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The King's ReturnCh124 - WeChat Group


translator: Oyen  editor: Ciel

After retiring, Chu Yan went to a company in Changsha, where Xiao Han met him six months ago. Thinking about it carefully, the name of the company seemed to be ‘Qingyang Electronic Technology’. Chu Yan was several years older than Xiao Han, thus he debuted a few years earlier. In fact, he was a player from Li Cangyu’s generation, but because the performance of the Pure Cleansing team was not very good, Chu Yan’s popularity in the league was not as high as that of the Twin Stars’ masters. However, this person was very inventive, creating tactics for a team with an auxiliary core. He also persisted in the league for many years, showing extraordinary patience. Now that he had shifted behind the scenes upon retirement, his company cooperated with the Peerless Jianghu project; from this, it could be seen that he was very far-sighted. vWdFQ6

Just now, Liu Sisi mentioned that Qingyang Electronic Technology Company had cooperated with Peerless Jianghu officials to develop new VR glasses. Seeing Chu Yan here, Xiao Han quickly put two and two together. “Did god Chu come to Beijing headquarters this time to cooperate with Peerless Jianghu on the new VR glasses?”

“The mixed-race child is indeed smart,” Chu Yan chuckled. “Yes, I am in charge of this project.” He turned his gaze on Qin Mo, studying the youth in front of him carefully. “Qin Mo, I really didn’t expect you to return.”

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Qin Mo nodded in reply. “I also didn’t expect to see you here.”

Chu Yan was actually quite surprised to see the Twin Stars appearing at the same time, but did not let it show on his face. Calmly, he asked Liu Sisi, “Director Liu, are you showing them around the headquarters?” zG7Bv4

“Indeed,” Liu Sisi replied. “I just let everyone try out the new glasses. As expected, some players have put forward suggestions relating to the colour adjustment.”

Chu Yan seemed to have expected this. “The problem has already been solved, I came here today to inform you about this. Still, you should show them around first; we can chat after you’re free. See you later, everyone.” He waved to the gathered group before turning away, his tall figure soon disappearing at the end of the corridor.

Liu Sisi took everyone on a tour of the headquarters. However, Qin Mo felt a little restless, because he felt there was something complicated between Chu Yan and Zhu Qingyue.

Generally, the relationship between master and apprentice was very good. Even if the master retires, he would keep in touch with his apprentice, unless the apprentice has wronged him. Or, in the case of Qin Mo, the apprentice was too ashamed to face the master, and thus directly deleted his master’s contact information. 


Zhu Qingyue should not be afraid to meet his master. After all, he had been supporting the Pure Cleansing team alone for the past few years, ever since his master retired. He hadn’t wronged Chu Yan in the slightest.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

So why was Qingyue’s expression not right every time Chu Yan’s name was mentioned?

Why did Chu Yan ask the senior apprentice, Luo Yuan, to set up a brand new Whisper team with an auxiliary umbrella array as the core, and completely ignore the junior apprentice?

Qin Mo couldn’t figure it out, so he planned to ask Zhu Qingyue after returning to Changsha. zYMojw


Liu Sisi showed everyone around the R&D department, before going to the top floor to distribute the prepared gifts.

The top four players in the competition would receive all sorts of prizes. The championship prizes would be directly transferred to the cards provided by everyone, while the others would be mailed out to the recipients. In addition to the commemorative bookmarks and postcards, the champions would also receive specially-made action figures from the various sects. Qin Mo received a white-clothed swordsman holding a sword, while Xiao Han received an assassin holding a dagger. The others also received figurines from their own corresponding cultivation routes. Everyone liked their action figures, which were very similar to the characters in the game. They took a group photo at the front desk with a banner emblazoned with ‘Peerless Jianghu’ in their hands, and were chauffeured back to the hotel after dinner.

Everyone gained a lot from today’s trip, and the high-tech products in the R&D departments were also an eye-opener. They reached the hotel at 8:00pm in the evening. As many people were flying back tomorrow, Lin Shuangcheng suggested, “How about we set up a WeChat group, so that we can share news in the future?” cS7ZR5

This proposal received everyone’s immediate approval, so Lin Shuangcheng opened his mobile phone, asking everyone to add him as a friend on WeChat. He then pulled everyone into a group named ‘Peerless’ Gossip Group’.

As soon as he looked at the group name, Qin Mo had a bad feeling…

However, everyone had just joined the group. Since there was no activity, they went back to their rooms to rest.

