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The King's ReturnCh126 - Master and Apprentice Feeling


translator: Oyen  editor: Ciel

When Chu Yan arrived at the office, Liu Chuan was sorting the papers on his desk. Looking up to see Chu Yan, Liu Chuan nodded in greeting. “Please have a seat, director Chu. I’ll call Xiao Han and Qin Mo over, you can chat with them afterwards.” Contrary to expectations, Chu Yan did not sit down, instead walking to stand in front of Liu Chuan to whisper, “When did Zhu Qingyue come to Dragon Song?” 7bLAmd

Liu Chuan paused. “Shortly after Pure Cleansing disbanded, Xiao Han and Qin Mo brought him over to the Mojue team. Didn’t you know?”

Chu Yan raised an eyebrow. “It wasn’t you who dragged him over?”

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“Of course not,” Liu Chuan smiled innocently. “Your apprentice joining Mojue has nothing to do with me. It was Xiao Han and Qin Mo who persuaded him to sign on.” Getting up and pouring Chu Yan a glass of water, Liu Chuan continued, “There’s still another thing I need to inform you of. Mojue is not a team under my Dragon Song club, so I don’t have the final say. Qin Mo and Xiao Han are the actual owners of the team, while I’m just their major shareholder.”

“… Is that right? ” Chu Yan sat down on the sofa, and took a sip from his glass. “So, was it Xiao Han and Qin Mo pulled him to Mojue?” he murmured. Bu9YKl

“En, Mojue team was missing an auxiliary at that time. Xiao Han and Qin Mo took immediate action when they saw that the Pure Cleansing team had disbanded, and went to Wuhan to persuade Zhu Qingyue. I only knew about it afterwards.” Pausing, Liu Chuan carefully observed Chu Yan’s expression. “Why … are you unhappy?”

“No,” Chu Yan denied, shaking his head. “It was just unexpected.”

Looking at Chu Yan’s complicated expression, Liu Chuan did not ask anymore, and directly called Xiao Han’s mobile to invite them over.

Xiao Han and Qin Mo did not take long to arrive at the conference room. Chu Yan did not mention Zhu Qingyue any longer, and took out the contract from his briefcase, explaining the responsibilities and obligations of both sides to the Twin Stars, before letting them take a closer look at the contract. All this was done with a serious expression.


After carefully reading the contract, Qin Mo asked, “For the endorsement product to be given to Mojue team, will there be any need to state specific team members in the contract?”

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“The company’s intention is to ask you Twin Stars to endorse our two main products, the VR glasses and home projection equipment,” Chu Yan replied. “The rest of the products can be handed over to the other team members. For example, the touchscreen control panel used by Peerless Jianghu is also developed by our company. We also have a gaming keyboard and mouse set, which can also be endorsed by the other team members. In any case, if all the products are advertised by the both of you, not only will you both be very busy, the audience may also get bored.”

Chu Yan’s words made sense. If Twin Stars’ advertisements were broadcasted in every match, the audience would definitely get tired of watching it. Thus, the chance should be used to show off their other members.

Qin Mo simply nodded.  “Aside from Xiao Han and I, perhaps the product advertisements to be given to the specific members could be finalized as soon as possible, and the details will be written on the contract.” hnkcpU

Looking at Qin Mo’s serious expression, Chu Yan felt a little surprised. He did not expect that the once-arrogant little prince was now so responsible, and would consider matters for his team members. In fact, Qin Mo’s request was very reasonable, and Chu Yan did not hesitate to agree. “No problem. This is only the main contract, and we will write down in detail which team members are to endorse which product, as well as endorsement fee under the additional terms.”

Qin Mo put the contract away. “Then, we shall wait for the additional terms and conditions to be finalised before signing.”

It wasn’t a problem, so Chu Yan simply agreed. “I want to see all the members of the Mojue team, so that I can decide who endorses which products. Will it be convenient?”

It was normal for the advertisers to see the team members, but considering Zhu Qingyue’s circumstances, Qin Mo hesitated for a little bit. C37mxB

His considerations were obvious to Chu Yan, who reassured him.  “I have already met Qingyue. You don’t have to worry about it; this time it’s just a business cooperation.”

Qin Mo agreed. “Alright, I’ll arrange it.”


