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The King's ReturnCh20 - Broken Ice


Due to the change personnel of Little Medicine Fairy, the healer had suddenly become extremely powerful. Every time the pumice was merged, he could quickly wander in a short span of 15 seconds to make the whole team full of blood. The command of Qin Mo naturally became more convenient.

After half an hour, boss’s blood volume was finally completely emptied. i8HBos

—— Congratulations to [Ink Mark] team on taking the lead in passing through the Jianshen Valley Ruins [Sword Altar] stage!

—— Captain [Ink Mark], team members [Thousand Miles Ice], [Mirage], [Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile], [Wind Leaves], [Little Medicine Fairy], [Soundless], [Northern Lights], [Fireworks Burning], [Heaven Quail]!

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—— The Jianshen Valley Ruins had been fully unlocked. All chivalrous men were welcome to explore!

This news once again caused a sensation among the players in the server district 1. This team of Ink Mark just passed the first stage not long ago. In less than two hours, they actually passed the second stage? qQ1zVa

As the new dungeon of the public beta, the 10-member team dungeon was very difficult, and there was no strategy to refer to, only to explore from the scratch. Big guild played the new dungeon for two days was normal phenomenon, they were used unexpectedly short 3 hours to clear the dungeon entirely? This speed was incredible!


At the same time, in a dungeon of Jianshen Valley Ruins.

Sword Song Pipi wanted to cry: “How is this Ink Mark again!”


Sword Song Ice Rain was very depressed: “Who is this guy? clearing two stage in a row? ”

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Sword Song guild elite group fumbled for more than an hour in the Five Element Sword Array, finally understood the principle of sword array, hadn’t passed the first stage, yet, the server announce that Ink Mark team already passed the second stage, coupled with Ink Mark steal the wild boss before, new enemy old hate, let the Sword Song Ice Rain gnashing his teeth.

Instead, the president in charge, Sword Song Matchless was very calm, said: “Ink Mark, Thousand Miles Ice, these two should be professional players.”

Sword Song Ice Rain was very surprised: “Professional players?” iczJ54

“En, after listening to your previous description, the two of them killed the wild boss, obviously not ordinary expert. Moreover, Ink Mark has a very strong ability to interpret the dungeon. The most difficult part of this dungeon is actually the command. As long as the command responds quickly and has clear thinking, it will not be a problem for others to cooperate to complete the dungeon.” Sword Song Matchless paused and then said, “I need to find out their origin as soon as possible.”

“What does the eldest brother mean?”

“If they don’t have a team yet, we should pull them over. If there have a team, it will be reassuring to know their origin. I estimate that most big clubs will take action soon.” Sword Song Matchless thought for a moment and said, “Ice Rain, you send someone to approach the team members immediately, pay close attention to the movement of this team, and report any news to me at any time.”

“Understand!” Sword Song Ice Rain immediately went back to arrange. GsBD0I


Qin Mo blocked the world channel, so he didn’t see the players frantically spamming chat.

As the team leader, he would continue to sort out the drop of the dungeon after killing boss. The second one had more things to sort out than the first one, and they were the first team to clear. The reward doubles, with 16 pieces of equipment, 30 pieces of purple material, 5 pieces of gold material, and a blueprint with golden light.

Qin Mo divided the equipment by profession, while materials and blueprints were temporarily kept by him. qwe6WE

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——Congratulations to the chivalrous man [Ink Mark] for obtaining [artifact blueprint of Broken Ice] at the Jianshen Valley Ruins!

Ktlr jccbecmfwfca wjvf atf lv ‘Pcx Zjgx’ mbwqifafis ojwber. Lf kjr atf olgra ab ufa atf Aljcute olgra rfmgfa ybbx ‘Vkbgv Ejlc Mgjugjcmf’, atf olgra ab qjrr atf cfk vecufbc ‘Aljcrtfc Njiifs Eelcr’, jcv atf olgra ab ufa atf jgalojma yiefqglca ‘Dgbxfc Pmf’, rlwqis yfmjwf atf rajg bo Wlpljcu Zbbc Vfgnfg.

Qin Mo’s private chat immediately sprang up dense chat——-

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“Hello Ink Mark. I’m a reporter from the official forum, may I interview you?” ZnYPBm

“Brother, do you sell your blueprint? Make a price.”

“Great God, how do you get through this dungeon? We’ve been working on it for three hours and we’re still stuck at first stage!”

“Bro, can you send the strategy of this dungeon to me?”

