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The King's GameCh7 - [Black Knight VII]


The Yula warship passed freely within the planet’s alert range, directly ignoring the various probes and defense systems deployed by the planet with its outstanding concealment capability.

It could be said that the inhabitants of this pale blue planet did not know that their planet was almost captured and packed up as a gift. b JI4t

The Yula warship took only a few days to return to the Zergs capital territory, the warship was really a high-tech creation that was no less than that of other races.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the concern that the body of young zerg could not withstand continuous transitions, the return time would be much shorter.

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“That was a lot faster than expected.” They could see familiar horizons. A deputy held a black box in his hands and looked very cautious.

The dark box was made of a special metal unique to Tuther Star. It was used to hold rare and precious energy crystals. Now the energy crystal had been removed, what was left inside the black box had turned into milky white powder. WpbLdl

When they left the abandoned planet, the high-level Zergs did not forget to pack the large white eggshell together and take it away. After all, it was common knowledge that eggshells were good nourishment for newborn cubs.

“This part of the ground powder can be mixed with Pubarno sap, so that the nutritional effect will be better.” When the young man who was eating suddenly turned his eyes to the box in his hand, Alger eagerly explained with a smile.

Pubarno sap could dissolve into the powder without affecting the taste. Some Zergs who cared about their pups did this.

So it was… powdered Milk? G2peA

The word “powdered milk” suddenly came to his mind, and Gu Huai’s expression became a bit complicated, but he quickly accepted it.

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During his feeding, the young zerg did not notice a little eggshell crust on his mouth, and the silver-haired zerg who sat next to him, watching the young zerg eat quietly, extended his fingers and gently removed the crusts.

Patiently and carefully.

“Hmm…” A cold finger touched the corner of his lip, it was clear that the other zerg was helping him wipe the crust on his mouth. Gu Huai hesitated thinking about it, then he reached out and rubbed the head of the silver-haired Zerg. cmHeF9

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A Yula warship had entered the Tuther star territory, they called a meeting to see whether it looked familiar on the information feedback, and the top zergs on the planet who were holding the important meeting immediately exploded.

“The leader’s special warship…?!” A high-ranking Zerg in the conference room rose directly from his seat and stared closely at the battleship logo in the virtual image. r0JUVB

God knew how long it had been since their leader returned to his capital star. Now that he suddenly appeared, the senior Zergs in the conference room were a little suspicious of their own eyes.

After the shock disappeared, the Zergs turned their eyes to their chief of staff. The latter quietly pushed up his glasses and said, “Get ready. First, get through the video communication and ask about the situation.”

In the absence of the leader, Tuther and other planets under the command of the First Legion were managed by the Chief of Staff, so at this time, when the Zerg spoke, no one in the room raised any objections.

But after the video communication was connected—— 6OVyMd

The High-level Zergs in the Conference Room: “…”

It was hard to describe the feeling of their three views being shattered.

Even the Chief of Staff, who could calmly handle massive government affairs, was silent along with the others.

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In the video, the silver-haired Zerg was bowing to a young man suspected of being human, and letting the young man put his hand on his head. Even after being touched a few times , he only drooped his eyelids. The gesture looked very quiet and obedient. pHndTN

Human, that was a human, right?

The Zerg and humans were enemies from the old era to the new era. Their understanding of the enemy clouded almost every Zerg’s thoughts.

Gu Huai became a little addicted along the line, the Zerg’s long silver hair felt so good that Gu Huai didn’t see the virtual communication panel near him at all.

After stopping, as usual, his waist was hugged by a tail, this time Gu Huai simply leaned against the silver-haired Zerg and yawned. SqtzDb

Soon after he had eaten enough, the feeling of overflowing energy made him a little sleepy, which was hard to resist. Before closing his eyes, Gu Huai tilted his head, and his eyes directly saw the communication screen.

Well, that was a lot of people… No, a lot of Zergs…

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He did not care to think about it, Gu Huai gradually drooped his eyes, the sense of security he felt drew him closer to sleep.

“Chu Chu…” On the other side of the communication, a young man who was about to sleep was disturbed, whispering a nickname he had just learnt. MFqpNn

The name from his childhood was called out by the young zerg in front of many high-level Zergs, but Alves did not mind that. He just raised his eyebrows, then he adjusted the position of the young zerg he held to make him sleep more comfortably.

After adjusting him, Alves looked over at the communication screen. His cold and beautiful face was still expressionless, and his deep voice said, “Go and get some Pubarno sap.”

The high-ranking Zergs in the conference room on the other side nodded collectively. If you looked carefully, you would find that every Zerg there had stiffened, almost like they had entered a state of preparation for battle.

Reaching out and touching the waist and stomach of the young zerg in his arms, the silver-haired Zerg immediately frowned. MRwKh4

In the conference room, all the high-level Zergs’ concentration was high, it was so quiet that even a pin would be heard falling to the ground.

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What kind of human being… They were probably blind just now that they felt their leader was holding a human being…!

When the young man tilted his head, even though it was through a communication screen, when they received the young man’s gaze, the thoughts of the high-level Zergs in the conference room was suddenly overwhelmed by their instincts.

At that moment, the high-level Zergs realized how important it was for them to see the black-haired youth on the other side of the screen. Y7zgTW

He was an important and valuable treasure that must be protected.

“Is the meeting still on?” The high-ranking Zerg in the front position on the left side of the long table of the conference room barely choked out this sentence and looked to the Chief of Staff with full expectations. He hoped that the second-in-command would be less serious and rigid at this special time.

Although the meeting was an important issue related to the construction of the planets, the high-level Zergs of Tuther were really not interested in the meeting now.

“The meeting is over.” After concisely speaking these two words, the Chief of Staff took the lead in leaving. vJL2lK

Within a few seconds, no Zerg could be seen in the conference room.

The Zerg soldiers guarding the top floor of the building were full of questions. They were more eager to know than the other.

What was wrong with this _____? The high-level Zergs leaving the conference room were very consistent, because they knew that their leader’s warships would land in his private territory.

“Nutritional recipes, which of you will get them?” Though they knew what a nutritious diet is, they had to work out a few, which made it a headache for the Zergs who never paid attention to maternal care and usually didn’t care much about their pups. yzJk83

The high-level Zergs who gathered around to discuss the matter were quiet. Pubarno tree juice was good. The nutritional recipe was really…

“This kind of thing seems to be more common on the human side.” The silence was broken by a female Zerg with a white scaly mask on one half of her face. After she said this, her companions had a thoughtful look on their faces.

“How many Zergs are we going to send in?”

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This proposal seemed to be a good one. Several high-level Zergs agreed and bowed down. Now they didn’t know that if they did, they would look on helplessly and painfully after the existence they wanted to see. fBTb5d

“Don’t bother so much.” The Chief of Staff said, the Yula warship was about to land. “The last time a team of the Penn Empire attacked our fleet, it failed. There were two human prisoners on their starship. The two prisoners are now in Tuther’s prison.”

The reason why these two humans were not killed with the goblins of the Penn Empire was that they were still useful, and now they had a new purpose.

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