Moments later, Qin Mo and Xiao Han accompanied Chu Yan to the training room. M7wFAc

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Vwlilcu ja tfg, Jte Tjc ibbxfv yjmx ja Ljc jcv Zb. “Tbeg afjw lr gfjiis iezeglber.”

“Yo mbegrf,” Wljb Ljc rjlv yiecais. “Qlat Hlcusef, la klii yf fnfc wbgf iezeglber.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qin Mo briefly introduced the team. “Liu Hong is Sister Xiang’s sister; these four, Shen He, Li Muran, Pei Yu and He Beiguang are all newcomers.” Seeing that Zhu Qingyue was not present in the training room, Qin Mo asked, “Where is Qingyue?” U9n1bO

“He went shopping at noon and was caught in the rain,” Liu Hong replied. “He said he would come right after taking a bath…”

Right at this moment, a young man rushed into the training room. He had already changed out from the wet clothes of earlier, into a pair of fitting trousers that made his legs appear extra slender, as well as a thin, light blue sweater. Zhu Qingyue had a smile on his face, his temperament elegant and gentle, only for his smile to freeze after meeting Chu Yan’s gaze.

Obviously, he didn’t expect his master to come to the training room. He didn’t know what kind of expression he should use to face this man in front of him.

The atmosphere in the training room turned awkward suddenly. Qin Mo could only take the initiative to break the ice. “Well, Qingyue, let me introduce him. This is director Chu. His company wants to cooperate with our Mojue team to endorse a series of products. He came here today to talk about this matter with us.” lJCsR6

Zhu Qingyue finally understood the reason for seeing his master at the Dragon Song club. With a soft “Oh”, he walked over to stand behind Qin Mo.

Chu Yan’s gaze had been on Zhu Qingyue ever since he appeared, right until he hid behind Qin Mo, when Chu Yan looked away. “I have understood Mojue’s situation. Qin Mo, please send me the information of all your team members, including the height and weight, preferably with a recent photo attached. I will arrange matters as soon as possible after I return to the company. This month, we will need everyone to cooperate in taking some publicity photos, and maybe even a few videos later. Everyone may have to work hard for a while. Of course, you will not be treated badly in terms of endorsement fees.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“No problem,” Qin Mo replied easily. “However, I hope that the shoot will be finished within half a day. The rest of the day will be left for our training.”

“I understand,” Chu Yan nodded. “We will try not to delay your training progress.” Looking down at his watch, he added, “I have a meeting this afternoon, so I won’t disturb you any longer. I’ll call you another day.” boalsr

“Okay, see you later.” Qin Mo politely walked him to the door. As Chu Yan reached the door, he turned around, catching sight of Zhu Qingyue sneaking a glance at him with wet eyes, seemingly carrying grievances at his master for ignoring him. Seeing this, Chu Yan’s back stiffened, and he said nothing more, hurriedly leaving the training room.


After Chu Yan left, Qin Mo returned to the training room, only to see Zhu Qingyue hanging his head low, obviously feeling very depressed.

Qin Mo sighed, and patted Zhu Qingyue’s shoulder to reassure him. “Don’t be sad. He has a meeting this afternoon, and is too busy to catch up with you.” 9VGAHP

Zhu Qingyue smiled helplessly. “Don’t make up an explanation for him. He just doesn’t want to talk to me; he might still be angry with me.”

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Qin Mo wanted to offer him more comfort, but Zhu Qingyue quickly calmed down. “It doesn’t matter, everyone should continue to train.”

Although Shen He was extremely curious, he could see that Zhu Qingyue looked gloomy, and didn’t dare to ask. In the end, he secretly sent a private chat to Qin Mo: “Master! I remember that god Chu was great god Qingyue’s master. How come they act like strangers?”

Qin Mo replied: “Don’t meddle in their business.” Y9VSCk

Shen He sent a smiling emoticon: “O(∩_∩)O~ oh!”

Qin Mo took Shen He, Li Muran and Zhu Qingyue in his team, and went to play a five person qualifying match, while Liu Hong took Pei Yu and He Beiguang to practice in the challenge arena.

During the qualifying matches, Zhu Qingyue was obviously distracted, and the auxiliary arrays were a bit messy. Fortunately, the pair of Xiao Han and Qin Mo in the front row were strong enough, and the level of opponents they encountered was also very mediocre. After winning a few games smoothly, Qin Mo disbanded the team, instructing Shen He, Li Muran, Pei Yu, He Beiguang to practice cooperating in pairs.

