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The King's ReturnCh144 - Visiting Grandmaster (Part I)


translator: Oyen  editor: Ciel

After the annual meeting, the members of the Mojue team continued training for two weeks under Qin Mo’s leadership, before they broke up for the holidays. Ac5FRx

This year, New Year’s Eve fell on January 18th. Qin Mo gave everyone a ten-day holiday starting from January 15th, and the members were to gather at the club by the 25th. Having come from the north, both Pei Yu and He Beiguang booked airline tickets to fly home for the Spring Festival. Li Muran, whose family was in Shenzhen, bought a high-speed train ticket for the 29th day of the twelfth lunar month. On the other hand, Liu Xiang and Liu Hong were locals, and as such planned to stay until New Year’s Eve, after which they would go back for the Spring Festival.

Shen He wanted to return to Nanjing ahead of schedule, only for Qin Mo to inform him that Ling Xuefeng would visit Changsha in the next two days, asking him to put off his trip home for a bit. Given the opportunity to visit his grandmaster, Shen He immediately agreed with excitement.

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Qin Mo had heard from Zhou Xuewei that Ling Xuefeng called Yuan Xi for a private chat after arriving at the Wind Colour club. No one knew what they had talked about, but they saw an embarrassed and ashamed Yuan Xi exiting the office, hanging his head low and running back to his dormitory to write a review.

The two captains, Qiu Zongping and Zhao Xingchen, were also summoned for a face-to-face chat. Ling Xuefeng told them about the many key points that they needed to pay attention to when leading their teams. Both of them listened respectfully, and promised to lead their teams well. 0l4YOQ

After dealing with Wind Colour’s internal affairs, Ling Xuefeng spent a week in Shanghai with his parents, before flying to Changsha to accompany Li Cangyu for the New Year celebrations.

Li Cangyu’s parents went abroad this year. Ling Xuefeng’s parents also took advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to go for an outing. So, the both of them had long since agreed to spend the festival together in Changsha.

Xiao Han and Qin Mo went to the airport to pick up Ling Xuefeng, before sending him to Li Cangyu’s newly decorated home.

Li Cangyu bought this house after his retirement a few years ago, which was located quite near the Dragon Song club. Ling Xuefeng also had a house in Shanghai, but Li Cangyu was too lazy to move things back and forth. The rich and willful Cat God thus bought a small apartment in Changsha, so the both of them had residences in both Shanghai and Changsha. However, the air conditioner at home broke down some time ago. After that, Li Cangyu stayed in the hotel because he was afraid of the cold, refusing to return until the air conditioner was fixed.


Their apartment was decorated simply yet fashionably, with everything planned out by Li Cangyu himself. The most striking thing was the huge tank in the living room that was home to many beautiful goldfish. In fact, the foot of the sofa was also carved into the shape of a fish. Truly, Li Cangyu’s love for fish had long since reached the level of obsession… 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Since both of them spent most of their time eating and playing abroad, the house was empty for more than 300 days a year. As such, Li Cangyu gave the key to his apprentice. Xiao Han helped to foot the utilities and property bill, and also grew some flowers in the house, watering it every ten days or half a month. He also helped his master run errands very frequently.

Upon his arrival, Ling Xuefeng walked around and discovered that the flowers on the balcony were half-dead. Curious, he asked, “Xiao Han, do you not know how to grow flowers?”

Xiao Han touched his nose, embarrassed. “Not really… I water the flowers every month, but they just don’t grow well.” x4odge

Walking over to the fish tank, Ling Xuefeng found that the goldfish inside were living very well. “Your master only cares about whether the fish live or die,” he smiled, “so it’s a good thing that they’re alright.”

Just then, a lazy voice came from the bedroom. “I already fed the fish this morning, so don’t feed them anymore, or they will die.”

After all, fishes didn’t have IQ, so they would die if they were fed too much. Dressed in his pajamas and slippers, Li Cangyu greeted Ling Xuefeng. “The plane wasn’t delayed, right?”

Seeing him, Ling Xuefeng’s gaze softened. “No, Xiao Han and Qin Mo picked me up. Why didn’t you pick me up at the airport?” VUmQ8l

Li Cangyu shrugged. “Are you an emperor, needing so many people to pick you up? Both apprentices are enough to fetch you, I stayed at home to prepare your lunch.”

“Did you personally cook it?” Ling Xuefeng was curious.

Li Cangyu replied. “No, I ordered takeout.”

Everyone. “…” gW6hJl

This was also called preparing lunch!

Ling Xuefeng looked at him helplessly, then put his suitcase in the bedroom. “Let’s have lunch together. Xiao Han, come to the kitchen to help.”

