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The King's ReturnCh145 - Visiting Grandmaster (Part II)


translator: Oyen  editor: Ciel

At 5:00pm in the afternoon, Shen He followed Qin Mo and Xiao Han to Li Cangyu’s new apartment in Changsha, only to smell the scent of food as soon as he walked through the door. A man with a cold face and a plaid apron was currently cooking in the kitchen. Catching a glimpse of his face, Shen He’s jaw dropped—— wasn’t this god Ling? a1yZk9

Shen He used to see this man on the news. Because of his handsome face that was expressionless in every interview, he was also known as the iceberg-like male god among his fans.

Unexpectedly, the tough and cold grandmaster would cook in the kitchen in an apron…

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Shen He was thrown into disarray. The scene of visiting his grandmaster was completely different from what he imagined.

Walking into the room, Xiao Han waved to Shen He. “Come over to meet Cat God.” fgYt 7

“Hello Cat God!” Shen He immediately came over and greeted him.

Li Cangyu was sitting in the living room watching TV. Hearing the clear and crisp greeting, he looked at Shen He, smiling. “Xiao He has arrived, come and sit down.”

He met Shen He at Dragon Song’s annual meeting a few days ago. He heard that Shen He was Yu Xiangyang’s cousin, and had an excellent imitation and learning ability. However, there were too many people at the annual meeting at that time, and he didn’t get a chance to chat with Shen He alone. Today gave him this opportunity, so Li Cangyu called Shen He to the living room and asked. “Xiao He, how old are you this year?”

“18 years old.” Shen He replied.


Li Cangyu looked pensive. “I heard that you once came to Dragon Song for an interview and was rejected, right?”

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Shen He scratched his head embarrassingly. “En, I also went to Wind Colour, Huaxia… and many other clubs for an interview, and failed all of them.”

Smiling, Li Cangyu patted the teenager’s shoulder. “That’s because they didn’t see your potential. Your master has good vision.”

Changing into his slippers, Qin Mo also walked over. “Xiao He, you talk to Cat God first, and I’ll go to the kitchen to have a look.” kz4Uvi

Going to the kitchen, Qin Mo respectively said. “Master, let me help you.”

Ling Xuefeng glanced at him. “What can you do?”

“My cooking skill is not very good, but I can help you.” Qin Mo replied.

As he said this, Qin Mo rolled up his sleeves to cut vegetables. Looking at his long white fingers, Ling Xuefeng thought back to the injuries he had suffered. “You don’t need to help, call Xiao Han in.” eqfIgh

“Xiao Han can’t cook, he is clumsy…” Qin Mo replied.

“He has to learn even if he doesn’t know how to do it.” Ling Xuefeng frowned. “Otherwise, you will be the one serving him when you are together in the future.”

Stupefied, Qin Mo reflected on what his master had just said, and his scalp immediately turned numb. “We- we…”

Ling Xuefeng looked at him. “We, what? Aren’t you already together?” Sw2Mkc

Qin Mo was rooted in place, his entire face turning red, almost as if he was a child who had been caught in the act by his parents.

Looking at him, Ling Xuefeng knew that he had guessed correctly.


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The air conditioner of Li Cangyu’s new home broke down some time back, and had just been replaced over the past few days. He had been staying in the hotel a while ago. The night he attended Dragon Song’s annual meeting, Ling Xuefeng could not feel at ease, worried that it was not safe for Li Cangyu to play for so long in the hotel. At 12:30am, Ling Xuefeng lay on his bed back home in Shanghai, and sent him a message: “Is your party over? Be careful and pay attention to your safety when you go back at night.” ouwEQ9

As soon as Li Cangyu returned to his room, he replied: “It’s over. Xiao Han drove me back to the hotel and now I am about to go to bed.”

Ling Xuefeng felt at ease and replied. “Then rest well, good night.”

However, Li Cangyu didn’t feel sleepy, so he opened WeChat. “By the way, Xuefeng, let me tell you something. Tonight we went to KTV and had a very lively time. When we played the big roulette game, Xiao Han and Qin Mo both spun truth or dare. The younger generation didn’t dare to ask questions about them, so I took the initiative to ask questions. I asked them if there were any people they liked, but they both said there were people they liked and they were already together!”

Frowning, Ling Xuefeng replied and asked: “Really?” T5u0kw

Li Cangyu smiled. “En, I didn’t expect that both our apprentices to have already found their other half.”

Ling Xuefeng was silent for a moment. “Tell me what the questions and their answers were at that time.”

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Li Cangyu described the scene at that time in detail. Thinking about it, Ling Xuefeng frowned—— Qin Mo said that he liked that person for more than half a year. According to the time calculation, Qin Mo set up an account to enter the Peerless Jianghu new district six months ago. Xiao Han later found out his identity, after which Qin Mo followed Xiao Han to Changsha. He had been staying at the Dragon Song club since then. He had no chance to contact the outside world for half a year. If Qin Mo’s answer was true, then the person he liked must be a member of the Mojue team.

