bathe and sleep together. If he was hugging Big Black, he was extremely unwilling to relinquish his hold. If he wasn’t allowed to hug, he didn’t cry, but he would immediately try to reach out to him with his hands. In short, he wanted to hug Big Black.

Lu Chengye felt quite helpless. While he was in this dog body, he didn’t want to have any improper thoughts about Zhang Hang. However, the current situation was completely out of his control! Lu Chengye could only stand rigidly as he was held and rubbed by Zhang Hang. He pawed at the pajamas next to him and rubbed his head against the youth’s neck. The fresh and pleasant scent of the young man after bathing made Lu Chengye feel restless. He licked Zhang Hang’s fingers and couldn’t help but “woof” sternly, expressing, Hang Hang, put on your pajamas or you will catch a cold. G2H9tk

Because his bark was so serious, Zhang Hang didn’t dare to continue rubbing, so he felt around for his pajamas and put them on slowly. After wearing them, Zhang Hang, who looked like SpongeBob, smiled at Lu Chengye. “Big Black, let’s sleep together.”

Lu Chengye felt as though there was liquid coming from his nose, but when he raised his paw he felt nothing. He slowly walked to Zhang Hang’s side and rubbed his head against the young man’s thigh. Hang Hang laughed happily and leaped into bed, with Lu Chengye following him.

Ordinarily, Zhang Hang was calm and strong, and could work hard to overcome any obstacles without showing any weakness. However, while drunk, Zhang Hang acted a bit like a spoiled child, wanted others’ body warmth, and was eager to hug.

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He held Lu Chengye firmly in his arms and rested his head on the dog’s neck, saying softly, “Big Black is so warm and comfortable to hug.” jRJ95r

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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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Lu Chengye raised his hind leg and scratched at his face. The hot feeling gradually subsided, leaving only pity for the child.

His Hang Hang, when sober, did not act spoiled at all, instead trying to be strong. When drunk, he could only be spoiled with a dog, so Lu Chengye might as well be the recipient of his tantrums. No matter whether it took once, twice, or countless more times, he would accompany Hang Hang until the young man’s drinking capacity improved. 1Mxtl0

One man and one dog slept all afternoon. Zhang Hang slept soundly and dreamed he had returned to the time when his family was joyful and harmonious. When he woke up, his whole body felt light and his heart was incomparably happy. On the other hand, Lu Chengye was miserable. He slept on and off. When he was woken by the heat, he wanted to move the quilt and stretched out a paw to touch the cold air, only for Zhang Hang to move along with him. Seeing the sleeping teenager, Lu Chengye blushed and didn’t have the heart to wake him. He could only endure. Ah, he would have a heat rash all afternoon!

In the end, it was the part-time worker who came to cook dinner that woke Zhang Hang up. He didn’t have a hangover headache. After all, he didn’t drink too much, only enough to remember the taste. His getting drunk wasn’t because his capacity for liquor was lacking, but rather because his heart was filled with too much pain and he needed a way to vent his feelings. Now, he’d gotten rid of all the feelings he wanted out of his system, so he was relaxed. He got off the bed, then closed the door and slowly changed into clothes.

Finally, Lu Chengye was free. He leaped out of bed, feeling numb all over. To regain feeling in his body, he jumped up and down. From time to time, he’d glance at Zhang Hang as he changed clothes, secretly feeling pleased.

This first drunken episode had ended with Zhang Hang acting coquettish and Lu Chengye tolerating it. It was a small matter, but it let Lu Chengye know that Zhang Hang still needed love as he matured. His parents couldn’t provide it, but that didn’t matter, since Lu Chengye could! d2k4wI

Zhang Hang found that since then, Big Black had become even clingier. They had already been inseparable, but now, Big Black preferred physical contact. As long as Zhang Hang raised a hand, it would meet with a hairy body. This made Zhang Hang’s heart feel at peace.

The next day, he went to the bartending teacher’s house again. He hadn’t forgotten any of the wine from yesterday, so Zhang Hang was a little gifted in this respect. It would be impossible to become an internationally famous bartender, but he would be able to get a job in Kaishi as long as he had a reputation. After getting the bartending teacher’s approval, Zhang Hang contacted the headmaster to apply for a transfer of classes. He then bought bartending textbooks and began to study hard.

Bartenders had very high requirements for English and etiquette. Fortunately, for the first half of the year bartending majors had only learned basic knowledge and not etiquette, so Zhang Hang could still catch up. As for English, that was his strong suit. He had mastered the English vocabulary required for mixing alcohol over the holiday. He was a good student.

