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The King's ReturnCh127.2 - Dream


translator: Oyen  editor: Ciel

Although Zhu Qingyue was timid, he had an undeniable gift for gaming, and learnt things very quickly. It only took him a few months to learn all the auxiliary gameplays. kM4Oy5

During the Spring Festival, Pure Cleansing team gave its members a week off. Chu Yan took Zhu Qingyue back to Wuhan, visiting the Zhu family for Spring Festival celebrations.

Looking at Zhu Qingyue following Chu Yan closely, Zhu Ran couldn’t help laughing. “It seems like your master-apprentice relationship is quite good?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“En, master is very kind to me.” Zhu Qingyue replied.

Chu Yan also replied, smiling, “Xiao Zhu is really talented and learns things very fast, but he is still too young to join the professional arena at the moment. We’ll wait a little longer before sending him out.” 0r MAs

“It’s not urgent,” Zhu Ran replied simply. “As long as he follows you and studies hard, I’ll be relieved.”

Everyone celebrated the new year together, before Chu Yan returned to the team with his apprentice.

After the Spring Festival, the third season was about to begin. Chu Yan’s partner who also played an auxiliary went home to get married. Chu Yan had planned to let his senior apprentice Luo Yuan take his place, however, troubles kept coming up one after another. Not only did Luo Yuan’s family suddenly have an accident, his mother also found out that she had advanced-stage cancer and had to be hospitalized. When Luo Yuan told him that he decided to go home to take care of his mother, Chu Yan had a headache, but could not force his apprentice to stay. In the end, he could only let the senior apprentice go back and fulfill his filial piety.

For several days in a row, Chu Yan’s expression was not very good. Zhu Qingyue was aware of this and asked carefully, “Master… senior brother is gone, is there no one in the team who can replace him?”


Looking at his muddle-headed little apprentice, Chu Yan suddenly came up with an idea. “Qingyue, how about you start ahead of time, come to the competition with master this season.”

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Zhu Qingyue was shocked. “Me? But I haven’t learned all the things master taught me.”

Chu Yan patted his shoulder. “Don’t be afraid, your master will protect you. You can’t learn much in the training camp anyway; it’s better to play in a competition and gain more practical experience.”

Thus, the little apprentice who was not even 16 years of age was driven onto the stage by Chu Yan to fight, becoming a part of Pure Cleansing’s team. ICdWYr

Pure Cleansing’s tactics were originally very biased, and Zhu Qingyue had zero competition experience. As a result, he was relentlessly abused by the great gods in the arena until he didn’t know what to do.

On one occasion, Pure Cleansing met the Cat God, Li Cangyu’s team in the regular season. Li Cangyu was also not polite to newcomers, directly jumping into the back row to seckill Zhu Qingyue. Zhu Qingyue then revived in daze and rushed to the team battle area. As a result, he was seckilled by Li Cangyu again…

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His face made him look like a little child who hadn’t yet grown up, and this crying expression made everyone feel like laughing—— how did this crying little brat enter the esports competition circle?

Seeing him, the great gods would joke: “Did Xiao Zhu bring tissues?” “Xiao Zhu, don’t cry, I won’t kill you later!”

Zhu Qingyue hid behind his master with a frightened look on his face, like an innocent white rabbit that had accidentally entered a forest full of wild beasts.

Chu Yan felt that this was not the way, and called Zhu Qingyue for a chat after they returned to the dormitories. “Qingyue, you are still young, and your psychological endurance is relatively fragile, which I can understand. But you can’t go on like this. Crying won’t solve the problem! Remember, even if we lose, we have to be upright, stand tall, and don’t be looked down upon! If you hide and cry, you will only make people laugh!” eTVtqD

Noticing that his master was very angry, Zhu Qingyue’s eyes turned red. “I’m sorry, master,” he whispered, “I didn’t expect to be photographed by the reporter…”

Looking at his little apprentice who was about to break into tears once more, Chu Yan sighed. Standing up, he rubbed Zhu Qingyue’s head in comfort. “I don’t blame you. I promised your uncle to take good care of you, but I can’t always protect you and let you hide behind me to cry. It will only hurt you, do you understand? Qingyue, you will soon be sixteen years old, and it is time to grow up. From next season onwards, I will pass you the captain’s position. So, you must stand up tall, and gain the courage to stand before the reporters.”

