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The King's GameCh53 - [QiLingXVIII]


Being proposed to, according to his early promise, Gu Huai of course accepted once again.

The young master of their clan wanted to get married to their Lord. The group of spirits with an old father / mother mentality had spent a lot of time to finally fully accept the fact and then actively started to prepare for the wedding banquet. gfP6Hn

In fact, when they thought about it carefully, the spirits who were preparing the wedding banquet admitted in their hearts that if their young master wanted to marry someone, he was indeed the most suitable and matching person.The preparation of the wedding banquet took a lot of time. It was the wedding banquet of the young master and their Lord after all.

The spirits naturally attached great importance to it, so they got together to discuss for a long time.

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They had made some changes to the overall layout of the spirit clan. Now, no matter where they were in the spirit clan, they would see the red lanterns hanging.

The main channels were paved with fairy brocade. When they thought that they were about to prepare for the wedding banquet, the five spirit leaders sent invitations to the top leaders of all clans in advance. It had also been sent out to the humans and basically those hidden powers that joined in the Enyuan conference. HwnoYa

It was very rare for the spirit clan to send an invitation on its own initiative. When it came to the wedding banquet, the leaders of all ethnic groups couldn’t help being slightly shocked.

Lord of the spirit clan and wedding party?

Seeing clearly the font content floating in front of them, except for Xi Huan, the demon Lord who had been tangled about it, the other leaders of the clans looked strange at this time.

The leader of the spirit clan could see who he was after the Enyuan conference. What he found hard to imagine now was that the spirit who had lived for tens of thousands of years with little affection would marry.


The higher the level of cultivation, the more difficult it was to get emotional. Thinking of Xie Yan who had been a saint for nearly ten thousand years. Now it was a little too strange for him to be moved.

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“Go back.” The leader of the ghost clan waved away the spiritual letter in front of him and gave orders to his inner subordinates.

The ghost receiving the instruction first answered the question, “when you go to the banquet, are your subordinates in the travel team?”

They were not pure spirits, different from the spirits, but for the black haired teenager who was the masters of all spirits, they still had a good feeling towards him. IKpbia

They would wait until the leader gave a positive attitude, the ghost just happily went to the hall to carry out the task.

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“Jbeut.” Coafg yflcu reggbecvfv obg j ibcu alwf, Xe Lejl qgfafcvfv ab mbeut, yea joafg j ibk mbeut, tf obecv atja la kjr erfifrr, jcv atf qfbqif jgbecv tlw ralii xfqa atflg fsfr olzfv bc tlw.

Before he promised to wear bridal clothes, Gu Huai kept his promise, because he had now changed to his wedding clothes. 9QAmcJ

The wedding dress of the youth was prepared by the spirits themselves, which was more beautiful than the one he wore the last time. The whole body was made of leading silk. The dark gold patterns were embroidered with refined printed silk. More valuable than common magical weapons.

The reason why he agreed to wear the bride’s dress was that his lover said it was beautiful, simply and seriously. Gu Huai looked down at the complicated clothes on his eyes, then raised his head again, and looked at the neat hand movements of the spirits around him.

It had been this action since. Under the eyes of their doubtful little king, led by the five spirit leaders, the spirits in the dormitory began to approach Gu Huai.

“Here you are.” The braided wreaths hidden behind were given to the youth one after another, and a group of spirits continued to look at the youth in wedding clothes without blinking. 4uy0ef

The little master was going to get married.

They needed to give presents. Through observation, they knew that he had many hobbies, but what impressed him the most were flowers. So these days, they continued practice knitting wreaths to make them as delicate and beautiful as possible.

The number of gifts received were too large, so Gu Huai had to put some into the storage ring at last, but he liked every gift given to him one by one.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Of course, Gu Huai felt it. No matter in which world, Gu Huai also hoped that these individuals or groups who were always good to him would have a better future. l1ebMj

In the last world, they were present, and in this world, they were still working hard.

“Isn’t it about time?” He stood up and walked two steps at a time. He was not used to the complicated robes he was wearing.

