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The King's ReturnCh149 - Opening Ceremony (part II)


translator: Oyen  editor: Ciel

At 7:00pm in the evening, the opening ceremony of the first professional league in Peerless Jianghu officially began. The opening video was extremely shocking, replaying scenes from the eight sects in Peerless Jianghu, with the familiar sect music instantly firing up the audience. MWapmY

This was followed by an animated display of some data—— the number of registered players on the first day of the public test exceeded 5 million, and exceeded 10 million within a week. The number of online players kept increasing, breaking record after record, and the game’s popularity kept growing steadily. The number of applicants for the first all-sect challenge arena had exceeded six figures, setting a record in the online gaming world, causing countless professionals and folk experts to emerge.

The data clearly showed the popularity of this new game, and today’s opening ceremony tickets had also been sold at sky-high prices. It was obvious that netizens were enthusiastic about the upcoming professional league.

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After the opening video, the lights on stage finally lit up.

Under the dark blue backlight, a female in a long fishtail dress and a male in a formal suit walked to the middle of the stage. Picking up the microphone, the female emcee greeted. “Good evening, everyone. Welcome to the opening ceremony of the first professional league in Peerless Jianghu. I am Xiao You, and I will be your host for tonight!” ozFkny

The man next to her also smiled. “I’m A-Nan, the host for this opening ceremony.”

These two people also served as the official commentators for the previous all-sect challenge arena. Because it was an online competition at that time, the players and the commentators couldn’t be seen, and the audience only heard their voices. Now that they had the opportunity to see them for the first time, the audience discovered that the both of them were like an ideal couple, both very good looking. They ought to be the commentators and hosts specially trained by the officials.

“I’m glad to be here with everyone to witness this historic moment!” Xiao You’s smile was very sweet, and she had a clear and melodious voice.

“That’s right,” A-Nan agreed. “With everyone’s hopes and expectations, we have finished Peerless Jianghu’s seven-month long public test, and can now finally usher in the first official professional league!”


With a clear voice, Xiao You began her explanation. “The first part of the opening ceremony is the entrance ceremony for professional players. The officials have already announced the ten teams officially registered in the first professional league, and they are: National Grace, Dynasty, Sword Song, Graceful Beauty, Without Fire, Mojue, Whisper, Frost Moon, Interlude and Sky teams. One by one, the players of these ten teams will enter and meet everyone! Let’s have a big round of applause from everyone!”

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The sound of deafening applause filled the stadium, and even from the lounge backstage, Qin Mo could clearly feel the enthusiasm of the audience.

The director switched the cameras to show the audience seats, only to find that it was packed with people. Many viewers also brought along items, showing off their support for the major teams, especially the fans of large clubs such as Huaxia and Wind Colour, who were both organized and disciplined. Sitting together with large billboards and neat team uniforms, they looked particularly spectacular.

To Qin Mo’s surprise, Mojue guild’s president Shen Qi had actually organized a group of netizens living near Beijing to personally attend the opening ceremony to cheer for them. Next to the various colourful items, the ancient style of Mojue’s logo was very eye-catching. Qin Mo was touched by this display. Thanks to the support from the Mojue guild, these people could personally come and support Mojue team’s first appearance on stage. G4FjQu

After the applause, A-Nan smiled. “It seems that everyone is very enthusiastic. I think the players waiting backstage can also feel everyone’s expectations! The team entrance ceremony is about to start, and the order of entry is arranged according to alphabetical order. First of all, let’s invite in—— the National Grace team!

As soon as he finished speaking, there was another round of deafening applause on scene.

The National Grace club was a well-known kingdom of females in the esports circle, and the National Grace team stationed in Peerless Jianghu was led by Li Junru.

Liu Xiang really admired this female player, who was once a potential successor to the Red Fox team. Li Junru was strong, and had a low-key and calm personality. Although she didn’t take over as Red Fox’s captain, and instead moved to Peerless Jianghu, her popularity had always been very high, and many fans warmly applauded her appearance in the ceremony. j1vAPe

The National Grace team consisted of all female players, which also caused many male audience members to applaud excitedly. There were simply too few female players in the esports circle. This team was also a pure team, with a very beautiful uniform. It had a white background and pink decorations, filled with a cute girlish charm, which was very suitable for them.

A-Nan introduced the eight players of the National Grace team according to the list provided by the officials, before Xiao You welcomed the next team on stage. “Up next is the Dynasty team!

All members of the Dynasty team wore pitch black uniforms, with the light gold emblem of their team printed on the back, giving off a magnificent and regal look.

As a big club, Huaxia had a lot of fans. The new captain had a good temper and a sense of humour, and under the cultivation of his unreliable master, had become the most reliable front row player in the league. Many people assumed that he would take over Tan Shitian’s role, and become Huaxia club Time team’s captain, only for Chu Jianxin to unexpectedly lead the team in the new project. From this, it was clear that Huaxia attached great importance to the new Peerless Jianghu’s project. 972fId

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Under the thunderous applause for this popular team, many Huaxia fans raised their fluorescent signs reading ‘Good luck, Dynasty’ and ‘Dynasty will win’.