In the lower left corner, there were many kinds of private chats and various news. Qin Mo was too lazy to reply one by one. He turned off the chat channel directly and opened the blueprint for a careful look. h2q7jJ

Broken ice • forging blueprint, placed in a package is a scroll-like shape. When opened, an ink style picture appeared immediately in front of the scroll. There were a total of four places in the scroll, heaven, earth, man and harmony on picture scroll. Qin Mo never built equipment in Peerless Jianghu before, he did not know much about this blueprint. He asked directly: “How do you put the materials of the blueprint?”

As an old player who took three beta tests, Mirage had a lot of experience in building equipment, and immediately said excitedly: “All blueprints in this game uses ‘Heaven, Earth, Man and Harmony’ to build equipment. You can see the material display by clicking on the blueprint. The main materials are placed in the heaven and earth character areas, and auxiliary materials are placed in the man and harmony areas. The main material affects the basic attributes of the weapon, including attack power, attack distance and attack speed, while the auxiliary material affects the additional attributes of the weapon, such as hit, critical strike, blood limit, blue limit, etc. The additional attributes of the weapon will be different if the auxiliary material is put differently.”

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Listening to the description of the Mirage, Qin Mo finally understood the unique ‘Heaven, Earth, Man and Harmony’ building system settings.

The main materials placed in the ‘Heaven’ and ‘Earth’ areas must be selected according to the requirements of the system, so the basic attributes of each weapon would not differ too much, thus ensuring the balance between weapons. LNZ0Hs

Additional materials placed in the ‘Man’ and ‘Harmony’ areas can be freely selected, which was equivalent to ‘personalized customization’. Players could create different additional attributes according to their own needs. If you liked, you could even put the attribute of ‘increasing blood limit’ on all your equipment, thus becoming a blood cow.

Wind Leaves interjected: “The Broken Ice has not appeared during the beta test. What material do you need for this sword, Mirage?”

Mirage immediately looked up the blueprint for making Broken Ice and said: “The main material of heaven’s area is the Millennium Meteorite to build the sword body; the earth are is the top-quality silk thread and 100-year rosewood to build the hilt and handle of the sword. As for man and harmony, just put any golden material on it.” After a pause, Mirage said, “I remember getting the rosewood just now, didn’t we? Other missing main materials can be purchased in the Chamber of Commerce.”

“En, thank you.” Qin Mo said, “I will go to the Chamber of Commerce to see.” u765t4

“I will go too.” Xiao Han immediately followed.

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The trading system of the Peerless Jianghu was very perfect. Players could freely open stores to buy and sell goods in the main city trading area. If you didn’t have time to set up the stalls, you could entrust the items you want to buy and sell to the NPC of the chamber of commerce to help them deal with the goods. Qin Mo and Xiao Han came to the Chamber of Commerce side by side. Since everyone was busy upgrading, there were not many shops opened by the players. However, many people gathered in front of the president of the Chamber of Commerce.

Qin Mo opened the panel of the Chamber of Commerce to search for the material ‘Millennium Meteorite’. A moment later, a player named 'I am not a Profiteer' appeared on the list with a price of 10,000 gold coins. Qin Mo looked at the gold coin in his package and was about to start buying it when he received a system prompt: “Sorry, this material has been bought by other players.” gL3tdS

Qin Mo was somewhat puzzled: “Who is so fast? Bought the materials I wanted.”

“Me.” Xiao Han admitted frankly.

A trading window popped up in front of him. Qin Mo accepted the transaction and saw Xiao Han quickly put two things in the trading box.

—— Millennium Meteorite, Top-quality Silk Thread. hQ3Tdj

——Two kinds of golden materials, it was the main material for creating weapons that Qin Mo lacks!

Qin Mo said in surprise: “You bought them all?”

“En isn’t the two is the materials you lack?”

“Golden materials are expensive……” dpXmJD

“It doesn’t matter, I want to see you make your own weapon as soon as possible.” Xiao Han looked at his package with only 3 gold coins left and said with a smile.

Seeing this sentence, Qin Mo’s heart suddenly became warm.

Xiao Han did not hesitate to spend all his money to buy materials for him. This guy sometimes seemed to lack the root, spoke bluntly and never knew how to turn the corner, but when he was really nice to a person, he could always make people feel his mind in the most direct and frank way.

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Xiao Han had always been a simple and straightforward person. His mind did not have so many twists and turns. He could only play straight balls, but his directness made Qin Mo unable to refuse. jfp93T

Seeing him quietly standing by his side, Qin Mo’s lips could not help but rise slightly and typed : “Then I’ll make a weapon for you to see as soon as possible.”

Thousand Miles Ice: “En, what are you going to put on the auxiliary materials?”

Qin Mo thought for a moment and said: “There are many in the package. I’ll try them first.”