Qin Mo called Zhu Qingyue out of the room alone, and handed him a business card. “Although I don’t know what is wrong between you and your master, it is a fact that your senior brother has set up the Whisper team. They have your master’s guidance from behind the scenes, and you will certainly have to face them on the field in future. I hope you can untie these knots, relax, and play well with us, okay?” gO53zs

In response to his concern, Zhu Qingyue could only lower his head in shame. “I know, I will settle this matter as soon as possible. This business card … did he give it to you?”

Qin Mo nodded. “En, it has all his contact information on it. Since he does not want to contact you, you can take the initiative to contact him. Chu Yan is not a narrow-minded person; with some clarification, these issues should be untied.”

Zhu Qingyue chuckled. “Okay, I’ll take the initiative to contact him and ask.”

*** iwmnaY

Returning to the dormitory after training in the evening, Zhu Qingyue sat by the bed, took out his mobile phone, and looked up the WeChat mobile phone number on the business card. Sure enough, he saw an account bound to the mobile phone. The account name was CY0521, and the profile picture was a pine tree. May 21st was Chu Yan’s birthday; this account was obviously his. Taking a deep breath, Zhu Qingyue summoned up the courage to send a verification message—— Master, I am Qingyue.

Chu Yan was busy processing the work email in front of the computer when his mobile phone received the verification notice. Stunned, he chose to ignore it for the time being. He put the mobile phone aside and continued to read the data in the email.

The data contained in the email gradually became blurred. Instead, Chu Yan recalled the scene when he met Zhu Qingyue outside the club today—— That guy was drenched and looked a little messy, but his eyes were clear and beautiful. His eyes were full of panic when he looked back at him, like a small white rabbit who accidentally ran into the forest.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

There seemed to be a glimmer of water in his eyes, exactly the same as when he first saw him. WIde2f

The more he thought about it, the more uneasy Chu Yan became. In the end, he chose to simply turn off the computer. Rubbing his temples, he looked at the verification message again, before sighing and pressing ‘accept’. He opened the chat window, only to find that Zhu Qingyue’s avatar had not changed in the past few years—— it was the Q version of him made by Pure Cleansing’s fans, complete with watery eyes, because his nickname was ‘little crying bag’. Unexpectedly, Qingyue didn’t mind this black history, even placing this picture as his avatar.

When Zhu Qingyue saw that the other party had approved his friend application, he immediately and carefully sent a sentence: “Master…”

Chu Yan didn’t know what this ellipsis was trying to express. Frowning, he replied: “Speak.”

Zhu Qingyue sent a tearful emoticon: “How have you been these years? I miss you very much [crying]” Z78KXx

This emoticon was also part of a series of ‘little crying bags’ given to him by the fans. It had always been saved in his mobile phone; he liked it very much and couldn’t bear to part with it.

Seeing this sentence, Chu Yan’s heart softened. Resisting the impulse to reply, he clutched his mobile phone tightly. After a long pause, he typed a single word: “Oh.”

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Zhu Qingyue: “…”

What did this ‘Oh’ mean? fI4ABE

He summoned his courage to speak a few words. As a result, his master just replied with ‘Speak’ and ‘Oh’, seemingly impatient to cut off the conversation.

Zhu Qingyue felt a little uncomfortable. In the end, he took a deep breath, and simply sent a voice message.

Chu Yan looked at the long string of voice messages that kept popping up on his mobile phone. He hesitated for a moment, but still pressed the play key, listening to the soft voice in his ear——

“Master, after you retired, I led the Pure Cleansing team according to your tactical ideas. I know that you changed your number, and didn’t contact me at all. I didn’t dare to disturb you… For the past three years, I missed you very much, but the team did not have good results, and I didn’t dare to find you. In the end, the team was finally disbanded. This is my fault, because I was too useless, and I’m really sorry… However, I’ve tried my best, and the team members didn’t want to go on, so I let them find other careers. It’s better than continuing to waste time in the league, so I disbanded the team. My own condition is not as good as before. I originally planned to find another job after I retired, but Xiao Han and Qin Mo came to me and said that the speed requirements of Peerless Jianghu were not so high. I also wasn’t happy with things ending like this, so I followed them to the Mojue team.” QRY0f5

This message was followed by another long voice message: “I actually don’t understand, what did I do wrong in the first place that made you so disgusted and hate me? Is it because I didn’t listen to your advice to transfer to another club? However, Pure Cleansing is your painstaking effort. I am your apprentice and the captain of Pure Cleansing team. How can I transfer to another club… After you retired, I insisted on leading the Pure Cleansing team because I didn’t want to waste your many years of effort. There are so many strong teams in the league, and my ability is limited. I failed to win the trophy with Pure Cleansing. I am sorry to you, but I have tried my best. Master, can you speak up? What makes you so angry? Why didn’t you want to talk to me these past three years?”

