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The King's GameCh94 - [Mermaid XII]


On the question of the right of ownership, Gu Huai did not say whether it was good or bad. A few black balls sitting in rows on his legs squeaked and protested against Yan Lin.

Yan Lin moved his eyes to the Nightmares and looked at them expressionlessly. He did not make any noise, but he held the youth closer. 3dw45O

The youth took the Nightmares who followed him every day as his family. In this case, Yan Lin squinted slightly to pretend that he could not hear the squeaking of the black balls.

Gu Huai had barely reacted as his appeared in his room in Yancheng to see him. Surprised, Gu Huai smiled helplessly and raised his hand to appease the Nightmares on his leg one by one.

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“Did you leave your work to others when you came here like this?” Although he hadn’t been in this world for a long time, Gu Huai also knew that the Yan family was a giant with great authority and power. As the head of the Yan family, Yan Lin didn’t have much time for anything other than work.

“Keeping the important ones.” Without denying the youth, Yan Lin did not give up and put his head down on the youth’s shoulders. “The Yan family is not involved in the entertainment industry in film and television, but will soon acquire a brokerage company, which will be completed in a few months at most.” VbSBId

The company the youth was signed under did not treat him well, although the Yan family had no involvement in the entertainment industry, but as long as Yan Lin wanted to know, his subordinates would find out.

Gu Huai was stunned, and then he quickly wanted to understand why the other specifically said this to him. After thinking about it, Gu Huai turned his head, following what Yan Lin had done to him before, and kissed him on the cheek.

“Which one?” When asking this question, Gu Huai has a feeling that his family’s ChuChu seemed to have become his gold master. His current identity was an actor who had been in the industry for four years and had only been an 18th tier actor. Yan Lin, who bought a company because of him, fully met the conditions of a “gold master”

When the young man kissed his cheek, Yan Lin felt the soft touch on the left cheek, and he blinked his eyes, leaving only an earnest expression, the coldness in his eyes disappeared almost instantly. Kvu7tS

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“Donghuang.”  Yan Lin looked down at some black balls on the youth’s legs and answered his question in a low voice.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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Gu Huai couldn’t help but look at Yan Lin carefully at this time. If his ChuChu was a ‘gold master’, there was nothing else to choose. It was not easy to find a good-looking gold owner who was rich enough and didn’t mess with other people. O9tiKb

“Ah Huai?” Yan Lin slightly bent his head and said the name of the young man in a low voice. He noticed the young man’s sight and wanted to know what he was thinking.

Gu Huai disguised a low cough and shook his head. “Nothing.”

The young man refused to talk and Yan Lin did not ask questions, only hummed slightly and continued to embrace the young man’s body with satisfaction, and slightly narrowed his eyes as he felt the temperature of the youth.

Because of the filming, Yan Lin had not seen the youth in his arms for more than 24 hours. He knew that he would be very busy filming these days. Yan Lin wanted to endure the separation, but he couldn’t resist it in the end. q4vYA

The treasure he waited so long for had finally arrived. As a dragon, Yan Lin was very clear about how strong the possessive instinct was in his mind since he saw the youth.

“Chirp.” Yan Lin gently rubbed the cheek of the young man in his arms, and then pecked the corner of his lips. His cold face became more satisfied. He liked him, so he never felt bored no matter how close he was.

But just because he was a beloved treasure, Yan Lin knew that he should be careful to protect his youth. Sometimes the nature and instincts of a dragon was not entirely good. Like his possessive instinct, when it was too strong, he must try to restrain and endure.

“Today’s shoot is in the afternoon. For now we can rest.” Gu Huai completely relaxed his body and leaned on the person holding him. To the extent that his family ChuChu liked to stick to him, Gu Huai also knew that it would be too difficult for the other party to see him for a long time. uV7Dr3

“Squeak, squeak -” the black coal balls on the youth’s legs looked at Yan Lin with red eyes, though their eyes were originally dark red.

They also wanted to be close to the youth, which was the innate instinct for these black balls.

Hearing the sound, Gu Huai picked up the black balls on his legs, then lowered his head and rubbed them with his cheek in turn. He could not be partial.

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After a free morning, Gu Huai still had to continue his work, he would be busy till evening.


Yan Lin didn’t want to leave so soon when he came to Yancheng to see the youth, but he was not suitable to appear in front of other crew members in his capacity. If he wanted to watch the youth filming, he could only use stealth spells to watch in the dark.

It was said that the Yan family was a huge thing, so as the head of the Yan family, Yan Lin was not known by many people in the public. With his high position and handsome appearance, there were many people who wanted to send themselves to his door, but they were suffering from no way to get close to him. eNXfmq

After shooting the scenes in Yancheng, there were still scenes to be done in S city. Yan Lin needed to go back to C city to deal with important documents, but during filming, Gu Huai could basically see him coming to the set.

Fortunately, there were stealth spells, otherwise Gu Huai could not imagine how the people in the crew would react.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yan Lin was not satisfied with the situation, but this was the best way at present. After a while, when the time was right, he would be able to do these things openly.

The shooting of the TV series only took less than four months to complete within the expected time. When the crew released the news of fixing the film on microblog, Gu Huai’s latest Weibo post contained many more comments, he mostly expressed his expectation for the TV series to be shown and his daily confession. 6hd9aL

Since the last photo in the dressing room came out, after a wave of hot search, Gu Huai’s popularity had increased significantly, and the clearance value had increased a little.

The completion of the TV series also had a corresponding impact, and Gu Huai’s clearance value was now 15%.

In the past, those who strongly protested against the role change of Jiang Li were undeniably shaken when they saw the photo of the dressing room, but many people still insisted on not being willing to hit their own faces. At this time, they commented on the bottom of the post of the production group, saying that even if his looks were good, they couldn’t bear to look at such bad acting.

It would take time for the TV series to be approved for release, but as the cast expected, all of these were completed before March and released as scheduled in March. Fortunately, <Thousand Words> TV series also got the prime time slot in the broadcast time of the TV station, which was undoubtedly a good start. YptUFR

At least some TV dramas on the related topics had attracted the attention of some people. In addition to the publicity of the original novel, there were still a lot of people waiting for the TV show to air on March 17.

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There were some people who insisted that they would not watch the TV series without Jiang Li being recast, but now they wanted to take a mobile phone to record the poor acting skills of the youth, so that they could strengthen their views.

In prime time, at 7:30 in the evening, fans who had read the original novel knew that Jiang Li’s role was due to appear in the first episode.

However, when Jiang Li, who was played by a young man, really showed his face in the play, all these disputes would no longer exist. Sayb1h

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