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The King's GameCh38 - [QiLing III]


It’s true that the Xianmen competition was. a great event that all the factions in the Xiaoqian world took part in. It was also a good opportunity for the younger generation.

Although there were openly unlimited places and voluntary participations, this once a decade event had been going on for thousands of years and had basically formed a conventional rule… Mit2Yx

Each sect would select a few disciples with outstanding abilities from its clan, and put the inscriptions with their names written into a tripod magic weapon for the arrangement of the grouping and order of the matches, and compare the results randomly arranged by the magic weapon.

For Tianling Zong, it was quite convenient for them to participate in Xianmen competition  this time. Because the school responsible for presiding over this session of Xianmen competition was located in their neighborhood, occupying the Chu Clan of Kunling four islands in the West Sea, and was a very famous family in the Xiuzhen [Big] world.

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Gu Huai wasn’t supposed to have any connection with the Xianmen competition . He didn’t even need to be there. But probably because he was mentioned by the Leader of Yunlan zong, he was added to the team.

“When you go out, remember not to disgrace the sect. After four years of training, you are still building your foundations. You really have to work harder.” kf5o1P

Several of the disciples in the special group were basically the ones with better qualifications in the outer sect, and they were not very old. It was the one who bullied Gu Huai for pleasure that said this sentence.

The reason for this was that some time ago, they suffered a series of pains in the hands of their teachers and disciples. Although they were very unwilling, they could not say anything for the sake of face.

They really didn’t know what Yunlan Zong saw in him with his disappointing qualifications. They were rather sorry about this matter. These two disciples were more determined about what they planned to do on this trip.

Suddenly, the person who was being bullied, suddenly turned around and made them suffer. Now, he could go to a better environment than themselves. Their mood at this time was not only unspeakable, but even a little jealous.


Gu Huai would not have had the chance to experience this standard provocation if he was still with the Zerg clan in the last world. After all, those who dared to do so were expected to be quickly solved by the Zerg guards around Gu Huai.

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So in this new world, he felt it was a little strange to feel others’ targeting and malicious intentions directly.

In addition to this loss of novelty, Gu Huai actually had no other superfluous feeling. He was not a real child. He could stand the basic level of provocation.

“Thank you for your concern and hard work.” Beautiful eyebrows squeezed slightly, he was obviously the shortest teenager in the whole audience at this time, his expression seemed very sincere and still with a little innocence, as if he did not feel the two people’s provocation and malice, but he seriously thanked them. fDIWil

But at present, the teenager’s seemingly sincere thanks made the two outside disciples who had prepared a large script choke directly, which made them very uncomfortable… This attitude was more painful to them than either directly refuting or hitting them in the face.

Now it was like having a bone stuck in their throats, not letting them breathe out or swallow, and they could only continue to suffer in silence. It sounded like they really cared about each other. It was not good at all. The two disciples felt as if they had hit a piece of cotton with their full powered fists.

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Clearance value: 5%

Looking at the customs clearance value, Gu Huai raised his hand and touched his left clavicle across his robe. The next day he arrived at the new world, he found a very special mark on his clavicle. The color of the mark before was light. The color of the mark deepened gradually these days, and now it was a visible red.

He didn’t know exactly what this mark represented, but Gu Huai’s intuition was that it was directly related to his current 5% clearance value.

Was it true that he was not a normal human being this time? qN3yLj

He could not help but come up with this idea, but he did not ask his system, Gu Huai in the battle arena settled down to meditate.

Gu Huai’s goal was very clear. First of all, he needed to improve his ability to pass through the door of trial. That was the starting point for him to complete the clearance.

Gu Huai could break through the period of building foundation at any time, but he wanted to improve his self-cultivation as quickly as possible. For this reason, he chose a new path that no predecessor had gone through and no future generations could take.

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Skipping. RhxcdK

And there was no side effects of the jump, he would not cross several stages at a time, the ability was not as good as the first level jump to improve his situation.

Now as long as he has accumulated enough spiritual power, he could directly enter the Heart Stage with his existing spiritual power.

The body’s high tolerance of spiritual power and strong spiritual power was indispensable.

The spiritual power of this kind of training was acquired through experience of a world. Gu Huai felt that there should be few people who could deviate like himself. rxj1d2

On the platform of the competition, the lighting and shadows were brilliant. There was no need to mention the shadow of the sword. The scenes of fire and thunder caused by magic were piled up. At this time, most of the disciples of various schools in the auditorium stared at the high platform, and their expressions were mostly mixed with excitement and eagerness to try.

Without paying attention to the situation on the high platform, Gu Huai was happy and quiet. He lowered his head slightly and half closed his eyes, immersing himself in the comfortable feeling of absorbing the spiritual energy around him.

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Gu Huai maintained this state for several days, until the last day.

