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The King's GameCh90 - [Mermaid VIII]


Gu Huai was not able to see the black fog around the bathroom for a while, but the man who followed him noticed the cold at the first moment.

Meeting was an attack that couldn’t be stopped. Although this kind of attack didn’t pose a threat to Yan Lin, he still narrowed his eyes slightly. uwmZql

First, he pulled the youth in front back to the nearest protection range, and then raised his hand to throw out several confinement spells.

“What happened…?” Gu Huai asked this sentence with some hesitation. Although he could not see what had happened just now, he could more or less feel the movement.

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As he talked, Gu Huai slowly moved his eyes to an empty place according to his own feelings. Without having his inner eye opened, he accurately looked at several black fogs that were watching him with nervousness.

In fact, this feeling was not the first experience for Gu Huai. In recent days, he sometimes felt like someone was looking at him around him, and it was not just a person’s sight. UcdpgY

There was no malice in these eyes, only a feeling of being ‘looked after’, which made Gu Huai think of his family members. But with the same vision as ordinary human beings, Gu Huai couldn’t find anyone who was interested in spying on him before.

He could only regard this as an illusion generated by his own mind.

Shackles had little effect on the nightmare clan, which was determined by the negative attribute of the nightmare clan.

In addition, their anger was rising, so they could break away from the shackles more quickly. Yan Lin intended to catch them alive, so he didn’t use attack techniques. X5jv9d

When he heard the young man’s questions, he was ready to answer them, but the conscious words from the opposite nightmare clan made him freeze slightly.”I didn’t Peek. ”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

All of a sudden, he was criticized as if he were a young child. Yan Lin’s technique, which was almost completed in his hands, suddenly disappeared, and he retorted coldly in a slightly stiff voice.

It was true that the anger of the nightmare clan was aimed at him, while the youth who was close to him, they desired to protect. Seeing the two points clearly, Yan Lin could no longer fight against the nightmare clan in front of him so he let the latter attack him without fighting back.

Yan Lin’s body defense was extremely high, both physical and technical. Even if he couldn’t fight back in this way, the nightmares who attacked him still couldn’t break this layer of defense. Gu Huai, who couldn’t see the situation, didn’t expect the development of these series of events. lnV796

The keyword ‘peek’ made Gu Huai take a second look. He seemed to understand what was going on now.

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“Gbc’a yf jcugs…” Lf vlv cba offi atf gfji bypfma ja jii. Xe Lejl mbwobgafv tlw jcv rjlv j ubbv kbgv ab tlr ojwlis, “Lf vlv cba qffx.”

Yan Lin, who had been attacked for more than ten times without any counterattack, chuckled. He could see that the dark fog in front of him, which was full of hostility to him, calmed down under the touch of the youth and stopped attacking him. b59AOT

He didn’t peek, he just looked at his beloved treasure. His behavior was allowed by the youth. Yan Lin thought so because when he was looking at him in the bathroom just now, he didn’t ask him to go out.

There was only one place where the youth could touch them. At this time, the black fog gathered in the same place jostled by their surrounding companions, just like the internal competition.

“How can I see you?” Gu Huai asked with expectation. The family members who he wanted to find had already been with him. Finally, Gu Huai found out. Now he hoped to see them. No matter what form his family existed in, Gu Huai didn’t mind.

It was good to see them again. ngizLN

“You need to open your inner eye.” Yan Lin answers on his behalf. People who hadn’t opened it couldn’t see the nightmares.

When he touched the nightmares, he couldn’t feel anything. Naturally, their voices couldn’t be heard.

It could be said that for ordinary people, the nightmare clan was like nonexistent things, but if the latter had the heart, it could make invisible attacks on the former, just like the previous incident when someone fell in public.

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“Opening the inner eye. What do you need to prepare? ” Gu Huai stopped and looked at the person next to him. Gu Huai was not a stranger to the word “Tianyan”. In the original world, as a screenwriter, he had also been exposed to a lot of scripts with supernatural themes. aKvh W

Yan Lin shook his head. Under the condition of being watched by the youth, he raised a hand to cover the youth’s eyes and took it back less than a few seconds later.

Although Gu Huai stopped stroking, he didn’t let go of his hand. When the man next to him took back the hand covering his eyes, he suddenly felt the real object in his hand.

“Squeak -” seemed to be several round black coal balls. Although these nightmares had made great efforts to condense their whole body, they couldn’t do it with their current ability.

