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The Seeing Eye DogChapter 13


editor/TLC: Rin

Xiao Ren was a good man, but living with him was not as convenient as life in the previous small home. By the first day, Zhang Hang had realized how troublesome it was, as a blind man, to share a house with others. juLeo6

In the morning, Zhang Hang went out for a walk with Big Black, while Xiao Ren was still asleep. Although Zhang Hang was much younger than the 20-year-old Xiao Ren, in terms of work, rest, and psychology, Xiao Ren remained a child. He didn’t go to bed until very late at night, then didn’t get up in the morning until he was right on the verge of being late. Zhang Hang was used to getting up at five o’clock each day and taking Big Black on a morning run. This routine hadn’t changed for more than a year.

Zhang Hang got up quietly in order not to wake Xiao Ren, then went into the bathroom to wash up. Lu Chengye, like he did every morning, sat at the door to wait for Zhang Hang to take him out afterwards. Today, however, he had been sitting at the door for less than five minutes when crashing sounds came from the bathroom. Lu Chengye hurriedly ran in to see several bottles and containers had fallen onto the ground. Zhang Hang seemed to be having trouble finding the toothbrush and toothpaste he had put away last night.

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Lu Chengye glanced around the bathroom and found that the toothbrush and toothpaste originally placed on the washstand had been moved elsewhere. In their previous location, there was now shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser, and other things, some of which now lay broken on the ground. Zhang Hang was flustered and Lu Chengye quickly barked to prevent him from touching the broken glass with his hands.

With such a large amount of noise, Xiao Ren would have been woken up even if he’d slept like a log. He yawned and went to the bathroom to see what the matter was, only to be shocked at the messy scene. His face showed a distressed expression as he shouted, “My—!” 9 FEHX

Xiao Ren had only said a word when Zhang Hang’s apologetic expression made him swallow the rest back and change them. “Are you hurt?”

Zhang Hang shook his head and looked as if he were about to cry, saying to Xiao Ren, “I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Go out and walk the dog, I’ll take care of it.”

Zhang Hang, knowing he would be more of a hindrance than a help if he stayed, silently went out with Big Black. His mood was very low. In the past, blindness had just been a concept to him. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to see, but wasn’t afraid of it because he had Big Black. In truth, he hadn’t fully grasped just how many difficulties being blind would bring him.


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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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Lu Chengye didn’t think he should feel guilty. Zhang Hang was blind, so having an inconvenient life was inevitable. However, it was wrong of him to live as he normally would after such a large change. The teenager didn’t understand Xiao Ren’s living habits and also couldn’t see, so Lu Chengye would be his eyes and stay vigilant. Today, however, he had failed in his duty.

“Woof!” he barked softly to Zhang Hang, expressing that he would definitely be more careful in the future. jIKXN5

For people, running could help to decompress. When you are running, you take in clean air and dispel turbid air. Slowly, the pain in your chest will dissipate as fatigue sets in. When you become exhausted and stop to rest, the comfort that comes after can help to forget unpleasant things.

Because he was blind, Zhang Hang couldn’t run too fast. However, with Big Black’s guidance, he could run for long periods of time. The summer morning was very hot. When Zhang Hang stopped running his sweat was flowing like a river. Despite this, he felt comfortable.

He bought breakfast then walked back to the residence with Lu Chengye. Xiao Ren had finished cleaning up the bathroom and was already asleep again. Young people slept well. Even if they were disturbed, they could go back to sleep as soon as their head touched the pillow.

Under Lu Chengye’s guidance, Zhang Hang placed his breakfast on the table, then changed out of his clothes to take a shower. This time around, Lu Chengye didn’t trust Zhang Hang to fumble his way around the bathroom, and followed him in. Zhang Hang slowed down and groped his way through the room, while Lu Chengye kept a firm eye on him. When the teenager was about to touch something, Lu Chengye would make a low “woof”. When Zhang Hang touched his own bathroom supplies, he barked several times excitedly. DQ2cNw

The person and dog may have communicated badly at first, but Lu Chengye had been brought up by Zhang Hang. Zhang Hang knew how to read Big Black’s emotions very well, so during this brief interaction, they were in perfect harmony. Zhang Hang was very familiar with Lu Chengye’s bark and could detect what the dog wanted to say almost immediately. Such a magical understanding gave Lu Chengye the feeling that he was speaking instead of barking.

