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The King's GameCh92 - [Mermaid X]


Gu Huai came to the set ahead of time. After posting on his microblog, he sat down on a bench nearby, bowed his head and quickly turned over the script in hand.  It was true that he never forgot anything. Gu Huai looked at the plot part he wanted to shoot today and pictured Jiang Li’s appearance in his mind.

Although Jiang Li was male lead No.3, his appearance was earlier than that of male leads 1 and 2. He appeared at the beginning of the plot and met with female protagonist, Chen Xiaoxiao, unexpectedly. gYV57Q

Since he was going to act, Gu Huai would not be lazy. He was indeed the head of his family in the last world. But Gu Huai also knew that he was a little far from the “real role”.

Gu Huai thought if he wanted to play the real character, he had to move closer to his grandfather.  Sufficient power and oppression did not make all men respect him, but they must have fear in their hearts as well.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In the past ten minutes or so, the makeup artist and stylist of the production team were present one after another. Gu Huai put down the script, it was almost time for him to go into the dressing room.

At this time, several other leading stars had already arrived at the set by bus from the hotel provided by the set. as soon as Fu Renzhou entered the shooting place, he saw the young man sitting on the bench. Thinking of the uproarious happenings on the set’s microblog since last night, he smiled and asked intentionally as he walked past the young man, “Did you sleep well last night?” Iu7xbR

Gu Huai didn’t get up and continued to sit. When he heard this, he looked up at the other, smiled faintly and nodded. “Well, the hotel provided by the crew is good.”

The attitude of the youth was so polite that one couldn’t pick out the problem. They were artists who entered the entertainment circle at the same time. Fu Renzhou’s qualifications were not the predecessors of the other. Therefore, the youth couldn’t be criticized for not getting up and answering.

Fu Renzhou was supposed to pass by and poke the youth’s pain, but he didn’t think the youth seemed to have no idea of what he was referring to, so the light response with a smile made him choke.

Feeling depressed, Fu Renzhou pretended to look around at the moment and asked, “Why haven’t you hired an assistant yet? do you want my assistant to come to your side to help? it’s hard to see you alone.”


Gu Huai looked at the other side and blinked his eyes in surprise, then he accepted the other side’s suggestion with an unceremonious nod. “That’s troublesome, but it’s not necessary yet. let’s wait until noon.”

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“… Good.”  Fu Renzhou’s face changed. It took a long time before he finally squeezed the word out of his throat and then walked away with a bad complexion.

It was not that he was impatient. He was so obviously being sarcastic that he couldn’t afford an assistant. Couldn’t the other party completely understand what he was saying?  ?  Taking his assistant away to another place on the set, Fu Renzhou suddenly felt that he had been tricked.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak!”  Gu Huai pointedly grabbed the body of the black ball that frantically wanted to rush out. Since this was a public place, he could not do much, so he pulled the black ball back to his side with a thought on his mind. B1OlLx

“Can’t literally attack ordinary people.  ” Gu Huai pulled back the black ball to his leg. The other three looked at the scene and immediately all followed suit and ran to the young man’s leg to sit together in rows.

These Nightmares dark red eyes had become scarlet, not only the one who wanted to run out, but also the three who stayed and continued to guard beside the youth. Only because the task of protecting the youth was more important than attacking the enemy, only one Nightmare was responsible for the attack.

“Squeak! Squeak – ” The scarlet pupils of the nightmares were very similar to those of the Tuther Zergs. As a species close to evil spirits, they were also cold and violent without feelings in their eyes. But hearing the words of the youth, they sat in rows, and the black coal balls quickly settled down, although they still expressed their accusations to the youth.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“P’w cba jcugs, rb sbe vbc’a tjnf ab jaajmx atja qfgrbc.  ” Jbcnfslcu atf lvfj ab atfw, Xe Lejl mbeiv ralii vb la, tf tjv j tfiqifrr fzqgfrrlbc jr tlr tjcvr abemtfv atf obeg yijmx yjiir, atf rfnfgji qjlgr bo gbecv fsfr jii aegcfv yjmx ab cbgwji vjgx gfv yfobgf rabqqlcu. lmUiPN

When Fu Renzhou came to say the first sentence to him, Gu Huai did not feel any provocation, but the black balls in his family began to squeak before he responded, and their eyes became redder and redder.

