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The Seeing Eye DogChapter 28


editor/TLC: serefina

Lu Chengye was able to compromise and finally allow Zhang Hang to choose to attend vocational high school, firstly because he realized that he couldn’t accompany him for his entire life, and Zhang Hang therefore needed to quickly become independent and support himself. Secondly, Lu Chengye had seen Zhang Qiming’s change in attitude after getting married. Before the marriage, he’d hoped Zhang Hang would attend the ceremony and saw him as his only son. After the marriage, he wasn’t sure whether Zhang Hang had accidentally or intentionally not come, but whatever the reason, Zhang Qiming was slowly changing, and it wasn’t for the better. uyApFS

So, vocational high school it was. Lu Chengye didn’t want Hang Hang to get hurt again in the future because of Zhang Qiming’s new wife. This time, he respected Zhang Hang’s choice.

Zhang Hang also faintly understood. Even at the start, he had thought that living together with Zhang Qiming would make him a burden, and that they would eventually tire of each other. How could such a smart child not notice the change in the number of visits compared to before Zhang Qiming got married?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

That was why Zhang Hang previously had chosen the profession of being a masseuse; it was the fastest way to earn money.

Although Zhang Hang had compromised this time, once he was short of money, Lu Chengye was afraid he would switch to being a masseuse without hesitation. While he didn’t look down upon the masseuse industry, he also didn’t want Zhang Hang to be so hands-on with people. There was also the fact that being a masseuse was very difficult. After a year, Zhang Hang’s beautiful fingers would deform and become calloused and his joints would be inflamed. Compared to being a tuner or bartender, a masseuse was not a good choice. aH IXz

Anticipating, anticipating, until the day finally came in the summer of 2007. Big Black stuffed a piece of paper and five yuan into Zhang Hang’s hand, both still stained with his saliva. After inexplicably receiving these items, he was led by Big Black out of the room all the way to the lottery station.

Zhang Hang recognized where they were when he heard the surrounding sounds, but didn’t fantasize about winning and never bought any lottery tickets. But now, Big Black had put a piece of paper and five yuan into Zhang Hang’s hand. He touched Big Black’s head with a shaking palm.

He’d always known that Big Black was unusual. Guide dogs were required to enter school, receive professional training, and hold a license to be given a job. Not any smart dog could perform as a guide dog. Zhang Hang only understood this matter after meeting Dr. Xiao, who had gone out of his way to help Big Black take the guide dog exam and get his license. Nowadays, people with guide dogs are required to show their license before the dog is allowed to enter. It was just more convenient to have a license.

But he hadn’t expected Big Black to be amazing to this extent.


Out of trust in Big Black, Zhang Hang handed in the paper and said, “For this number, I’ll bet twice.”

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That was the number that Big Black had painstakingly tried hundreds of times to write using a pen held in his mouth. It was barely legible. He had written seven numbers, and “double color ball”. After Zhang Hang made his purchase, the person at the counter repeated the number to confirm. Zhang Hang nodded and silently committed it to memory.

Ktf cfza fnfclcu, ktfc atf klccfgr bo atf ibaafgs kfgf ab yf jccbecmfv, tf vfilyfgjafis aegcfv bc atf KN. Snfgs alwf atf tbra qgbvemfv j cewyfg, Itjcu Ljcu’r tjcvr rtbbx, ecali olcjiis, tf kjr mbwqifafis vewyobecvfv!

The first prize was five million, and he’d bet two times! TFu1er

Big Black wagged his tail with pride beside him. Money isn’t a problem, just hand the matter over to me.

Of course, it was impossible for Lu Chengye to remember every winning lottery number. He wasn’t a lottery fan, and even a lottery fan wouldn’t be able to recall every single one. However, he could clearly remember the sports lottery’s future winning numbers, as well as several unexpected wins. Because the sports lottery was so popular, such a precise win was quite conspicuous. They had better receive the prize and deposit it in a low-key manner. This way, it was unlikely anyone would notice the young man had so much money.