Returning to his room, Qin Mo poured himself a glass of water, sitting down on the sofa to drink. Suddenly, a message from Lin Shuangcheng popped up in the group: “Please change your nickname displayed in the group. It’d be best if you could have your ID followed by your real name, otherwise, it’ll be difficult recognising so many people.” Having sent his message, he took the lead and changed his name to ‘Unparalleled Gentleman Lin Shuangcheng’. Z7L MS

Everyone began to change their names. Qin Mo had just changed his name to ‘Ink Mark Qin Mo’ when Xie Changming, Eternal Lamp, jumped out with a quick, “A certain two people, please don’t use the name of Longing for Your Heart and We’ll Never be Apart, it’s so abusive!”

Morning Breeze Lingering Moon Su Cheng: “Agree. Don’t publicly display your affection in the group, a husband and wife pair is really unbearable.”

Ordinary Person Qiu Zongping: “Agree +1”

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Unparalleled Gentleman Lin Shuangcheng: “In fact, you can show your affection. How about sending out a few big red envelopes of 200 yuan first?” LlI3dR

Morning Breeze Lingering Moon Su Cheng: “Sounds good.”

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Ordinary Person Qiu Zongping: “Sending red envelopes is fine.”

Ejlc Qlatbea Fwygfiij Oe Dbse: “Ciatbeut P vbc’a xcbk ktja sbe jgf ajixlcu jybea, P gfjiis kjca ab ugjy gfv fcnfibqfr!”

Gffq Pc Ktf Djwybb Xgbnf Rlf Tehte: “Qtja? Ktfgf lr j mbeqif tfgf?” 13BKbx

Three Thousand Miles of River Chen Jiang: “What’s going on? Does someone want to send out red envelopes? [smile]”

Pcx Zjgx Hlc Zb: “……………………”

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Pcx Zjgx Hlc Zb tjr ifoa atf ‘Uffgifrr’ Xbrrlq Xgbeq’.

Qjamtlcu Hlc Zb klatvgjk ogbw atf ugbeq lc jcufg, Hle Ibcuqlcu jcv Olc Vtejcumtfcu ktb xcfk tlr yijmx tlrabgs kfgf uibjalcu. Ktf agbeyifwjxfg, Wlf Jtjcuwlcu, uglqqfv tlr wbylif qtbcf tjqqlis. “Vfclbg ygbatfg, P revvfcis offi ilxf afjrlcu atf ugfja ubv Pcx Zjgx lr nfgs jwerlcu, tjtj! Qtb jrxfv tlw ab erf teryjcv jcv klof jmmbecar ab ub ecvfgmbnfg lc beg ueliv, jcv ufa mjeuta? Qf mjc ijeut ja atlr yijmx tlrabgs obg j ibcu alwf!” ZitXre

Su Cheng patted his junior brother lightly on the shoulder. “Don’t be too arrogant. Be careful lest he kills you to silence you.”

Xie Changming immediately mimed a zipping action over his mouth. “I’ll only say it in the group, and won’t ever say it outside. Will that do?”

Seeing Xie Changming enjoy himself, Su Cheng could only shrug helplessly. “Up to you. However, I predict that Ink Mark will definitely kill you first in the competition arena.”

With the calm expression of “Come and kill me, will I be afraid of you?”, Xie Changming waved a hand. “Anyway, since he left the group, I’ll just go and pester god Han.” mJlA1q

In the WeChat group——

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Eternal Lamp Xie Changming: “God Han, your wife seems to have left in anger. Please go and persuade him to come back.”

Deep In The Bamboo Grove Nie Yuzhu: “So, it’s like this. The couple you mentioned earlier were these two.”

Three Thousand Miles of River Chen Jiang: “Finally, I understand what’s going on, will god Han still send the red envelope?” 5ONBRp

—— Thousand Miles Ice Xiao Han has sent a red envelope worth 200 yuan.

Everyone: “…”

I’m just kidding, god Han, you’re such a local tyrant!

However, the red envelope was followed by a sentence: “The red envelope has been sent. All of you, stop teasing my family’s Xiao Mo, he gets embarrassed easily.” 8AzK B

Xie Changming was in a daze, directly typing out: “Your, family’s, Xiao, Mo?!”

Xiao Han sent a smiling emoticon: “Didn’t you say that he was my wife? Why, not satisfied?”

Xie Changming: “Satisfied, satisfied, satisfied! Who said I’m not satisfied, I’m really satisfied with you! God Han is really straightforward, everyone grab the red envelope, what are you all waiting for!”

A group of people immediately rushed to snatch the red envelopes with their fast hands, almost reaching competition speeds. Xiao Han’s three red envelopes were robbed within 3 seconds. GZ5vFj

“Thank you for the red envelope.” Qiu Zongping sent kowtowing emoticons to express his thanks.