Liu Xiang could be ruled out directly, she was older than Qin Mo and had made it clear that she hated sister-brother love the most. Liu Hong’s boyish personality should also not be Qin Mo’s type. ZCA6kj

The more Ling Xuefeng thought about it, the more uneasy he felt. In addition, Xiao Han also said that he liked that person for more than half a year…

The biggest possibility was that Xiao Han and Qin Mo were together.

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Realising this, Ling Xuefeng simply couldn’t believe it.

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What was good about Xiao Han? His chinese was messy, he couldn’t cook, and he had also been infected by Dragon Song’s bad habit of talking nonsense. Even if he was tall and handsome for being a mixed-race, they couldn’t fall in love just by looking at his face.

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Ling Xuefeng felt extremely unsatisfied, but he was still in Shanghai at that time, and also had no right to control Qin Mo who was far away in Changsha.

This time, when he came back, Ling Xuefeng planned to clarify this matter in person.

*** T803uk

Standing in the kitchen, Qin Mo’s whole body was as stiff as a statue.

Glancing at his apprentice, Ling Xuefeng asked. “Is Xiao Han forcing you to stay with him?”

“No, I, I like him, too.” While saying this, Qin Mo was embarrassed and his ears turned red.

Ling Xuefeng frowned and asked. “Which stage are both of you at now?” 3K1VdL

“…………” His master was so direct, Qin Mo didn’t know how to answer. So far, it had only progressed to the kissing stage.

Ling Xuefeng replied seriously. “Qin Mo, I know you are soft-hearted. Maybe Xiao Han said a few nice words, and you were embarrassed to refuse, so you chose to be with him. But emotional things are not a child’s play, especially if you are not born to like men. You should think carefully. You should not wrong yourself and jump into this fire pit just because you are soft-hearted or treat him as a good friend, you know?”

Qin Mo knew clearly that his master was thinking about him, worrying that he was young and unable to hold it at the moment, and that he would regret it in the future.

However, his master only thought that he and Xiao Han were good friends, unaware that he had long been attracted to Xiao Han and had thought about all this. HeVDY8

He was willing to be with Xiao Han, without the slightest reluctance.

Taking a deep breath, Qin Mo summoned up his courage. “Master, I really like him, and it wasn’t forced.”

At this moment, pushing the door, Xiao Han came in while smiling. “How is the cooking going? Do you need any help?”

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Sharply glanced at him, Ling Xuefeng asked. “When will you bring your other half to see your master?” 9RtQbf

“My own person is relatively shy and doesn’t want to disclose our relationship for the time being. Let’s wait for a while.” Xiao Han replied seriously.

Ling Xuefeng took a glance at Qin Mo. “Really?”

Shy? He had already said ‘I like Xiao Han’, clearly he wasn’t shy in the slightest!

The Qin Mo who was stared at by his master blushed furiously, and whispered to Xiao Han. “Master already knows.” ayAGeN

“Know what?” Xiao Han still pretended to be stupid.

“I know you have abducted my apprentice.” Ling Xuefeng replied coldly.

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Xiao Han. “……”

Turning off the fire, Ling Xuefeng put down the spatula, staring at Xiao Han with his arms crossed. “Tell me, which of you two confessed first?” lhF2yq

Xiao Han immediately smiled. “Of course I confessed first. It was not easy to wait until Xiao Mo came back. This time I must be with him and never be separated.”

Ling Xuefeng frowned. “Before, both of you trained together everyday, and I let Xiao Mo be your sparring partner, as a result you lost yourself in this sort of thing. So it seems to be my mistake?”

Xiao Han immediately waved his hand. “God Ling, it’s not a mistake. You accidentally set me up with Xiao Mo. I am really very grateful to you!”

Ling Xuefeng’s frown grew more severe. “This sort of smooth talk is a bad habit learned from Dragon Song.” U1Y5 x

“I’m telling the truth.” Xiao Han replied seriously. “I am really grateful to you for sending Xiao Mo to me, teaching me Chinese and being my sparring partner. Without him, I couldn’t have adapted to the domestic environment so quickly, and I wouldn’t have known how wonderful it feels to love someone.”

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Qin Mo. “…”

These corny lines made Qin Mo want to dig a hole to bury himself.

Hearing Xiao Han’s words, Ling Xuefeng’s gaze became a little softer and asked. “Do you really like Qin Mo?” WdhdV4

Raising his palm, Xiao Han made a vow. “Really, how dare I joke about such a thing? Xiao Mo is the person I like most and want to cherish most. God Ling, you can rest assured that I will never bully him. In the future, I will be obedient, caring and meticulous to him.”