“Ktf Vkbgv Vbcu afjw klii fcafg cfza! Ktlr lr j cbc-ubnfgcwfcaji afjw atja fcafgfv atf Uffgifrr Aljcute ifjuef atgbeut atf qgbofrrlbcji qgfilwlcjglfr mbwqfalalbc. Pa tjr atf rkbgvrwjc jr atf mbgf, klat rfnfgji rkbgvrwfc lc atf afjw. Cwbcu atfw, mjqajlc Olc Vtejcumtfcu, ‘Fcqjgjiififv Xfcaifwjc’, kbc atf mtjwqlbcrtlq bo atf Ljctej Vkbgv rfma bo atf jii-rfma mtjiifcuf jgfcj!” Cr rbbc jr atf tbra lcagbvemfv atlr ojma, Olc Vtejcumtfcu’r ojcr yfujc ab rmgfjw mgjhlis.

Currently, he was the most handsome player to enter the stage.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lin Shuangcheng was indeed very attractive, with a handsome face that was almost comparable to that of an entertainment star’s. As a former esports anchor, he had accumulated a high popularity, and his fan base was not inferior to Chu Jianxin’s powerful club. su1e3l

After the members of the Sword Song team walked onto the stage, they were followed by the Graceful Beauty team, whose name also started with ‘ji’

No one recognised Xu Sizhe, the captain of the Graceful Beauty team. The audience had also never heard of the experts in the team. Thus, the loud cheers and applause for Sword Song immediately died down as soon as Graceful Beauty appeared on stage, leaving only a few audience members to politely applaud their entrance. This gap was really too big, which embarrassed the players of Graceful Beauty. Xu Sizhe was also very unhappy, and felt that the smiling Lin Shuangcheng was an eyesore.

The next team, Without Fire, also received a warm welcome. After all, the captain Nie Yuzhu was from the Bronze Sparrow club, had a calm personality, and was Shao Zehang’s apprentice. He was also a great god in Wulin. Although he had just retired last season, his popularity increased after he transferred to Peerless Jianghu.

Walking in behind the Without Fire team, was Mojue. edKJGN

The host, Xiao You, was very excited, and her pitch immediately went up by an octave. “The next team is none other than Mojue! I believe we all know that this team is led by Miracle’s Twin Stars, Qin Mo and Xiao Han! After both of them moved to Peerless Jianghu, they also won the championship of the dagger flow and the longsword flow of the all-sect challenge arena.”

A-Nan smiled, as he continued. “In addition to the captain and vice-captain, it’s also necessary to introduce the team’s six other players. Let’s welcome the newcomers, Shen He, He Beiguang, Li Muran and Pei Yu, as well as… Zhu Qingyue, and Liu Hong!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As soon as these words were spoken, the audience immediately turned crazy, with their screams almost overturning the roof.

Mojue’s cheering group almost jumped up with excitement, while the other audience members were stunned silly. YhToB3

Because of the paparazzi, the fact that Xiao Han and Qin Mo had teamed up to lead Mojue had already been exposed, so no one felt surprised at seeing them together.

No, the main point was Zhu Qingyue and Liu Hong– why were they also in Mojue?!

Many people took out their mobile phones and began to post on Weibo: “F*ck! Didn’t Zhu Qingyue retire? Why has he run to Mojue?” 

“Did the Twin Stars abduct the little crying bag? Pure Cleansing fans expressing that their hearts have been crushed!” su3ibF

“Great god Qingyue didn’t retire? This is a change in projects! Little crying bag, don’t cry! Wishing the little crying bag good luck!”

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“Is this the Zhu Qingyue I know? I’m so glad he didn’t retire!”

Miracle fans were eager to forward the news about Zhu Qingyue joining Mojue online. Fans from the Wulin side were also not idle, and Liu Hong’s weibo exploded instantly——

“Sister Hong changed projects?!”  uIwdzG

“My God, I saw Sister Hong at the opening ceremony! Who’s going to wake me up?”

“Why did Sister Hong go to Mojue?! Surely I can’t be dreaming!”

“Sister Hong is simply too handsome, not to mention changing clubs, she even changed projects!”

“Is this about starting anew?!”  ihvnYO

“Everyone support Sister Hong!”

There were also a lot of excited comments from fans on Xiao Han and Qin Mo’s Weibo——

“There’s no reason for the team not to win the championship with this line-up!”

 “God Han is formidable, god Mo is domineering, this lineup is too handsome!” KA4R1V

“God Mo is too awesome, to have actually created a team with so many great gods. The competition in the future will be wonderful.” 

“Good luck, Twin Stars! I support you!”