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Xiao Han immediately went into the kitchen and helped Ling Xuefeng bring the takeout dishes back to the dining room.

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“Sc.” Ol Jjcuse jirb kfca bnfg ab ibbx ja atf tjio-vfjv qijcar jcv gfqilfv. “P kjr jkjs ogbw tbwf jii atf sfjg gbecv, rb P ujnf Wljb Ljc atf xfs ab ws tberf. Pa’r bcis 5 wlceafr jkjs ogbw atf miey, jcv tf tfiqr ab kjafg la ktfc tf lr ogff. Qtja’r ublcu bc? Ktfrf oibkfgr ibbx ilxf atfs’gf vslcu.”

Qin Mo went over and tapped on the flowerpot with his fingers, explaining. “Green radish likes water, and doesn’t like sunshine, it will be killed by the sun on the balcony. Ivy is also a shade loving plant, it can’t be put here. Aloe should not be watered frequently. It will be flooded with too much water.” He looked at the plants with a very serious expression, like a little expert.

Li Cangyu smiled slightly. “Xiao Mo, do you know about this too?”

Qin Mo replied. “In recent years, I have grown many plants in my home in Nanjing. My mother taught me how to grow flowers.” pFltbg

Hearing these conversations when he just came out to bring out the dishes, Xiao Han chimed in. “That’s just nice, later on, I will take care of the goldfish, while Xiao Mo takes care of the plants.”

Li Cangyu shook his head. “It’s too troublesome for you both. You still have to train…”

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“It doesn’t matter, the club is nearby. We’ll come over after dinner to check on the flowers and fish. We’ll just take it as a walk.” Qin Mo hurriedly replied.

Li Cangyu was no longer polite, smiling and patting Qin Mo’s shoulder: “It is still Xiao Mo who is attentive, then these plants will be left to you… By the way, aren’t you going to bring your girlfriend to meet us?” 6KqjkC

Qin Mo. “…”

How embarrassing– he didn’t have a girlfriend, but he did have a boyfriend. Not only that, but the aforementioned boyfriend was also currently standing right behind Cat God.

Xiao Han winked at Qin Mo and changed the subject. “Master, how come there is no fish in takeout order this time?”

“Fish should be eaten while it is hot,” Li Cangyu replied. “It’s not very convenient to order soupy dishes in takeout. Besides, Xuefeng is already here, so why would I order takeout? He will make it for me personally, right?” vzIpXd

“En, I’ll make you your favorite steamed bass in the afternoon.” Ling Xuefeng’s voice came from the kitchen.

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Xiao Han laughed. “Then, let’s eat lunch first.”


Li Cangyu ordered five dishes and one soup, and the four people gathered around a table for lunch. 9DCn5q

While eating, Ling Xuefeng asked. “Qin Mo, I heard that you have a girlfriend?”

Qin Mo felt a chill go down his spine, and was unable to reply. Xiao Han took the initiative to solve the problem. “That’s right, Xiao Mo already has a person he likes, but that person is shy, and doesn’t dare to meet the both of you at the moment. In the future, Xiao Mo will bring him to formally visit master.”

“What about you?” Li Cangyu asked.

“My own person is also shy.” Xiao Han replied earnestly. OT7A Q

Qin Mo. “…”

Li Cangyu laughed happily: “Really? Did you both find a shy one?”

As soon as Ling Xuefeng heard this, he knew that Xiao Han was talking nonsense, and frowned. “It’s normal for you to grow up and want to fall in love, but at present, the competition is the most important, don’t get confused. The peak state of esport players lasts only two years, so you must seize the opportunity.”

“Of course!” Xiao Han hurriedly replied. 7OChfv

Qin Mo changed the subject. “Master, I have something I want to discuss with you.”

Ling Xuefeng looked back at him: “What’s the matter?”

Qin Mo braced himself. “I’ve gotten an apprentice in the new game without your consent, please forgive me.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Ling Xuefeng was slightly shocked. “Apprentice? Is it a member of your Mojue team?” 7y8zjF

Qin Mo nodded. “En, his name is Shen He, he is a very talented newcomer.”

Ling Xuefeng was not as angry as Qin Mo imagined. Instead, he replied magnanimously, “Oh. It’s also a good thing to have an apprentice. You can pass on the summoners’ playstyle. Besides, you are now captain of the Mojue team, and you are first-class player in the esports competition circle in your own right. You are qualified to accept an apprentice, and don’t need my consent.”

Qin Mo finally breathed a sigh of relief, looking expectantly at his master: “Can I bring him to meet you? Xiao He admires you very much.”

Thinking about it for a moment, Ling Xuefeng replied. “Let’s call him over tonight.” j253AI

Qin Mo replied. “It’s my treat. Let’s go out for dinner.”