“Thank you for the red envelope.” Everyone copied and pasted the sentence.

Xiao Han:  “You all have accepted the red envelope. I’ll add Xiao Mo back. If anyone dares mention this again, critical hits of Meteor, Thousand Lights Ghost Walk and Deadly Ice Silkworm will be waiting for you.” Then he sent several zipped mouth and dagger emoticons, which made his meaning obvious—— He would kill whomever dared to speak.

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The mixed-race’s emoticon pack was superb, causing the Wulin players who were not familiar with him to feel a little muddled. vqKjCy

Frost Moon’s captain, Chen Jiang, felt suspicious. “People always say that god Han of Dragon Song Club has a mixed race heritage, so his Chinese is not very good?”

Nie Yuzhu followed up with: “I heard that too.”

Chen Jiang: “But from today’s meeting, not only is his Chinese was very fluent, he even has more emoticon packs than us [sad]”

Nie Yuzhu: “I don’t even have emoticon packs [sad]” dLrG v

Xiao Han sent an emoticon of patting the dog’s head. “It is because my Chinese is not good, that it is necessary to use emoticons to express emotion [ROFL] [LOL]”

Everyone: “…”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

It was really a god-like emoticon pack. There were even several laughing emoticons.

Many people immediately saved Xiao Han’s emoticon pack for later use. Sb5Cd6

Xiao Han returned to the topic: “Everyone knows, right? I’ll add Xiao Mo back, don’t make fun of him!”

The witty Xie Changming replied: “Won’t mention, won’t mention! If you send another red envelope, I won’t mention it again!”

Thousand Miles Ice Xiao Han has sent a red envelope worth 200 yuan.

This time, the red envelopes were all robbed within a single second, which showed that the hand speeds of this group were simply inhuman. BsrYdR

A moment later, a message popped up on the screen——

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Thousand Miles Ice Xiao Han invited Qinmo0119 to join the group chat.

The painting style in the group immediately changed——

Eternal Lamp Xie Changming: “Luoying Valley’s penetration skill, Broken Bridge, has a sort of similar effect to Hanhua Sword sect’s Drifting Sword!” aBRnW8

Morning Breeze Lingering Moon Su Cheng: “The sound wave penetration of Broken Bridge can be released from a long distance, and does not require me to move. Drifting Sword will cause you to teleport to the designated position. The difference between the skills is still quite large.”

Unparalleled Gentleman Lin Shuangcheng: “Captain Su is right, but Drifting Sword’s penetration will be very useful in some terrains.”

Ordinary Person Qiu Zongping: “Agree to both.”

Qin Mo didn’t expect this group’s painting style to change so drastically. Why did they suddenly start discussing skill effects? 1gfL0H

Xiao Han sent a ROFL emoticon: “Okay everyone, wash up and go to sleep. We still need to get up early to go to the airport tomorrow.”

Everyone tacitly said good night, see you again, and went to rest.

Qin Mo was quite certain that Xiao Han had done something behind his back. Otherwise how could this gossip group become so serious?

However, Xiao Han was very quick in putting away his mobile phone. In the end, Qin Mo decided not to pursue it, and went to shower instead. WNMDte


Probably because he was uneasy, Qin Mo forgot, and left his underwear and pajamas outside when he went to shower. Though, he couldn’t simply go out naked, and after a moment’s hesitation, he shouted, “Xiao Han, please pass me my pajamas, I left them by the bed.”

“Alright!” Xiao Han quickly brought his pajamas.

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Qin Mo opened the door just a crack, reaching out with a single hand to quickly receive his pajamas. tYuVFs

Standing outside the door, Xiao Han recalled the slender and beautiful fingers that had just appeared before him, and the pale arm that was slightly flushed from the hot water… The frost glass concealed the scene in the bathroom, and only the sound of running water could be heard. Still, just imagining Qin Mo bathing under the shower nozzle caused Xiao Han’s body to involuntarily heat up, He could only force himself to swallow his saliva, pressing down on the □□ internal impulse.

Qin Mo soon came out of the bathroom, wearing the pajamas and underwear Xiao Han had just handed to him. He had a calm expression, but his cheeks were slightly red. No one could tell if it was because it was hot, or if he was just embarrassed.

Xiao Han’s gaze never left as Qin Mo walked over to the bedside to sit and blow dry his hair. The hem of his robe inadvertently opened just a peek, revealing those beautifully slender calves; this half-hidden scenery was really very attractive. Qin Mo had no idea how fascinating he was.

