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The King's ReturnCh16 - 10-Member Team Dungeon


translator: Oyen  editor: Ciel

Are you willing? These four words usually appeared during a marriage proposal, complete with a bouquet of flowers and the man on one knee. For Xiao Han to use this phrase to invite him to join the team… Qin Mo really didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. It seemed that Xiao Han was still not particularly proficient with pairing particular words and contexts. BQChos

After three years, Xiao Han had become more straightforward. As soon as he recognised Qin Mo, he immediately offered an invitation to join the team.

However, Qin Mo could not answer with an “I’m willing”—— because Qin Mo did not want to join Xiao Han’s team, or even anyone else’s team for the time being.

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Joining Peerless Jianghu was a decision he had considered many times over. It was a new opportunity for him. At present, he was not really familiar with the game, and was unsure if he could play to his previous levels in the professional league. After all, there was a large difference between VR games and traditional games. The lightscreen touch mode he chose was also completely different from the keyboard and mouse that he had used in the past. Everything had to be relearnt and adapted to from scratch. In this case, it was unreasonable to rashly join a team.

Even if he wanted to join a team, with Qin Mo’s pride, he would still wait until he was strong enough before joining as a top player. QDfTiN

Which was definitely not right now.

Before being sure, Qin Mo didn’t want to make a rash decision, and could only reply: “Thank you for your kindness, but I can’t give you an answer right now.”

“I get it.” Xiao Han expressed his understanding, “The choice of clubs is very important for professional players, and you are right to be cautious.”

“En, I’d like to wait and see.” Qin Mo said.


“Don’t forget to consider my suggestion,” Xiao Han went on to say. “Dragon Song ranks first among all the comprehensive e-sport clubs in China. The club management system is perfect, and all aspects of the signing-on conditions are very good. Our dormitories are double rooms, and each one has a separate bedroom. The training room is equipped with advanced equipment, and the contract also covers meals for players. The canteen’s food is also delicious, and serves different foods every week. In terms of software, we will establish a professional database to analyze the characteristics of other team players, and can produce various training tools according to the players’ personal style to develop professional training plans, so that all players win at the starting line.”

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“……” Qin Mo was speechless, “Where did you learn such official-sounding words?”

Xiao Han replied honestly: “The boss sent it to me.”

“……” Qin Mo really didn’t want to comment on this thick-skinned boss. F0 edt

“Qin Mo, I promise, as long as you come here, the club will give you the best conditions for signing. I have changed a lot of partners in recent years, but the most tacit partner in my heart will always be you. If you are willing to come with me, I will really be very happy.” The message from Xiao Han appeared again in the lower left corner.

In such a long paragraph, there were unexpectedly no obvious grammatical errors. Qin Mo couldn’t believe that it had been typed by Xiao Han.

They hadn’t seen each other for three years. In this time, Xiao Han had changed a lot; he was more mature and stable than before, was more fluent in Chinese, and had the demeanour of a captain. But, his nature had not changed. He was as straightforward as he was back when he was young, constantly saying whatever was on his mind and never beating about the bush.

——The most tacit partner in my heart will always be you. dWRKtf

Looking at this line of small characters, Qin Mo could not help feeling a little touched. Probably because they were young at that time, the feelings between them were very pure. They were rival, friend and confidant. Although they had been separated for three years, Qin Mo was relieved that Xiao Han’s friendship with him had not faded.

“I will consider it, but not now,” Qin Mo replied.

The two people were chatting when Mirage’s voice was suddenly heard across the headphones: “At this rate, can we reach level 35 by this morning?”

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Sifujca Ofjnfr jrxfv: “Qbeiv sbe ilxf ab ub ab atf afjw vecufbc?” 8bgwMO

“Ofa’r ub ab iecmt olgra, jcv atfc vb atf afjw vecufbc lc atf joafgcbbc……” Zlgjuf reuufrafv. “Pcx Zjgx, Olaaif Zfvlmlcf Mjlgs, ktja vb sbe atlcx?”