He placed a millennium meteorite in the heaven area, a top-quality silk thread and 100-year-old rosewood in the earth area. With the placement of the main material, a long sword with white body appeared in the preview window. Qin Mo dug up the golden materials of Tianshan Snow Lotus and Black Pearl from the package and placed them in the man and harmony respectively. The system did a few seconds of calculation. A moment later, two lines of small blue characters appeared in the additional attribute: Hit+?? Critical Hit Rate+?? Kf4PYF

The game planning of Peerless Jianghu is quite human. After the materials were placed in the auxiliary position, the property preview of the final product would appear, which greatly increased the success rate of the players to build the equipment, and did not waste the golden materials collected by hard work.

According to the information in the preview window, the materials he just put in can increase hits and crits. Qin Mo removed the black pearl and replaced it with the rare jadeite, it became the spiritual limit+??

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Remove the rare jadeite, replace it with Millennium cryolite, and appeared slow down effect+??

Slow down? This additional attribute was good. Qin Mo pressed the confirmation key and the system popped up the message again—— q8Z24N

Congratulations to the chivalrous man [Ink Mark] for obtaining the 7-star unique artifact [Broken Ice]!

Almost everyone in Xijiang Moon Server knew the ID of Ink Mark and they had long been accustomed to the system announcement of him. However, many people couldn’t help drooling at the sight of this weapon.

Mirage immediately excited to send a private chat: “Directly into the Seven Star artifact, this is the highest level of gold equipment. That’s awesome!!!!!”

With the announcement of the system, the attributes of this weapon were also displayed in front of all the players —— gsLpSY

[Broken Ice]

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[Seven Star Artifact]

[Type: Long Sword]

[Creator: Ink Mark] hEHWBq

[Basic Attack 1800-1850, Attack Distance 0-15m, Attack Speed +10]

[Hit +10; all targets slow down by 30% for 3 seconds when hit]

The 1800+ base attack was exactly twice as many as the normal purple weapon, with additional attributes hit plus and slow down. This weapon was absolutely awesome!

Many swordsmen drooled at the weapon. Xiao Han was also very happy for Qin Mo when he saw the weapon, he could not help but say: “The most advanced artifact, it seems that the auxiliary materials you selected have made the system score the highest. What materials did you put?” 7r1qPT

“The sword of Broken Ice has just been seen in the dungeon. It is cold all over the body. I guess it should be a sword of water property. Therefore, two auxiliary materials, Tianshan snow lotus and Millennium cryolite, were put in the making process.” Qin Mo replied, “The material properties of the auxiliary bit are consistent with the weapon itself, which is probably the reason why the system score is relatively high.”

“Very clever.” Xiao Han gave a thumb, “I don’t know what fire and water attribute are, and I’ll leave it to you to build my equipment.”

“……” Qin Mo was speechless, “Can you be a little more polite?”

“What kind of politeness from me to you, you are my own people.” v78M6p

“Who is your own people?”

“Anyway, you are not an outsider, you are insider.”

“Don’t use insider that way!” Qin Mo was going to be mad with him, “Don’t think that the antonym of the outside is the inside, so the antonym of the outsider is the insider!”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Isn’t it?” DJQv4r

“No! The insider is the meaning of a wife! Can’t be used indiscriminately, do you hear me?”

“Oh.” Xiao Han didn’t feel guilty about saying the wrong thing. Qin Mo, who was so flustered, reminded him of the teenager who was always angry with himself and went offline. It feel so warm.

Qin Mo also did not want to argue with people who are not good at Chinese, helplessly said: “Rest assured, you can give me the equipment. In the future, all the materials will be collected here. If you get the blueprint, give it to me. I just want to study how to build other equipment. However, you have to tell me in advance what additional attributes you want, so as not to waste material.”

“No problem.” Xiao Han answered without hesitation. eBgqOC

In fact, in addition to believing that Qin Mo’s understanding of the game could create the best equipment, Xiao Han also took a fancy to the row of small characters ‘Creator Ink Mark’.

Suddenly a strange thought rose in his mind. If one day in the future, he went to the professional league game, wearing all gold in his body, and all the equipment was engraved with a line of small characters: Creator Ink Mark.

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——The clothes of my whole body were made by my family Qin Mo.

——How beautiful would that be? dZen4H

Translator's Note

Qin Mo plays at Xijiang Moon Server district 1, it is like the online game server ex: S1 means server sea number 1, something like that

Translator's Note

剑歌无双 Jiàn gē wúshuāng

Translator's Note

我不是奸商 Wǒ bùshì jiānshāng – it’s also means I’m not a dishonest trader

Translator's Note

this sentence can also be translate into wife

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