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Listening to this soft voice, Chu Yan gripped his mobile phone tightly, almost crushing it in his hands.

—— It’s not you who’s wrong, it’s me.

—— However, how can I tell you that this master of yours harbours thoughts that shouldn’t be had towards you? I 6dfA

—— You obviously believe in me and depend on me. You regard me as the most reliable and respected master, but do you know? Zhu Qingyue, your master is not better than an animal. He watched you grow up day by day, watching you grow from a little crying bag at 16 years old to the gentle and jade-like youth that you are now, and your master’s heart gradually became dark.

—— While you look at him with respect and worship, he thinks of pressing you on the bed and bullying you into tears.

—— Do you still dare to recognize such a beast as your master?

Chu Yan smiled mockingly at himself, before sending a voice message in reply. “Qingyue, from the moment I retired, our master-apprentice friendship was over. I have already left the league; I am no longer an esports player, I have my work and life, there is no reason to guide you any longer. You disbanded Pure Cleansing and chose Mojue team. In fact, all these are your affairs alone. You can do whatever you like in the future. It has nothing to do with me.” Cx6FHg

Zhu Qingyue listened to the low voice coming from the mobile phone. It was still familiar, but somehow, it was as cold as ice.

After retirement, you are no longer an esports player, so the apprentice no longer has anything to do with you? In that case, then what did my persistence over the years amount to?

Upset, Zhu Qingyue kept silent for a  little while. “Why do you care about what senior brother is doing, and even helped him to form Whisper team?”

Chu Yan was startled. “You know about Luo Yuan’s matter?” V7qB9Q

Zhu Qingyue typed: “I asked him, and he told me himself.”

Chu Yan frowned and replied: “Luo Yuan had an accident at home that year, and left with many regrets. He was not as popular as you, and did not have as much competition experience as you. If I did not help him, he would have difficulties in forming a team. Last time, I coincidentally met him in Changsha, so I helped him.”

Zhu Qingyue replied: “Of course, it’s right that you care about senior brother and help him build a team, but I hope you can also care about me a little bit. Although you have retired and are no longer an esports player, to me, you will always be my master. I have really missed you in the past few years, and I often dream of you [tearful].”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Seeing this message and looking at the familiar emoticon of the little crying bag, Chu Yan’s finger froze. Gritting his teeth, he picked up his mobile phone and snapped: “Qingyue, you have grown up, you are not a child anymore. Don’t provoke me with these words!” Tp LnP

Zhu Qingyue wanted to sell meng to soften his master’s heart. He used to do this in the past, when his master was angry. He would send a row of crying emoticons to sell meng, and his master immediately forgave him. In the end, not only did Chu Yan not forgive him, but also sounded very angry, as if he was suppressing something forcibly and was about to explode. Shocked, Zhu Qingyue immediately returned a text message with shaking hands: “Master, don’t be angry, I won’t provoke you. Go to bed first. Good night.”

Chu Yan didn’t reply, so Zhu Qingyue gave up and closed his WeChat.

He really didn’t know why his master was angry. The performance of the Pure Cleansing team was not good. Chu Yan already knew this; it was the same even when he was still in the team. Why should he be angry with his apprentice?

Zhu Qingyue lay down on his bed and stared at the ceiling. Recalling the details of that year, he couldn’t help to feel a little sour. ddBVKb

He went to the Pure Cleansing team at a very young age. Chu Yan was his master; not only did he teach Qingyue how to play auxiliary, but also took good care of him in daily life. Zhu Qingyue regarded Chu Yan as his closest person, and his feelings for Chu Yan were even deeper than those for his uncle.

Their master and apprentice relationship was so good originally, so why did things end up like this? Zhu Qingyue simply couldn’t figure it out.

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