“Let’s just eat at home.” Ling Xuefeng replied. “Cat and I will go out to buy some food in the afternoon, then cook dinner. I’m tired of eating outside everyday.”

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Li Cangyu immediately beamed. “That’s right, that’s right, I haven’t eaten the fish cooked by you personally for a very long time. We’ll just eat at home in the evening, and let Xiao Mo’s apprentice try the craftsmanship of his grandmaster.”

Ling Xuefeng furrowed his brows. “Grandmaster? It sounds very old.” SVrd15

“No, this just means that your status in the Jianghu has been elevated again, and the word ‘grandmaster’ is BOSS level.” Li Cangyu comforted.

Amused, Ling Xuefeng chuckled and stood up. “Alright then, ask Shen He come over at night and try the fish made by his ‘grandmaster’.”


In the afternoon, Qin Mo told Shen He the good news. t0DMbE

Shen He was so excited that he almost jumped up. Being able to meet the legendary god Ling and taste the craftsmanship of his grandmaster himself, Shen He was simply the happiest apprentice in the world!

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In order to leave a good impression on his grandmaster, Shen He immediately went back to the dormitory and began to pick out clothes. He dug out a set of clothes from the wardrobe and changed into them. Standing in front of the mirror to take a look, Shen He frowned unsatisfactorily, and went to change into another set …

Seeing him play dress up, Li Muran couldn’t help but ask. “What are you doing?”

Shen He immediately pulled him over. “Give me advice please, I’m going to visit god Ling with my master later, what kind of clothes are appropriate to wear?” Ciyjmd

“Keep it simple, don’t be too childish.” Li Muran replied.

Shen He felt it was very reasonable. However, most of his clothes were childish, and were printed with various animal patterns. Going back to the wardrobe, he began his search once more, only to find that the only sweater that was not childish had been stuffed into the washing machine a few days ago, and wasn’t dry yet. Shen He grabbed his hair in distress, and asked Li Muran. “Why don’t I borrow your clothes?”

Li Muran. “…”

That’s enough! When you first moved into the dormitory, you borrowed shampoo and toothpaste. Now you come to borrow clothes! Don’t you see that your height is only at my chest? Gom1Te

An expressionless Li Muran turned to bring him a white sweater. After putting it on, Shen He took a look—— the sweater covered his buttocks like a short skirt.

Shen He. “…”

In a moment of excitement, he forgot that Li Muran was much taller than him. Li Muran’s clothes weren’t suitable for him to borrow.

It was as if Shen He was dressed in a sack, when wearing Li Muran’s clothes. TJ9XD4

This kind of Shen He was very cute, especially when he put on his clothes and stood in front of the mirror with a blank expression. It was so cute that even the face-paralyzed Li Muran had a smile on his face.

Shen He dejectedly changed Li Muran’s clothes. “I’d better buy some new ones.”

In a rare good mood, Li Muran volunteered, “I’ll accompany you to choose.”

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Facts had proved that Li Muran’s vision was really much better than Shen He’s. He picked out a beige sweater with striped patterns, with a pair of simple jeans and a white coat. After Shen He put it on, his whole person was fluffy, looking particularly lively and cute… XoSfcN

Only for Shen He’s face to turn green when swiping his card. “It’s so expensive!”

Li Muran replied. “Buy it. It looks good on you.”

Shen He gritted his teeth while swiping the card. On his way back, he still complained. “I’ve never worn clothes worth thousands of yuan. Alas, my clothes are only several tens of yuan…”

“You are no longer a child. You must always have to spend money on some clothes. If you dress too casually on important occasions, you will be laughed at by others.” Li Muran patiently explained. v3k5Bq

Shen He looked at him in shock.

Li Muran was puzzled. “What?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Shen He scratched his head: “This is the longest sentence you have said since I met you.”

Li Muran. “…” RPhCme

Shen He laughed and added. “That makes sense, hahaha!”

With a straight face, Li Muran walked in front while Shen He followed him excitedly. After returning to the team, Xiao Han saw that Shen He had a new look and could not help asking. “Did you go to buy new clothes?”

Shen He nodded like a chicken pecking rice. “That’s right! I can’t dress too casually when I meet grandmaster for the first time today.”

Xiao Han. “…” CihPq3

How terrifying was Ling Xuefeng?

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At that time, Qin Mo changed into new clothes and specially cut his hair to pick him up at the airport.

Now, Shen He also went to the mall to buy a new set of clothes to see him…

Paying respect to the master who was also a BOSS, the tradition of burning incense, bathing, changing clothes and hairstyles seemed to be passed on from generation to generation. q7gJDA

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