Pc 2007, Oe Jtfcusf tjv bcis yffc 19 sfjgr biv, jcv tlr ojatfg kjr rfglberis lii. Lf’v ybeuta j ibaafgs almxfa jcv abiv tlwrfio atja lo tf kjr iemxs fcbeut ab klc atf ibaafgs, tlr vjv kbeiv ufa yfaafg, jcv tf kbeivc’a tjnf ab vfji klat atja jkoei wfrr bo j mbwqjcs. Lf vlvc’a klc… rb tf wluta jr kfii qgfafcv tf tjv cfnfg ybeuta la. Ktja vjs, tf qlmxfv atf cewyfgr bo tlr ojatfg’r ylgatvjs, yea tjvc’a fzqfmafv atf klcclcu cewyfgr ab yf tlr bkc ylgatvjs. Pa kjr ifufcvjgs. Ca atf alwf, Oe Jtfcusf tjv jirb atbeuta la kjr lcmbcmflnjyif. Rbk, tf rilutais ecvfgrabbv. Zjsyf atf klcclcu cewyfgr jcv vjaf obg atlr gbecv kfgf rb ab fcregf atja tf mbeiv fjrlis gfwfwyfg atfw, rb atja tf mbeiv tfiq fcregf j mfgajlc affcjufg tjv j yfaafg fmbcbwlm obecvjalbc ab ajxf mjgf bo tlwrfio.

The reason why he could remember this date was because his father had died the day after the winning numbers were announced. It was impossible for him to forget this day and set of numbers. In other words, during the tomorrow of this time and space, Lu Chengye’s father would die. sS8dkn

“Big Black, you…” Zhang Hang was amazed by his lottery ticket, but suddenly sensed that the dog was feeling down. He quickly held him in his arms and no longer cared about the lottery. Instead, he asked, “What’s wrong, Big Black? Are you upset?”

Lu Chengye rubbed his head against Zhang Hang’s arms, as if drawing strength from his embrace. Tomorrow, his father would die. As for Big Black’s father, he was probably still working as a breeding Labrador, running to every pet store and impregnating dog girls. Lu Chengye’s father, however, would soon leave the world forever.

At present, he was Big Black, and the person he had to take care of was Zhang Hang. Kaishi was too far away from Beijing. He couldn’t lead Hang Hang that far away.

Zhang Hang seemed to be affected by his pet dog’s mood. He silently held Big Black in his arms the whole night, asking nothing. 8RNKCi

The next day, Big Black seemed to be a little more energetic. Zhang Hang now had time to study his lottery ticket. It was amazing that Big Black knew this lottery’s winning number! He put his arms around Big Black’s neck, rubbed it, and asked, “Does Big Black have an ability to guess the winning lottery numbers, or did you only know this one?”

“Woof!” Big Black called out not very confidently.

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“This one is enough.” Zhang Hang chuckled and hugged Big Black. “I’ll still learn to be a tuner. It doesn’t matter if I don’t make much money, since I have Big Black.”

“Woof, woof woof!” He barked confidently a few times and recovered his spirits! zeIKSB

One man and one dog snuck over to Kaishi’s lottery center on their day off. Zhang Hang, though under 18, was over 16 years old and could still receive his prize. After deducting tax, the money was credited to his account. Lu Chengye had taken Zhang Hang to a lottery station far away from the community in which they lived, where nobody knew Zhang Hang. In 2007, it was not popular to monitor lottery stations, so no one knew who the winner was. All they knew was that in a remote lottery station in a remote area, someone won the first prize with two bets!

After winning the lottery, Zhang Hang didn’t change much. He continued to work out every day and was learning how to cook. Although it didn’t taste very good, the food could be eaten. At the beginning of the first semester of vocational high school, Zhang Qiming finally came to see Zhang Hang. It had been one month since his last visit.

“Is school starting in a couple days?” Zhang Qiming asked. “Dad will take you to school. How did the class test go? Can you move up to 10th grade?”