Taking turns enjoying the feeling of being touched by the youth, the black balls that were still squeaking were now finally completely quiet.  Their king said that they should not attack ordinary people casually. They must obey, so that they could be rewarded by the youth’s touch.

Gu Huai sat on the bench for a while again, and when the staff in the makeup room were almost ready, he got up and went in with his nightmares.

“Come on, sit here.”  As soon as Gu Huai entered, he was noticed. A makeup artist with a rather delicate appearance patted the armchair in front of him with a rather enthusiastic attitude. M7cnOj

Gu Huai bowed his head politely and walked past according to the words. After he sat down on the armchair, he let a few black coal balls lay on his leg again.  Since his family liked to do this, Gu Huai certainly wouldn’t refuse. He lowered his head to look at his nightmares with his eyes wide open and slightly bent to show his agreement.

“Your foundation is very good.”  Zhao Kexin had some exclamations in her tone. As a makeup artist, she had also followed many cast members. Up to now, she had never seen such a beauty without any makeup yet still looked impeccable.

“Thank you.”  Gu Huai responded with a three-point smile, then sat down in the armchair, letting he makeup artist start.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

For the first time, Zhao Kexin felt that she had little to do because the young man sitting in the chair in front of her was really a piece of natural jade. nYrmZ

His skin itself was white and delicate enough, his eyebrow was clear and beautiful, and there was no flaw in his facial feature combination, which made Zhao Kexin less inclined to put makeup on his face.  Considering that the role played by the youth was that of a handsome young gangster, Zhao Kexin finally moved to the brow shape of the youth, with appropriate eye decoration, while the rest was only solved with light makeup.

“All right.”  Finally, Zhao Kexin breathed out a sigh of relief after finishing the work of adding the icing on the cake on a piece of natural beautiful jade. She was very satisfied with the makeup she had done for the youth.

Gu Huai, who was asked to close his eyes, opened his eyes. Compared with the reaction of others in the dressing room, Gu Huai noticed some black balls squeaking on his legs.

King, looked good.  Staring at the youth intently, several black balls nestled in the legs of the youth huddled together and expressed their thoughts with their voices. AzmEMI

He couldn’t make any strange large-scale action, Gu Huai could only stretch out a finger at this moment and slightly touched a few on his leg.

The youth had already changed to the black suit required by the production team before coming to the set, which was not the same as the way he usually like to wear simple casual clothes, and the difference after putting on makeup was somewhat more.

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When his Phoenix eyes were light and collected, the youth showed a kind of languid atmosphere. When the other raised his eyes, the people swept by his gaze seemed to feel a kind of slight cold eyes, and the beautiful face added a sense of oppression without any reason.

“Click.”  The sound of a shutter. DzHrmq

Zhao Kexin finally failed to control her hand and pulled out her mobile phone to take a picture. When she reflected on what she had done, she gave a little embarrassed smile and reluctantly explained, “The staff responsible for taking care of the crew’s microblog said that she was going to put on some photos of the shooting scene tonight. I think your figure is very photogenic, so …”

The first half of the sentence was true, and the second half was made up by Zhao Kexin. She simply couldn’t resist the itch of her hand.

“Um.” Gu Huai replied with a smile. He saw the embarrassment of the other but didn’t try to comfort her. He only kept some space for the other to step down.

Both the male and female leads had their own makeup artists. After all the actors who had a part in today’s show had finished their makeup, today’s filming could begin officially. qMdzSx

In the plot, the female lead’s father was a gambler who was not good at gambling. He did not fully fulfill his duty as a father. After borrowing and owing millions of gambling debts, he clapped his hands and left the debt to his family.

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The first time the woman met Jiang Li was when she was cornered by the moneylenders to pay the debt, she ran away and burst right into one of Jiang Li’s territory.

Jiang Li saved the female lead, but it was not because of the plot of love at first sight, but because the person who pursued the debt happened to be Jiang Li’s rival. With the idea of making himself comfortable and them uncomfortable, Jiang Li protected her.

Gu Huai was going to play this scene today. The camera had already been turned on. Fang Yiqing, who played the female lead, ran away in a panic and entered the antique shop. She had no spare time to explain anything. She could only crouch down in panic and hide behind the counter on Gu Huai’s side. FXDdJ0

After less than ten seconds, a dozen men who looked tall and fierce followed into the antique shop, the passers-by who saw them told them that she had run to the shop, so they followed closely. However, when they entered this antique shop, the more than a dozen men who had been aggressive just now obviously showed some restraint. They knew whose territory this place was, so they were afraid.