Despite blow drying his hair, Qin Mo felt that there was a burning gaze fixed on him from behind. Yet when he turned around, Xiao Han had already turned away, and was staring at his mobile phone. In the end, Qin Mo could only assume that he was thinking too much, and returned to blow drying his hair. However, the atmosphere in the room remained a little ambiguous. Unable to bear it any longer, Qin Mo broke the silence. “Quickly, go shower. We have to catch a plane in the morning, so go to bed early after washing.” RCYbqk

Xiao Han replied with an “Oh”, before turning around and heading for the bathroom. Qin Mo breathed a sigh of relief. He always felt that the ambiguous atmosphere of being alone with Xiao Han was quite unbearable. If it went on like this, he was afraid that he could not help turning around to… To do what? Give Xiao Han a kiss? Or give him a hug?

That time when Xiao Han scolded the Dragon Song’s newcomers for him, they had looked at each other under the warm afternoon sun, and Qin Mo saw nothing but trust and understanding in Xiao Han’s eyes.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

At that moment, he finally realized that he actually liked Xiao Han.

Sometimes, changes in feelings were unclear, and in many cases, it only took a heartbeat. sNdVGE

But Qin Mo had no experience at all regarding what to do next.  After all, he had never fallen in love, and did not have the kind of personality that actively pursued someone. He wanted to be close to Xiao Han, but he was afraid that Xiao Han would be disgusted. Coupled with his thin skin, he was too embarrassed to say corny words, so he silently hid these feelings in his heart, thinking that he would perhaps have a chance to say it in the future.

It was just that every time he was alone with Xiao Han, his heart beat faster. It was really out of control, which made Qin Mo a little distressed.


By the time Xiao Han exited the bathroom, Qin Mo was already asleep. He was lying on the bed and covered with a quilt, but his long white neck and clear face were still visible. His eyes were closed, and his long, thick eyelashes looked like a row of brushes under the dim light. Smiling, Xiao Han sat down by the bed and whispered, “Are you asleep?” 2X56PC

Qin Mo was not yet asleep, and replied faintly, “We need to get up at 6:00am tomorrow to go to the airport, so blow dry your hair and go to bed early.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“En.” Xiao Han could only dry his hair quickly, lie down on the other bed, and turn off the lights.

In the dark, even the sound of their breathing could be heard. Xiao Han was silent for a moment; unable to sleep, he asked, “Xiao Mo, after visiting the headquarters today, what do you think of this Peerless Jianghu game?”

Qin Mo didn’t feel sleepy either, so he replied. “The prospects of this game are very good. The officials are courageous and have vision. After the start of the competitive league next year, as long as the game is broadcasted, its popularity will definitely rise. Moreover, the operation modes of this game will also prolong the career of esports players.” bRYmKq

Xiao Han nodded. “Yes, so there is no need to retire in a hurry this time.” He paused for a few moments, before adding, “Seeing Xiao Chu today, I feel that time has passed by too quickly. Cheng Wei’s apprentice is already able to take charge of a team.”

New players always replaced the older players in the professional league. Back then, the two were the little princes beloved by everyone, but now, most of the older generation had long since retired, and many of the excellent players currently in the professional league were their descendants. Cheng Wei was only one year older than them, and had a lively personality, always playing with them back then. In the twinkling of an eye, Cheng Wei’s apprentice Chu Jianxin was now the captain of the new team. Time was really fleeting, and many things had changed in three years.

Qin Mo couldn’t help but sigh. “People used to call me Xiao Mo and Little Prince whenever we met, but now they address me as god Mo or senior … I feel like I’ve suddenly become part of the older generation.”

Xiao Han reached out from the next bed to take hold of Qin Mo’s hand. “It doesn’t matter, I will still call you Xiao Mo. I am older, so even if we age, I will still grow old first.” FNZrWp

The room was dark. Qin Mo didn’t know how Xiao Han managed to find his hand in the darkness, let alone stretch so far. Did Xiao Han reach over from the next bed, fumbling his way under the quilt just to hold his hand?

—— This blind exercise technique was quite powerful.

Xiao Han’s hands were familiar to him. These long and powerful fingers, with the thin cocoons on his fingertips due to years of tapping on the keyboard. In the darkness, his fingers were gently held by Xiao Han. Qin Mo did not pull away; because the feeling was too warm, he was reluctant to let go.

Qin Mo smiled. “Yes, you are half a year older than me, god Han.” z91BXC

Xiao Han also smiled. “This time, we can play together for many years, and become seniors in Peerless Jianghu.”

Qin Mo nodded. “Okay.”

Xiao Han said nothing more, but gently clasped Qin Mo’s fingers together in the quilt.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The night was tranquil. The two people in the hotel were holding hands, pretending to be chatting calmly, yet their hearts were beating to a fast-paced rhythm. S M3W0

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