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The King's GameCh70 - [Black Suits XIV]


After the bad people who intended to create a crime scene were controlled by the black suits there were also those who attempted to escape.

However, these people were disarmed in the next second. MpP7ZE

“When you are caught like this and still trying to resist. It’s going to be miserable for you, you know.” The black suit, who had stopped him, said. There was no expression on his face, but when he saw the black haired boy coming out of the crowd, his face suddenly changed and became little nervous.

However, the young man came straight to his side. The tension on the black suit’s face could not help but increase a little.

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It was not good for his young master to see him like this. He didn’t think about it just now. He should knock people unconscious directly. It was easy.

At this time, there were nearly 100 people in uniform wearing black suits, and there were other people waiting for special tasks on the roof of the tall buildings not far away. For most people in the waiting area of ​​roller coasters, their hearts were still pounding and jumping, and their emotions were not calm. nktTX1

“OK, the scene is under control. These illegal things should be taken back to the bottom of the box.” Liu Cheng stretched out his hand and patted the shoulder of several people nearby. It was always good that the last resort didn’t happen. But even then, they still had a headache. How to explain it to their young master. Then from the entrance of the roller coaster queue area, a dozen people dressed in the same black suit came in one after another.

People who had been forced to retreat to the corner of the wall were still in place at this time. Besides several teenagers who came out of the crowd together, other people looked at the scene with panicked eyes.

Although the group of people holding knives to commit murders had been stopped, they were still afraid to move. The reason was also very simple, because there was a group of uniform black suits in front of them.

Too much pressure. UF7RPg

Moreover, they seemed to have some ferocity on their faces, which made people uneasy.

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The same feeling existed not only in the eyes of these ordinary people, but also in the eyes of the bad people who had been captured. At that time, they had a feeling that they would be ‘eaten’ and this feeling was very strong.

“Uncle Zhao, you …” Gu Huai, Shen Sui and the two new friends came to the black suits who were controlling the scene.

They were all from his own family. Now Gu Huai’s expression was a little delicate. When he subdued others, his skill was fast, accurate and ruthless. The ruthless force that hadn’t yet fully retreated into his body couldn’t be ignored. ufBYQU

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“Hey, it’s great that young master is OK.” It was hard to come up with a reason, Zhao finally nodded as he made up this summary.

Gu Huai, “…” keLhzY

Seeing that there was still a delicate look on the young man’s face, another black suit beside him could not look away. He stretched out his hand and pulled Zhao Xun back a little. He lowered his voice to the other side of his ear and said, “Lao Zhao, you’re too fake, young master, I’m sure he doesn’t believe it.”

Zhao Xun, with a stiff expression, pushed the other forward. “You can do it. Then you go.”

Chen ER was pushed to the front to face the youth, but when he was looked at by the young man, Chen Er stammered, “yes, it is, Mr. Gu gave our brothers a holiday. After a discussion, us brothers decided to come to Fujing to visit the young master. The playground, er, the playground, we just happened to be here. ”

It was said that the group of black suits were still fierce, but were quite meek in front of the youth at this time. They looked at the scene carefully for fear of being unable to explain clearly. They felt like their chins were going to fall with Chuxin and Shaoyang beside the youth. Zpy4H2

Although their explanation of this matter was really unclear, the contrast between the present cautious attitude of these black suits towards the teenager and the ferocity when they stopped the criminals was too big, which made the people around them a little confused at this time.

At present, it was really not suitable to talk about things, and they had to finish this matter. Gu Huai nodded to the black suits who were looking at him carefully. “We’ll talk about it later.”

Seeing theit young master nodding, the black suits put down their hanging hearts. But then they heard the words ‘talk later’, and they continued to worry in their hearts.

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Why? Ogid7

They didn’t want to lie to their young master, but to be frank, their past experiences as gangsters was not glorious.

They also wanted to be the hero in their young master’s mind, like the police. If they confessed, they couldn’t be heroes?

But it was really important to finish things first. A black suit came back to Liu Cheng and said, “Brother Liu, what do you want to do with these people? Cough, cough.”