Ling Xuefeng looked back at Qin Mo. “Are you sure you want to be with him?”

“Yes.” Although Qin Mo’s face was red, his gaze was very firm. “Master, I hope you can understand.”

Silent for a while, Ling Xuefeng whispered. “Okay, you can go out.” un1oGU

Looking at each other, Qin Mo and Xiao Han walked out from the kitchen.

In fact, after guessing that both of the apprentices might be together, Ling Xuefeng reluctantly told Li Cangyu about the possibility, but Li Cangyu thought this development was very good.

Since teenage days, Xiao Han and Qin Mo had a very good relationship, they both knew each other’s habits and personality very well, and were clear about each other’s roots. With many years of emotional foundation, if they were together, at least they wouldn’t do anything to make each other sad. They had a tacit understanding, and Li Cangyu thought they would be a good match together.

Ling Xuefeng felt that Xiao Han would bully Qin Mo. In his teenage days, Qin Mo was often irritated because of Xiao Han. If Xiao Mo was with this thick-skinned mixed-race, he might get bullied every day. LOs5l4

Li Cangyu said that if Xiao Han dared to let Qin Mo suffer grievances, as his master, he would clean up Xiao Han first.

After a few days of arguing, Ling Xuefeng was defeated. Qin Mo stubbornly said that he wanted to be with Xiao Han, and he didn’t want to be a villain beating the mandarin duck.

His apprentice had already grown up, he could do whatever he liked. Ling Xuefeng didn’t feel like being overly controlling.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

However, looking at Qin Mo’s blushing appearance, he really didn’t inherit his master’s aura at all. It was estimated he would be pushed down by Xiao Han… Bdu3vL


When Qin Mo and Xiao Han returned to the living room, Li Cangyu was chatting with Shen He.

At first, Shen He was a little afraid because he was a legendary god, but he found that Cat God was really very kind and told him about a lot of foreign delicious food, which made Shen He drool.

Seeing Qin Mo’s flushed face, Li Cangyu stopped his conversation with Shen He, smiled and asked. “Has your master lectured you again?” Skex9T

Qin Mo shook his head. “No.”

Li Cangyu beckoned Qin Mo to sit down and patted his shoulder: “Don’t be afraid. I’ll back you up. No matter what decision you make, I will support you.”

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Qin Mo felt moved. “Thank you, Cat God.”

Li Cangyu added. “Xiao Han didn’t bully you, right? If he dares to bully you, just tell me and see how I clean him up.” pBgG1T

“Whose master are you!” Xiao Han was helpless.

Li Cangyu laughed. “Xiao Mo is my true apprentice, you are fake goods.”

Xiao Han. “…”

Shen He curiously asked. “So, is Cat God also my grandmaster?” IXprgJ

Li Cangyu looked back at him. “That’s right, Xiao He is the youngest generation, you’re our apprenticeship’s mascot.”

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Shen He expressed that it was a great honor to be a mascot.

Just as Ling Xuefeng took off his apron and came out of the kitchen, Qin Mo immediately said. “Xiao He, go and see grandmaster.”

Shen He quickly faced Ling Xuefeng with a smile and bowed respectfully. “Hello grandmaster, I am Shen He.” kyJOq9

Ling Xuefeng carefully looked at the teenager before him, the guy was thin and small, but full of vitality, looking very clever, and his eyes were particularly clear and bright.

Was he Qin Mo’s apprentice?

Noticing that his grandmaster didn’t respond, Shen He looked up at Ling Xuefeng with a pleasant smile. “Grandmaster, I have always worshipped you and Cat God. I am really honored to meet you today!”

When the teenager smiled, he showed two lovely little tiger teeth and dimples on his face. Although he looked very childish, his lively and lovely appearance was not annoying. 3RUtM8

Ling Xuefeng nodded. “En, sit down and eat.”

Smelling the fragrance, Li Cangyu immediately came over. Qin Mo and Xiao Han followed him to the dining room.

Ling Xuefeng’s dinner was very rich, including Li Cangyu’s favorite steamed bass and fish head tofu soup, as well as several kinds of home-cooked dishes such as braised pork ribs, garlic eggplant and green bean and shrimps. Shen He couldn’t believe he had the luck to eat the dishes cooked by the great grandmaster himself.

Everyone sat down around the table, and Ling Xuefeng calmly said. “Let’s eat.” WQMJzY

Smiling, Li Cangyu gave Shen He a piece of pork chop. “Eat more, little grand apprentice,  your grandmaster’s skill is very good.”

Shen He took a bite excitedly and praised. “It’s delicious!”

Qin Mo and Xiao Han also seldom ate the dishes made by Ling Xuefeng himself, tasting a few, and it was really delicious. Li Cangyu really had luck eating these delicious foods.