“Jiang Shao, have you just had a woman in a white dress come in here?”  The head of the group was asking questions in a good voice, but all of them, including him, had already started to inspect the various parts of the store with their eyes.

Hearing the words of the pursuers, Fang Yiqing stretched out her hand and pulled the clothes of the youth beside her. Her face was filled with fear and tears.  She couldn’t make a sound, Fang Yiqing could only express her pleas with body movements, but her lucky idea was shattered when the youth spoke.

“Yes.”  With a jade ring seal in his hand, Gu Huai neither bowed his head to see the woman tugging on his clothes, nor looked up to see a group of fierce men standing at the door. He only said these two words airily while rubbing the ring seal with his finger. qF5hou

“Where did the woman go? Please show us a clear road.” The leader continued to ask.

“Right here.”  Gu Huai finally raised his eyes at this moment, his phoenix eyes bright and a shallow smile hanging on his face.

This was exactly what Jiang Li should have done. The youth performed perfectly.  Song Ze, who was sitting in the director’s chair, couldn’t help observing more carefully at this moment, while the person next to him whispered: “Lao Song, you’ve made a fortune for no reason.”

He wasn’t chosen because of his looks, he needed acting skills. How could such a talented actor who had been in the entertainment industry for several years still be an 18th tier actor?  ? fedk1n

There was this kind of burying… He didn’t know the youth’s past, at this time a middle-aged man beside Song Ze could only lament.

The youth had already exposed her, and Fang Yiqing stopped squatting and hiding at this moment. Instead, she stood up indignantly, “You-!”

There are so many people here, and it was obvious that they were not good people at first sight, but the other party actually ignored her pleads.  Clearly, the young man in front of her could save her by saying “I don’t know”.

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Finding the target, a dozen people at the gate of the shop now had smiles on their faces, “thank you Jiang Shao, then we will …” o5ny7N

“You’re welcome.”  Gu Huai also interrupted them with a slight smile. He put the ring seal on the table and added slowly, “I didn’t say you could take her away.”

The atmosphere between the two sides of the conversation suddenly became stiff. The former put away his smile at this moment, and his face became less dignified, “What does Jiang Shao mean?”

The youth seemed to be more interested in this scene. He had a smile on his beautiful face, but his smile never reached his eyes. “She has entered my territory, so I am in charge of her now, that’s what I mean.”

“Or do you want to do it here?”  There did not seem to be any guards in the antique shop, but the young man sitting on the seat did not move at all when he said this to a dozen people at the door. only a pair of phoenix eyes narrowed slightly and glanced at the door with cold eyes, silently releasing a heavy pressure. 9by5ua

At this point, it was naturally impossible for a family member to dare to do such a brazen thing without even a word from the boss. Therefore, the group of debt collectors at the door of the antique shop finally had to withdraw.

“Very well!  It’s over. ” As Song Ze, who was sitting in the director’s chair, said that, he couldn’t refrain from showing an obvious expression of satisfaction at the end of the scene. He really didn’t expect that the person who had such a reputation in the industry could really perform Jiang Li’s role.  If the youth could keep this level, perhaps Jiang Li’s role could become the biggest bright spot in the movie.

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“Squeak, squeak.”  The four black balls that watched the whole scene jumped now. Although they did not have hands or legs, they were still very happy to circle around the youth, with round eyes focused on their king.

People who said that their king was not good had no vision. Their king was the best. P6RFf4

He went to work and rested for a while. That night, the official microblog of the crew posted a group of photos of the shooting site as Zhao Kexin said.  But what triggered a series of heated discussions was that, of the nine pictures sent out by the production team, one picture showed the makeup room of the production team, in which a young man dressed in a black suit appeared … or was the main attraction in this photo.

The young man was sitting on the back chair in the dressing room, and only the side of his face was photographed, but this did not stop the discussion caused by this photo.

The youth with only his side face looked very beautiful, especially his phoenix eyes, which created an unspeakable terrible attraction at this angle.

Seven lakes: “Please face up!  Pray for a straight face  !  Pray for a straight face!  !  !  Say the important thing three times and cry. ” AkX0dl

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This photo was saved by a large number of people and forwarded to Weibo. Overnight, the word “seeking a straight face” jumped directly into the top three hot searches on Weibo.

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