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The Seeing Eye DogChapter 17


t/n: everyone please welcome serefina to the TSED team! they’ll be helping as an editor to smooth things out from now on ~

editor/TLC: serefina dzWdEw

Xiao Ren didn’t expect the old lady to resort to such shameless tactics. As an old woman, kneeling was simply a form of moral blackmail. Disregarding whether the other party could comply, this sort of behavior was a threat in and of itself. At this time, Xiao Ren didn’t care about respecting his elders and directly pulled Zhang Hang aside so as not to face the old lady.

Big Black rushed forward at the same time and sat in front of Wang Guiying as if he were kneeling.

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“Woof, woof!” He arrogantly barked twice with his head held high, his voice seeming to communicate benevolence.

“Pfft…” Xiao Ren couldn’t help but laugh. He said in Zhang Hang’s ear, “Your dog has become a master. He is kneeling and answering for you.” I2DY5V

Zhang Hang couldn’t see what was happening but could hear the barks and imagine Big Black’s cocky appearance. His grief was dispelled by the man and dog, and he felt warmer.

Wang Guiying became angry. She moved so her knees faced towards Zhang Hang again, but Big Black followed and once again sat in front of her.

Xiao Ren was even faster. As Wang Guiying had moved, he’d taken Zhang Hang in the opposite direction. She was being utterly shameless, but he’d witnessed actions far more ridiculous than the old lady’s. He refused to let her bully Zhang Hang under his watch.

But… Xiao Ren’s eyes fell on Big Black. This dog was just too perfect!

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“You damn dog!” Wang Guiying was shaking all over and no longer kneeled. After standing up, she grabbed an object and threw it at Big Black, which the dog dodged nimbly. Xiao Ren had seen what she’d thrown, so instead of hiding, he smiled craftily and let it hit his forehead. It made a red mark.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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“Llrr…” Wljb Efc fzjuufgjafvis geyyfv tlr tfjv, atfc rja bc atf ugbecv. “Zs tfjv tegar jcv P offi vlhhs… Yt cb! P tjnf j mbcmerrlbc!”

Lu Chengye found what Wang Guiying had thrown and put it in Xiao Ren’s hand. It was a police walkie-talkie. OYPMcz

Well done! Xiao Ren cast an admiring glance at Lu Chengye, then picked up the walkie-talkie. Turning to Wang Guiying, he said, “Breaking and entering, assault against a police offer, and damaging public property… I will report this to my superiors!”

“Woof!” Big Black barked around Xiao Ren in an approving tone.

Wang Guiying: “…”

Zhang Hang couldn’t see what was happening, but felt that the voices of this man and dog were full of …mischief? He felt like he should sympathize with his grandmother, but wasn’t at all in the mood to do so. He just wanted to laugh. Fortunately, Zhang Hang was a considerate child and was able to keep his laughter at bay. He gently said to Wang Guiying, “Grandma Wang, I won’t allow you to request that I hurt my father. If he doesn’t want to recognize me as his son, I won’t cry. But if he still does, I will never hurt the one who loves me just because someone who hates me asks me to.” a4GrFs

“You…” Wang Guiying pointed at Zhang Hang and was about to scold him, but before she could curse, she heard the junior policeman cry out, “Ouch, ouch, ouch, ow.” The damn dog followed with a fierce “woof”. They would not let her talk.

Zhang Hang showed a shallow smile. “Despite this, I love my father as much as you do. I won’t drag him down, but I will persuade him to find a good wife and have children in the future. Even if you hadn’t come to convince me today, I would have done so. It isn’t me you should coax, it’s Dad. He’s the one you should persuade to forget his past misfortunes and start a new life. So, please leave. This isn’t my home, and I’m only staying temporarily. It isn’t good of you to disturb other people’s lives.”

So beautiful! Xiao Ren and Lu Chengye secretly nodded to themselves at the same time. The child was neither humble nor arrogant. He was sensible and didn’t take any advantages. At only 16, Hang Hang was very strong and intelligent, much better than an 87-year-old lady. She had the ability to convince her son to let go of his troubles. Bullying a child, hmph!

“Ah, my head… attacking the police, huh? After getting beaten, I’m not compensated, and am instead openly provoked at home? Was I injured for nothing? That’s crazy…” Xiao Ren sat on the ground and covered his head. Lu Chengye, who had been following along, just watched as the guy made a scene. 50Ibjm

Today, the old lady had come in ready to bite someone’s nose off and left in disgrace. She had been accused of trespassing, assaulting a police officer, and destroying public property, and could no longer stay in the house. She had no choice but to gloomily walk away.

After Zhang Hang and Big Black politely sent her on her way, they hurried back to the living room. Concerned, Zhang Hang said to Xiao Ren, “Brother Ren, how is your head injury? Are you dizzy? You should go to the hospital.”

“What are you talking about?” Xiao Ren rubbed the child’s forehead, then jumped up from the ground and bounced around a few times. “Honestly, I had no choice but to scare her, or I’d have to lower myself to her level. If she comes back again, I won’t open the door for her. When you’re here, listen for any strange movements. She won’t let this go.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After he finished speaking, he pet Big Black’s head. “Big Black will also keep an eye out.” krd5fs

Because Xiao Ren had protected Hang Hang today, Lu Chengye didn’t dodge and allowed him to touch his head.

Zhang Hang went to Xiao Ren and reached out, hugging him. “Thank you,” he whispered.

Xiao Ren held the suffering and hurting child in his arms, then patted him on the back and said, “What are you thanking me for? Brother likes you and will protect you.”

“!!” What was he talking about! Lu Chengye became angry. He raised his front paws and used his back paws to force his way in between the two people hugging and enjoying their brotherly affection. dtezZB

“Big Black, what are you doing?” Xiao Ren was scratched a few times by the dog’s claws and became gloomy.

Lu Chengye ignored him and stood up, then jumped into Zhang Hang’s arms. He licked the child’s neck and face with his tongue and nosed his face. It was only after doing these possessive actions that he turned his head to bark at Xiao Ren.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhang Hang had one front paw on each shoulder and put his arms around Big Black’s furry body. He smiled bitterly at his saliva-covered face. “What are you doing? Don’t bark at Brother Ren.”

“Woof, woof!” He’d bark! YJ4HPk

“Hahahaha, Big Black got jealous when you hugged me instead of him!” Xiao Ren smiled and rushed over, then held both Big Black and Zhang Hang in his arms. “All right, let’s all hug!”

“Awooo!” Lu Chengye couldn’t help howling like a wolf.

All hug, your sister! Did he want a 3P?!

sere: doggy’s jelly~~ also hi yall imma help with editing here 🙂 dpCD4u

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

a bit difficult to explain. i equate “your sister” to saying “my ass” in order to show disagreement with a statement/action

Translator's Note

3P stands for 3 people. it means a threesome or a pairing that is between 3 different people

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