Frightened, Zhu Qingyue’s face turned pale. “Capt, captain?”

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Chu Yan’s attitude was very firm. “That’s right, you will be Pure Cleansing’s captain. Of course, I am still in charge of tactics and command, but you are the captain in name and you will face the reporters in person in the post-match interviews.” m8ojv3

Zhu Qingyue: “…”

Be the captain? He was completely uncertain, and did not dare to take over such a heavy burden.

However, his master’s words could not be refused. In the end, Zhu Qingyue was forced to take over as Pure Cleansing’s captain.

In the third season, Zhu Qingyue struggled through all kinds of □□. At the beginning of the fourth season, he was pushed to the position of captain by Chu Yan. He had to attend various league meetings with Chu Yan and face the popular players of major teams. After each game, he had to stand in front of the reporters and accept their bombardment, never daring to cry again. In the past, he was just a newcomer; if he secretly shed tears, others could reason that his psychological endurance was too fragile. But now, he was the captain of Pure Cleansing; if he did not perform well, the entire team would become the laughingstock of the league! C8Bemz

Gritting his teeth, Zhu Qingyue forced himself to become stronger.

Gradually, he learned to smile in front of the reporters, and to face every failure calmly.

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Zhu Qingyue grew up and matured at an amazing speed, and everyone in the league expressed their admiration for Chu Yan’s special way of guiding his apprentice—— who else would dare promote an apprentice to be a captain directly! Only Chu Yan was bold enough!

Zhu Ran came to watch their competition once. Seeing the timid child in his memory suddenly turned into a smiling, slender, warm jade-like teenager, Zhu Ran almost didn’t recognize him, until Zhu Qingyue addressed him with a smile. “Uncle.” icaRQe

“…” Zhu Ran was stunned for a while, but soon found that the teenager was indeed his little nephew Zhu Qingyue. He could not help looking at Chu Yan in shock. “Is it really Qingyue? He seems to have been reborn.”

“You protected him too much before,” Chu Yan replied. “You see, Qingyue is no longer timid, and hasn’t cried for a long time, right?”

Thinking of his black history, Zhu Qingyue’s face flushed. “Master taught me well.”

“I was right to pass Qingyue to you in the first place.” Zhu Ran gratefully patted Chu Yan’s shoulder. “Thanks, brother.” dFoblK

Chu Yan chuckled. “Why thank me? I’m his master, isn’t it a given that I ought to raise him?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Originally, if the two continued to maintain a master-apprentice relationship, things would have been good.

But as Zhu Qingyue grew up, his voice became clearer and more pleasant. Not only did his facial features open and his height increase, he had a well-balanced body with long legs and a narrow waist, with a soft and beautiful facial outline. Furthermore, he liked to wear white trousers and blue shirts, and had a clean and refreshing style. The whole person had a special temperament with both warmth and elegance, which was unforgettable. DUk09z

Chu Yan found himself becoming more and more listless. In the past, both master and apprentice slept in the same room. Zhu Qingyue even tumbled into his bed to keep warm, and he could hold little Qingyue in his arms and sleep till dawn. But now, looking at Zhu Qingyue after taking a bath, he simply couldn’t stand it! The teenager had a shallow smile on his face, slender legs dangled before him, and his hair was still dripping with water. Chu Yan could not control his thoughts at all. He wanted to strip off his pajamas and put him on the bed to love him fiercely.

In his dream, he overwhelmed Zhu Qingyue in various positions, violently invading Zhu Qingyue’s white and inexperienced body, making him cry and beg for mercy.

These thoughts were like weeds, growing crazily in his heart, but Zhu Qingyue was completely unaware, continuing to look at his master with adoring eyes. Every time he looked at the teenager’s clear and bright eyes, and listened to his respectful questions about his master’s next tactical arrangement, Chu Yan felt a very strong sense of guilt in his heart.

—— He respects and trusts you as his master, but what’s on your mind?! NjZP5K

—— Moreover, he is also the nephew of your best friend!

