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The Seeing Eye DogChapter 23


editor/TLC: serefina

Zhang Hang welcomed the coming of 2007 with a smile, while Lu Chengye spent it restraining himself. sWXSPE

After the Spring Festival, the weather got warmer and warmer. It was the season of growth and multiplication. In other words, it was time for cats and dogs to go into heat.

In fact, in the spring of 2006, Lu Chengye had been a little on edge. His heart had an itch that needed to be scratched, and he wanted to go out every day.  At the time, however, Lu Chengye was not even a year old and not fully mature. Plus, Zhang Hang’s family was a complete mess. First, his parents divorced, then Zhao Xiaolian and Zhang Jianguo had an east window incident, and the entire time Lu Chengye was busy worrying about Zhang Hang’s vision. Even if there were any impulses, they were all pressed down in favor of bigger worries.

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By 2007, Big Black’s body was completely mature. Zhang Hang’s life was slowly improving. He mastered Braille very fast. When he tried to take the freshman exam, his score was very good. Without the lingering psychological pressure weighing on him, Lu Chengye was once again easily distracted.

At first, Lu Chengye didn’t take such matters seriously. Of course, he knew that spring was a dog’s mating season, but had already experienced it once and didn’t find it difficult to manage. As for men, all they had to do was endure the impulses of their lower body for a while until the urge passed. With a human being’s willpower, he could definitely resist a little restlessness! He had no interest in female dogs… Q7Gkgh

But he hadn’t expected that in March, he was unable to sleep in the middle of the night. Instead of lying by Zhang Hang’s bed, he ran to the window and watched the dark scenery all night. Even if he couldn’t make anything out, he still wanted to look.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

After Zhang Hang started school in March, nothing happened on his way to pick up Zhang Hang. However, while waiting for him at the school gate, Lu Chengye became a bit fidgety. Whenever a dog ran by on the road, he had the urge to chase it away. At first, he was able to control himself and keep calm. Later, a dog (gender: male, also undergoing the same turbulent period of estrus) came to seduce him. At the time, Lu Chengye’s brain was blank. Suddenly, when he felt the other dog’s body against his back, his brain came back online. Overcome with anger, he bit at the dog trying to hump him.

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As a result, there was no longer any risk of him being attracted by any roadside dog girls or boys. However, Lu Chengye had a new problem.

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Hang Hang was so good looking! Hang Hang was so beautiful!

Every time he watched Hang Hang in order to resist the dog girls, he couldn’t help jumping on him. It was not like when he stuck to the young man in the past. His manhood would stand up, he would hug his firm thigh… and would be unable to resist rubbing against it!

The first time, Lu Chengye was able to react immediately, and left Zhang Hang before he rubbed and made a grave mistake. Later on, he just couldn’t help it. With the warming of the weather, the restlessness in his body grew more and more intense each day. Whenever he saw Zhang Hang, he felt a trace of thirst. smAjPv

Then one day, Zhang Hang played with him. After all, seventeen was a lively age. Zang Hang and Big Black could chase each other. In a familiar place like their home, Zhang Hang didn’t have to worry about bumping into things, and could play with Big Black with ease. However, after two steps, Lu Chengye caught Zhang Hang, not daring to let go of him, and pressed him down.

There was a thin layer of sweat on the young man’s forehead, and his face was a little red. The smell of sweat intensified his body’s scent. It smelled great! Lu Chengye’s nose was buried in Zhang Hang’s neck. His mind was blank, and he couldn’t help but lick. Seeing Zhang Hang avoiding his tongue with a smile, he licked again.

His eyes became a little red. They fell on Zhang Hang’s lips, and he lowered his head, then turned away and licked Zhang Hang’s ear.

Lu Chengye got up from the floor in a trance, then sat quietly on the floor as he watched Zhang Hang get up with a smile. The young man was a little hot and unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a curved collarbone. Lu Chengye licked his own nose and sat beside Zhang Hang’s feet. Seeing that the feet were without socks, he was unable to resist licking them. E6pNsd

There must be something wrong with him…

When Lu Chengye had still been human, he had only had a weak attraction towards some people of the opposite sex due to adolescent hormones. However, that attraction hadn’t been very reliable at all, because he would like someone one day, then switch to liking someone prettier the next. Up until the age of 27, there were people for whom he had good feelings, but they didn’t move him. This was especially true because he had taken over the family business at age 20, before he had even become a man. Lu Chengye had a bit of an obsession with cleanliness, and didn’t want to mess around with a promiscuous girl. He didn’t meet anyone he wanted to fall in love with, and so had put it off until he was 20 years old. He was originally going to have a one-night stand, but couldn’t go through with it. It was disgraceful to be in such a position, and all his friends laughed at him.

But before he made his decision, he took over the train wreck of his company. When reorganizing the company, he was so busy he’d have to eat lunch during meetings, and only got six hours of sleep a day. He didn’t have the strength to think about those sorts of things. During holidays, all he wanted to do was sleep. Three or four years later, when the company was finally on the right track and he had time, he met several young women who deliberately seduced him. After investigating, he discovered that they had been hired by his relatives to harm him, and was even more afraid to have a one-night stand. Who knew what kind of person he would meet?

So, he stayed celibate until he was 27 years old, then handed the company over to the CEO he had hired. When he once again had time to have a relationship, he got into a car accident. JceiNl

So, up to now, Lu Chengye was a virgin both emotionally and physically. He didn’t know whether he was in love with Zhang Hang, or if it was just because of the season.

If it was love, then he would accept his feelings without any struggle, because Zhang Hang was very deserving of his love. He hoped, he yearned to love him. It was exactly because of this sort of eagerness to invite Zhang Hang into his heart that Lu Chengye was now unable to believe that his thoughts were due to his estrus. That was an insult to all the time they’d spent together.

Lu Chengye was unsure and wanted to calm down. Just then, the first spring rain of 2007 came. It was very heavy, and lasted the whole day. He ignored the doorman calling for him to come in and take shelter from the rain, as he intended to use it to clear his head.

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Unfortunately, while his body was calm, his mind became increasingly muddled. 9g12Bx

He had a fever.

sere: finally some progress. Also irl please neuter your pet it prevents them from getting diseases and cancers.
bear: and also to avoid your dog awkwardly humping everything once a year

Translator's Note

excerpt from baidu: “It is said that Qin Yue of the Song Dynasty murdered Yue Fei under the east window of his house, and the King of the Tibetan Plateau turned into a pedestrian to testify that the East Window had committed crimes. ” basically, Zhao Xiaolian and Zhang Jianguo’s actions were exposed

Translator's Note

this usually indicates desire/jealousy instead of anger, like it would in Western context

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  1. LCY you can do it!! Just pass the spring and it will be better!

    And i never really had a pet except stray cats that visited my old house regularly, an African Grey my fam had that died from sickness and a couple of chicks my youngest sister used to take care of o-o

    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

  2. My dog only humps a tomcat who seems chill with it so we just ignore them. Guard your chastity Hang Hang.

    Thanks for the great translation ♥️♥️