According to the old habit, the black suit almost said the word ‘kill them’. When he saw the youth looking his way, he thought that it was not good enough to say such words in front of the young master, so the words turned into a sharp cough. G8Jomq

Liu Cheng patted his chest, he didn’t have a good airway, “what else can I do? Give them to the police.”

At the end of the speech, there were attempts to resist among the people who were subdued. Of course, this resistance was mercilessly suppressed.

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“Dare to walk by the river, how didn’t you get ready for wet shoes, boys? You’re not in a good mood? Go to jail and squat.” Zhao Xun glanced at the restless people and said without expression. They blamed these people . They didn’t know how to explain it to their young master.

In such a serious case, the public security personnel naturally came very quickly after hearing the news. Only after a while, the sound of the police siren was heard. sfgNnw

Because they heard that it was a dangerous situation, there were relatively more police forces sent. However, when the police arrived, they found that the scene was still calm, the perpetrators had been subdued, and there were no casualties at the scene.

Fortunately, the police officers that were tensed on their way to the scene were ginally relieved when they saw the situation clearly.

But this group of people in black suits, they felt that there was something wrong with them, but these people were heroes in this event. They couldn’t misunderstand them just because they were a little bit fierce and the whole team was a little bit oppressive.

“Thank you very much. In addition, I hope some of you can come to the bureau to make a statement”. When the subordinates successively handcuffed the prisoners and put them in the car, the captain came forward to make this request. At this time, a criminal who was about to be taken into the police car struggled fiercely. yNpKIT

“I want to report that some of these people also have illegal guns. You should catch him together if you want to.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Fake, you can ask the people nearby if they have seen it, or you can search us” Liu Cheng spoke with a calm voice. If he wasn’t prepared for this move, he had been fooling around for decades.

The people referred to some ordinary people who hadn’t left the scene yet. The police officer who escorted the criminal asked him, “Then tell me who it is.”

As soon as he gained the ability to move freely, the man immediately reached out and pointed to another black suit beside Liu Cheng, “him, just him!” Zhao Xun was pointed at. oTSC8K

As soon as the captain of the police officer moved his eyes, his expression became more subtle. It was not because of anything else, it was just because he happened to see the rabbit tattoo on the back of his hand. Although he was fierce, it couldn’t be determined by others.

What was fierce was probably their illusion. They shouldn’t have any prejudice on others’ looks.

After a formal search, no illegal items were found, the police officer nodded to the other and forced the noisy criminal into the car.

Only one of them went to help with the statement. After the work, all the black suits on the scene followed their young master in silence. vi2lNd

“We can make up another day for you tomorrow. Ah Huai, if you have something you want to do now, please do it first, i vaguely understanf what the situation is now.” Chu Xin put on a big smile. He was witty enough to pull Shaoyang, who was still confused, to leave together, to make time for his new brother.

He was afraid his family background was not simple. This was not simply referring to money, but other things…

But according to the reaction of the other and the surrounding black suits, Chu Xin estimated that his new brother didn’t fully understand his family’s background, and the latter seemed to try to hide it from him.

Gu Huai lived in Shen’s house, and Chu Xin pulled Shaoyang to leave together, so the group of four was divided temporarily. ZAk5Dz

On the way back to Shen’s house, Shen Sui didn’t remove his hand from the young man’s wrist, and his eyes were slightly drooped. This incident made him realize that if he wanted to protect his treasure, his current ability was not enough, and he needer more power and financial resources.

When they arrived at Shen’s house. Shen’s father was still busy with his work.

There was no one else in the hall except the housekeeper and some servants. He ordered the housekeeper and servants to go to other places first. Now there was only Gu Huai, Shen Sui and a group of black suits left in the hall.

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Shen Sui faced him without any sense of oppression. However, the black suits in this hall all lowered their eyes a little bit and dared not look their young master’s eyes. FkWIUX

It was more painful than looking at them without expression. The group stood motionless, and the black suits with low eyes raised their eyes from time to time to carefully look at the young man’s expression in front of them.

Now, they had a premonition that it couldn’t be concealed anymore.

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