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The King's GameCh58 - [Black Suits III]


He was very familiar with being held by the old man. Gu Huai was a little sleepy and wanted to sleep just after he had played enough toys. But at this time, he heard his grandfather say to him, “Grandpa will take you to see someone today.”

Gu Xicheng didn’t expect the child who had been born for more than three months to understand his words. But Gu Xicheng saw his precious blink after he finished speaking, and then his round black eyes turned. LGftXc

He was in a good mood when he was looked at by his baby. He thought that his good grandson was smart at first sight. When he grew up, he must be a ‘dragon or a Phoenix.’

But even if he was not a ‘dragon or a Phoenix’, it was OK. As long as he could grow up safely without illness, he could pave the road for the other before the other half of his foot stepped into the coffin.

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Meeting people. He was curious about the people he wanted him to meet, so he didn’t let himself sleep. Before he was ready to leave, he put a pacifier which was handed to his grandfather by a black suit into his mouth.

He was not a real baby psychologically. Gu Huai didn’t feel much about the pacifier, but it was crammed into his mouth. Sometimes he couldn’t help sucking on it. BDQtJP

The black suits that Gu Huai usually saw were all living in Gu’s manor, which was quite lively to some extent.

The place was not far away. Gu Huai, with a pacifier in his mouth, was carried all the way down the revolving stairs by his grandfather to the elegant living room on the lower floor. A little closer, Gu Huai saw an old man who looked almost the same age as his grandfather sitting on a solid leather sofa, and he also held a child in his arms.

Was this the gathering of old people?

He hadn’t experienced this personally, but Gu Huai had seen it in the original world.


When several old people came together, they often started to talk about their grandchildren. Especially now, when both sides were holding them.

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When Gu Xicheng sat down in the opposite seat of the old man in a suit, Gu Huai could see the two people’s faces clearly from this angle.

The old man in the opposite seat looked calm and full of vitality in his suit. When he saw the man coming, he picked up the purple pot on the table and poured two cups of tea slowly. The movement was so smooth and natural that it was not even like a guest was approaching. Anyone could see that the relationship between the other and his grandfather was very familiar.

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Even if he woke up, sometimes he didn’t want to open his eyes. And when he was willing to open his eyes, he was not willing to speak, and there was no expression on his face. He really didn’t know who the child took after.

He was praised for his baby. At this time, Gu Ye, who was a dangerous person put down his cane and reached for the tea cup on the table. His slightly raised eyebrows unconsciously brought by a little pride , “not only lively, but also obedient.”

In recent years, although Gu’s family was irrelevant, when it came to Yujing, people on the road still thought of Gu’s master who was tough and ruthless. It was hard for these people to imagine that the other was smiling and holding a small child carefully. 3ktE5R

“This little one is just like Ming Hui.” The old man of Shen family touched the small beard he had managed to grow.

He didn’t mean to poke the wound of his friend. Shen Qi’s friendship with the old man for decades made Gu Ye even more annoyed when he hesitated to talk about several key topics.

As the other thought, the head of the family owner looked down naturally, and then said, “lovely.”

*”Lovely.” After praising, the old man of Shen family said with regret, “Alas, it’s a pity, if you had your granddaughter, or my granddaughter, we would know if we could get a relationship between them.” pQEjCM

Gu Huai:

I’m sorry, Gu Huai couldn’t help spitting out a bubble after listening to this speech. He didn’t know if he could meet ChuChu in this world. Even if he couldn’t meet him, he wouldn’t get engaged with anyone.

“No.” Gu Ye sneered and said slowly: “even if i had a granddaughter in my family, you let your child marry mine. Are you not afraid that Shen Ling will break this child’s leg?”

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“I haven’t been in the coffin yet, he dares?” Old man Shen squeezed his eyebrows. When it came to his son, old man Shen was tired and upset. 4GBNpn

Their Shen family had a lot of influence in the clean part of the world, but when it came to his son’s place, the other was not willing to follow his paved road, rather he chose the high risk career of being an anti drug police officer. Old man Shen’s heart was broken these years, he was scared he would wake up one day to hear the sad news that his son was gone.

Old man Shen was actually proud of his son, but for his own sake, no father wanted to watch his son walk on the edge of the knife.

“You know what Ah Ling does. He didn’t feel good about your family…” Old man Shen touched his beard again and didn’t go on.

From Shen Ling’s point of view, it was normal to have a bad view of Gu’s family. After all, the latter was a famous family in the otherworld. The former was treated the same way with his professional perspective. uGSRao

Originally, Shen and Gu should be enemies according to their respective positions. They were neither hostile nor friendly. This special situation of Shen Laozi was due to the kindness of Gu Xicheng and his knack for saving lives.

Gu Xicheng took a sip of tea and didn’t answer the question. Although he said that just now, he actually had a good impression of Shen Ling. It was very rare for him to be upright and act for it. His grandson was not troublesome. When they saw the child on the opposite side, he opened his eyes, didn’t cry, didn’t make trouble, and let people hold him.

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Old man Shen was envious, he couldn’t help reaching out to poke his son’s cheek.

Obviously he was awake, but was not willing to open his eyes. HR6Z8b

He was gently poked several times on his cheek, and the child with drooping eyelids could not stand to be disturbed and opened his eyes. But when he opened your eyes, it could be seen from his facial features that the pretty child was expressionless.

“Xiao Sui, Grandpa will show you how to meet people and give grandpa some face.”

Old man Shen turned the direction of the baby in his arms to the opposite side so that the other side could look across.

When two round black eyes collided, Gu Huai was just in his heart about to sigh that the child on the opposite side really looked good, especially when he opened his eyes. But being stared at by the opposite pair of black eyes for a long time , he didn’t know what the reason was. Gu Huai suddenly had a subtle feeling in his heart. GdqpzH


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


He couldn’t speak, he could only babble, but after trying to make a few voices, the young child held by Shen Laozi finally found a single word that he instinctively wanted to make after seeing the other , “Chirp…!”

He had not responded for a long time. When he came back to look down, he found that the child he was holding stretched out a short hand towards the opposite side, like trying to reach the child. kNRmaT

He didn’t care about his son’s strange pronunciation. Old man Shen looked at him with new eyes.

He wanted to play together? A few days ago, he took his granddaughter to their home with him. At that time, the son of his family refused to move any time. He opened his eyes to look at her and closed them again. It seemed that he had found a good match.

According to the request of his little ancestor, he carried the other side to the opposite side. Under the surprised eyes of Shen Laozi, Shen Sui accurately grasped the hand of the nearby child.

After holding for a while, Mr. Shen couldn’t help whispering: “it’s a pity, it’s a pity…” Dhwdym

Gu Xicheng coughed and asked the servants to push a cot, and then put the two families’ babies on the bed. Since they were close to each other, they might as well let them stay for a while, as they had business to talk about.*

Gu Huai and his lover from two different worlds were in the same crib, and their hands were held by each other. At this time, Gu Huai’s mood was quite complicated.

The other clearly had no memory, but every time it seemed that he had some very special intuition, he could always recognize him at a glance, and he needed to recognize him from his familiar behavior.

Gu Huai had thoughts, but he saw that the child beside him was trying to turn over to him. His round black eyes were bright, clear and pure. Looking at him was like looking at something he particularly liked. itwUEV

Hoo Hoo Hoo…” Try to turn their body over a little bit, Shen Sui turned his Head to the other child’s cheek, land a wet peck was given.

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