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Just then, Ling Xuefeng suddenly spoke. “Xiao Han, are you going to stay in Changsha during the Spring Festival?” oC8P5n

Xiao Han hurriedly replied. “En, Xiao Mo and I originally planned to go to Shanghai for the Spring Festival, but Xiao Mo’s parents haven’t come back yet, so we decided to stay in Changsha.”

Li Cangyu asked doubtfully. “How about your father?”

Xiao Han replied. “He is handling a lawsuit abroad. The case is still pending and he can’t return for the time being.”

“Then come over for this year’s New Year’s Eve dinner, it’s time for us master and apprentices to celebrate New Year together.” Li Cangyu replied happily: “What about Xiao He? Are you going home?” 5oL xq

“I already told my parents I would return to Nanjing on the 29th.” Shen He replied regretfully.

“Since Xiao Han is staying in Changsha during the Spring Festival holiday, I’ll give you a task.” Ling Xuefeng suddenly added.

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“What task?” Xiao Han asked.

Opening his mobile phone, Ling Xuefeng sent him a recipe software. “Learn to cook according to the recipe. This time, I will be your master.” DcX4Sx

Xiao Han: “…”

Seeing his awkward expression, Ling Xuefeng immediately gave him a sharp glance. “What? Are you unhappy to do it?”

“I’d love to!” Xiao Han hurriedly denied. “It’s a great honor to learn cooking from you …”

Ling Xuefeng nodded with satisfaction. “When you get married, you can’t wait for others to serve you. You should learn to take care of people, starting with cooking.” XmgAxv

Xiao Han knew that Ling Xuefeng was not at ease about handing over his apprentice to him. This was to let him learn to cook and take care of Qin Xiaomo in the future … Xiao Han naturally had no opinion on this, and seriously replied. “I understand, if I want to grab a person’s heart, I must grab his stomach first, right?”

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Foodie Li Cangyu immediately nodded. “That’s right, that’s right, the child can be taught.”

Qin Mo. “…”

Shen He looked at his grandmaster, his master, and then looked at god Han, scratching his head in confusion—— how come he couldn’t understand the topic they were talking about? TeCycD


After dinner, before Ling Xuefeng gave orders, Xiao Han actively went to the kitchen to clean up the dishes.

Qin Mo wanted to help, but was stopped by Ling Xuefeng. “Xiao Mo, bring Xiao He to the study room together.”

When both of them arrived at the study room, both Ling Xuefeng and Li Cangyu had already turned on the computer, and logged into the account that had not been online for a long time. Kzuqre

Old Cat, Undead Demon– these were their IDs that were once registered in the league. Originally, the information of retired players would be deleted by the league. However, they were the first captain and vice captain of the national team, who had led the national team to win the world championship. With such merits, the Miracle League also made an exception for them, keeping their accounts in the competition server forever, allowing them to log in freely.

This time, they logged into a custom competition room and opened a challenge arena.

Realising what they were trying to do, Qin Mo whispered to Shen He. “Look carefully, grandmaster is going to teach you some summoning skills.”

Shen He opened his eyes wide with excitement, standing behind Cat God and god Ling to watch them fight each other. ukjxHr

Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng played very slowly in the challenge arena, obviously slowing down their pace on purpose so that Shen He could see it more clearly.

Classic cross encirclement, triangle block position, detour encirclement… even Li Cangyu’s and Ling Xuefeng’s signature Cataclysm and Demon Fury skills.

Their style of play that favoured annihilation had once caused countless summoners to try and imitate it. Shen He who was now watching their smooth operations could only feel his blood boiling in excitement!

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

——Too handsome! ji5eLK

——The summoner could be so powerful!

Shen He was dazzled, and he couldn’t stop staring.

There was no victory or defeat in this challenge arena, for its main purpose was to demonstrate various operation skills to the little grand apprentice. Finally, Li Cangyu saved the video footage and sent it to Qin Mo’s email, before smiling at Shen He. “Little grand apprentice visited our house for the first time today, but we didn’t prepare any gifts for you, so I will record this video for you to go back and study.”

“The settings of Miracle and Peerless Jianghu games are not the same, but the many playing methods of the summoner are general,” Ling Xuefeng added. “How to use them will depend on your understanding.” NbjVfw

Shen He was almost moved to tears. “Thank you grandmaster! I will study hard when I go back!” It was a great honor for Shen He to get the operation demonstration videos of two world-class summoners.

Watching this scene, Qin Mo felt particularly gratified. His master was willing to record a video for Shen He, which showed that he had recognized Shen He as a little grand apprentice, and also understood why his apprentice changed careers and set up the Mojue team.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

His master’s willingness to teach Shen He some skills, made Qin Mo very surprised, but also very touched.

Qin Mo knew that his master looked cold and strict, but in fact he loved and supported him very much. Now that his master had recognized Shen He, he would certainly train Shen He to be a first-class summoner without disgracing his master’s name. M5pgaf

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