According to the custom of the spirit clan, they would worship and get married. However, the spirit clan didn’t exactly follow it. For example, although Gu Huai wore bridal clothes, the Phoenix crown and the head cover were left out.

The wedding banquet was located in the palace. It was better to stay in the form of main chapel. RmhzkO

The cultivators of all clans felt they had experienced a very worrying journey.

The road was paved on the ground for them to step over. It was all fairy brocade! When they first saw it, they didn’t even have the heart to step on it.

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After arriving at the scene, they saw the stack of treasure boxes in the garrison area, and they could feel that there were all treasures for them. The group of cultivators had no more words, and they were silent for a while.

Gu Huai was protected by the spirit clan, which would inevitably be quite conspicuous. As he was stared at by so many eyes, Gu Huai was now in a calm state of mind. It was normal for him to be surrounded and watched in public. eilqhv

The young man’s appearance was not feminine, and his gender was not mistaken. Seeing the bride’s clothes, the foreign cultivators in the audience were slightly shocked but could not feel like anything was wrong.

Most of the reason was that this robe was too good looking, he had clear eyes but beautiful products. No matter what angle it was, he was a beauty with excellent appearance.

At the moment of the bride’s presence, people also clearly saw the change in the spirit who had no expression at all, and the eyes of the other clearly focused on the youth.

It didn’t seem to be just a little emotional. o5WErT

Looking at this scene, people suddenly realized this.

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“Ah Huai looks good.” He didn’t think what would happen in front of the people. Xie Yan, following the idea that the young man in front of him was particularly good-looking, bowed his head and kissed him on the cheek .

Guests: “…”

It was said that the cultivators in the saint’s realm had weak emotions and were hardly moved. It was fake. VTAKb7

Gu Huai raised his hand and touched his newly kissed cheek with his fingertips. He took the other’s sleeves to the position of the station, and said seriously, “It’s time to worship.”

He liked the young man’s wedding dress very much. Just after kissing his cheek, Xie Yan wanted to kiss the young man’s lips again, but he was stopped by the four words he said. Now, Xie Yan obediently did according to the young man’s words.

This kind of submissive posture was completely undisguised. The mood of the cultivators in the presence had gradually changed from shock to numbness. They felt that their psychological endurance would become better after today.

They all knew that there were three worships in the process, one was good, but the other was a bit hard after thinking about the actual age of the spirit in front of them, they thought that the second worship could be omitted, and what they thought was exactly the same. j9A2Nf

After the end of the chapel, Gu Huai naturally had to move to another place. How to say it, he actually got married this time.

The wedding room was arranged in Xie Yan’s palace. After entering, Gu Huai sat in the seat that the other would occasionally sit in when dealing with affairs. He took a Zihao pen from the hanger and began to play with it.

According to the rules, the married party had to stay to deal with the guests, but Gu Huai felt that his family’s ChuChu would not behave according to the rules.

Xie Yan certainly didn’t want to stay long when the young man wasn’t there. After he handled the guests according to the custom and rules of the spirit’s court, he motionless nodded to Ji lianzun, one of the five spirit leaders, And left the gathering. RcomE

When Xie Yan returned to the bedroom, he looked at the young man who was sitting by the bed and playing with the Zihao pen for a while.

Wasn’t that too fast. Gu Huai took a look at the spirit who came to him earlier than he thought. He coughed and hung the pen back to its original position.

He had done intimate things with him in the last world, but once this kind of thing came back, he didn’t know it very well twice

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“Um… Do you know what to do next? ” BmxTf2

Thinking that his lover always seemed to be very simple about this, Gu Huai asked.

Asked Xie Yan slightly bent his head, according to the answer he knew, “The chamber.”

Gu Huai made up his silence and began again with some entanglements. “Then you know what the bridal chamber is for?”

He was ready to be stared at by the other person with pure questioning eyes, but after the voice fell, Gu Huai was suddenly kissed on the corner of his lips, and then heard the spirit in front of him answer him with a low and pleasant voice again. dWklvD


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