Zhang Hang shook his head and said, “No, I want to find a job after graduating, so I picked vocational high school.” WsGPSv

Zhang Qiming was silent, and Lu Chengye could see the obvious relief in the man’s eyes. He couldn’t help but feel grim in his heart. Fortunately, Hang Hang couldn’t see the expression in his father’s eyes.

“Vocational high school… that will do. That way you can at least support yourself.” Zhang Qiming wiped his face with force. “I’m back, so I will take you to school in a few days.”

But after a few days, Zhang Hang started school and his father never came. What he’d said before were merely words, nothing more.

Zhang Hang hadn’t been able to see Zhang Qiming’s eyes that day, but that didn’t mean he didn’t understand the man. Some promises, at the moment they were spoken, were truly unshakable. However, as time went by, people changed. Just think about it. Once Zhang Qiming’s new wife found out about Zhang Hang’s existence, if he was his biological son, she would simply endure his presence. After all, she wanted to marry Zhang Qiming, a man who had previously been married. She would later discover that Zhang Hang was not Zhang Qiming’s child, yet he bought the boy a house and was intending on supporting him until he graduated university abroad. Any woman who regarded her husband as her private property would not be able to bear it. ifLt13

She probably wouldn’t say anything as it was after all, a new marriage, but would show concern and influence Zhang Qiming’s ideas. Zhang Qiming would change from thinking “I must let my excellent son go to university” to “How long would it take for a blind person to attend university abroad? How much manpower and material resources would be expended?”. Then, his hope would change, instead wanting Zhang Hang to attend a vocational high school. After graduation, he would no longer have to care.

But Zhang Qiming still loved Zhang Hang, so he still hoped to fulfill his promise. However, Zhang Hang chose to go to vocational high school, and so his inner conflict was resolved. Zhang Hang took advantage of the fact that his father was away to make his choice. This way, Zhang Qiming didn’t need to worry about it. He had found a balance between his fatherly love for Zhang Hang and his love for his new wife. In reality, ever since the inner conflict had appeared, no such balance was present. There was only one side continuously giving in, and the other side advancing little by little. The moment he was relieved from his burden for the first time, there would be a compromise for the first time, and there would be a compromise for the last time.

Lu Chengye probably needed to help Zhang Hang buy another house before house prices in the first tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai rose too much. Compared with monthly maintenance and tuition fees, the biggest problem was the small high-rise condo that was also in Zhang Qiming’s name. In this district, a 100 square meter high rise condo was worth more than one million yuan. Zhang Qiming had made it clear that he would remove his name from the real estate certificate once Zhang Hang turned 18, yet what kind of wife would agree?

Lu Chengye didn’t want to compete with Zhang Qiming and his wife. Thankfully, he didn’t have to. Broken bones or sore muscles; no matter if he won or lost, the one ultimately hurt would be Hang Hang. xuoLdb

He wasn’t afraid to cast aside all considerations for the sake of face. Rather, he was afraid there would no longer be any room for recovery between Zhang Hang and Zhang Qiming.

Zhang Hang didn’t want that to happen, nor did Lu Chengye want him to be upset. He hoped that at least Zhang Hang and Zhang Qiming, who had no blood relationship but had lived as father and son for more than ten years, would be able to greet each other when they met.

To protect Zhang Hang, he would never let him suffer the pain of being abandoned ever again!

sere: oof unlocking backstory time
bear: *cracks knuckles* so who wants to beat up ZQM with me C9b jH

Translator's Note

very popular lottery game in which you select 7 red numbers from 1-33, and 1 blue number from 1-16. jackpot is all balls coming up with your numbers. for more information, visit HERE

Translator's Note

$713,165 USD, and he receives double that because he bet on those numbers twice

Translator's Note

another chinese lottery

Translator's Note

sere: so basically it means that his inner conflict would just be one side pushing and one side stepping back. this would eventually lead to his choice, which would in turn lead to a series of compromises, ending in a final time before he decides to stop helping/compromising completely.

Translator's Note

cities in China are divided into tiers, with 1st tier being the highest

Translator's Note


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