The part-time workers still asked for leave over the 2008 Spring Festival, and Xiao Ren wasn’t on duty, so he had already returned home ages ago. This year, it was only Lu Chengye and Zhang Hang. However, Zhang Hang was still practicing his cooking skills. Finally, this year, instead of going to a hotel restaurant, he made several dishes and as many dumplings as he could! tep ox

These dumplings were made entirely by hand. Their shapes were average, but the taste was not that heavy, much better than the hotel-bought dumplings. Zhang Hang now studied bartending. The industry had a very high demand for taste, so his diet had to be light. This was one of the reasons why Zhang Hang was now able to explore cooking and not order meals from the hotel this year. Like this, Zhang Hang’s food became as light as Lu Chengye’s. The part-time worker aunt also switched to lighter meals according to Zhang Hang’s request. This brought suffering to the Xiao Ren that returned to Kaishi after the new year. The food was much too light, he wanted oil, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar!

“It’s better to eat light foods, Brother Ren,” Zhang Hang said seriously at the dinner table. “Your work schedule isn’t normal. If you don’t pay attention to your diet, you will easily get sick. It’s better to eat like this than get sick from eating instant noodles.”

He might as well eat instant noodles… Xiao Ren cursed in his heart, but when Big Black stared at him to prevent him from secretly wasting food, he could only helplessly continue to eat. As time went by, he got used to the light taste, and the food in the canteen no longer appealed to him. He thought it was too salty!

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In the spring of 2008. Zhang Qiming’s new wife became pregnant. Zhang Hang didn’t hear about it until summer. At the time, Zhang Qiming hadn’t come to visit him for half a year, not even on New Year. Last month, the part-time worker aunt awkwardly told Zhang Hang that Zhang Qiming hadn’t paid her for a month. Without a word, Zhang Hang directly put her salary into the part-time worker aunt’s account. Since then, her salary had been settled by him. gF3YyI

At that time, Lu Chengye’s heart sank. Sure enough, what they had worried about really happened. Fortunately, in the spring of 2008, Hang Hang was already 18 years old, and had already fully adapted to living as a blind person. He would no longer be as helpless as when Zhao Xiaolian had suddenly abandoned him and Lu Chengye could only take him to the police station to ask for help.

On Zhang Hang’s 18th birthday, Lu Chengye took Zhang Hang to a real estate agency to look for a house close to the School for the Blind that was just as convenient as the condo and was ready to move into. He was no longer short of money, and since the intermediary company’s service was good, he soon found a suitable house. It was a small, high-class residence that was unlived in and new. Nearby transportation and shopping were very convenient, and it was only a ten minute walk from the School for the Blind. This was closer than Zhang Hang’s current residence.

The only drawback was the expensive price. The small, high-class building consisting of more than 100 square meters actually cost 2 million yuan, and the cost of housing in Kaishi had started to skyrocket. Lu Chengye remembered that this was the time when he’d borrowed money and contracted several projects to make a fortune, which brought the company back on track. In this way, the imbalance in house prices would be put down. Zhang Hang and Lu Chengye were not short on money. Even if they bought the house, they would still have several million saved. Of course, even with several million yuan, they couldn’t sit idly. However, neither Lu Chengye nor Zhang Hang intended to depend on the saved money for their entire lives. In recent years, the money was for making Zhang Hang’s life better and more comfortable, so he no longer had to depend on other people.

After the house was bought, Zhang Hang chose an auspicious day to ask a moving company to move everything over, not informing Zhang Qiming. Under the circumstances, notifying him didn’t make sense. He didn’t know if it was a coincidence that Zhang Hang had just turned 18 when Zhang Qiming stopped paying the part-time worker aunt. In other words, from this month on, Zhang Qiming would no longer care about Zhang Hang, because he was now an adult. T39K5Q

Zhang Hang and Lu Chengye clearly knew this, but were unexpectedly not sad. Xiao Ren helped them move to their new home and praised the new house. “My god, I can’t believe you’ll be living in such a nice house. This furniture… is this what your father bought for you? Probably not.”

Officer Xiao was as sharp as ever. Zhang Hang smiled and said, “I won the lottery. Don’t tell anyone.”

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“!!!!” Xiao Ren suddenly rushed to Zhang Hang and got down on one knee. “The man who won the jackpot after betting twice last year, don’t tell me that was you!”

“It was me.” Zhang Hang touched Big Black, saw that he had no reaction, then admitted it frankly. By now, it had been nearly a year, and the excitement from winning the jackpot had died down. The money was in his possession and the house had been bought, so there was nothing left to say. Of course, the reason why he told Xiao Ren was because both Zhang Hang and Lu Chengye knew that he was an upright and honest person who would not have any evil intentions towards them due to the money. iq2h9s

“Truly… Heaven has good eyes!” Xiao Ren clapped Zhang Hang’s shoulder with a happy expression on his face. “The Heavens are generous to you!”

See, not only was he not jealous, he blessed them too.

sere: also took a bartending class for a few months~~ v interesting y’all i recommend
bear: XR is such a good friend ;u;


Translator's Note

“半推半就”, to strike an attitude of half-declining and half-accepting so as to provoke the other party to greater or more ardent efforts or to a more agreeable offer

Translator's Note

unsure of why this was mentioned.. it might be referencing how smily he is while drunk, or his pajamas may have a spongebob pattern???

Translator's Note

“油盐酱醋” figuratively means the trivia of everyday life, but this time it’s actually being used literally

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