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To Marry You

To Marry You 就是要交给你

Author: Higher than the Clouds (云要多高)
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Translators: mangocat


Huang Yu liked Liu Shenghao from the first time he saw him–the legendary love at first sight! What’s more, if it’s not him, he won’t marry! It’s not that he didn’t want to marry (In Chinese, there are two ways to say marry, one is of a man marrying a woman, the other is of a woman marrying a man. This one is of a man.)! It’s just that when he looked at his own small stature, then looked at his 190 cm height! Then looked at himself again! Huang Yu decided to renounce marrying (of a man) and switched to getting married (of a woman)!

The Huang son was still worried about marriage!! But other party didn’t want to! He wanted a wife that could give birth! Huang Yu said anxiously! “I can give birth too!!!”

Everyone, “…..”

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  1. Shocks!! It’s here, this… I’ve been waiting for more updates but for now lets re read it again 😘