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The King's GameCh50 - [QiLing XV]


During the Mahayana realm, his cultivation stopped for a short time but he continued to rely on the ‘cheating’ cultivation method. Gu Huai was preparing to cross the transitional period in the spirit clan and become an immortal.

His body and soul were completely compatible. When his body matured, he would look the same as he did in his original world. 8dWPbx

The cultivation of immortals was not about conforming to the heavenly way, so the heavenly way set a barrier for cultivators. There were cultivators in the spirit world who wanted to cross the barrier.

Looking at the thunder filled sky, the cultivators of Yunlan Zong who were developing steadily in the spirit world couldn’t help but wonder.

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The spirits had already passed the realm. The only possible candidates seemed to be…

They recalled the pitiful little boy in the competition in the Xiaoqian world. In just a few years, the cultivation realm of the other had progressed to the point of crossing and becoming an immortal? iDJHtZ

It was absolutely impossible to think in a conventional way, but the leader of Yunlan Zong thought that the other was not an ordinary person, the master of all spirits, but the existence of a different class from them, and it was normal for him to have amazing talent.

After only paying attention to the sky for a while, the leader of Yunlan Zong quickly asked the disciples to continue practicing. When Yunlan Zong could survive independently in the Xiuzhen world, they would move out of the spirit clan, they were able to obtain the protection of the spirit clan, which they were very grateful for.

At this time, black thunder clouded over the head of the teenager who was meditating, blocking the sunlight in the area and making it gloomy.

From the thundercloud, they could clearly see the complex thunder light, and the sound of space tearing echoed in the area, which showed a strong sense of oppression and destruction.


One person was having a breakthrough, the whole clan accompanied. Looking up at the clouds in the sky, the five spirits who had together arranged the defense array were very calm and serious.

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Xie Yan was sitting in front of the youth Although he didn’t think that the youth couldn’t survive the thunderstorm, it didn’t mean that he could watch easily.

The rest of the spirits had the same idea.

This thunder would hit their little master. They couldn’t bear to think about it. DvdB23

After succeeding in crossing and becoming an immortal, the spirit clan would be rest assured. The sky was filled with more thunder, the roar was getting louder. Gu Huai was calm and ready for the first tribulation.

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Gu Huai: “…” nmQbCg

To this kind of development that did not act according to common sense, Gu Huai was stupefied. Although the surrounding spirits were surprised by this, they were more satisfied. Their little master was the best.

There were different kinds of tribulations that cultivators would experience when having a breakthrough, from the first to the ninth, depending on the fate of heaven.

Generally speaking, it was natural that the less the number of tribulations, the easier it was. But Gu Huai continued to maintain the protective cover. However, he found that every time thunder struck, It was a little bit small.

Unconsciously, several tribulations had passed. ltyu0z

After the end of the ninth heavy strike, Gu Huai stood up and clearly felt the improvement. There was a profound difference between the realm of immortals and the realm of mortals.

Clearance value: 35%

“Is that all?” Gu Huai raised his head and hesitated to ask the ancient spirit in front of him.

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Gu Huai had only seen the description of a cultivator’s heavenly tribulations in novels. He hadn’t really seen it in the world yet. As a result, he had personally experienced it and found that it was easy. It was not like the life and death catastrophe described in novels. gAcH O

He held up the young man’s hand in front of the spirits around him. He replied in a low voice, “Ah Huai is different from other people because he is favored by heaven.”

In fact, this was a statement with no decisive basis, but Gu Huai didn’t have too much trouble. Anyway, it’s a good thing that he could easily get through the breakthrough.

Xie Yan’s cold fingers was embedded in the seam of his fingers. Gu Huai looked down at the posture of his fingers, letting the other lead him like this.

“……?” From this scene, they could see something vaguely. The group of spirits, that originally escorted their little master, suddenly fell into a delicate silence. mICTjQ

It was hard, the matter they were worried about not long ago. It had actually half happened??