As soon as his inner eye opened, Gu Huai could not help but stare at several pairs of round eyes. In front of him, these round balls were like a black coal ball. Their ears and mouth were covered and couldn’t be seen. YqEV5R

The pairs of round dark red eyes were particularly conspicuous.”It’s a new generation of nightmares. They don’t have the ability to transform.”

Yan Lin explained in a low voice and at the same time said what puzzled him, “they are attracted by you, so they follow you to protect you, but I don’t know why.”

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It was not long since Gu Huai’s awakening, but it seemed that each of them lived as young parents and protected him as if they were caring for their child. This was really a very puzzling situation.

“Squeak.” All of them were rubbing against the youth. The words conveyed by the consciousness of these young nightmare clan was ‘King’. PGdxvi

One, two, three, four.

There were four. Gu Huai reluctantly held these four ball like black coals together, and then repeated the strange words he heard from Yan Lin “Nightmares?”

The current world was so fantastic, it sounded like there were many amazing non-human races. Gu Huai felt that he knew little about the world.

Yan Lin nodded his head lightly. Then he lowered his beautiful eyes slightly. His cold voice sounded in the room again. Ag9kTx

“For ordinary people, the nightmare clan are similar to the ghost, but there is a big difference between them.”

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“The nightmares are a race that has existed since ancient times. Their way of existence is very similar to ghosts, The difference is that the nightmares have the ability to dominate their own reincarnation. They are free to choose whether to reincarnate or not. When they are human beings, they can retain their past memories, keep their accomplishments unchanged, and return to exist as spirits after death. ”

Speaking of this, Yan Lin looked at the four black coal balls in the young man’s arms. It was very difficult to kill the Nightmare clan completely, so even though Ao Qi saw that the clan around Gu Huai were only in their childhood, he still felt a certain degree of fear.

For the nightmares, reincarnation was like playing. If they wanted to play, they could, If they didn’t want to, they continued to be ghosts. Ao Qi didn’t want to fight with such a race at all. Nwf hP

“But I should not be the nightmare King…” Gu Huai could now hear the words said to him by the four coal balls he held, which made him feel it was quite familiar.

But Gu Huai didn’t understand why these nightmares called him king. Yan Lin didn’t deny the youth’s view, and after a deep hum, he said, “Ah Huai has the blood of Kunpeng.”

It was not pure blood. The youth only inherited part of its bloodline, so it was not easy to identify. Moreover, Kunpeng had been dead for a long time.

It was an ancient beast between heaven and earth. The new generation like Ao Qi had no chance to see it at all. Eo8Dnb

King. A few black coal balls with round eyes were enjoying the experience of being held in the arms of the youth while squeaking, they didn’t move very much. They hoped the youth could hold them for a while. The youth had a body filled with extreme Yin, which was the unique constitution of the Nightmare clan.

Anyway, he confirmed that the black coal balls he held were his family members, and Gu Huai didn’t want to worry about other things for the time being. He lowered his head and rubbed a few of them with his cheeks.

Although these nightmares had no body temperature, Gu Huai still felt that he felt the temperature.

“Zhi -” They wished they could be shaped earlier. Now it was too late. o9dr T

Although they were still in their infancy in other people’s eyes, these nightmares understood everything. Only by being able to shape could they better protect their king.

He found that he couldn’t patronize several of them in his arms.

Gu Huai coughed lowly, and raised his hand to touch the top of the hair of the man who looked at him for a long time. And just at this time, Gu Huai finally caught a glimpse of the mobile phone held by him.

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With a photographic memory, Gu Huai still had an impression of this mobile phone. He remembered it was Ao Qi’s mobile phone. The case of the mobile phone was very shiny and bright. qdBN3b

Before in the bathroom, Gu Huai also asked why his lover could find him so coincidentally and accurately. When he saw the mobile phone, Gu Huai instantly understood the reason.

“Ao Qi…?” Gu Huai’s original intention is to ask about their relationship, but just as he pronounced the name, Gu Huai saw the cold and handsome man squint his eyes.

At the same time, Gu Huai also heard a slight inaudible cold hum, which came from the conscious space, the owner of the voice was his system??

Gu Huai was stupefied. zFysI0

How come his ChuChu and his system reacted??

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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  1. System could be like a part of ML’s soul or something that is connected to his consciousness, I’ve read a couple like that before (QT novels that is)

    Thanks for the chapter ~♡

  2. Awww fuuuddgee system I see youuu, ackk I’ve had this suspicions of you(system) for a long time and that last sentence doesn’t HELP kyaaaa~ FR tho, their attitudes are pretty much align with each other so I’m not gon be too shocked if my guess turns out to be true, hehe