There was a shelf beside the shower. Zhang Hang slowly tidied it up and put his bathroom supplies in it. By this time, the temperature of the water heater had reached 39 degrees (102 F). In summer, this was the perfect temperature for water when taking a shower, neither too cold nor too hot. Zhang Hang couldn’t see the temperature, so planned to just slowly adjust it. Lu Chengye ran to his feet and scratched them with his claws. At first, Zhang Hang didn’t understand what Lu Chengye meant, but later found that the dog was advising him on how to adjust the water’s temperature. If he turned it in the direction of hot water, Lu Chengye would scratch his left foot. If he turned it in the direction of cold water, he would scratch his right. Zhang Hang adjusted the knob to the hottest side and asked Lu Chengye doubtfully, “Big Black, it’s the highest temperature already.”

“Woof!” The highest temperature is only 39 degrees, good for washing!

It wasn’t known what Zhang Hang heard in Lu Chengye’s determined bark, but without a word, he turned on the water. When he felt it getting hotter, he stood under the shower head with no remaining doubt in his mind. He trusted Big Black not to get him burned.. M0KDlw

Sure enough, the water temperature was just right.

Xiao Ren’s bathroom was relatively large, and Lu Chengye could sit and watch from the other side. Occasionally, water would splash over and land on his body, which wasn’t very comfortable. Usually when Zhang Hang took a shower, he would use the waterproof curtain and showered behind it. Lu Chengye could only hear the sound of water flowing and see Zhang Hang’s shadow through the curtain.

However, when testing the water temperature just now, Zhang Hang had taken off his clothes. Lu Chengye saw his body for the first time.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhang Hang’s body, which was not yet fully developed, gave off a feeling of flexibility. His habit of regularly exercising helped him maintain his figure, and his long legs and arms had the faint contours of muscles. Excluding his bad eyes, Zhang Hang was a very healthy child. LkEQbw

Looking at Zhang Hang’s body with satisfaction, Lu Chengye in his Big Black body inwardly nodded, feeling very satisfied. The child was only sixteen now and already had a pretty good figure. Over the next two years, he would gradually guide Zhang Hang’s exercise methods to help make his body even better and healthier.

Despite the fact that he was raised by Zhang Hang, now he was the one who felt like he was raising a child, witch brought Lu Chengye much comfort.

Big Black’s pair of bright black eyes had been staring at the shower curtain, looking at Zhang Hang’s shadow as he constantly thought. Without realizing it, his eyes narrowed, his hairy tail began wagging, and his ears stood up.

Lu Chengye, as a human being, was impatient when dealing with company affairs and unwilling to talk with his worst relatives. He seemed to have been born a natural actor, and showed no emotion in front of outsiders. No one could see what was in his heart, and his anger and happiness were not easily revealed. XwTK7y

As Big Black the Labrador, even if he couldn’t speak, it was hard to make out an expression on his furry face. But, some instinctive habits that came with being a dog would display his emotions. For example, when he was happy his tail would automatically wag back and forth, while when he was unhappy, his ears and tail would droop. Although it made him look unimposing, he no longer needed to hide himself and could confidently show his mood.

Now, as he looked at Zhang Hang adapting to his situation, seeing such a resilient young man made Lu Chengye feel satisfied. He could happily take his master through the streets and show him off to the whole world. Although his life is hard, my Hang Hang is not weak, depressed, or desperate. He is stronger and more optimistic than anyone else!

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When the sound of the water stopped, Zhang Hang drew back the shower curtain, stretched out a hand, and grabbed the prepared bath towel. The slender and flexible body of the young man was once again exposed in front of Lu Chengye. His hair was wet from the water and gently stuck to his face. A few drops rolled down from his not very obvious Adam’s apple, to his chest, then down his thigh, outlining his perfect figure. Zhang Hang wiped away the water from his body little by little until he was dry, and once again gave off a healthy and pliable feeling.

Big Black’s tail wagged even more happily. 9yL71b

As his ears moved, Lu Chengye felt that he could no longer restrain himself. Disregarding the pools of water on the ground, he wagged his tail and ran to Zhang Hang’s side. His eyes fell onto the well-defined hip bone, then he instinctively rubbed his head against Zhang Hang’s thigh.

“Big Black?” Zhang Hang’s hand gently patted him twice. “Go over there, my body is still wet. When I’m ready, I’ll wipe your paws.”

Lu Chengye raised his head and licked his fingers, then wagged his tail and sat back in his original position. He instructed the half-naked Zhang Hang who only had a bath towel around his waist to dry the bathroom floor.

“Wu… Woof!” Big Black made a low bark from his throat and licked his nose using his long tongue. unAYch

He was feeling a little thirsty. He must have gotten tired from the running they did before, huff.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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