Olrafclcu ab atf batfg rlvf jrx obg tlr bqlclbc, Hlc Zb gfqilfv, “Rb qgbyifw. Qf mjc qijs jujlc lc atf joafgcbbc.”

Seeing that it was already 10:00am in the morning, Qin Mo realised that several of his teammates wanted to change places to continue with their upgrading tasks, and sent Xiao Han a message. “I’m going to go upgrade first, my teammates are calling for me.”

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“En, I’ll go upgrade too. Keep in touch.” Seeing that he had something to do, Xiao Han simply closed the dialogue window. 1zgnDY

Just now, even though he had sincerely invited Qin Mo to join the club, Xiao Han was aware that Qin Mo would not agree right away. Just like how college students chose their workplace after graduation, this decision was one that could only be made after careful consideration. In any case, he did not want to force Qin Mo to agree right away. As his master said, Qin Mo had a strong self-esteem, and using forceful methods would only backfire. Now that Qin Mo has returned, things like forming a team could be done slowly. As long as he was sincere, Xiao Han did not believe Qin Mo would be indifferent towards him.

Just then, Pei Yu suddenly asked: “Captain, should we go for the level 35 team dungeon?”

“Did you mean the ten-player team dungeon ‘Jianshen Valley Ruins’?” Xiao Han flipped through the upgrading guidelines, discovering that there was indeed a new dungeon to be explored after reaching level 35.

“En, this team dungeon wasn’t open during the beta test. It’s said that the dungeon gives a lot of experience, and will drop precious materials and blueprints.” BdEFpe

“Is there a special reward for being the first team in the game to clear the dungeon?” Xiao Han questioned.

“Yes. There will be a public announcement, and the first team to clear the dungeon gets double the rewards. The first ten teams to clear the dungeon will also be permanently recorded on the list.”

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“If all ten of us professional players clear the dungeon, once our names are recorded in the list, our identities will be exposed.” Bowing his head, Xiao Han thought about it for a moment, before giving out his instructions. “Pei Yu, take the five players on the second team and call a few other players from the world channel to make ten, before going to clear the dungeon. At your level, it should not be a problem to take a few casual players along with you for a dungeon clearance.”

“I understand,” Pei Yu nodded in agreement. “Having ten professional players on a team is simply too much. Our team has more long-ranged players and summoners, so it is easy for others to guess our identities.” Rzi6St

“What about our first team? Should we also go to the world channel and shout for random players to join?” He Beiguang asked doubtfully.

“Team 1 merges with Ink Mark’s team, we’re exactly ten people.” Xiao Han said.

“……” The newcomers stared at each other instantly.

Merge with Ink Mark’s team? When did the captain become so familiar with Ink Mark? Did fighting the BOSS together give rise to some feelings? hmuDKJ

After that, Xiao Han immediately sent Qin Mo a private chat: “Level 35 team dungeon, will you be going?”

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Qin Mo replied: “It’s said that the experience rewards are very rich, and it also drops blueprints. Naturally, I will go.”

Xiao Han: “Let’s team up.”

Qin Mo: “What do you mean?” pGbfED

Xiao Han: “A ten-player team dungeon, five people on your side and five people from my side. Aren’t the numbers just perfect for a collaboration?”

Qin Mo: “……”

This guy’s wishful thinking was really loud.

Xiao Han added another line: “The BOSS drops are all for you, I don’t want any materials, equipment, or blueprints.” ZAdVWE

Surprised, Qin Mo sent back: “Such good conditions?”

Xiao Han thought to himself: You just need to be mine.

——As long as you came to my side, why did any of  these matter?

“If you give me all the materials, won’t the team members object?” Qin Mo asked. 4phKy7

“Not at all,” Xiao Han explained. “The players with me are club newcomers, and not the final lineup. This is to first let them familiarise themselves with the game. After they have reached the full level, I will assess them to determine the final lineup.”