The first few days of the match were the preliminary contest. Two people were randomly selected from the spiritual tripod to compete. The winner entered the final on the last day. The final was also a one on one elimination system, and today there would be the final winner. gsSBbU

At this time, the two young disciples on the high platform, one held a sword and whip, the other had been injured kneeling on the ground, the victor and the loser was very obvious.

This was the last group of the finals, that was to say, the winner of the two would be the final winner of the Xianmen competition.

The Chu Clan, who presided over the Xianmen Battle, were all glowing. The young disciple holding the sword and whip on the platform was their young patriarch, winning the top spot on their home turf. This was certainly a great joy.

The injured party was clearly unable to fight any more. After deciding the victory or defeat, the disciple in charge of the referee position was ready to say the phrase that he had meditated several times in his mind, “If the victory or defeat has been scored, then the Chu Clan declares the winner of this battle-” gEhxjm

Speaking of this, the voice of the Chu clan’s disciple stopped abruptly because he saw the spiritual tripod running on its own somehow.

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The finalists had already been selected through the preliminary stage. How to could there be new movements in the spiritual tripod?

The crowd looked at each other, and then they saw the Ding of the  Spiritual tripod spit out a new inscription.

“Gu Huai…?” The disciple hesitated to pronounce the unfamiliar name on the inscription. vK4PwW

After a silent meeting on the court, people began to talk about it. Generally speaking, those who participated in the Xianmen competition were all newcomers.

For these new generation with excellent qualifications, they should have heard the names of the next generation. But now the name read out by the Chu clan’s disciple had never been heard of by most of the people present.

Gu Huai was unaware of everything as he was still immersed in practice. So he raised his head, and it happened that he was looking at his name very clearly.

The accident could not have happened without any reason. The inscription with the teenager’s name was deliberately put by the two disciples of the Tianling Sect, but they did not expect that the inscription would be vomited out at this last moment. fhs2EH

One day after the end of the preliminary competition, there was a rest time. During this day, there was no one on this side of the open competition venue, but it was really empty in the dead of night. It was not difficult to throw a sign into the spiritual tripod.

Never before had this happened in a Xianmen Battle. The Chu clan disciple took this inscription and frowned. “This Taoist friend has not passed the preliminary stage, which is not in line with the rules…”

“Let him come on stage, lest somebody says it’s my fault something went wrong ?” Chu Linyi spoke as he tapped his whip twice on the palm of his hand. Anyway, he didn’t think that a person who he had never heard his name would be able to defeat him.

“This…” The young cultivator on the platform was not only their young chief, but also the winner. The disciple of the Chu clan hesitated for a moment. He couldn’t make a decision about it, so he had to look at his Leader. I6tEJ7

In the absence of any objection from all the major Clans, the Leader of the Chu clan also wanted to comply with his only son’s intention.

Gu Huai was not prepared to use his strength. Moreover, he would not be disgraced if he lost to the young head of the Chu clan, Gu Huai thought, as he calmly climbed the platform in the eyes of the public.

The two men who put the inscriptions with his name into the spiritual tripod did not only want to see him lose, but also wanted him to lose face. Of course, Gu Huai would not do as they wished.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It was good to lose after showing a few tricks. Standing on the high profile platform, Gu Huai politely nodded to the youth in front of him, ready to act as planned. Ikuw T

The black haired teenager on the platform looked slim and small, but his black eyes were very bright, and with beautiful eyebrows, it was very difficult to feel disgust.

Foundation stage. At first glance, they could see the youth’s cultivation status. All the people present agreed that this competition would end without suspense. The opponent of the other had reached the Heart stage, and was even about to touch the edge of Jindan.

In accordance with his plan, he was also ready to lose, but the plan was really unable to keep up with the changes, even if he wanted to lose, he could not help but be forced to give up.

When the referee announced the start of the competition, the young cultivator with a whip rubbed his ring seal with his finger. In clans where an imperial spirit was enshrined, the Leader of the clan usually possessed a special ‘weapon’, which was not only used to represent the identity of the Leader of the clan, but also to summon a spirit to assist in the fight when needed. nu0cOK

As a favorite young patriarch in the family, Chu Ling’s commandment seal was given to him by his father. He was the established successor of the Chu family, and nobody would gossip about it.

Seeing the battle in front of him as an opportunity to show off, Chu Lin stopped to grope for the commandment seals. In the eyes of the public, he took a big step backwards and injected energy into the commandment seals at the same time to complete the call.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The Spirit of the Xuanhu.

Seeing the animal spirit appear on the high platform caused a lot of alarm. Many families had not yet found the spirits willing to accept their sacrifices. It was very rare for them to see a spirit. IHOWoK

When summoned, the spirit beast should have threatened the enemy in front of it in the first place, such as roaring or throwing him directly under its body.

However, to see the youth standing in front of its eyes, the spirit beast froze and squinted its pupil for a moment. It wanted to approach the youth in front of it, but dared not approach at will.

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