It was not new for the young master to be close to the ancient leader. Although the latter was extremely weak in emotion because he had lived too long, he was very fond of the youth, just like they were.

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However, the two people’s close and intuitive feelings were different from those in the past, especially the hand holding, which made the group of spirits acutely aware of something.

My Lord, it was self-defense -! uA8Xeq

At the first time, they thought of the word ‘guarding against theft’. However, in the face of the oldest existence in the spirit clan, the spirits could only think about it silently in their hearts, and did not dare to express this idea.

The most basic condition for participation in the meeting was that he had reached the immortal realm. Gu Huai had heard about this recently, but he still didn’t think much about it. It would take some time for him to surpass those who were more powerful than him. He could only compete properly if his cultivation realm, which was an immortal, was properly completed in the meeting of EnYuan.

But his lover was interested in it. When Gu Huai found out about it, he was a little surprised until he offered to tell him the reason.

“Dowry, not enough.” With a low voice, Xie Yan lowered his eyes and said, “I have to prepare a lot of betrothal gifts to marry Ah Huai.” id50ks

The more the betrothal gifts were, the happier the other would be. He vaguely remembered that there was such a saying, so Xie Yan thought that he could never make a mistake at this point.

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Choked by this reason for half a second, Gu Huai began to try to correct the other’s ideas. He didn’t really need a lot of dowry to agree to marry him.

But Xie Yan slightly looked down and seemed to insist on it very much. “I want to prepare a lot of betrothal gifts for Ah Huai.”At least two treasure houses should be filled so that he would be ready as soon as possible.

There was a little helplessness to the insistent and stubborn idea of ​​the ancient spirit in front of him. He couldn’t correct it, so Gu Huai had to let him be. RzErsd

He would be overwhelmed by the mountains of dowry gifts sent by him. After imagining this scene, Gu Huai felt that the possibility was not small.

There was still a whole day before the official start of the meeting. The cultivators from different clans who intended to participate in the meeting had basically arrived in qiaozhou.

According to the different clans, they had separated several teams and were waiting in their camps.

It was not that there was no communication between the various clans. For example, the senior officials of the ghost clan and demon clan made eye contact at this time. uoqBeO

As expected, the spirits came last. There was no figure of any spirit near the venue of the conference. The two high-level officials exchanged a clear look at each other.

In the past, the leaders of all clans were used to the spirit clan’s style. However, when they learned that the ancient one of the spirit clan would attend the conference , the leaders of all ethnic groups were worried.

Whether it was or not, they needed to wait for the presence of the spirit team to know.

However, this time they unexpectedly did not let these high-level officials wait until the end, in front of the public, in an open position near the venue, a huge array emerged from the ground. zd1DFC

Wasn’t this array too large?

The cultivators near the venue of the conference saw the spirit troops transmitted from the huge array.

Different from the previous situation when the went to the celestial wedding banquet, they did not need to hide their cultivation realm.

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Therefore, at the moment of the appearance of this army, many cultivators stood still. zJuN3t

A large number of cultivators with the same accomplishments in the spirit team. Some participants from different clans, couldn’t help paling drastically.

In addition to these spirit cultivators of Jinxian realm, they could no longer see the cultivation of the spirit clan. This discovery was even more terrifying.

Even the senior leaders of all ethnic clans who had some knowledge of the power of the spirit clan were also shocked at this scene. They suddenly realized that they had misjudged the power of the spirit clan in the past.

Aware of this important point, the top authorities of the clans failed to pay attention to it, because there were more important things in the front of them now. He really woke up and came back. NouvbI

In the spirit team, they could see the ancient spirit with a cold and handsome face. At this time, the senior leaders of all the clans all felt a click in their hearts.

The same thing that made them feel inconceivable was that on the shoulder of the spirit tree, one of the five spirit leaders, there was a young man from the human race who had just completed his cultivation and became an immortal.

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