Xiao Han did seem like a competent captain. This sort of selection was indeed very reasonable for a new game. After all, players who performed well in traditional online games may not necessarily be able to adapt to VR mode. By bringing everyone to upgrade first before conducting his assessment, Xiao Han was using the fairest way to decide who would stay on the team, according to how well the players adapted to the new game.

Qin Mo was initially still hesitant, but since Xiao Han already made the offer, Qin Mo let go of his concerns. Anyway, the five of them alone couldn’t do the team dungeon. Shouting in the world channel may also bring them all sorts of players, and dividing the BOSS’s loot was another large problem. Qin Mo had no time to deal with these trivial matters.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Thinking of this, Qin Mo replied: “Then we’ll cooperate. However, don’t reveal my identity to your team.” Eeq79T

Xiao Han smiled. “Of course.”


The two men led their teams to do tasks on the map of Jianshen Valley, all of them managing to reach level 35 by noon. Xiao Han immediately disbanded his team and applied to join Ink Mark’s team. This action was quickly copied by several other members. With the merging of two small teams, Ink Mark’s team quickly reached ten members large.

“I’m telling everyone in advance that everything dropped by the BOSS belongs to Ink Mark,” Xiao Han instructed. “We’re only getting the experience.” COsUTH

“Understood.” No one objected.

“After entering the dungeon,” Xiao Han added, “everyone will listen to Ink Mark’s command.”

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The newcomers stared in shock—— so it wasn’t just the materials, but even the team leader’s commands had been given away?!

He Beiguang was very straightforward, and asked directly, “Captain, are you not going to be in charge?” a2wkIx

Xiao Han replied: “His ability to interpret the dungeon is better than mine. Everyone listens to his command.”

Everyone: “……”

At that moment, a line of small words from Ink Mark appeared on the team channel: “Let’s have lunch first.”

Thousand Miles Ice: “En, how about we gather at 1:30pm?” hg743v

Ink Mark: “Acceptable.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiao Han turned back and said: “Let’s go to lunch first and come back before 1:30.”

The newcomers looked at each other and went to the canteen.

*** Afkloc

Dragon Song Club, in the canteen.

As fellow townsmen, Pei Yu and He Beiguang had a better relationship. Naturally, they sat together when eating in the canteen. He Beiguang explained the situation to Pei Yu, who was also surprised. “All the materials are to be given to Ink Mark, and even the commands will come from Ink Mark; don’t you think our captain is a little too good to this Ink Mark person?”

He Beiguang rolled his eyes. “I told you that something was wrong.”

Touching his chin, Pei Yu thought for a moment. “I have a hunch that a super great god will come to our team.” EWJI3

He Beiguang asked doubtfully: “Super Great God? What level?”

Pei Yu nodded. “The kind who is on an equal footing with our captain.”

He Beiguang immediately became energetic. “So powerful?”

“En. It can be seen that the captain attaches great importance to him. If he wants to join our team, the position of the vice-captain will definitely be his.” Pei Yu carefully analyzed. 45w2md

“The future vice-captain?” He Beiguang asked excitedly, “Can you guess who he is?”

“I can’t guess who it is for the time being,” Pei Yu paused. “The other side should be an expert from Miracle. The captain must have recognised him, which is why his attitude towards Ink Mark changed. When you dungeon later, perform well and give Ink Mark a good impression. His opinion is likely to affect the captain’s judgement. In any case, don’t offend him.”

“I see!” He Beiguang was not a fool, from the captain’s attitude, Ink Mark was likely to become the future vice-captain. As a newcomer, he must be respectful towards the great god.

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It was said that the vice-captain of a certain team told the captain one day: “Xiao Zhang has not been in good condition recently, change him for the next game.” And the captain nodded immediately: “No problem.” q5UQSF

He Beiguang was not sure whether Xiao Han would become such a captain in the future or not.

But he had a strange premonition—— Anyone who offended the great god Ink Mark would die a terrible death.

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