The most lively was the Dragon Song club’s official Weibo. Liu Chuan, a professional who was often shot at while lying down, was once more brought out and scolded——

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“You’re a shameless digger. Unexpectedly digging Zhu Qingyue and Liu Hong to Mojue!” IJYGeK

“God Chuan is so shameless, specialising in digging retired great gods. You can’t even let go of little crying bags!”

“God Chuan, do you still have a human nature? Qingyue is so cute, how can you dig him up and pollute him with Dragon Song’s bad habits?”

“Little crying bag and sister Hong will be led astray by the shameless god Chuan!”

“I’m more worried that Momo will be led astray by you!” Qk8Xbh

Liu Chuan immediately sent a Weibo to clarify: “Everyone don’t get too excited, I didn’t dig up Mojue’s great gods :)”

As a result, a lot of people commented under his Weibo: “You’re too thick-skinned to admit it. Looking at your smiling expression, I want to beat you.” 

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“The wall is made from your face. No wonder it is so thick.” 

“I feel sorry for Momo, for Qingyue, and for sister Hong, why did you climb aboard  the pirate ship?”  YWiasj

“Your hate value is so remarkable. Many people from Wulin, Miracle, and even Peerless Jianghu want to beat you black and blue!”

Liu Chuan: “…”

I’m innocent, I’m really innocent this time! Why doesn’t anyone believe me? Liu Chuan, who was browsing Weibo while watching the live broadcast, felt very disheartened.

*** SI9rJf

There was much excitement on Weibo, and major websites of the esports circle also reported Mojue’s lineup one after another. A reporter even revealed that not only were the players strong, but even the team leader was milk god Liu Xiang, who had participated in several world competitions…

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This piece of news was widely circulated, and caused yet another stir in the community.

Liu Xiang? Did she follow her sister to Mojue?

Why was Mojue’s lineup extravagant enough to blind? Even their team leader was world-famous, and could get people to line up for her autograph, which was really too luxurious… vJgPkI

Mojue would definitely become the ultimate BOSS of Peerless Jianghu’s professional league. It could be expected that in the future, the captains of the major teams would rack their brains hard to study Mojue team’s lineup!

The applause and screams at the scene did not die down for a long time. The excited audience finally calmed down after both hosts signalled for calm three times.

Whisper, Frost Moon, Interlude, and Sky teams entered the stage next. Although they also had many great gods in their teams, and were warmly welcomed by everyone, there was still a big gap compared with how favourably the audience greeted Mojue.

After all the teams had entered the stage, the professional players went to their seats, which were in the first three rows according to the numbers on their admission tickets. NzDke0

The chairman of the professional league, Tang Ximing, stepped onto the stage and delivered a speech.

Chairman Tang’s style was humorous and friendly. After getting everyone’s attention, he smiled. “I met many old friends in the team entrance ceremony just now. I think many people in the audience are probably still shocked, because your mouths haven’t closed yet.”

This joke was followed by a burst of laughter from the audience. Indeed, many people had dropped their jaws earlier, and hadn’t yet picked them up.

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Chairman Tang waited until the audience was quiet before continuing. “This first professional league will definitely have many shortcomings. As we continue with the league, the alliance will listen to the opinions of all parties carefully. The email of the professional league has been published on the official website. If you have any opinions or suggestions, please send them to the alliance by email. We will implement reasonable suggestions, and give generous rewards to the people who put forward such ideas.” vTkfdV

“A lot of domestic esports have had a professional league for several years, and this year will be a first for us. This first season is the beginning of a new world. I am honored to be able to accompany everyone to create this brand-new field of competition together. I am also very happy to see so many excellent players join our Peerless Jianghu professional league.”

“I hope that all our players can play to their fullest strengths and enjoy every game in every competition. At the same time, I also hope that everyone will support Peerless Jianghu’s professional players, so that they will have more confidence to continue in this field.”

“Peerless Jianghu’s professional league will definitely grow bigger and better, and everyone present today is a witness to this historic beginning!”

“To the friends in the audience who have made their way here today, and those who are watching the live broadcast, I thank you.” DTJnMm

“Now, I declare that the first professional league in Peerless Jianghu is officially open!”

With the conclusion of Chairman Tang’s speech, splendid fireworks were set off at the scene. Looking up at the fireworks in the sky, Qin Mo’s lips curved into a small smile.

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—— He had returned.

—— God had closed his window once, but today, a door to a new world had been opened for him. Lht6gd

Translator's Note

National Grace 国色天香 guó sè tiān xiāng

Translator's Note

Dynasty 皇朝 huáng cháo

Translator's Note

Sword Song 剑歌 Jiàn gē while Graceful Beauty 惊鸿 Jīng hóng

Translator's Note

Without Fire 离火 lí huǒ

Translator's Note

Mojue 墨决 mò jué

Translator's Note

Whisper (轻语) – qīng yǔ urZ3wd

Frost Moon (霜月) – shuāng yuè

Interlude (玉楼春晓) – yù lóu chūn xiǎo

Sky (云霄) – yún xiāo

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