—— Zhu Ran had entrusted him to you, asking you to take care of him, yet you harbour thoughts worse than that of a beast!

Chu Yan was disgusted with himself, but once this evil idea had been born in his heart, it was difficult to suppress. Sometimes, even if he was only looking at Zhu Qingyue, he would be uneasy. Just the sight of Zhu Qingyue chatting with beautiful girls was enough to almost drive Chu Yan mad with jealousy.

He clearly knew that Zhu Qingyue only respected him as his master, and had no other thoughts. C7TlmE

Zhu Qingyue liked girls, and the Zhu family was still waiting for Qingyue to retire, for him to go back and inherit the family business. As his master, how could Chu Yan have the face to drag his apprentice into the mire?

Besides, it was about time for Chu Yan to retire, so he decided to let go completely.

Pure Cleansing team did not perform very well. For the sake of Zhu Qingyue’s future, Chu Yan suggested that he transfer to another team. However, Zhu Qingyue was very stubborn, and believed that the Pure Cleansing team was his master’s painstaking efforts. Even if his master retired, he would stick to it—— what made a good captain? A good captain had a duty, would take on responsibility, and knew how to be grateful.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The Zhu Qingyue of today was no longer the little crying bag that needed his care, and Chu Yan could also feel at ease, leaving behind this little apprentice in order to get rid of his inner demons. yUfIzd

Pure Cleansing’s team members were very reluctant to let Chu Yan retire. Zhu Qingyue was especially reluctant to part with his master, offering a lot of wine to the man. Instead of getting his master drunk, Zhu Qingyue actually got himself drunk.

Chu Yan had a strong tolerance for alcohol; even if he drank a lot, he would still remain sober. He hugged the unconscious Zhu Qingyue close, and returned to the dormitory. Looking at the young man with red cheeks lying on the bed, Chu Yan finally couldn’t help himself, and kissed his forehead gently.

“… I’m sorry, Qingyue. ” Chu Yan’s voice trembled slightly. “Master is leaving. I’m afraid that if I see you again, I won’t be able to control my desire to kiss you, to hug you… just let time erase everything between us.”

He gently stroked Zhu Qingyue’s soft hair, as fragments of their time with each other over the past few years repeatedly surfaced in his mind. ZuY1HG

The process of this little crying bag growing up little by little had already been clearly engraved in his mind. Would time actually erase all this? Chu Yan didn’t know, but all he could do was to let go.

He grew up with Qingyue and trained him into an excellent captain… But he could no longer interfere with Zhu Qingyue’s future.

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Zhu Qingyue should have a better future.

It was very difficult to let go. At that moment, Chu Yan realized what heartbreak was. He packed his bags and left the dormitory, feeling as if his heart was bleeding with every step. SoDN3F

There was a very important person who would soon be removed from his life, just as if his flesh and blood had been cruelly cut away…

Chu Yan paused at the doorway, turning back to take one last look at Zhu Qingyue, who was sleeping on the bed. Taking a deep breath, he eventually averted his gaze, and left the room.

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  1. Oh no…… poor ChuYan… poor Qingyue…

    It’s actually good to have a little bit of a break in between so that they might be able to start anew as two adults instead of a master and apprentice. You controlled yourself well, Chu Yan.

    It’s still heartbreaking though.

    Thank you for the chapter!

    Stay safe and healthy!

    • It’s really sad for both of them actually, and I cried while TL-ing this 😭

      I agree, that they have a little bit of a break, so they can be mature enough to face their feeling..

      You’re welcome! Stay safe and healthy , too!

  2. This was heartbreaking, but it was needed for Zhu Qingyue to grow up and not depend on Chu Yan; Chu Yan needed a break too lol or else he would go insane.


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    pursue him!

    Thank you for the chapter🥰

    • I think he already let go of his team when he retired, he told Qinyue to go to another club right?

      That’s right!!! Pursue him, go Chu Yan 🙈

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      • But but he have to see Zhu baby met his downfall repeatedly and then in the end have to disband. However he didn’t contact ZQY after that.(I’m still bitter about him encourage his senior brother to form team but didn’t contact ZQY tho we all now know the reason but ughh That heard ZQY!!😭😭😭) I wonder how he felt during that time.